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Beauty and fashion images are easy on the eyes. While the visual content can vary widely, from shots that highlight a woman’s silky strands to high-resolution close-ups of cosmetics, the images are always aesthetically pleasing. In this collection, you can expect to see all the glitz and glamour you would expect to find at a fashion show. Shots of powerful models strutting their stuff, striking poses, and pulling the viewer in a with a hypnotizing gaze await. Whether you are looking for a beauty logo for your new brand or a fashionable backdrop to set as your website’s background image, Shutterstock’s immense library of beauty and fashion imagery is here for you.

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Using fashion backgrounds in ecommerce

  • Want customers to feel hungry for your beauty product? Embrace food and fashion images. Choose one that matches the tone of your brand. Selling a face wash that has a fruity scent? Show off your brand’s whimsical side with a photo of a beautiful woman with a towering updo of strawberries and whipped cream. Or maybe you are releasing a new line of lip balm for girls on the go. A colorful shot of a young woman holding a juicy slice of watermelon before her lips lets customers know that your product will keep their lips moisturized so they can keep smiling.
  • Looking for a high-quality fashion background for your apparel website? If your focus is women’s shoe fashion, try a shot that features a plain pink background with the pointed tips of a pair of high heels peeking down from the top of the image. If you are selling high-end women’s fashion, a photo of a catwalk with a long line of models strutting their stuff may be what’s in this season.
Using fashion backgrounds in ecommerce