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Surfer riding and turning with spray on blue ocean wave, surfing ocean lifestyle, extreme sports, slow motion
1970s Gold Coast QLD, Australia. Montage of Surfers crashing on Waves. Surf Board riders Fail, Fall, and Crash on big wave. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 35mm Film Print
Brave and fearless cold water surfer athlete swim through big powerful waves, paddle to get to perfect surfing location point. Concept beauty and peace in sport in wild nature
POV, LENS FLARE: Sitting in line up on a vintage longboard, observing the golden sunset during a fun surfing trip in the Caribbean. Surfer sits on surfboard and waits for waves on a sunny evening.
Big Waves rolling from above. Top down 4k drone view on blue turquoise ocean, breaking waves, whitewash. Sunny day over the sea. Huge swell hitting shoreline. Powerful waves Oahu, Hawaii North Shore
SLOW MOTION UNDERWATER, LENS FLARE: Crystal clear ocean wave breaking over the camera at golden sunset in the Caribbean. Cinematic shot of a tube wave splashing over camera filming the summer sunset.
Timelapse. Aerial top view waves break on rocks in a blue ocean. Sea waves on beautiful beach aerial view drone 4k shot. Bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty stone from above.
SLOW MOTION, LENS FLARE: Cinematic shot of a female beginner surfer riding a small wave to the tropical coast at sunset. Woman learning to surf stands up on her longboard and rides a wave at sunrise.
SLOW MOTION, UNDERWATER: Fit Caucasian surfer does a duck dive under a rushing barrel wave. Cinematic shot of a male surfer duck diving into the beautiful blue ocean water and under an incoming wave.
Surfer riding and turning with spray on powerful ocean wave. Surfing ocean lifestyle, extreme sports, aerial tracking cinematic shot.
Aerial top view of ocean blue waves break on a beach. Sea waves and beautiful sand beach aerial view drone shot. Bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty sand beach from above.
Aerial view from above on a tropical island and ocean waves crashing and foaming against sand beach. Bird's eye aerial shot of golden beach meeting deep blue ocean water. Tourism concept after covid.
Underwater shot of the silhouette of a surfer getting barreled, amazing surf cinematography
Senior man and woman surfing in the water at sunset
Surfer rides giant blue ocean wave. Shot on RED in 4k. Big wave surfing. Slow motion
Slow motion of a big wave surfer riding one of the biggest monster waves in Nazaré, Portugal. Nazaré is a small village in Portugal with the biggest waves in the world.
SLOW MOTION: Cheerful extreme pro surfer surfing big tube barrel wave Teahupoo in crystal clear Pacific ocean in sunny Tahiti island
SLOW MOTION, PORTRAIT: Cheerful Caucasian surfer gives the shaka while riding a fun wave. Stoked male tourist on vacation in the Maldives surfs on a sunny summer day. Surfer riding glassy waves.
SLOW MOTION: Surfer dude making a sharp turn on his surfboard and splashes water on camera lens. Sportsman having adrenaline fun carving dangerous ocean waves. Young surfer riding epic wave in the sun
Underwater shot of a surfer's silhouette riding the barrel of a perfect blue ocean wave
Aerial top view waves break on dark rocks near beach. Sea waves on the dangerous stones aerial view drone 4k shot. Bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty beach from above.
SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE, UNDERWATER: Young man surfing a big crashing ocean wave in sunny nature. Surfer carving awesome wave on his cool surfboard. Fit surfer guy riding waves in popular surf spot.
Female surfer. Young woman surfer runs with surfing board on the tropical beach at sunrise
Aerial view on Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Canary Islands, Spain
Big Waves rolling from above in Oahu, Hawaii Top down 4k drone view on blue turquoise ocean, breaking waves and whitewash. Sunny day over the sea. Huge swell and foaming on North Shore
Surfer surfing a perfect wave. Slowmotion footage in 4k quality.
Standup paddle board surfing early morning at Waihi beach, New Zealand
Beautiful Girl Kite Surfing in Bikini. Extreme Kite Boarding in Slow Motion. Summer Fun Action Sports.
Surfer is trying to ride a big wave but he fails. Extreme sports and power of crushing waves. Perfect summertime one ocean lifestyle. Epic fail.
Low angle camera follow woman in wetsuit walk barefoot on wet sandy beach floor. Epic beach for surfing or cold water triathlon. Winter swimming activity
Surfer paddling over blue ocean wave at sunset in slow motion, outdoor fitness lifestyle
Female surfer sitting on surfboard in ocean in Australian, soaking up the sun waiting for the next big wave. Use for fitness/lifestyle advertising/commercial. Medium shot on 4k RED camera.
Adventurous couple walking out towards the ocean on the beach to surf together in big waves, surfers with waves crashing on the shore background
Surf, Epic Sunset, Punta de Lobos, pichilemu, chile.
man Surfing sport, beautiful, landscape, waves on the left. aerial shot with drone
Aerial view of the city beach and active people practicing kite surfing and windsurfing. Kitesurfing place, sports concept, healthy lifestyle, human flight.
Beautiful Ocean Wave, Powerful wave breaking in slow motion in the south pacific, Teahupo'o, Tahiti
Surfer rides big wave in Maldives during sunset
Surfer riding beautiful blue ocean wave at sunset. Shot on RED in 4k Slow Motion.
Active  sport people practicing kite surfing and windsurfing on deep blue sea water surface with ocean wave crashing sandy bay at Phuket Karon beach Thailand, healthy lifestyle  human flight concept
Beautiful young woman kiteboarding at sunset in slow motion, active lifestyle extreme sport
Young handsom European guy brunette with long hair with a wrapped sports body looks forward smiles with an embarrassed look and covers his face with his hand from shame
Kite surfing race. POV. GoPro. A lot Of kiters. Kitesurfing race challenge event
Top down aerial following surfer towards shore as they ride wave, 4K
SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE: Cinematic shot of a happy male surfer riding a small wave to the tropical coast. Cheerful surfer dude on vacation in Barbados rides a small wave on a picturesque summer evening
Cabarete, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC - April 20, 2021: Kiteboarding in The Caribbean. Many people ride on the waves on the weekend. Colored parachutes of surfers on the background of blue sky.
High contrast POV shot of silhouetted surfer as he rides through the barrel of a dark orange wave, with the sun setting ahead of him
Giant Blue Ocean Wave Breaking in Slow Motion
POV Man Surfing Ocean Wave, Extreme Sport HD Slow Motion. Surfer on Blue Ocean Wave Getting Barreled
Child and instructor at Flow Rider indoor surfing training session. Teenager on water board training on simulator wave indoors. Young surfer during training on generated waves. Water sports
Top view of waves break on tropical white sand beach and surfers with surfing boards. Aerial drone view 4k shot of sea waves on the beautiful beach.
Young female surfer contemplating while lying on surfboard and swimming over an ocean wave in Australian beach with bright day lighting. Wide shot on 4k RED camera.
A young couple of guy and girl surfers are walking along the beach in wetsuits. In the hands of holding surfboards. Look at the waves and the sunset.
SLOW MOTION: Large ocean waves violently crash and break in front of golden lit surfer. Unrecognizable male surfer walks towards ocean waves with surfboard in his hand on a beautiful golden evening.
SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA - CIRCA 2020 - Aerial over surfers at Crystal Pier, San Diego, California.
Drone flying forward near Miami Beach, South Beach, Florida. Cinematic video of a luxury resort in Miami South Beach. Surfers ride surfs in the ocean waves. Miami Beach on a sunny day, aerial view
Beautiful young woman surfing at sunset
Aerial Drone Stock Video Beautiful Beach Houses in Malibu
Top down aerial view of giant ocean waves crashing and foaming. UHD. Slow motion
POV Surfing View Of Empty Ocean Wave Crashing
AUSTRALIA. June, 14 2017: Surfer rides perfect blue giant ocean wave barrel. Shot on RED in 4k. EDITORIAL USE
Surfer riding and turning with spray on blue ocean wave, surfing ocean lifestyle, extreme sports, slow motion
Underwater view of surfer riding ocean wave. Surfing shot from behind the wave.
Da Nang City, Vietnam- 05 11 2021: A surfer with a surf board running in the beach towards the strong waves in the sea. Drone footage.
Tropical beach aerial view, Top view of waves break on tropical white sand beach. Top view of a girl lying on beach. While turquoise sea waves breaking on sandy coastline. Young beautiful blonde woman
Flight over of big waves in ocean, sea - Hawaii, Oahu
Beautiful aerial shot of two female surfers standing at the edge of cliff / rock and watching waves at sunset. Use for fitness/lifestyle advertising / commercial.
Dubai , United Arab Emirates - 03 09 2021: Extreme Sports Of Kite Surfing On Kite Beach With Misty Burj Al Arab At Background In Dubai City, United Arab Emirates. - Static Shot
Mature male surfer. Gray-haired old man grandfather on the beach with a surfboard
Surfer dives under the wave with the surfboard (the trick named in surfing as Duck Dive) looks into the camera and shows the Shaka sign
Aerial Waikiki Beach Push Shot Towards Diamond Head with a hotel and lagoon.
Young Surfing Woman Smiles While Walking Back from the Ocean After a Surf on a Beautiful Sunny Day in Australia
Pov of a surfer starting on a wave and looking at surfer next to him who is quickly leaving on a wave to side. Fun riding together on same wave in summer on sunny day. Surfer guy in shorts rides wave.
Young male surfer rides the wave at sunrise at Campeche beach break
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Extreme surfboarder rides a spectacular barrel wave near a popular surf spot in Tahiti. Breathtaking shot of a fearless pro male surfer catching a huge deep blue tube wave.
Surfer view in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Bali Wave Surfing Padang Padang
Aerial; drone flies backward from steep slope of coastal rock with old fort; lighthouse on the edge; Nazare beach is place of formation of huge monster waves; best place for extreme surfers, Portugal
SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE, UNDERWATER: Athletic surfer girl rides an awesome crystal clear ocean wave in sunny Fiji. Fit Caucasian female tourist surfing a beautiful barrel wave on a perfect summer day.
Drone shot of afternoon surfers with orange sunset on ocean waves Shelly Beach Central Coast NSW Australia 4K
Surfer rides the wave with fish swimming on the foreground. Underwater view of the school of fish at the surf spot and surfer riding the wave on the background
Surfing. Girl wakesurfing in the river and falls. Water extreme sport.
Huntington Beach, California USA - 2 Dec 2020: People surfing in ocean waves, pier on coast. Rubys diner on beachfront boardwalk. Surfers in water, vacations on beach near Los Angeles, Orange county.
Underwater shot of surfer's silhouette riding in the barrel of a huge blue ocean wave in slow motion
SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP: Cheerful extreme pro surfer surfing big tube barrel wave Teahupoo in crystal clear Pacific ocean in sunny Tahiti island
Surfer rides giant blue ocean wave. Shot on RED in 4k. Big wave surfing.
FLORIANOPOLIS, BRAZIL - MARCH, 2021: Surfer rides ocean wave at Campeche beach in Brazil
AERIAL: Surfers watching waves at sunset
Surfer rides the ocean wave in tropical Maldives, split view of the surfer and underwater view of the rolling and breaking wave
Aerial top view waves break on dark rocks near beach. Sea waves on the dangerous stones aerial view drone 4k shot. Bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty beach from above.
Young man kite surfing. Extreme kite boarding in slow motion. Summer fun action sports. Happiness in nature. Shot on RED
Drone aerial shot of surfer riding ocean wave sand bar beach break North Entrance Central Coast tourism NSW Australia 4K
UNDERWATER, SLOW MOTION: Brave male surfer paddling in deep water as wild waves crash above him. Extreme sportsman doing a duck dive in ocean. Awesome underwater shot of intimidating waves breaking.
Surfer girl standing and looking at Pacific ocean, getting ready for a surfing training, camera moving in from back
SLOW MOTION: Cool surfer girl in bikini carving a crystal clear barrel wave while riding in Fiji on a spectacular summer evening. Cheerful athletic woman surfing a perfect tube wave at exotic sunrise.
Flying Over The Pacific Ocean in Malibu on a Cloudy Day. Coastal Line Waves Aerial Cinematic Drone Shot.
Child learning surfing with young father in tropicals. Cute boy on surfboard on ocean wave. Enjoying summer vacation in surf camp. POV
Aerial Drone footage overlooking Mission Beach and Mission Bay on a beautiful sunny day in San Diego, California.
Drone aerial view over donostia Beach in Spain County, on summer sunny day.Surfers ride surfs in the ocean waves.
Nazare, Portugal - October 29, 2020: Surfer riding giant wave near the Fort of Nazare Lighthouse in Nazare, Portugal. Nazare is famously known to surfers for having the largest waves in the world.
Windsurfer gets big air jumping off wave, Extreme sport
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