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Establishing shot of two story brick luxury house with garage door, tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Shot 1 of 1. Slow pan right. H.264.
Business man doubting and confused, thinking of an idea or worried about something
Young adult business man standing over white brick wall serious face thinking about question
Laptop with blank green screen is opening in office interior. Smooth camera movement with bokeh background. Home interior or office, 4k 60fps UHD
Crumbling brick wall chroma key footage. Unstable construction falling apart isolated on green screen. Barricade collapse revealing background animation. Structure breaking down video
slow motion zoom of a brick wall, texture background old brick wall
Home education, pandemic of coronavirus infection COVID-19. Many multi-colored pieces of constructor. Identity concept.
Washington DC, USA, 11-29-2020:  Panning view of the Marriner S. Eccles Federal Reserve Board Building (Eccles Building) that houses main offices of the Board of Governors of US Federal Reserve.
20s woman standing against white brick studio wall background put folded palms on heart. Sign and symbol of love, sincere grateful kind person express candid feelings. Benevolence and charity concept
Curious afro-american little girl touching the window looking at lovely sunset. Portrait of amazing kid having fun at home.
Construction.Construction of a multi-storey building.The Builder lays bricks.Close up
Close-up shot of feet of modern female dancer dancing on a top of brick wall in the street. 4K
Funny curly baby boy with educational toy blocks. Children play at day care or preschool. Mess in kids room. Toddlers build a tower in kindergarten. Child playing with colorful toys.
Creation of modern interior
Destruction white wall on green screen 3d style destroy obstacle 4k
Home interior of modern apartment, living room, hall animation
A Hand Holding up a Poster with the Slogan Black Lives Matter Against the background of a Brick Building. The Concept Of Stop Racism, No Racism.
Texture background concept: white brick wall background in rural room
A drone filmed over the city of Aleppo in Syria
3d rendering. Interior house modern open living space with kitchen.Loft style Duplex apartment residence.Home decoration luxury  interior design.
Abstract 3D white cubes moving. White wall background animation. 4k seamless loop footage. Business backdrop.
Brick masonry wall installation. Self drawing animation of growing brick wall. Copy space. White background.
Beautiful Abstract Cubes Looped 3d Animation. White Wall Moving. Seamless Background in 4k 3840x2160 Ultra HD.
Close up display computer desktop with mock-up green screen on white table, Slow motion laptop green screen on desk and brown brick wall background, Blank of mockup notebook PC, Chroma key monitor.
Building. Brick
Abstract white and gray cement wall background or texture. The camera moves left
Sunlight Through Church Stain-glass Window
Gray Wall of cubes falls apart. Blocks are moving out of flat surface and fall down. Abstract transition, 3D animated intro. Transparent background ProRes 4444 with alpha channel in 4k
3D 4K Abstract background with a bright blue and red spectrum. A neon rectangle appears on a white wall. Abstract background with neon rectangle is great for product presentation or lettering.
4K Animation of Broken Old Grunge Dirty Brick Wall with Green Screen. 3D Rendering
A wide shot of a woman walking towards a brick wall and stage light centered on her, with the background of her silhouette on a brick wall on a black and white video.
Brick wall construction. Red  bricks installing, building wall. Concept of construction, protection, craftsmanship and module structure. Self drawing animation. Copy space.
Young girl in glasses looking at camera, motivated student with big dreams studying abroad, ambitious smiling millennial posing indoors, creative happy manager starts successful career, optical shop
Abstract white brick background. Wall facade of white brick wall background. Wall from white brick. Detailed close up.
Laptop blank screen opening with screen switching on - factory industrial background. Luma matte for laptop and screen included
 Texture background concept white brick wall background in rural room
Construction site of a house made of light bricks. The master builds a wall of concrete blocks. Workers put blocks of bricks, construction work. The builder places a block when building a wall.
Laptop with blank screen on table smooth zoom in with mouse and smartphone. factory or loft background animation, 4k UHD
Nizhny Novgorod, February 10, 2022. A girl in a white blouse answers the phone on the background of a white brick wall
Aerial drone view of the Great Wall of China.
View of house with white designer armchairs, coffee table, wall of glass bricks, mirror, lamp and shelves at daytime, minimalist interior design in neutral colors, no people
A drone filmed over the city of Aleppo in Syria
Two Dogs Jumping Out through the Window of a House.
HD video of two kittens, one black, one tuxedo black and white, sitting at a light wood table with white porcelain food bowls, looking around waiting for food.
Destruction white brick wall green surface back Super slow motion
kitchen equipment luxurious and modern, white brick wall in kitchen room background.
Young Funny Hipster Girl Having Fun and dancing over brick wall
A flight of a drone over the city of Homs in Syria
The inscription on a white A4 size sheet against the background of an orange brick wall. The paper with the black word Reputation burns, smoke and turns into ashes. Business concept.
A neon sign that says cafe hanging on the wall in the coffee shop. A neon sign in coffee shop on white tiles.
Ringing doorbell with thumb. Closeup of male hand pushing home intercom button.
Soft Color Cubes Falling Down and Fill the Screen Building Wall Funny Kids Toys 3d Animation with Green Screen. Beautiful Colorful Abstract Boxes Background, Transition or Intro. 4k UHD 3840x2160.
Passionate young caucasian brunette women group captivating dances in black maiden lingerie in night club cage with metal bars. Colorful purple and green lights on brick wall
Man in front of a brick wall with a beard and in a white T-shirt works in the office or at home. Tired of work and watching the screen. Business and money, bitcoin, exchange. Laptop with green screen.
Front Home Entrance Low Angle Door Open Rise Up. rising low angle shot of the front entrance as the door opens to reveal the hallway of a modern residential home
Fluorescent lights lamps turn on and turn off in dark room of plant, hangar, workshop department. Network electrical short circuit in industrial manufacturing area with brick walls and windows
Cute funny student girl laughing fun and looking into the camera. Freshman Student in the background of the audience. student nerd in university. 4K
Male tourist dancing and listening to music while waiting for his flight against white brick wall
The inscription on a white A4 size sheet against the background of an orange brick wall. The paper with the black KPI burns, smoke and turns into ashes. Business concept.
Three friendly coworkers standing in office, drinking coffee and talking cheerfully in office room during break against background of brick white wall. Tracking shot in slow motion
Elegant thoughtful caucasian businesswoman in houndstooth knit vest and white shirt stand with crossed arms. Woman posing over brick wall background. Close-up
Worker saws stone with circular saw for repairing. Power-saw with disk. Slow-motion.
Tilting Down at a Shops Luxury Marble Countertop Sample Options
bricks white wall dynamic movement
Pinus wallichiana is coniferous evergreen tree native to Himalaya, Karakoram and Hindu Kush mountains, from eastern Afghanistan. Other names include blue pine, Himalayan white pine. Brick wall.
Laptop blank screen is sliding from the right side than zoom slowly with acceleration to the screen. Loft or office white brick wall background, 4k 30fps UHD
wall explosion
young funny man winning a cup on grunge wall
4K Filming along the street of a suburban area of English houses from the Victorian period.
Girl pose against white brick wall hold smart phone read great news feels happy jumps scream with joy. Lottery win, student got scholarship. Invitation and special offer receive, sale discount concept
Mason plastering and placing brick to build wall construction
Pour yellow lemonade into a glass from a jug against a white brick wall background. Fresh orange juice. A glass with a fruity orange drink on a white kitchen table.
Crouching girl paints brick wall in gray using brush. Renovation in the corridor with niches in empty apartment with white walls.
Man in front of a brick wall with a beard and in a white T-shirt works in the office or at home. Tired of work and watching the screen. Business and money, bitcoin, exchange. Laptop with green screen.
hands typing on computer russian keyboard
Empty room with aa meeting sign on white board and chairs in circle used for group therapy session with psychiatrist. Nobody in professional office prepared for recovery from alcoholism.
Construction site concrete structure. House building walls and slabs.
Beautiful brunet young woman making a wish and blowing out candles on birthday chocolate cake, medium shot
Red And Blue Neon Sign Coming Soon Lettering Glowing Light Flickering With Motion Dotted And Dashed Border Line On Dark Blue Brick Wall Background.
Applying glue to a white decorative gypsum brick. Brick laying on the wall, close-up
Abstract background. Building facade of old dirty white brick wall background. Empty wall from white brick. Camera moving. Close up
Egyptian Ankh with Scarab, Anubis and hieroglyphs wall. 3D animation. Perfect 4K video for TV show, stage design, documentary film or any Ancient Egypt related projects.
Neon Green Recycling Symbol Banner on Brick Wall. Reduce Reuse Recycle Zero Waste Lifestyle No Plastic Concept 4K Animation Background.
Senior woman explaining artistic vision to people in art class, teaching multiethnic group of students to draw masterpiece on canvas. Teacher using vase model to show drawing inspiration.
Portrait of young man attending art class lesson with teacher to learn to draw masterpiece on canvas. Student smiling at camera and learning drawing skills as new years resolutions at workshop.
Artistic person taking photo of vase masterpiece on canvas. Art class student using smartphone to take picture of sketch after finishing drawing model, saving contemporary masterpiece.
Man's hand with Paint Roller painting the white brick wall in the loft designed home hallway. New home, movings or another real estate concept footage.
Young and Beautiful Looking Coworkers Sitting in an Industrial White Brick Wall Meeting Room With Modern Interior. Everyone Looking in the Camera After Taking Notes.
Bright contemporary modern office work space with white brick wall background orange chair blue lamp coffee cup laptop computer monitor keyboard pencils and notes
white brick wall, top to bottom movement.
Broken concrete celling in the empty room with sunlight rays through the hole. 4K Animation
Beautiful grey shadows of fresh green leafy foliage of different trees reflected on white weathered texture of wall of old building. Abstract 4k video background.

A brown composite outdoor floor with wood pattern. Heavy rain causes raindrops to fall on the floor. In the background is a green lawn with yellow dandelions. A white large pot with green leaves.
The Time Is 1.00 AM Or PM On A Black Wall Clock With A Red Second Hand On A White Brick Wall
The wall is made of white and brown bricks. Brick background. Empty horizontal part of the wall. The facade of the building is made of brown and white bricks.
Drone flying above a street of Aleppo. We can see truck driving in the street with people around 4k
Close up women hand touches a white concrete wall with sunshine, shade and shadow in the morning. Marrakech morocco traditional market medina
The master's hand paints a wall of decorative bricks with a brush with white paint with his own hands made of plaster. Repair the house yourself. Slow-motion close-up
1950s Berlin, Germany. Post War Brick Layers building New Construction in West Berlin during the Cold War. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print
Concrete wall flying into small pieces. Cracked earth. Slow motion effect. Explosion, destruction, broken, concrete wall. Isolated on green background, 4K 3D animation on a green background
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