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How to choose industrial images

Industrial images conjure thoughts of heavy machinery, conveyor belts, and industrial buildings. Images of factory workers, factory automation, and factory robotics are also good examples of industrial images. Everything from computer chips to coffee makers to pre-packaged food is made in factories. For news stories, web pages, or brochures, images with factory workers help humanize industrialization, as it is sometimes seen as an entirely automated process. Whether you are looking for images of people wearing protective clothing, or photos of smokestacks, stewater, and powerplants, Shutterstock’s immense library of industrial images is here for you.

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How to use industrial images creatively

Using industrial images in print materials When creating any type of printed material, images play an important role that compliments the text and makes the reading more digestible to the reader. Just like on a website, people tune out when they see large blocks of text. Pamphlets and brochures that include lots of jargon about a specific industry need images, as they provide important context that the reader can scan immediately. A company that deals in industrial robotics, for example, may want to include an image of an automated robotic arm. A newspaper, magazine, or textbook can also include industrial images to discuss anything from the manufacturing process of products to industrial waste to unionization in factories. Using industrial images on social media In the age of the internet, social media is one of the best ways to find and interact with your audience. There are many different social networks, each with its own rules and ways to share content, but users tend to gravitate to posts with images. Images catch the eye and can grab the attention of users who are scrolling through the feed. Captivating industrial images featuring people or actions have a better chance of sticking out, which can lead users to engage with the post. Brands can post industrial stock images on social media when talking about manufacturing. For example, a brand with a new product can provide an update on the product and post an image of a relevant assembly line alongside the text. Instead of posting text, brands can use industrial background images as a template for a company update, promotion, or announcement. Using industrial images in small business marketing Though small businesses may not have the budget and personnel to compete with larger firms, Shutterstock can provide high-quality images and illustrations that can make any company look professional. Small businesses have to stretch every dollar and get the most out of promotional campaigns, so doing it right the first time is important. Using industrial images from Shutterstock, it’s possible to design professional advertisements to run on websites or social networks. For small businesses creating ads for the internet or social media, using industrial images can be a great idea. Hardware stores, for example, could use images of factory workers wearing protective gear to let customers know they sell safety vests and other equipment. Contractors, who are small business owners, can use industrial images of tools to promote the kind of services they provide.