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CIRCA 1918 - Men of the 132nd Machine Gun Battalion fire at the Germans, allowing their own soldiers to advance in Meuse.
Ukraine. Kharkov. March 1, 2022: Ukraine War. People hiding in shelter in the basement. Russian aggression. Victims of Russian military aggression
CIRCA 1910s - World War One footage of British military battle at Gallipoli Turkey.
CIRCA 1950s - A historical overview of the Army Medical Corps in World War 1
CIRCA 1910s - Chemical warfare and machine guns are used in WWI.
1940s: Soldiers marching. Audience watches. Soldiers marching. Two planet Earths, one dark, one light. The U.S. Capitol Building.
1917 Laffaux, France. Soldiers battle at the Hindenburg Line during World War I. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print.
CIRCA 1910s - Soldiers in trenches eating, manning a telephone station and keeping watch are shown during World War 1, in 1917.
CIRCA 1910s - American pilots of the 148th Aero Squadron take off, World War I, 1918
1918 - Soldiers carry casualties over a pontoon bridge into Ypres, Belgium.
CIRCA 1910s - A ruined church, destroyed trenches, wreckage and graves are shown in France, during World War 1, in 1917.
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal leads Turkey in a defeat of the Greeks in 1922.
WW1 British Infantry Foot Soldiers Marching Forward
Ukraine. Kharkov. March 1, 2022: Ukraine War. People hiding in shelter in the basement. Victims of Russian military aggression
CIRCA 1910s - Austria's Emperor Franz Joseph I attends a wedding with the Archduke Ferdinand (narrated in 1934).
CIRCA 1910s - Troops arrive by warship and march through the streets, amidst crowds, during World War 1, in 1916.
CIRCA 1940s - Black soldiers Needham Roberts and Henry Johnson receive medals for distinguished service during World War 1 in France.
CIRCA 1915 - German soldiers write letters from trenches.
Pigeon in a modern abstract minimalist one line style. Symbol of peace. Continuous black line simple drawing. Stop the War in Ukraine. Please no War. Video 2d animation.
CIRCA 1910s - French and American soldiers fight side by side in World War II at Marne.
1918 - Servicemen at the front and civilians in cities celebrate the end of WWI.
CIRCA 1939 - Early successes of sound film are highlighted: Disney's Steamboat Willie in 1928, All Quiet in the Western Front in 1931.
CIRCA 1910s - Franz Josef I of Austria is seen with his family; he leads a military parade through an Austrian city.
CIRCA 1918 - American women are seen working as telephone operators for the US Army across France.
The Canakkale Martyrs Memorial is a war memorial commemorating the service of Turkish soldiers who participated in the Battle of Gallipoli.
CIRCA 1916 - French soldiers march thousands of German POWs - infantrymen and officers - through a French town.
A first world war trench view with wooden planks and sand bags in France during ww1
1910s - The U.S. army is formed in1918 during World War One and engages in battle.
World War One British Soldiers Under a Storm
CIRCA 1916 - Royal Welsh Fusiliers, Australian and British soldiers march towards the trenches for the Battle of the Ancre.
CIRCA 1910s - Women are of vital importance to the work force during World War 1
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal leads Turkey in a defeat of the Greeks in 1922. Smyrna burns.
Places of World War One in Belgium: Plugstreet(Ploegsteert) Wood, battlefield reconstructed with bunker, trenches and barbed wire
CIRCA 1945 - Fighting ends in 1918 with German surrender to the Allies and the signing of the Armistice.
World War 1 British soldier repeatedly firing bolt action rifle on the battlefield. Smoke in the air (Shot on RED) 4K
CIRCA 1910s - Soldiers of the 35th and 77th Infantry Divisions participate in a relay race n Olympic sporting event, Le Mans Embarkation Center.
CIRCA 1916 - Allied troops rest after the Battle of Ancre and then continue to fight the German Army in France during WWI.
CIRCA 1918 - German POWs board the ocean liner Martha Washington in South Carolina to be deported back to Germany.
CIRCA 1918 - German families board the USS Martha Washington in South Carolina, to be deported.
CIRCA 1945 - German POWs are interned at Fort McPherson and Fort Oglethorpe, where they do farm work and are treated humanely.
CIRCA 1917 - German POWs cook, play with dogs, and till soil at their internment camp.
CIRCA 1945 - German POWs dig a drainage ditch and construct a building at their internment camp.
The Çanakkale Martyrs' Memorial is a war memorial commemorating the service of about 253,000 Turkish soldiers who participated at the Battle of Gallipoli.
CIRCA 1910s - American soldiers stationed in Europe during WWI eat in the field, cut local children's hair and play with them, and march for review.
CIRCA 1920s - Images from WWI of troops in the field in 1914, a military parade for a German Kaiser, and revolution in Berlin at the end of the war.
World War 1 British soldier repeatedly firing bolt action rifle on the battlefield. Smoke in the air
CIRCA 2019 - reenactment of World War One WW1 battlefield with army soldiers in fields on patrol with rifles.
CIRCA 1940s - Walt Disney supervises the illustration of wartime insignias, including one of Mickey Mouse.
CIRCA 1918 - US Naval and Army officers pose with civilian men on top of a docked ship.
CIRCA 1918 - US military personnel and civilians disembark from a docked ship, some of them getting into a car.
CIRCA 1918 - US Naval officers climb out of the hatch of a submarine, with men they've been showing around.
CIRCA 1960s - World War One begins and the American soldier is there to fight.
Places of World War One in Belgium: Plugstreet(Ploegsteert) Wood, battlefield reconstructed with bunker, trenchesand barbed wire
CIRCA 1918 - US Navy sailors stand atop a docked submarine.
CIRCA 1918 - US Navy officers tour men around the top of a submarine, showing them how to raise the big guns.
CIRCA 1944 - French and American soldiers gather with civilians and veterans in Compiegne, to mark Armistice Day with two minutes of silence.
CIRCA 1944 - French and American soldiers visit the Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery and Memorial in observance of Armistice Day.
CIRCA 1939 - In this war film, a German man tells his wife that democracy will return to Germany one day.
Canakkale, Turkey - November .29, 2018 : The Canakkale Martyrs Memorial is a war memorial commemorating the service of about Turkish soldiers who participated at the Battle of Gallipoli.
LONDON, circa 2021 - Wide angle view of the Cenotaph in Whitehall, London, England, UK, a monument designed by Sir Edwin Lutyens
World War 1 German soldier running through smoke filled battlefield. Explosions in background, Slow motion. (Shot on RED) Cinematic
CIRCA 1944 - The Nazis use V-1 jets and V-2 rockets against the allies, and Hitler confers with his military officers, refusing their advice.
French Soldiers of the World War I in Front Line Trench during The Assault 1
World War One British soldiers walk through a trench towards the front line. Snow covered sandbags line the wall of the WW1 trench.
CIRCA 1917 - American soldiers fly planes as part of their training.
A group of children playing with each other inside the refugee tent. Syrian refugee children
Aleppo, Syria 01 December 2020
CIRCA 1945 - Japanese villagers walk under an arch, one of the few remaining structures in their war-torn city.
CIRCA 1963 - American soldiers battle in WWI while a narrator describes specific acts of bravery taken by some.
CIRCA 1914 - German soldiers leave cheerfully for war; they are seen off at the train station by family and friends.
CIRCA 1918 - Pilots of the 94th Aero Squadron are seen in their planes, preparing for takeoff.
CIRCA 1945 - German General von Friedeburg and one of his men sign documents of unconditional surrender with Field Marshal Montgomery.
3D rendering of Australian and New Zealand flags waving with poppy wreath commemorating ANZAC day, lest we forget, looping, with alpha
CIRCA 1910s - Soldiers go about their day, having leisure time and learning, in the Midwest during WWI.
CIRCA 1918 - American soldiers and nurses stationed in France watch a French Army decoration ceremony take place at one of their hospitals.
CIRCA 1916 - English troops evacuate a trench as a tank rolls up on it.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretaries Baker and Daniels admire a propagandistic billboard outside the State, War and Navy Building in Washington DC.
CIRCA 1918, 1919 - Nurses attend to convalescent soldiers in Auteuil, France at the end of WWI.
1910s - Battlefield footage from World War One, 1917.
World War One British Troops Infantry Battalion in a Harbor
Kansas City, Missouri / USA - June 13, 2019: Couple, Tourists Visiting Kansas City National World War 1 Museum
1918 - Families of Belgian refugees are seen standing among the ruins of Ypres after its liberation.
CIRCA 1918 - Captured German 5.9 inch guns, British soldiers in trenches and marching Australian troops are shown in France during World War 1.
CIRCA 1910s - Captured German war film from World War One shows French and German troops fighting on a battlefield in 1916.
CIRCA 1944 - The US Army's 1st Infantry Division fights their way through Normandy, and are met by grateful liberated French civilians.
CIRCA 1910s - Congressman Volstead, Thomas Edison, Secretary Daniels, and magnate EN Hurley have a vested interest in helping the war effort.
CIRCA 1918 - Crowds gather to hear the reading of the Proclamation of Peace on Armistice Day in London, England.
CIRCA 1931 - In this animated film, Bosko is a soldier in WWI whose food and picture of his girlfriend get blown up by the enemy.
CIRCA 1920s - Joyce Kilmer, author of a poem titled Trees, was a soldier in World War 1 and troops and tanks are shown in combat.
Flanders world war one relics and remains : trenches time lapse
CIRCA 1918 - Colonel Cholmeley-Jones runs the Bureau of War Risk Insurance in Washington DC.
CIRCA 1931 - In this animated film, Bosko's dog friend is shot up in WWI and his hippo friend tries to take out a machine gun nest of birds.
CIRCA 1918 - Major Coles writes a message and attaches it to a carrier pigeon.
CIRCA 1910s - Poison gas and chemical weapons are used in World War One.
CIRCA 1916 - French field artillery units set up while other soldiers march through the rubble of Verdun.
CIRCA 1910s - Inside a World War I airplane production center, France, 1918
CIRCA 1918 - WWI battlefield footage from the Third Battle of the Aisne near Chateau-Thierry, France, on the Marne River May 27 - June 5, 1918
CIRCA 1916 - Wounded soldiers are rehabilitated at the Victoria Louise Hospital.
CIRCA 1916 - Jane Addams visits Berlin and attends a Red Cross fundraiser.
CIRCA 1960s - World War One ends and the world celebrates.
Details with the uniforms and weapons of World War I reenactors.
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