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Vertical Portrait of an Asian Businesswoman in Stylish Black Dress Using Laptop Computer, Posing Next to Window in City Office. Beautiful Female CEO Smiling. Successful Diverse Business Manager.
Albino african american man with dreadlocks using tablet and headphones. leisure time, using technology, relaxing at home.
Toronto, Canada circa-2019. Aerial view of Toronto at sunset. Shot from helicopter with Cineflex gimbal and RED 8K camera.
Atlanta, Georgia circa-2017, Aerial shot Capitol building in downtown Atlanta at sunset. Shot with Cineflex and RED Epic-W Helium.
Cinematic close up shot of happy mature asian business woman is eating healthy diet salad from takeaway box while walking in busy city center on way to office during quick lunch break.
Tokyo, Japan circa-2018. Flying over Sumida River with Tokyo Skytree in distance. Shot from helicopter with RED camera.
Young millennial Asian woman uses credit card to buy wood bowl from older woodworking artisan man in workshop during the day. Wide to long shot on 4K RED camera.
Stunning Grossmunster, Aerial View Shot of Zurich, Switzerland
Caucasian male dentist with face mask preparing smiling female patient at modern dental clinic. healthcare and dentistry business during covid 19 pandemic.
Male engineer Technician drawing 3D model on computer
Shanghai China Circa-2017, daytime reverse tracking aerial view of the Shanghai cityscape.
CIRCA 1930s - A sailor unloads cargo from a small boat docked in Belgium.
Vertical shot of a biracial woman in an office having a video call, smiling and wearing earbuds. Corporate environment concept.
Portrait of a Handsome Young Man Wearing Casual Clothes and Using Smartphone on the Urban Street. Manager in Big City Connecting with People Online, Messaging and Browsing Internet.
Skillful female bartender taking a strainer and pouring the drink into a cocktail glass in a fancy bar with bright interior lighting. Close up shot on 4k RED camera on a gimbal.
Business woman using digital tablet touchscreen display manipulating 3d shape
Successful Corporate CEO and Investment Manager Talking, Using Laptop Computer while Sitting in Meeting Room in Office. Two Successful Businesspeople Brainstorm on e-Commerce Marketing Project.
New York City Circa-2015, telephoto aerial view of Midtown Manhattan skyscrapers and the Empire State Building at dusk
Hong Kong Circa-2017, hovering aerial view of the cityscape at night
Young Confident Businesswoman Creating Project Plan on Office Wall with Paper Notes. Stylish Beautiful Manager Working on Business, Financial and Marketing Projects. Specialist in Diverse Team.
New York City Circa-2015, wide angle aerial view of the East Village, Lower Manhattan, and Brooklyn from above the East River
Low Angle Gliding Shot of Modern Buildings, Skyscrapers and Traffic Lights in the New York City. Residential District. POV Dolly Style Shot. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera.
Portrait of Thoughtful Successful Businessman Working on Laptop Computer in His Big City Office at Night. Energetic Digital Entrepreneur does Data Analysis for e-Commerce Strategy. Medium Arc Shot
Businesswoman talking on the phone standing on windy roof top terrace
Senior Manager Talking to Experienced Confident Businessman while Using Computer in Modern Office. Colleagues Discuss Commercial, Financial and Marketing Projects. Specialists Work in Diverse Team.
Office Video Call Conference: Portrait of Successful Asian Businesswoman Talking with Partners on Laptop Computer. Online Meeting: Executive Director Discussing Digital e-Commerce Project Strategy
Digital nomad man working on laptop computer, online business success, blogging or remote working laptop on wood pier of long tail boat. Hand held slow motion work travel concept. Shot on red.
Side view of Caucasian businesswoman raising hand  and standing up in the public in a business seminar.
Successful Businesswoman in Stylish Dress Looking out of the Window at Big City in Downtown Area. Confident Female CEO Working on Financial Projects. Manager at Work Planning Marketing Campaign.
MILWAUKEE, WISCONSIN - CIRCA 2020s - Tilt up aerial of the downtown business district of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.
Vertical shot of an Albino man having a video call, wearing a Santa Claus hat, smiling at the camera. Christmas concept.
Casual young man using smartphone in a car. He is checking mails, chats or the news online.
Male and Female Engineers Have Discussion while Using Modern Computer With Transparent Holographic Display. Monitor Shows User Neural Network Architecture Visualization.
Scientist in Protective Suit Carries Case with Finished Product Through Laboratory. Facility with Modern Industrial Machinery.
Diverse Team of Government Intelligence Agents Standing Around Digital Touch Screen Table and Tracking Suspect, Senior Officer does Interactive Gesturing. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Diverse businessman and businesswoman talking and talking down stairs of modern office. business and business people in office concept.
Chicago Circa-2015: Aerial view of Wacker Drive in the morning
Aerial Moving Shot of New York City with Big Buildings and Skyscrapers. Cityscape of Urban City. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera.
New York City Circa-2015, wide angle aerial view of Midtown Manhattan skyline from the Hudson River at sunrise.
Tracking shot of Muslim female job candidate in hijab and face mask sitting behind protective anti-droplet screen and singing document at job interview during pandemic
Aerial View Footage: From Outside into Office Building with Businessman Working and Looking out of the Window.
LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY. - CIRCA 2020s - Aerial establishing shot of the downtown business district of Louisville, Kentucky.
Portrait of Successful Middle Aged Caucasian Man Wearing Stylish Glasses Looking around in Wonder. Smart Executive. Digital Entrepreneur Thinking, Finding Solutions. Abstract Angle Creative Angle
Close up of african american woman drinking coffee while sitting near the fireplace at vacation home. couple honeymoon and vacation concept
PAN of serious bearded male worker in hard hat pulling platform cart with cardboard boxes through aisle of factory warehouse
Medium slowmo of five young successful business men and women putting hands together in middle celebrating good results at work in loft coworking office Concept of teamwork and partnership
Aerial top view of entrace to underground Cross Harbour Tunnel, Hong Kong
Cheerful businessman using a cell phone in a crowded street. He is checking mails, chats or the news online while walking.
Outside of Logistics Retail Warehouse: Manager Using Tablet Computer and Scanner, talking to Worker Loading Delivery Truck with Cardboard Boxes, Online Orders, Medicine Supply, E-Commerce. Evening
Side view close up of a young Caucasian businesswoman holding a takeaway coffee and talking with a middle aged Caucasian and a young Caucasian businessman as they walk together in a corridor
Professional asian male Barber setting up shop before opening in interior hipster barbershop with soft day lighting. Medium shot on 4k RED camera on a gimbal.
Portrait of Happy Business African American Woman Using Mobile Phone at Home Office or Living Room. Happy Millennial Authentic Real Girl Close up.
Dallas, Texas circa-2017, Aerial view of Dallas, Texas at dusk
Portrait of a Confident Happy Senior Male Wearing Blue Shirt, Looking at Camera, Genuinely and Charmingly Smiling. Successful Experienced Older Man Working in Diverse Company Office.
African american male gardener holding bonsai tree and looking at camera at garden center. working at bonsai nursery, small specialist business.
Web Designer Works on a Website for Online Retail Clothing Shop. He and Colleagues Work in Styish Creative Agency Studio. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Diverse Office at Night: Multi-Ethnic Team of Young Programmers Working on Computers, Screens Show Coding Language User Interface. Software Engineers Create Innovative e-Commerce App. Wide Pan Dolly
Hong Kong Circa-2017, daytime side tracking aerial view of the cityscape
New York City Circa-2015, low flying telephoto aerial view of Lower Manhattan Financial District buildings at night
Midsection of caucasian male knife maker in workshop wearing glasses and using angle grinder. independent small business craftsman at work.
Portrait of a Confident Japanese Female Wearing Smart Casual Clothes and Using Smartphone on the Urban Street. Manager in Big City Connecting with People Online, Messaging and Browsing Internet.
Portrait of Handsome Latin Man with Deep Brown Eyes, Wearing Stylish Piercing and Glasses Looks at the Camera Thoughtfully. Attractive Modern Gentleman. Close-up Shot with Abstract Bokeh Background
Portrait of Business man working in office looking at camera
Office Conference Room Meeting: Diverse Team of Top Managers Talk, Celebrate, Applaud Finding Successful Solution for Business Deal. Investment Strategy in e-Commerce Startup. Wide Medium
Oregon circa-2018. Aerial view of river and homes in Bend. Shot from helicopter with Cineflex gimbal and RED Epic-W camera.
Male Senior Engineer and Female Architectural Designer Work on a Building Model Design for the Urban Planning Project. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Chicago Circa-2015, early morning aerial view of the Chicago loop with Willis Tower, center focused. Soft warm light reflecting off of surrounding buildings
Side view of a Caucasian businessman standing on the podium and celebrating success with his colleagues while the public is applauding in the business seminar.
Midsection of caucasian male knife maker in workshop using saw. independent small business craftsman at work.
In the Office Attractive Businesswoman Plays Video Games on Her Smartphone. Smiling Beautiful Woman Sitting at Her Desk. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Side view close up of a young Caucasian female potter with auburn hair in a bob hairstyle sitting at a potters wheel turning a piece of clay and shaping it with her hands in a pottery studio, slow
Night Office: Successful Black Businessman Wearing Suit Standing, Looking out of the Window on a Big City. African-American CEO Thinking of Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance for e-Business
Vertical Portrait of a Happy Young Beautiful Female Engineer Wearing Glasses and White Hard Hat in Office at Car Assembly Plant. Industrial Specialist Working on Vehicle Design in Modern Facility.
African american senior woman sitting on couch using tablet, with copy space on screen. retirement lifestyle, leisure time alone at home with technology.
Stock Market Top Trader Looks at Projected Ticker Numbers and Graphs Running, Analysing Data to Make Best Sell. Behind Him Room Full of Screens and Statistics. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera.
Engineers working with virtual reality headset in creative office
Beautiful woman carrying shopping bags walking through city shopaholic retail lifestyle
Two Beautiful Women Working on a Serious Project, Using Laptop Computer While Sitting in the Stylish Modern Cafe. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
CIRCA 1940s - A DuPont chemist demonstrates the use of different equipment in his lab.
Diverse Team of Creative Developers Clapping, They Celebrate Successful Year. Happy Young People Stylishly Dressed in the Trendy Office Environment. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Multi-Ethnic Group of Energetic Professionals Team Meeting in Office: Brainstorming IT Programmers Use Computer, Talk Strategy, Discuss Analysis. Innovative Software Engineers Develop App Program
Senior businesswoman working in office
Diverse male and female colleagues wearing face masks discussing over digital tablet at modern office. hygiene and social distancing in the workplace during coronavirus covid 19 pandemic.
CIRCA 1950s - Researchers develop new equipment to help speed up long distance calling in 1950.
Board of Directors Has Annual Meeting, Diverse Group of Business People in the Modern Conference Room Discuss Statistics and Work Results. In the Background Projector Showing Company Growth. 4K UHD.
Close-up on Hands: Person with Disability Using Prosthetic Arm to Work on Laptop Computer. Specialist Swift and Natural Use of Thought Controlled Body Powered Myoelectric Bionic Hand. Side View
Young western tourist woman drinking Asian street food smoothy, cold drink on a trip to ko lanta Thailand. Shot on red, slow motion hand held.
Creative business team meeting happy people working in modern office late at night discussing strategy using computer touch screen in diverse gender group
Establishing Aerial View of Warsaw, City Center, PKiN, Warszawa, Poland, Polska
Flying low above Manhattan Midtown buildings, early morning, skyline with skyscrapers on horizon, clear sky
Worried african american businessman sitting in armchair talking on smartphone in modern office. business and office workplace.
Busy International Office, Beautiful Hispanic Woman Takes Her Place at Her Desk and Starts Working on a Laptop, She Waves Hello to the Passing Colleague, in the Background Her Coworkers.
Successful Businesswoman in Stylish Dress Working on Laptop, Standing Next to Window in Big City. Confident Female CEO Analyze Financial Projects. Manager at Work Planning Marketing Campaign.
Successful Caucasian Businesswoman Using Laptop While Standing in Office Looking out of Window on Big City. Confident Female Corporate Top Manager of IT Company Plans Investment Strategy
Portrait of the Senior Member of the Board Of the Directors Listening to His Business Partners on a Meeting. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Diverse group of male and female business colleagues walking through corridor and talking. business, teamwork and office workplace.
Close up of caucasian male knife maker in workshop holding knife and using sander. independent small business craftsman at work.
Vertical Screen. Car Factory Office: Female Engineer Talks with Male Scientist, Use Tablet Computer to Design Production Conveyor for Engines. Automated Robot Arm Assembly Line Manufacturing Vehicles
African american computer technicians wearing headphones working in business server room. digital information storage and communication network technology.
CIRCA 1940s - British soldiers walk past boardwalk games and photo booths, and flirt with civilian women.
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