Edible Art 收藏

Steamed fish.
Stewed white cabbage with sausages and lentil
Fresh spotted babylon
Pork pies in a picnic setting
Chicken clay pot
Young Indian Female Carrying Indian Diwali Sweets
sugar bar with sesame and peanut from china food
grilled sausages with sauerkraut
Piquant olives with a spicy chilli seasoning displayed in an old vintage wooden ladle or spoon on bricks with copyspace
roasted carrots with spices on a baking tray, food
Collection of fresh green vegetables on white rustic background, broccoli, lettuce, celery, beans, capsicum, peppers, peas, brussels sprouts, kiwi, avocado,
Pears with chocolate sauce
Dried sausage with garlic bulbs and fresh rosemary
Pappadams with sauce
Pan-Roasted Mushrooms
Fish & Chips served in the newspaper
cooking noodle with prawn in a pan
Indian Curry
pancakes with caviar
Making flour tortillas. Oven with firewood.
beans croquette with cucamber sause
close up of deep fried indian samosas
closeup illustration of ripe pomegranate fruit isolated in white background.
pumpkin risotto
mushroom casserole with fresh herbs, top view
A bowl of Chinese style beef noodle soup.
Pickled red pepper: roasted and skinned red pepper marinated in a sauce of vinegar and olive oil, next to a pan with freshly roasted peppers. Rustic take on an old wooden table.
Delicious german sausages on the barbecue grill
spinach and  goat cheese salad
rustic plate with Salami, Ciabatta bread and fresh figs and an old knife, bird`s eye view
Baked chicken with autumn apples and grape from the garden in a baking dish
blue cheese and sweet fruit  figs on a wooden board
 potato salad with dandelion and camembert  on the summer background
delicious Thai food : soup
Pasta with Olives, Herbs and Parmesan. Rustic setting.
braised zucchini in to the ornamental plate
Chicken baked with potatoes and pumpkin
Hummus and Chips
Mediterranean seafood concept. Fresh sea bream on white plate with lemon and rosemary on white wooden textured background.
	 Fresh field mushrooms and tomatoes. Selective focus
fresh mixed pretzels topped by sesame on wooden table
blue cheese and sweet fruit  figs on a wooden board
lobster. The fish market. Bergen. Norway.
slices of fresh octpus for japanese sashimi
Copper pot of gourmet mussels served on a napkin garnished with fresh herbs for a tasty seafood meal
Chicken curry served with rice and naan
Bacon, Mushrooms and Herbs Cooked on Skillet for Dinner
Dim sum
Sauce of wild garlic,Selective focus
mixed indian thali food with rice
honey with apple for Rosh Hashana � jewish new year
chinese dim sum
Chopping board of Assorted Cured Meats, Cheese and Honey
fish soup with  quail eggs in to the white bowl
Seafood barbecue of grilled Shrimps on charcoal oven
Fresh tomato salad with thyme and onion on a brown plate close up.
Sausages wrapped in paper on the wooden surface
 fresh green spinach in to the bowl
close up of indian jalebi sweets
Grilled roasted potatoes with fresh sage and spring onions
Grilled baby carrots
Fresh oysters with lime
Mexican Pozole soup seen from the top made with white large corn, pork, chicken, oregano and chili. With sideinngs like avocado, pork grinds and lime.
Delicious and Tasty Authentic Mexican Street Tacos
Thai Dishes - Tom Yam Kung
Bunch of fresh asparagus on wooden table