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Group of multicultural happy eco activists plants tree at sunset. Diverse people is planting tree. Males and females with shovels and planting plant in soil
Hand reaches towards a window lit by sunlight - moves curtain to reveal the sun. Sunrise or sunset behind the window. Slow motion move to peek outside. Symbol of hope positivity and energy
Happy old senior grandfather teach little grandson playing with wooden blocks on floor, carefree two generation family grandparent and cute small grandchild having fun building tower laughing at home
hand touch the tree trunk. ecology a energy forest nature concept. a man hand touches a pine tree trunk close-up glare. hand tree touch trunk. bark wood. tree wild forest travel concept sun
a woodcarver processes a walnut wood board with a chisel. artisan makes a tea tray
young hipster carpenter man working with computer laptop in workshop . craftsman wearing safety glasses checking order of clients or learning online
Friends having fun on the beach party during the sunset time.
Close up senior woman piggyback senior man at forest
Person opens the door, close-up, blurred background. Lights behind the door
Healthy Asian vegan lunch served in rustic cafe. Two people eating their healthy vegan meals with chopsticks.
Close Up of Chef is spreading Tomato Sauce on Pizza Dough with a Metal Ladle in Traditional Italian Pizza's Restaurant. Cooking traditional Sauce for Italian Pizza. Italian Food. Pizza's Making.
Happy young farmer is holding a box of organic vegetables look at camera at sunlight agriculture farm field harvest garden nutrition organic fresh portrait outdoor slow motion
Close up young farmer is holding a box of organic vegetables look at camera at sunlight agriculture farm field harvest garden nutrition organic fresh portrait outdoor slow motion
close up face of worker man using sandpaper to rub timber wood at workshop table in carpenter wood factory. Handsome man working on handcraft.
fire on the roof of the house. a burning at building house close-up. night home insurance apartment concept. huge fire blazes houses 911. property damage arson protection
Close up view of the man and woman environmental volunteers planting trees together and with other people at the background. Reforestation concept
Worker in wine , whiskey or brandy warehouse sorting and rotating barrel . Two winemakers in vintage , traditional wine factory rolls barrel . Shot on ARRI ALEXA Cinema Camera in Slow Motion .
Close Up of Tasty Pizza is baking in Firewood Oven, Baking Pizza with Tomato and Cheese boiling in an Oven. Close up view of Cheese bubbles. Traditional Italian Dish, Traditional Italian Restaurant.
Father and daughter. daughter sits on the dad neck silhouette in a field in the park. happy family kid dream concept. father and daughter playing pilot hands to the sides dreaming shows airplane fun
Roofer repair replace shingle that has been damaged and needing replacement
Happy adult parent dad helping cute preschool child son playing toys together on floor, caring father and little kid boy having fun laugh building constructor tower of colorful wooden blocks at home
Carpenter blowing sawdust away from handcrafted wood plank on workbench outside the garage atelier. Artisan working wearing safety protections . Build home creative ideas, slow motion blurred subject
Close up man worker using hammer to nail wood plank for build diy wood furniture in workshop
Cheerful multiethnic cafe workers arranging chairs preparing for work in morning. Happy team putting chairs down on floor before opening coffee shop.
Young Curly Male Inspirational Environmentalist Walking in Forest. Nature Lover Hiking in Woods. Holding Tablet PC.Concept of Privacy and Isolation, Traveling Alone. Calmness, Harmony with Nature.
Deforestation, forest cutting concept. Wood is getting sawn by the worker with the shavings flying around
Man Made Structure Objects for New Life Peoples. Project for Presentation Created from Ecological Material. Person Create for Exhibition a Sample Figure of Calm Living Space. Close-up shot on Table
Carpenter sanding wood with sandpaper. Male hands polishing wood with sandpaper. Carpentry, craftsmanship, Handicrafts.
Hammering a nail into a piece of wood. Building and creating on a construction site. Getting back to work. Shot on RED camera in 4k.
Happy Couple Assembles Furniture as a Team, Girl Reads Instructions and Boy Tightens Screw with a Drill. Moving into New Apartment, Couple Assemble Shelf.
Close up video of Man's Hands working with Piece of Furniture and a Lathe in his Workshop. Carpenter scrape on the lathe a piece of Wood on his Workplace. Slow motion.
Cutting with a Knife Crusty Artisan Bread in the Kitchen on a Sunny Day Shot on Red Camera
Thick Honey Dripping Down Honeycomb. Man hand gather fresh honey with a spoon. Gold Honey dripping from honeycomb. Healthy food concept. eco natural food. bee honey.
Primeval Caveman Wearing Animal Skin Trying to make a Fire with Bow Drill Method. Kindle First Man-Made fire in the Human Civilization History. Making Fire for Cooking. Slow Motion
Diy man painting and applying protective varnish paint on a wooden garden chair
Man hugging knees and cry at windows
Woman hand opening and close white wooden door in office. Holding door handle. Full HD video motion
Professional senior moustached caucasian baker working in bakery shop in morning, kneading dough for bread, using traditional recipes, elderly man enjoying his hobby after retiring 4k footage
Family of father and son environmental volunteers planting trees together and with multicultural people at the background. Reforestation concept
Portrait of handsome man carpenter standing crossed arms smile in furniture factory. Happy young attractive carpenter wearing plaid shirt standing with crossed arms smiling and looking to camera.
Calendar Mark Off Days Go By Time
Men's hand opens wooden door in white room. Close up.
Answering an incoming call on smart phone. Phone on wooden table. Closeup.
Discussion by designers by the woman and man of the architectural project and interior.
Portrait of a senior well-dressed winemaker checking the wine . Positive sommelier mixing red wine in glass evaluating color at tasting . Winemaking concept . Shot on ARRI ALEXA Camera Slow Motion .
New Wooden Residential Building Developing. Caucasian Contractor Worker and the Wood Frame Installation. Construction Industry.
Installing ceramic floor tiles in construction site
Extremely Close Up of Man’s Hands doing Artistic Wood Carving. Producing an Ornament on Wood with Chisel and Hammer on a Panel of Wood Carved Decoration. Handicrafts. Furniture Production. Handmade.
Slow motion artistic macro of master artisan luthier playing with a bow on a handmade violin or cello. Shot in 8K. Concept of spiritual instrument, art, orchestra, passion for music, sound, precision
Cook in kitchen is cooking cauliflower, steam is on, man is cutting cauliflower into small pieces with sharp knife, healthy food, home cooking, diet, diet food, vegetarian food, vitamin-rich vegetable
Builder renovating apartment. Repair of the apartment, laying laminate flooring. Construction.
RV Campsite Family Time. Father Hugging His Daughter on Wooden Bench in Front of Campfire and Motorhome.
Man planting juniper plants in the yard. Seasonal works in the garden. Landscape design. Landscaping. Ornamental shrub juniper.
happy boy child run with an airplane. kid silhouette play plane. happy family dream freedom airplane concept. lifestyle son kid run on wheat field at sunset holds in his hands dream toy aircraft
Video portrait of a two enthusiastic carpentry workers, designing some wood products at the workshop. Standing together with drawings smiling in the joinery
Mature woman in glasses using trash picker while collecting garbage in bin bag. Group of diverse volunteers in t shirts with recycling symbol cleaning public park. Concept of ecology.
Signature document. Manager Signs Contract
Designers the man and the woman discuss and choose color of an interior of future project.
The farmer is holding a box of organic vegetables
Working man on the road bridge construction. Beams with steel reinforcement from above.
Video of carpenter sawing wood with an electric jigsaw. Shot with RED helium camera in 8K
Over the Shoulder Shot of Mans Hands Typing on a keyboard computer with Green Mock-up Screen. In the Background Cozy Living Room.
Guitarist performs on stage. Performing in slow motion. Closeup guitar view. Metal concert. Rock gig. Guitar strings. Rock music band. Music player. Electric guitar. Young music artist. Grunge concert
A man takes a chrome shiny door knob and opens a modern beautiful glossy white door with a black glass insert and then closes it. Closeup. Shallow depth of field
Beef fillet on the Cut Board, preparing Meat. Brutal Mans`s Hands with a Knife slicing, cutting a delicate Beef fillet Meat on the cut board. Beef or Veal meat on the Table. Steak. Meat Dish.
Young man walking through tall trees in misty autumn forest. Male traveler hike with backpack trekking pine woodland, walk in fog discover woods and enjoys nature. Slow motion follow wide angle shot
Delicious juicy meat steak cooking on grill. Aged prime rare roast grilling tenderloin fresh marble tenderness beef. Prime beef fry on electric roaster, rosemary, black pepper, salt. Slow motion.
Man and woman scientist environmentalist standing in a river. Woman taking sample of water and pouring it into the test tube. Man holding toolbox
Bearded man (hipster) standing faces to panoramic window and looks at blueprints. Young architect in stylish loft office works with documents. Creative architect thinking on the big drawings.
fire place in desert Bedouin environment with dallah and tea at night
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, LENS FLARE, DOF: Builder in blue overalls climbs up a aluminium ladder at sunset. Unrecognizable construction site worker climbs up an extendable ladder on a sunny evening.
First plan focused: closeup beekeeper's hand and a bee on his finger, beehive frame with honeycombs and a lot of bees on it in another hand. Some bees in the air. Then he holds the frame with his
Chef using a knife cutting fresh raw sqaush. Cooker at home making a healthy vegetable meal, cutting up veggies - food and drink 4k footage
Wooden Workshop Workers During Smoothing And Improving Production. Wooden Window Parts At Production Improvement Workshop. Wooden Window Production Workshop Handmade Smoothing Process.Smooth Carpentry
man opens the wooden sliding door at home
Senior man touching on old tree gently. Nature protection concept.
World environment day.
Detective looking at maniac victim body, forensic experts examining crime scene
Working process in the carpentry workshop. A man Using Electric Sander for wood in a carpentry workshop.Profession, carpentry, woodwork and people concept
Aerial top view of people in gloves putting hands together and applouding. Eco activists spreading out in forest and collecting litter. Concept of teamwork, nature pollution.
Side shot of attractive brunette guy drilling wooden guitar neck musical instrument, professional male young artisan joiner in dark light working on wood table in cozy workshop, art and hobby concept
Business risks in the business. Jenga falls on the table, the tower falls. Slow motion video. Male hand pulls out a wooden brick and construction collapses
Musician playing on electric guitar. Close-up view fingers on neck, colour bokeh. Rock, Blues, Jazz, Pop music style play on concerts, recording in studio. Artist hobby, Create own melodies and songs.
Man giving instructions to apprentice in warehouse, using cart
Italian Chef is Placing Pizza in Woodfired Pizza Oven using a Pizza Peel Slow motion shot. Series of Shots about Pizza. Appetizing Sauce. Slow-motion burning bonfire. Traditional Italian Food.
POV shot: Happy beagle dog playing with wooden stick during the evening walk. Mans best friend
Athletic guy is training at home.
Enter the password for the website in the Internet. Encryption screen With fl
Happy family resting at camping in forest cooking frying sausages over campfire. Senior man woman with granddaughter sitting near tent in evening wood. Grandmother, grandfather tourists at camping
Man Made Structure Objects for New Life People. Project for the Presentation Created from Ecological Materials. Entrepreneur Create for the Exhibition a Sample of Calm Living Space. Close-up shot
Worker grinding metal, metal grinding machine with sparks, metal sawing. Super slow motion 200 fps
man hand writing in kerosene lamp light
An Elderly Man's Hand Opens the Door to the Light Room.
Business team with documents and laptop at wooden table
Man is craft working at a work bench with power tools in slowmotion during sunset with beautiful lens flare. 1920x1080
hand touch the tree trunk. ecology a energy forest nature concept. a man hand touches a pine tree trunk close-up glare. hand sun tree touch trunk. bark wood. tree wild forest travel concept
Close up young farmer is holding a box of organic vegetables walk on field at sunlight agriculture farm field harvest garden nutrition organic fresh outdoor slow motion
Slow motion macro of master artisan luthier painstaking detailed work on wood violin in a workshop. Shot in 8K. Concept of spiritual instrument, handmade, art, orchestra, artisan, passion for music
a man opens the front door
Young guy in chef uniform spinning and tossing pizza dough throwing it up behind glass in restaurant kitchen. Skillful young pizza maker is cooking dough at modern restaurant kitchen. Pizza cooking
The architect inspects the structure and makes notes on the project. A man in a helmet is a designer working on a project. Home construction: designer engineer on building structure background
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