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Vintage imagery takes the viewer back to a simpler time. They provide an escape from the all too often hectic nature of modern-day life. One look at a glamorous art deco design or shot of a vintage car parked on an old cobblestone road can stir up feelings of nostalgia in the viewer. Shutterstock’s curated vintage collection makes it easy to check out the various aspects of vintage imagery, from images of antiques and collectibles to a visual journey through the decades. Whether you need a vintage label for your homemade goods, a vintage background for your website, or anything in between, Shutterstock has you covered.

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How to use vintage images creatively

Using vintage pictures for specialty product marketing People associate “vintage” with days of the past, days when we didn’t have modern technology at our fingertips. For this reason, artisanal, hand-made goods can benefit from vintage labels. Such visuals instantly inform customers that your products were not mass produced and sped along an assembly line, but were instead made by human hands with time and care. Vintage labels often feature typewriter lettering or old-school calligraphy. Print your label onto vintage paper. You can create this aged-looking paper yourself by taking a moist teabag and using it to blot sepia tones onto a sheet of normal paper. To further enhance the vintage effect, rough up the edges of your label after printing. This can be done with scissors or by carefully ripping away unwanted paper. Vintage images for websites Personalize your very own vintage logo and place it prominently on your website. Shutterstock’s library has millions of vintage typefaces, icons, and vector patches that can be tailored to match the tone of any brand. Want to convey a laid-back, low-key vibe? A vintage surf icon with waves and sun will let customers know you go with the flow. Prefer to express a sense of timeless class? An art deco design with gold lettering may be more your speed. You can also use a vintage wallpaper as your website background to effortlessly transport viewers back in time. An abstract bohemian design can instantly create a mood. If your website is female-focused, you may want to try using a classic, feminine pattern as your background. Vintage flower illustrations, seamless art deco designs, and faded tropical palm leaves all fit the bill. Vintage images for social media Planning a 1920s-themed party? Be sure to use an eye-catching vintage image as your Facebook cover photo. Simply search “1920 vintage poster template” and scroll until you find the shot that strikes your fancy. Use Shutterstock Editor to add the details of your event to the template. From a beautiful woman dressed as a flapper to an art deco design of a hand holding a classic cocktail, Shutterstock is sure to have a vintage image that will get your social media followers excited to kick up their feet and dance the Charleston. The bright colors of retro style images can also work well to catch the eye of your Instagram audience. Post these pictures with a question that encourages engagement from your social media followers. Something as simple as a cassette tape on a sunshine yellow background, accompanied by the caption, “What’s your favorite throwback song?” can get your followers to comment on your picture.