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Holiday images are as diverse as the holidays they represent. When it comes time to celebrate these important dates, images play a key role. We send cards, we make event flyers, we decorate our homes and offices and digital spaces with the colors and symbols of the holiday. Many holiday images feature gatherings. At Halloween, children get together to go trick or treating. At Christmas-time, families and friends cozy up together to unwrap gifts and bake cookies. On Valentine’s day, couples go on romantic dates (while some friends celebrate the alternative Galentine’s Day). On Independence Days everywhere, people gather to watch parades and fireworks. Because these celebrations are about being together, they are sources of cheer and happiness. That’s why holiday visuals are so joyful, featuring bright colors, cheerful typography, and comforting photos and illustrations.

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Holiday images for email marketing If you’re sending an email for the holidays, you’ll want to choose images that spread cheer and grab attention. Most emails that use visuals feature a banner at the top of the design, and some smaller images scattered throughout. For < aholiday sales and promotions, make sure you pick a holiday image that puts the holiday on display, but also leaves room for the main message. We suggest using a pattern or texture with the colors and icons of the holiday. Emails are usually delivered to a wide list of people, so you also want to make sure the imagery appeals to enough viewers to be truly effective. Patterns, textures, and backgrounds are neutral but festive, giving you more flexibility in your design. Images of people, however, might help you connect with the target demographic of your email. Either way, make sure your imagery is cheerful and bright, and always high-quality. Holiday images on social media Holiday images for social media can be tricky, simply because you need so many. With multiple postings to several channels every day, it’s easy to run out of material. To keep your channels active during this busy time of year, try using a mix of photographic images, illustrations, and vectorized templates. A mix of photos and illustrations will keep your followers engaged, while templates can be a quick and easy way to make content for Instagram Stories and other visual channels. Make sure your images are inspirational, eye-catching, and high-quality. Holiday images for holiday cards When you make a holiday card, you have the freedom to add your own personality. If you’re only sending the card to one or a few people, it’s a chance to really let your own design taste shine. One major tip is to focus on vectors and illustrations for your card. Since cards are meant to be exchanged from person to person, images of other people probably won’t connect with your recipient. Instead, try a hand-drawn illustration of a wreath or ornaments, or a pattern that looks like gift wrap. You can also use photos without people, like a snowy landscape or cozy fireplace scene.