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Happy diverse business people office workers team standing in row looking at camera. Multiethnic professional employees executives group posing together for corporate portrait, leadership. Slow motion
Back view of business woman talking about sale report in video conference. Asian team using laptop and tablet online meeting in video call.Working from home, Working remotely and Social isolation.
Fish food production unit with female employees at work. Factory Workers Assembling products.
Smiling professional diverse corporate office business team members group look at camera, four happy proud confident multiracial leaders employees staff diverse people group stand together, portrait
Text video animation (with alpha channel) of words relating to recruitment and human resources
CIRCA 1910s - A car engine is manufactured and the vehicle is assembled on an assembly line in a Ford plant.
Portrait of smiling successful friendly young man in formal attire standing by door, hr recruiter stretching hand to camera glad to offer you job in company, greeting spectator as new workforce member
Back view young asia female people analyst coder code language multiple screen cloud online computing ai deep tech work at home office late night reskill upskill, future agile cyber ux web design job.
Indian ethnicity 25s confident female applicant passing job interview finish formal appointment shaking hands with male employer. Successful business meeting, making deal, hr, company staffing concept
Young male team leader with smiling face posing in office, confident business executive ceo looking at camera, company employee, professional manager businessman, startup founder video portrait
Six diverse multiracial professional business team portrait. Young company employees members led by African middle-aged boss standing in row in office pose on camera. Unity, career, equality concept
Jobless business people applicants group sitting in chairs in queue line row waiting for their turn company job interview, human resources, recruiting and employment concept, staff legs close up view
Asia people young casual woman remote work at desk home phone call talk study learn MBA online class. SEO sale plan report data chart graph on desktop PC screen reskill upskill career job workforce.
A portrait of a business manager at a technology company. Innovation and creativity are on the way. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k.
Making new asphalt at road construction. Paver or paving machine lay bitumen. Rollers levele and compact new asphalt. Road surface repair. Construction of new road
Slow motion : Group of asian creative employee standing and brainstorming stategy plan in happy workshop at creative workplace. Effective meeting, productive workshop and synergy business concept
Asia people young woman stress angry bored sad in wifi cut out worry work at home issue video call talk with unreliable low poor loss signal speed or error fail load buffer bad slow internet outage.
CIRCA 1926 - Nickel alkaline storage batteries undergo a final inspection before being dipped in a preservative solution.
Working cranes on a modern office building under construction against cloudy sky in Singapore timelapse. Asian urban development and construction concept. Industrial background.
Happy diverse business people team standing together in office, group portrait. Smiling multiethnic international young professional employees company staff with older executive leader look at camera.
Group portrait of happy middle aged and young multiracial confident employees posing for corporate photo in office. Smiling team of diverse different generations business people looking at camera.
Asia adult people enjoy workforce life hybrid digital work anywhere turn off close log out laptop after end job done. Stop learn good time rest sit at cozy cafe workation place rural river park lake.
40s focused confident human resources manager in formal wear holding job interview with skilled young male candidate. Two businessman discussing project ideas at negotiations meeting in modern office.
Young asian business woman presenting data idea marketing on board in office. Asia woman show mind mapping and ideas to business partner or colleagues group enjoy teamwork in small office
Portrait head shot of young attractive asian man sitting smiling work multiple screen computer and smart tablet on table desk at home in concept freelance data analyst, data scientist for business.
Back rear view of young asian man, freelance data scientist work remotely at home coding programing on Big data mining, AI data engineering, IT Technician Works on Artificial Intelligence Project.
Business team of young people enjoying eating pizza together, millennials group talking having fun sharing lunch in cozy office, good relationships at work, food delivery service and catering
CIRCA 1910s - A camera strapped to a moving aerial conveyer in a Westinghouse factory captures workers as they move about the floor.
Remote team work on development complex project. Online creative teamwork. Looped animation with alpha channel
Ready to get new career. Group of three young businesspeople sitting on chairs in office, waiting and going for job interview, feeling nervous. Body language. Close up of legs. Job search concept
Happy confident professional diverse team business people bonding stand in office looking at camera, smiling multiethnic corporate staff group portrait, partnership and teamwork concept, slow motion
Side view young asian woman listen watch digital class e-learning online for employee reskill upskill on notebook computer at home office workplace. Business school lesson education for adult people.
Candid young attractive asian female employee wear earphone listen to digital online course development program in quarantine social distance at home reskill upskill school class for career path.
worker in hard a hat with digital tablet near excavator. construction site driver with digital tablet. industry construction concept. worker in hard hat near excavator truck in business uniform.
People with different skills connecting together online and working on the same project, remote working and freelancing concept
Back rear view young asia people busy work late night check notebook and online sale cost budget profit statistics dashboard on table desk in staff idea in seo analyst job career reskill upskill.
Young asian muslim presenting data results sale marketing on board in office. Asia woman show forcast plan and ideas to business partner or colleagues group enjoy teamwork in small office
Workman knocks his head against the wall. Stressed worker in hard hat stands on construction site and knocks his head against the concrete wall, self-condemnation and self-torture
Close up two asia female people analyst coder code language laptop screen cloud online computing ai deep tech work at office desk reskill upskill, future agile cyber ux web design woman worker job.
Asia people MBA college woman work busy at late night home office online study on laptop typing coding search data for future job career reskill upskill in startup IT cyber class remote virtual learn.
CIRCA 1920 - Women use sewing machines and scissors in a clothing factory.
CIRCA 1920 - Men and women put the finishing touches on pants in a clothing factory.
CIRCA 1919 - Car engines and wheels are assembled at a Ford factory.
CIRCA 1963 - Women work in an electronics factory in Japan.
CIRCA 1963 - Television sets are mass produced at a factory in Japan.
CIRCA 1963 - Japan's automotive industry is highlighted.
Smiling millennial handsome 30s man looking at camera, posing in modern office, head shot. Happy young male employee manager worker listening colleagues in video call distant negotiations conversation
CIRCA 1930s - A Ford car is put together on an assembly line at a manufacturing plant.
CIRCA 1950s - Women work in a factory manufacturing clothes in South Korea in the 1950s.
London - Circa 2014: A huge crowd of commuters make their way down the street on their way to work in the City of London.
Young attractive beautiful asia lady employee happy celebrate in concept carefree work at home on desk with successful, quarantine social distance enjoy career path promotion, achieve target project.
CIRCA 1945 - John W. Snyder, Director of War Mobilization and Reconversion, gives a speech on his vision for the postwar American workforce.
Office wall clocks showing different cities time
CIRCA 1945 - In this documentary directed by Frank Capra, Americans survive Prohibition and the Great Depression to feel hope in the face of war.
Head shot portrait 35s man pass job interview distantly by video call. Guy look at camera talking participates at streaming chat for internet audience. Modern tech and videoconference app user concept
Happy smile asia young woman learn mba college class on wifi webcam video call in desktop pc screen with cowork friend workforce group talk in sale report. Smart job work at home for staff workspace.
Portrait head shot of young attractive asian man sitting smiling work multiple screen computer and smart tablet on table desk at home in concept freelance data analyst, data scientist for business.
Serious happy professional business team video portrait, young and old diverse leaders employees posing together standing in office, multiracial staff corporate people workers group looking at camera
Legs of job candidates waiting in queue for career opportunity, being nervous and stressed about recruitment meeting. Agitated people sitting in office lobby to meet with HR team. Close up.
Outsourcing with digital technology hitech concept
Young female arabian team leader professional in hijab giving out paper marketing research documents to diverse colleagues workers, starting discussing company development strategy in modern office.
Builder sits on the floor and looks ahead. Worker rests on construction site. Constructor in yellow hard hat sits on concrete floor on project site
CIRCA 1926 - Nickel alkaline storage batteries are inspected and completed at the Edison Storage Battery Company in Orange, New Jersey.
Head shot cheerful millennial 30s man portrait. Freelancer, blogger or tutor, professional occupation person smile pose looking at camera standing alone indoor, profile picture of handsome single guy
Candid young attractive asian female employee wear earphone listen to digital online course development program in quarantine social distance at home reskill upskill school class for career path.
hand drawing line art showing team symbol with white chalk on blackboard
company organization chart scrolling on screen, hand drawn style (3d render)
Senior boss shake hand rewarding praising happy subordinate best worker, associates applauding supporting congratulating successful employee with promotion. Recognition, acknowledgement, award concept
Teamwork remotely online on creative project. People with laptop working working together on a common startup. Looped animation with alpha channel
The workforce of tomorrow. Young technology-savvy portrait of a worker. Shot in slow-motion and in 4k.
Smiling millennial professional looking at camera posing in office with team, successful startup founder, happy corporate staff employee, young male manager developer, business leader video portrait
Business, Technology, Internet and network concept. Human Resources HR management concept.
First day at new job concept, young happy woman unpacking box with her belongings standing near office desk, just hired smiling intern starting work in big company, moving into coworking space
CIRCA 1926 - Men work at the Edison Storage Battery Company in Orange, New Jersey.
Asia people young woman worker work at home job video call telemedicine online clinic app for workforce care meet chat or tele consult to doctor remote advice teach to relax stiff neck or wrist pain.
CIRCA 1919 - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk leads the Turkish Liberation Movement, gathering an army to fight off occupying forces (narrated in 1958).
CIRCA 1926 - Nickel tubes are made at the Edison Storage Battery Company in Orange, New Jersey.
company organization chart with employee badges, scrolling on screen
CIRCA 1936 - The WPA builds reservoirs, drainage systems, and armories in upstate New York.
SHENZHEN, CHINA - 16 NOVEMBER 2015: Employees of an electronics factory work on the conveyor belt in Shenzhen, China
Now hiring sign was attached on the wall
Mature female boss team leader hold meeting with multiethnic staff at conference room discuss sales results analyse financial report. Aged lady company ceo gather workforce team for briefing in office
CIRCA 1936 - Poor men get back on their feet with the promise of jobs during the Great Depression.
CIRCA 1926 - Sheets of nickel and copper are cut into squares at the Edison Storage Battery Company in Orange, New Jersey.
CIRCA 1926 - Nickel batteries are filled with an alkaline solution at the Edison Storage Battery Company in Orange, New Jersey.
Head shot smiling 30s beautiful caucasian business lady entrepreneur leader executive manager successful startup owner looking at camera, feeling self-confident in modern creative workplace office.
CIRCA 1960s - Pamphlets are printed at a shop in Guatemala.
Adult asia people single mom small SME owner support happy sit busy apply child tax credit refund plan form app or pay loan bill on laptop. Little kid girl play at home hybrid job career workforce.
CIRCA 1936 - The WPA and Civilian Conservation Corps employs hundreds of men during the Depression in New York.
a group of young attractive people mixed race students engaged in the office at the table. shooting view up. people sit down and stand up at the table in turn.
Builder looks at new construction site. Worker in hard hat stands on project site and looks at new building structure on the sunset
CIRCA 1937 - A stenographer types up a subpoena in Thomas Dewey's office and prepares to mail it.
CIRCA 1937 - Stenographers work in Thomas Dewey's office.
Young thoughtful African American business man entrepreneur looking out window planning ahead thinking of ideas for future business development. Pensive manager pondering of problem solution at office
CIRCA 1936 - Factory workers lose their jobs during the Great Depression.
CIRCA 1936 - The WPA puts men to work building the Loudonville Reservoir in Albany, New York.
Problem solving in puzzle concept
Busy company department members workforce diverse co-workers do work working using landline, computers sitting at shared desks in co-working open space modern light room, everyday office rush concept
Paver finisher, asphalt finisher or paving machine lay hot new asphalt on street road in city. Compactor during road construction and repairing works
Closeup beautiful young indian arabic businesswoman using modern microphone, audio equipment involved in video call conversation negotiation or passing online job interview, distant communication
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