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Aerial Drone Flight forward Dolly above Green Central Park in Manhattan, New York City in Summer
AERIAL: Breathtaking Tilt up over Hollywood Sign Letter from back revealing Los Angeles Cityscape in Beautiful Sunset Light
Orange Flower Eremurus Blooming in Time Lapse on a Black Background. Foxtail Lily or Eremurus Stenophyllus
Woman looking at ocean view at sunset thinking about life Girl relaxing in nature enjoying afternoon peace and calm landscape nature background enjoying vacation travel
a scuba diver photographs moodful scenery under impressive icebergs
Famous Bridge overpass over Pacific Coast Highway by Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles with light traffic in beautiful golden hour Sunset vibe, Aerial Dolly forward, Wide angle shot
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Forceful barrel wave splashes beautiful crystal clear water everywhere around the sunny coast of Tahiti. Amazing shot of a large tube wave right when it breaks and crashes.
Young beautiful Caucasian woman walking in a traditional Emirati dress - abaya in Empty Quarter desert landscape. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
Over Hollywood Hills at Night with view on Downtown Los Angeles Skyline, Aerial Establishing Shot, slow Dolly in forward
Time lapse low angle tracking shot of moon through Saguaro cacti in Sonoran Desert, Arizona
rotating the leaves and stems hamedoreya in the light of the neon lights of blue and red color
Waitomo Glowworm Caves, Waikato, in pristine secret cave in New Zealand.
Lockdown shot of woman walking amidst lavender flowers against barn on field during sunset - Valensole Provence, France
Top view of labyrinth garden. Unique, mysterious place. Aerial view of geometrical, green maze.
SLOW MOTION: Powerful ocean wave splashes across a big rock in the middle of the rough exotic sea. Breathtaking view of violent breaking wave foaming over a black rock near rocky tropical shore.
Beach Party at sunset with bonfire and roasting marsh mellows with friends RED DRAGON
Beautiful woman having video chat using smartphone outdoors sharing travel adventure friends bonding showing real emotional connection Girl filming selfie video mobile phone enjoying Vacation Scotland
Cute Seals Swimming Underwater In Kelp Forest Above Coral Reef - Monterey, California
Aerial Shot Of Luxurious Water Bungalows On Turquoise Sea, Drone Flying Forward Over Resort Against Sky On Sunny Day - Kuramathi, Maldives
Los Angeles, California CIRCA 2018. Aerial view of the Hollywood sign, Los Angeles California with bright day lighting. Shot on 4k RED camera.
Smiling biracial woman taking photo in forest during hiking in countryside. healthy, active lifestyle and outdoor leisure time.
Two women walking on empty beach holding giant inflatable flamingo and doughnut Best friend girls enjoying summer vacation on tropical beach holiday
At sunlight plastic bag hanging on green in forest pollution ecosystem problem sweepings dump water bag garbage ecology environment trash waste dirty green rubbish contamination slow motion
Rear view of mixed race woman running from beach into the sea carrying surfboard. healthy active lifestyle, close to nature.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, COPY SPACE: Unrecognizable woman tourist runs into shallow ocean water at idyllic exotic sunset. Carefree girl on tropical beach runs into refreshing sea at golden sunrise.
ICELAND - CIRCA 2020s - Amazing drone aerial of the dramatic volcanic eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.
Beach Party at sunset with bonfire and roasting marsh mellows with friends RED DRAGON
Aerial drone shot of a combine harvester working in a field at sunset. Shot in 4K (UHD).
Aerial view waves break on white sand beach at sunset, land meets sea
Silhouette Shadow of Palm Leaves Motion by Natural Wind Isolated on Neon Background. Super Slow Motion Filmed on High Speed Cinema Camera at 1000 fps.
ICELAND - CIRCA 2020s - Ground level shot of Iceland Fagradalsfjall volcano eruption with molten lava fields in motion foreground.
Portrait of a bride in wedding dress with flowers in a sunny park. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Flying In Jungle For Summer Hawai is motion footage for adventure films and cinematic in junggle scene. Also good background for scene and titles, logos.
ICELAND - CIRCA 2020s - Amazing drone aerial of the dramatic volcanic eruption of the Fagradalsfjall volcano on the Reykjanes Peninsula in Iceland.
Establishing shot with sunny lens flare green road with camera move in Australian rain forest during the day. Wide Shot on 4k RED Camera
POV Driving a car going up on asphalt road in Montana mountains. Blue sky on sunny day
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Big splashing barrel wave rushes towards the coast of an exotic island in the sunny Pacific. Glassy droplets of water shine in the summer sun as big tube wave crashes wildly.
AERIAL: Golden sunshine illuminates the cliffs and other rock formations on coast of Australia. Spectacular drone point of view of the famous 12 Apostles beach in Australia on a sunny summer evening.
ICELAND - CIRCA 2020s - Drone aerial high view of active volcano crater Fagradalsfjall volcano with lava boulders falling in in Iceland.
AERIAL WS Wind turbines in fields and sea , Urk, Flevoland, Netherlands
Unhappy couple making up and kissing on beach at sunset sad woman being comforted by strong handsome man
Independent Woman smiling with Red hair blowing in wind Close up portrait looking at sunset over ocean Young Girl Slow Motion
Mount Rushmore National Memorial at sunset, South Dakota
Aerial top down shot of water flows down the waterfall, sunny day, rainbow on water mist, slowly flying backwards, Niagara Falls
Medium shot on 4k RED camera. Excited Japanese women running up a dock on the water to see Mount Fuji and happily waving at it with soft natural lighting.
AERIAL, drone follows: happy laughing girl in red skirt runs on shallow water along white salty shore of amazing pink lake with clouds reflections. carefree female showing joy and happiness.
Aerial Top Down Flyover Shot of Winter Spruce and Pine Forest. Trees Covered with Snow, Rising / Setting Sun Touches Tree Tops on a Beautiful Sunny Day. Shot on 4K UHD Camera.
Fog, Redwood National Park, California
Aerial Panning Canyon Walls And Hillsides, With Hoodoos, Bright Blue Sky, Pine Trees, And The Canyon Rock Formations Stretching Into The Background - Bryce, Utah
beautiful young woman taking selfie on beach at sunset blowing kiss
Close up portrait of Woman at top of mountain in nature with blonde hair blowing in wind above the clouds view Hiker Girl in Norway Slow Motion
Young man walking and looking up at the tall bamboo trees in a forest in Kyoto, Japan with soft natural lighting.
Close-Up Shot Of Seals Swimming In Sea, Wild Plants Growing Over Rocks Underwater - British Columbia, Canada
Tracking shot of horses running and grazing near mountain range / Dugway, Utah, United States
Happy family on the beach holding hands swinging little girl around at sunset on vacation slow motion RED DRAGON
Aerial Ascending Shot Of Tourist Enjoying At Beach During Summer Vacation, Drone Flying Over Nautical Vessels Moving In Turquoise Sea Against Cloudy Sky - San Andres, Colombia
Slow Motion Lockdown Of A Bison Licking Its Muzzle And Standing In A Snow Storm, With A White Winter Background - Erfurt, Germany
Tourist women balancing on rocks walking along beach best friends hanging out travel girls exploring European travel adventure summer vacation Amalfi Coast Italy
Beautiful aerial shot of two female surfers standing at the edge of cliff / rock and watching waves at sunset. Use for fitness/lifestyle advertising / commercial.
Barn Owl, tyto alba, Adult in flight, Normandy, Slow Motion 4K
Aerial Shot Of Creek Amidst Snowcapped Mountain Range, Drone Descending Forward Towards Tourists Hiking At Hot Creek Geological Site - Mammoth Lakes, California
South Sister and Mt. Bachelor, Oregon circa-2018.  Morning aerial view of South Sister mountain revealed from Mt. Bachelor, Oregon. Shot from helicopter with Cineflex gimbal and RED Epic-W camera.
Close-up panning shot of Komodo dragon crawling on grass in forest - Komodo Island, Indonesia
Light rays and fog in Redwood forest, Redwood NP, CA
Underwater shot of surfer's silhouette riding in the barrel of a huge blue ocean wave in slow motion
Thoughtful old man sitting near a pond in a  vibrant, beautiful garden with soft natural lighting. Medium to close up shot on 4k RED camera.
Water spurting out against Black Background, Slow motion 4K
Close up of woman pouring sand running through fingers slow motion at the beach with sun flare and blue skye REG DRAGON
Woman with arms raised by lake looking at snowy mountain view lifting arm up celebrating scenic landscape Girl wearing yellow jacket enjoying vacation travel adventure nature Norway
Beach Party at sunset with bonfire and roasting marsh mellows with friends RED DRAGON
Young beautiful woman walking through a pathway in a bamboo forest in Kyoto, Japan with soft natural lighting.
Beautiful Young Woman in a Swimsuit Holding Surfboard Walks on the Beach Towards the Sea. Sun Shines on this Gorgeous Girl. Sea is Visible. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera.
beautiful woman walking on beach looking back at camera smiling steadicam slow motion shot RED DRAGON
Attractive woman using mobile and takes selfies in backseat of a vintage car in the summer, in Australia in bright daylight.
Water spurting out against Black Background, Slow motion 4K
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, MACRO, DOF: Big drops of rain fall on the palm's smooth and long green leaves during an intense storm. Fresh water splashes over the tropical plant in vacation house backyard.
Free happy woman spinning arms outstretched enjoying nature dancing on beach at sunset slow motion RED DRAGON
Group of friends dancing on the beach at dusk slow motion RED DRAGON
Aerial: Idyllic green trees on landscape against sky during sunset, scenic view of mountains and trees - Napa Valley, California
Tourist woman having video chat showing view sharing authentic travel experience from hotel balcony at sunset using smart phone connecting with friends on social media summer vacation in Amalfi Italy
beautiful blonde girl holding arm out of car window friend enjoying road trip in vintage convertible car RED DRAGON
Aerial Hyperlapse of sun rising in mountainous region. Eldoret, Kenya
Big full moon at night reflecting on the water. Alpha channel moonlight bright sea reflection. Clear big distinct moon glowing over the ocean in eerie night scene.
Aerial drone shot of wind turbines in the forest near the sea at sunset. Shot in 4K (UHD).
Unhappy couple embracing woman being comforted by partner is sad on beach at sunset slow motion RED DRAGON
Lockdown time lapse shot of silhouette trees against stars and green lights in dark at night - Northwest Territories, Canada
Close up portrait of Young Woman hiker exploring nature with hair blowing in wind Hiker Girl trekking in cold stormy weather Quiraing Scotland Slow Motion
Dock on lake reflecting beautiful sunset, Oregon
Japanese farmer walking through a field of tea plants as other farmers work with Mount Fuji in the background. Medium to Wide shot on 4k RED camera on gimbal.
Aerial: Idyllic green mountains and trees against sky during sunset, scenic view of landscape - Napa Valley, California
Woman dancing on boat at sunset girl friends doing silly freestyle dance on yacht enjoying nature celebrating European summer holiday travel vacation adventure in Positano Amalfi Coast Italy
Close up portrait of Young Woman hiker exploring nature with hair blowing in wind Hiker Girl trekking in cold stormy weather Quiraing Scotland Slow Motion
Drone moving over green vineyard against sky, plants at farmland during sunset - Napa Valley, California
Soaring near high rise buildings around downtown Los Angeles at sunset. Aerial wide shot filmed with a RED camera.
Joyful Japanese woman accepting a marriage proposal from her boyfriend and hugging him in a beautiful garden in the rain with soft natural lighting. Close up shot on 4k RED camera.
Twenty glowing Jellyfish float through the Atlantic Ocean. These Comb Jellies (Mnemiopsis) produce a fantastic rainbow light show via diffracting light through movement of cilia (and bioluminescence).
Young woman jumping into clear blue water swimming in river on bright sunny Brave athletic girl swimmer enjoying summer day in nature outdoors
Close up portrait of beautiful young woman running hand through hair blowing in wind on tropical beach slow motion
Group of friends dancing on the beach at dusk slow motion RED DRAGON
Young couple holding hands woman leading boyfriends walking towards Tower Bridge London POV travel concept