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Tree tops against sunny sky. Pine forest is a natural resource.
Unloading Wood Cargo From Truck To Ground In Forest. Stacking Wood Cargo In Piles. Wood Cargo Transportation. Collecting Plant For Materials Production. Forestry And Lumber Industry. Deforestation.
Aerial Drone View Flight over pine tree forest in Mountain at sunset
Female Hand Touching and Stroking Bark of Pine Tree in Forest. Hand Touching Old Majestic Oak Tree. Loving Nature. Harmony Calm Relaxation. Save Earth Green Planet .
Beautiful Sunrise Sun Sunshine In Sunny Spring Coniferous Forest. Sunlight Sunbeams Through Woods In Forest Landscape.
Rainy weather in mountains. Misty fog blowing over pine tree forest. Aerial footage of spruce forest trees on the mountain hills at misty day. Morning fog at beautiful autumn forest.
Industrial Harvester Delimbs And Cuts Pine In Forest For Wood Production. Mechanical Machine For Pine Wood Production. Processing Timber For Pine Wood Production. Tree Logging. Lumber Industry.
Winter Forest Nature Snow Covered Winter Trees Alpine Landscape Early Morning Sunrise Holiday Travel And Tourism Frosty Tree Tops Vibrant Colors Aerial 4k
Reforestation of pine tree forest with young saplings and older trees, aerial.
Wildfire aerial view. Fire and smoke. Burning forest. Natural disaster from climate change. Dry grass and trees burns
Timelapse of sun rays emerging though the dark storm clouds in the mountains
Car driving along a dirt road in a dense pine forest. Arial follow footage 4K.
Beautiful winter landscape in the mountains. Rising sun breaks through the snow covered branches of the fir tree. Ground and trees covered with thick layer of fresh fluffy snow
Magical misty forest in early foggy summer morning at sunrise dolly shot
epic horrible wildfire pine trees forest disaster, burning conifer trees
hand touch the tree trunk. ecology a energy forest nature concept. a man hand touches a pine tree trunk close-up glare. hand tree touch trunk. bark wood. tree wild forest travel concept sun
Entering Modern House Living Room In The Forest
Forest morning sun rays light jungle green grass nature
Dense rainforest jungle covered with mist aerial view in slow motion, Malaysia
Flying low between trees in forest sun beams on foggy morning during sunrise
A Big Storage Truck is used for the Deforestation process. The deforestation process occurs because of the cutting of wood for fuel. The deforestation process causes environmental problems.
Hiking trail walking path in wild green pine forest moving backwards
Aerial winter landscape with pine trees of snow covered forest in cold mountains at sunrise.
Sunrise in the misty forest. Marvelous view of flying over pine forest in the morning. There is magical fog all the way to the horizon. Aerial shot, 4K
Back view of industrial wood carrier cargo vessel truck trailer with timber pine, driving through the woods. Timber export and shipping. The tractor is driving through the forest
Woman Hand On Tree Bark. Autumn Fall Nature Pine Forest. Girl Gently Touch Tree Bark. Woman Enjoying In Wood. Female Hand Strokes Bark Of Pine. Ecology Care Touches Trunk. Hiking In Autumn Pine Woods
Sunny morning in pine forest camera moving low between trees
Woman practises yoga at sunrise in pine forest. Silhouette of young spiritual girl meditates in lotus pose nature outdoors, slow motion. Concept of fitness, healthy lifestyle, sun lens flare.
Green pine tree forest on mountain range. Morning mist over hills and meadows. Nature background. Travel destinations. Beautiful wild landscape. Summer vacation tourism. Cinematic aerial drone flight
Arms Hugging a Tree In a Forest, showing Love and Care for Nature and Environment of Earth.
Driving on empty asphalt road with yellow markings passing through a mixed forest with pines and trees with yellow foliage on a sunny autumn day. In Grand Canyon national park, pov from the car
Rotate and Looking up shot on Devil Tree, Alstonia scholaris tree, POV view. Beautiful Sun's rays through tops of trees, sun shines through foliage.
Deforestation, forest cutting concept. Wood is getting sawn by the worker with the shavings flying around
Zooming Out From Cut Trunks Of Logs In Stock In Forest While Timberland Deforestation. Tractor Puts Wood Trees In Stocks. Working Process In Timberland. Beautiful Stock In Timberland. Logging.
Wooden circle Stump slowly rotates close-up background. Saw cut wood spinning closeup background.
Harvester Machinery Fells And Delimbs Tree In Forest For Wood Production. Industrial Machinery For Wood Manufacturing. Forestry Machinery To Work With Wood. Timber Logging. Lumber Industry.
Aerial view overlooking a road, in middle of snow covered trees and snowy forest, on a dark, cloudy, winter day - Top down, drone shot
Sunrise in the Sequoias, General Grant Grove, Sequoia National Park
Rainy weather in mountains. Misty fog blowing over pine tree forest. Aerial footage of spruce forest trees on the mountain hills at misty day. Morning fog at beautiful autumn forest.
Lush forested area of Vosges mountains, aerial shot, camera fly low over tree tops. Hot summer day at France countryside, silhouetted ridge seen at distance, light clouds on the sky
Industrial tree felling with a large machine logger. Pine tree clearing in slow motion
Bright flame of burning bonfire in dark on background of pine forest in evening at sunset of day in summer. Burning branches in the fire, tongues of flame. Hiking. Tourism. Travel. Lifestyle
4K Beautiful Blue Shadows From Pines Trees In Motion On Winter Snowy Ground. Sun Sunshine In Forest. Sunset Sunlight Shining Through Pine Greenwoods Woods Landscape. Snow Nature Time-Lapse Time Lapse.
Horror fog sunset on mountain aerial. Red mist over spooky pine forest. Nobody sun nature landscape. Foggy clouds at scary wild coniferous trees. Cottage at fir wood in bloody shadows. Cinematic shot
Move camera Bottom view of sun through tall trunk pine trees in green forest in nature.
Green Forest. Pine Trees Fairy Forest. Trees pattern. Camera movement inside the forest. Wonderful green forest in summer. Sunset over the lake. Camera movement to the right, time lapse 4k. Hyperlapse
Sun over mountain ridges aerial. Pine forest at mount village. Autumn nobody nature landscape. Cottages at burnt grass farmland. Rural road at Alpine field. Countryside holiday at Alps, France, Europe
Branch of an evergreen coniferous tree with prickly long leaves-needles. Pine tree branch with pine needles on sky background. Organic fresh live plant
Timelapse of rainy weather in mountains. Misty fog blowing over pine tree forest
Burnt grass fields at Alps mountain village aerial. Nobody nature landscape. Cottages at countryside farmlands. Mountaineering vacation. Sun spruce forest. Travel to Alpine mounts, Switzerland, Europe
Gravel road in green pine forest at sunset on countryside
Bottom view of a big pine tree in a forest. Crowns of trees with bright morning sunrays. Looking from top to the bottom.
Flying at low altitude over a foggy clearing with stumps and branches of felled trees in overcast autumn weather. Ecological problem of destruction of forests and vegetation
Aerial View Of Green Forest Landscape. Top View From High Attitude In Summer Evening. Natural Backdrop Background Of Coniferous Forest. Drone View. Bird's Eye View
Modern Industrial Harvester Tree Saw Cutting Tree Trunks With A Claw. Close Up Of Harvester Tree Saw Working Process. Heavy Harvester Tree Saw Processing Lumber Material At A Forestry Production Site.
Bark of brown wood close-up rotates 4k. Pine tree or oak. Macro closeup, tree is like background rock shot from quadcopter. Timber or lumber natural pattern, rough raw wooden texture of forest trunk.
Summer wildfire or fire in nature with smoke, aerial view from drone. Burning dry grass and trees. Natural disaster in forest in dry season
Forest harvester at work - processing spruce forest. Claw manipulator of industrial forest harvester, closeup. Mechanic tool for gripping trunks and cut to length logs before stacking.
Aerial drone overhead of single car driving down curvy mountain road through green forest valley with trees and rainy fog
Aerial top down 4k view of car driving on country road in forest in the evening at twilight. Cinematic drone shot flying over gravel road in pine tree forest. aerial view
Aerial top view of summer green trees in forest background, Caucasus, Russia. Drone photography. Coniferous and deciduous trees, forest road. Beautiful panoramic photo over the tops of pine forest.
Young man walking through tall trees in misty autumn forest. Male traveler hike with backpack trekking pine woodland, walk in fog discover woods and enjoys nature. Slow motion follow wide angle shot
Wooden Workshop Workers During Smoothing And Improving Production. Wooden Window Parts At Production Improvement Workshop. Wooden Window Production Workshop Handmade Smoothing Process.Smooth Carpentry
View up, bottom view of pine trees in forest in sunshine. Royalty high-quality free 4k stock video footage of big and tall pine tree with sun light, dew, fog in the forest when looking up blue sky.
coniferous forest in fire, burning tree close up. wildfire, forest fire, wildfires caused by arson. uncontrolled fire on forest land caused by humans that spreads quickly
Aerial view of Tropical Rainforest in Amazon. Flying above Jungle. Green Trees
The crane loads the timber cut coniferous logs into the back. For further industrial processing in a woodworking factory. Logging on an industrial scale. Commercial timber harvesting.
Flight above the tops of lush green trees at the forest , Drone Footage Top down the of pine treetops in a dense forest
Biofuel, biofuels, Eco fuels, alternative biofuels made from sawdust . Male gains in the hands of wood pellets . Wood pellets used as cat litter.
Aerial view of of islands on a blue lake Paijanne. Blue lake, islands and green forest from above on a sunny summer evening. Lake landscape in Finland
hands picking up wood pellets and pouring them on a pile
Senior man touching on old tree gently. Nature protection concept.
World environment day.
Deforestation concept : dead earth and trees destroyed by human development. Global warming, climate change, ecology. Forest problems
huge oak tree isolated on black with Luma matte, small wind blowing, seamless loop animation 4K
Sequoia Trees Dolly And Pan Shot Sequoia National Park Sierra Nevada Mountains California
Industrial Crane Moving Bunch Of Wood Boards In Warehouse At Sawmill. Crane Equipment At Modern Sawmill. Crane For Materials Transportation. Working Process At Sawmill. Lumber Production.
Close-up of lacquered wood texture. Copy space. Background
Aerial view of spring green forest early in the morning. Flying over green trees forest at sunrise. Morning sun and fog. High quality shot, 4K
Flight to the forest tundra in winter in the North of Western Siberia
Sawing machine at wood production factory. Timber material processing and cutting at sawmill. Manufacturing process at lumber mill. Automatic Circular Sawing Machine
Time lapse of sun setting behind the mountain and pine trees on a background
Close Up Of Log Processing By Heavy Harvesting Machinery Crane. Industrial Forestry Equipment For Log Processing At Wood Material Harvesting Site. Log Processing By Harvesting Crane Equipped With Saw
Aerial top view of waving summer green trees in a forest
hand touch the tree trunk. ecology a energy forest nature concept. a man hand touches a pine tree trunk close-up glare. hand sun tree touch trunk. bark wood. tree wild forest travel concept
small oak tree isolated on black with Luma matte, light wind blowing, seamless loop animation 4K
An artisan is using the grinding tool at the woodworking plant. A Female Artisan is grinding the part of the wooden furniture. Artisan is grinding the product to smooth it out. Manual Labor. Factory.
A slow drone flight through sunny pine grove during summertime in Estonian boreal forest, Northern Europe.
Drone Flight View Above Green Forest And Small Marsh Landscape. Top View From High Attitude In Summer Evening. Small Marsh Bog In Mixed Forest. Drone View. Bird's Eye View.
Loaded timber carrying vessel truck with cut trees is driving on country road. Wood industry. Logging and transportation of forest. Russian cargo vehicle rides from sawmill. Low angle, wide shot
A female laborer is using the tool for processing the wood. The tool is processing the wood by scraping off the excess. The tool is flattening the edges for processing the wood. Carpentry Industry.
Aerial drone shot over the north european forest. Shot in 4K (UHD).
A large warehouse of timber materials. A forklift carries a wooden beam through the warehouse. Neatly stacked wooden bar in a sawmill warehouse
Sun shining behind the trees in forest at sunrise backwards
A huge crane is moving the stack of wooden planks at a production facility. Crane is transferring multiple planks at a production factory. Crane is lowering down the planks at the production workshop.
Green Forest. Pine Trees Fairy Forest. Untouched spruce. Elf land. Trees pattern. Camera movement inside the forest. Ferns and fir with moos on the ground. Wonderful green mountain forest in summer
Woman gardener mulching potter thuja tree with pine tree bark mulch. Urban gardening
Rainy weather in mountains. Misty fog blowing over pine tree forest. Aerial footage of spruce forest trees on the mountain hills at misty day. Morning fog at beautiful autumn forest.

Wood particles of various shapes and sizes, obtained as a result of mechanical processing. For solid fuels, biomass and is a raw material for the production of wood pulp
Crowns of deciduous forest trees with bright afternoon sun and rays. looking up to the trees. Spinning and torsion top view of scenic trees.
Red big rig transports heavy logs down an empty asphalt highway crossing the beautiful Olympic National Forest in Washington, USA. Large 18 wheel freight truck hauls heavy logs down the rural freeway.
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