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World map focused on est europe. Ukraine war and russian invasion concept. Ukrainian border with blinking target. Ukraine in blue, Russia in red, rest of the world in grey.
War Ukraine Kiyv destroyed bomb damage house destruction
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees attempt to board a U.S. C-17 Globemaster at Hamid Karzai Airport in Kabul Afghanistan during the American evacuation.
EU, USA and Russian flags with chess pieces symbolizing the conflict and control of Ukraine
CIRCA 1945 - Iwo Jima iconic image of Marines soldiers raising the American flag in this patriotic world war two image.
Aerial view of nuclear explosions and mushroom clouds in space, nuclear war or World War III, apocalypse concept
Ukraine war Animated conflict map of Russia invasion of Ukraine, the movement of troops. as of February 24, 2022, UHD 4K 3D Renderd
LVIV, UKRAINE - March 03, 2022: Ukrainian sad girl child kid in dirty torn clothes lies on an old mattress in a shelter during the bombing. Result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. War in Ukraine
Ukraine. Kharkov. March 1, 2022: Ukraine War. People hiding in shelter in the basement. Russian aggression. Victims of Russian military aggression
Drone flying over ruins of buildings in Aleppo, Syria. We can see destroyed buildings in the street of the city 4K
girl watches the speech of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky on smartphone. News about tensions between Ukraine and Russia. Russian aggression. Threat of war. CHERNIGOV UKRAINE FEBRUARY 2022
Family Couple Watching TV News Sitting on Couch in Living Room Together. TV Presenter Telling Shocking Breaking News with Scenes of Violence, Fires, Protests and Clashes. Rear View with Dolly-in
Fire from heaven falling, a huge fireball falling from sky, devastating disaster
Aftermath destroyed city. Tank on the background of the city destroyed by the war. 3d visualization
Ukraine war map, Animated map of Russia invasion of Ukraine, the movement of troops. as of February 24, 2022, UHD 4K 3D Renderd
Animated map of the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine as of February 13, 2022
Leg soldier in military american uniform marching parade victory day. Synchronized even step officer 4K. American army demonstrate clothes. March leg troops soldiers in military boots stepping rhythm.
Epic Invading Army of Medieval Soldiers Marching Through Forest. Armored Warriors with Swords Moving to Battlefield. War, Battle, Crusades in Dark Ages. Cinematic Historical Reenactment. Low Angle
CIRCA 1940 - In this documentary directed by Frank Capra, Hitler, Goebbels and other Nazi officials address an excited crowd.
1950s Marshall Islands. The large Mushroom Cloud from the Explosion of a Nuclear Bomb dropped in the Pacific Ocean. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1940s - American airplanes soar over Japan, and DDT is spread on a Japanese island in the 1940s.
Large Nuclear explosion at Jerusalem. Drone view of dirty bomb exploding over Jerusalem city, Israel.
1917 Laffaux, France. Soldiers battle at the Hindenburg Line during World War I. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print.
CIRCA 1940s - British civilians survive bombs dropped by Nazi warplanes, ducking and covering, in London, during World War 2, in 1940.
Ukrainian young mother with daughter with flag on the face with fear suffering and praying peace during war conflict between Russia and Ukraine, invasion of Russia in Ukraine
Military tanks from the second world war lie smashed on the battlefield next to human remains and the ruins of houses. The concept of war and the Apocalypse.
CIRCA 1945 - The Enola Gay drops the Little Boy atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan.
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort of Afghanistan.
Parade military army soldiers with assault rifle ak-47 in hands march even formation closeup. Officers walk street hold in arm kalashnikov firearm 4K. Soldier marching show kalashnikov ak 47 close up.
CIRCA 1945 - The destruction on buildings and civilians of Hiroshima is shown after the atomic bomb was dropped (narrated in 1946).
CIRCA 1945 - Crews on allied aircraft carriers fight off kamikaze planes.
Headline news across international media with cyber attack, hacking and security breach. Abstract concept of internet news titles on screens loop. Seamless and looped animation.
Military convoy moves frame with aerial
An elderly, gray-haired veteran of the second world war and the great Patriotic war in military uniform closes his eyes. Man recalls the horrors of war. Close - up, hitting the camera
Future military panel using newest spying technology. Future military panel is analyzing the geographical position of the target. Future military panel found multiple enemy helicopters on the ground.
1940s: Soldiers marching. Audience watches. Soldiers marching. Two planet Earths, one dark, one light. The U.S. Capitol Building.
New York, New York USA - 02.24.2022 Protesting March against war in Ukraine started by Russia. Ukrainian protesters stretched a large Ukrainian flag near Russian embassy slow motion
CIRCA 1940 - German soldiers march through the wreckage of a French city. Hitler looks over a map with Nazi officials.
CIRCA 1940s - Paratroopers leap from planes during World War Two and the Korean War.
Kansas City , Missouri , United States - 06 13 2021: Drone Flies over Liberty Memorial with Kansas City Skyline in Background
Dehradun, Uttarakhand India-February 28 2022- Ukraine war and Russian invasion. Russia attacks (invades) Ukraine. Two Nations major or emergency crisis. Emergency crisis in Ukraine.4th Day of war
CIRCA 1918 - Men of the 132nd Machine Gun Battalion fire at the Germans, allowing their own soldiers to advance in Meuse.
CIRCA 1941 - In this documentary directed by Frank Capra, burning wreckage of the Pearl Harbor attacks and wounded American sailors are shown.
1971 Washington, DC. Hippie Protestors at a Free Rock and Roll Concert for 1971 May Day Protest. Drug Overdose and Drug Abuse is rampant during the counterculture protest. 4K Overscan of Vintage Film
CIRCA 1940s - British civilians make their way through ruins in the aftermath of a Nazi air raid, during World War 2, in 1940.
death with a scythe makes selfie on the background of the entrance to hell
CIRCA 1945 - Joseph Stalin oversees a military parade celebrating the end of WWII (narrated in 1951).
CIRCA 1940s - Emaciated surviving inmates of the Buchenwald concentration camp, World War II 1940s
Environmental pollution, ecological disaster, nuclear war, post apocalypse concept. Care for future generations. Child in protective mask, face-guard to prevent breathing toxic air.
Invading Army of Medieval Knights Marching To Defeat Enemy. Armored Warriors Walking in Mysterious Forest. War, Battle, Crusade. Dramatic, Cinematic Historical Reenactment
Wasteland Apocalyptic WW3 Landscape With Sandstorm And Lightning
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal leads Turkey in a defeat of the Greeks in 1922.
Modern military software are studying the mountainous terrain. Modern military software is calculating the position of the enemy. Modern military software accessing satellite camera above army base.
CIRCA 1910s - World War One footage of British military battle at Gallipoli Turkey.
Apocalypse city in fog. Aerial View of the destroyed city. Apocalypse concept. Super realistic 4k animation.
Volunteer work at the humanitarian aid warehouse. Rear town life during war Russian invasion in Ukraine. Refugees bedroom. Humanitarian catastrophe during at war in Ukraine.
Animated map of the concentration of Russian troops on the border with Ukraine as of February 13, 2022
Historical Re-enactment. Re-enactors Dressed As American Soldiers Of USA Infantry Of World War II Marching Walking Along Forest Road In Autumn Day. Group of Soldiers Marching In Forest.
Hongkong, China Mar 4, 2022 News of Russia on the websites and media. Political, business, war and economy news concept b-roll footage. Highlighted the keyword in the headlines on news websites
CIRCA 1950s - A historical overview of the Army Medical Corps in World War 1
Close-up portrait of woman in grunge clothes hooded mantle and gas mask standing in forest and looking into the camera. Dystopian concept, female future survivor. Post apocalyptic world. Cyberpunk
Live News Studio with Professional Male Newscaster Reporting on the Events of the Day. TV Broadcasting Channel with Presenter, Anchor Talking. Mock-up Television Channel Newsroom Set
New York, New York / USA - March 20, 2020: Bowery, near Cooper Union, Lower Manhattan during Coronavirus Outbreak, 2020.
Ukraine Heart Flag, Ukraine Support, Help Ukraine, Anti Russia War, Anti Ukraine War, Animated Video
CIRCA 2021 - Afghan refugees make it to safety and are ushered onto planes by U.S. soldiers at Hamid Karzai airport during the mass evacuation effort.
CIRCA 1910s - A ruined church, destroyed trenches, wreckage and graves are shown in France, during World War 1, in 1917.
Ukraine. Kharkov. March 1, 2022: Ukraine War. People hiding in shelter in the basement. Victims of Russian military aggression
 Air strike on Terrorist home, drone attack view
Drone view over village in middle east bombarding target
Millions of refugees from the war-torn territories are flees to europe. Mother and child room. Mattresses, pillows, blankets are waiting for refugees, temporary housing during humanitarian disaster
A hungry homeless child cries. War.
BrusselsBelgium - June 13, 2021: Exterior of NATO headquarter in Brussels, Beligum
Google Map Zoom To Jeddah, Saudi Arabia 4k Stock Video Footage
CIRCA 1944 - Black and white soldiers of the 7th Armored Division are served food and eat chicken in the woods of St. Hubert, Belgium.
CIRCA 1940s - Nazi warplanes drop bombs and dogfight with Royal Air Force Supermarine Spitfire fighter planes above London.
CIRCA 1943 - Soldiers and civilians search the rubble in a war-torn German city.
CIRCA 1910s - Soldiers in trenches eating, manning a telephone station and keeping watch are shown during World War 1, in 1917.
A drone filmed over the city of Aleppo in Syria
CIRCA 1940s - Okinawa plays a significant role in the war for the Pacific in World War Two.
Alien, monster in a burning ruined apocalyptic city. Armageddon Moscow view. Realistic fire simulation. Postapocalyptic 4k anumation.
CIRCA 1910s - Troops arrive by warship and march through the streets, amidst crowds, during World War 1, in 1916.
CIRCA 1940s - World War II ends and the world celebrates as soldiers are welcomed home.
China and USA flag on flagpole. 4K 60fps. China and The United States of America waving flag in wind. China and US Trade War.
USA and China flag on flagpole. The United States of America and China waving flag in wind. US and China Trade War.
Battleship at war in cosmos. Spaceship attacks space station. Spacecraft explodes and going down. Battle in outer space. Space rockets in battle near dead planet in outer space. Cinematic gameplay
SRINAGAR, JAMMU AND KASHMIR, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 : unidentified tourists enjoying boating at Nageen lake, Srinagar Kashmir, India. Footage contain Noise and Grain due to High ISO.
TV news studio male anchor presenter talking shocking breaking news about Russia's attack on Ukraine
Ukraine on the world map under a magnifier loupe. Worldwide attention to War in Ukraine, Russian invasion. Highlighted red country on world scratch map. Focused on Europe. Hot spot, Military conflict
CIRCA 1940s - The Normandy landings are shown during D-Day in World War 2.
1971 Washington, DC. Hippie Protestors Chat "The Whole World is Watching" during Mayday Protest. Yellow Letters burn on Freeze Frame for Title Sequence. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
CIRCA 1910s - Chemical warfare and machine guns are used in WWI.
CIRCA 1939 - Hitler addresses a large outdoor crowd, explaining how he has made Germany great.
CIRCA 1945 - After the US Marines capture Mount Suribachi, supplies are brought onshore for the northward push on Iwo Jima.
CIRCA 1946 - Civilians in Tokyo and Yokohama, Japan struggle to get enough food and rebuild shelter after the devastation of war.
CIRCA 1946 - A general assembly is held at the UN to discuss how to prevent atomic war, but no conclusions are reached.
1940s: Atomic bomb explodes on Bikini Atoll.
CIRCA 1950s - After postwar celebrations take place, armies of Soviet Russia's satellite nations march in parades celebrating Stalin.
1940s Pacific Ocean. Montage of radio-based detection systrems or Radar devices used during World War 2. Radar Antenna on Battleship. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
Soldier Player Character Runs With A Sniper Rifle In A Digital Game War World. Online War Digital Video Game. Soldier Shoots Explosive Barrels With A Gun In A Digital Multiplayer War Video Game
CIRCA - 1942 - Hitler, Mussolini, and a Japanese Military leader under Hirohito speak to large crowds promising world dominance.
Duxford UK JULY, 11, 2015 World War 2 combat airplane in flight. Close up, follow shot. Grumman Avenger of US Navy. High quality 4K video for historic documentaries.
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