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Water drinking royalty-free stock footage

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Thirsty smiling 35s woman standing alone in domestic kitchen start new day with healthy life habit, holding glass drinking clean mineral natural still water close up view. Lifestyle healthcare concept
Top view of drop falls into water and diverging circles of water on white background in slow motion
fitness girl drinking from sport bottle during a workout pause at home or gym. Close backlit portrait of active woman drinking from water bottle while resting from training
Super Slow Motion Abstract Shot of Rippling Blue Water Background at 1000fps.
global water crisis, polluted water in human hands. contamination of water, water scarcity, toxic pollution of lakes and rivers. natural resources, environmental problems, groundwater, ecology, earth
Blue water waves surface, beautiful background with copy space. Fresh drinking water, colorful video. Environmental problems, lack of drinking water, climate change, drought, global warming.
Water moves in a glass in slow motion. Abstract blue water background. Seamless loop 3d render
Super Slow Motion Shot of Water Drop Falling into Neon Water at 1000fps.
Cute baby boy drinking a glass of water in a cafe. Slow motion little boy drinking water. Close-up. The child is drinking a cup of water.
Closeup male hands pouring water into glass from jug at kitchen background. Unrecognizable person drinking water at home kitchen. Unknown man standing in modern home alone.
 Circular Water Explosion with Splashes isolated 4k with Alpha Channel
Super Slow Motion Shot of Side Water Splash on Blue Gradient Background at 1000fps.
Healthy young lady holding glass drinking fresh transparent pure filtered mineral water, adult woman hydrating thirst keep diet nutrition weightloss health care natural balance concept, close up view
stream of fresh drinking water pouring into human hands, drought land on the background. dry farmland, lack of water. Clean water splashing on hands of the poor rural man. ecology concept
Super Slow Motion Shot of Flying Fresh Orange Slices and Water Side Splash on Orange Background at 1000fps.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Water Whirl at 1000 fps.
Cute Child Girl Drinking Glass Fresh Transparent Pure Filtered Mineral Water at Home. Slow Motion Little Girl Drinks Water. Closeup Kid drinking Cup Water Healthy Body Care. Healthy lifestyle Children
Pure Water Poured Into Glass Closeup
cute fat dog of dachshund, black and tan, lies sunbathing at the beach sea on summer vacation holidays, wearing red sunglasses with coconut cocktail
Close up of woman pouring fresh water into glass from jug at home. Attractive girl drinking water on domestic kitchen. Young woman holding glass of water with lemon on kitchen in slow motion
filling glass by tap water. Fresh and pure home water, drink water is healthy lifestyle. Ecological and healthy drink
Water splashing in a sphere with motion turbulence. Weather Storm, Dangerous water surge, vortex, abstract particles swirling and flowing on black background. Great for overlay or logos. 3D render
Portrait of tired woman in sportswear drinking water from sports bottle in gym. Female athlete replenishing water balance after fitness workout. Relaxed fit girl drink water from bottle in sport club
Aerial view. A group of women and girls carrying stuff on their heads, Mbale, Uganda
Water is Life for African Children, Little Gorgeous Black Girl Drinking from Tap
little girl child drinking milk. healthy eating a child eating breakfast kid dream concept. daughter girl in kitchen drinks yogurt milk and kefir licks her lips. positive kid smiling having breakfast
Water Bubbles filled carbon dioxide and float upwards. 4K 3D Green Screen loop Animation. soda bubbles, Ocean, Air, sea, aqua, Bath Soap, liquid, underwater, Drops, drink, splashes, fizz, waterdrop
The mother and baby asian elephants playing and drinking water in the river in the forest
Thirsty Woman Drinking Water from a Glass Indoors with Sun Shining a Close up Shot on Red Camera
Poverty.Inequality.Water crisis. Close-up of two young black African boys collecting dirty unsafe drinking water for domestic use.  Poor living conditions and no access to clean running water
Closeup man hands pouring water into glass from jug on kitchen. Portrait of young man standing on domestic kitchen alone. Handsome male person drinking water at home in slow motion.
oil in human hands, oil slick, petrol pollution disaster. contamination of water, polluted water concept. lack of fresh drinking water for agriculture and farming. water pollution by petroleum oils
Super Slow Motion Shot of Water Splash at 1000fps on White Background.
Water bubbles going up in slow motion in 4K
Woman Taking a Pill and Drinking a Glass of Water Standing by the Window
Super Slow Motion Shot of Side Water Splash Isolated on Black Background. Soft Focus
Two funny adorable mixed race children girls holding glasses drinking tasty clean pure mineral water showing thumbs up looking at camera, recommend daily children healthcare morning hydration concept.
Little blonde girl in white dress drinks water from a glass indoors. Cute child is drinking a cup of water
Real time shot of splash of freshwater falling on poor man's hands against barren and dry farmland. Clean drinking water splashing on hands of the poor rural man in a drought affected area
Beautiful Motion Through the Underwater Bubbles Cloud on Black and White Backgrounds. Loop-able 3d Animation of Fast Flowing Bubbles Mass. 4k Ultra HD 3840x2160.
Thirst quenching. Drink clean water from a bottle. A young man of Caucasian appearance drinks water from a transparent plastic bottle against a blue sky with white clouds. Close-up.
Explosion of water droplets into the camera in slow motion on an isolated black background.
Water Circular Explosion Splash isolated Slow Motion 4k With Alpha Channel
Friends having fun on the beach party during the sunset time.
The new plastic bottles on the conveyor belt at the drinking water factory.
splashes of water on a black background alpha channel splashes liquid, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Wide aerial of water purification circle, clean drinking water. Ecosystem of filtration, fresh water and water management. Sewage treatment plant in the sun
The faucet in the bathroom with running water. Man keeps turning off the water to save water energy and protect the environment.
Waste Plastic Bottle falling down loopable background in 4K
Woman mix grind almonds with water in blender
Super slow motion of pouring water from the bottle into a glass. Filmed at 1000 fps.
Cream nude liquid loop motion background organic plastic 3d render abstract wave, elegant textile, macro soft smooth white latex texture
Aerial view above Water circle pool with pumping station in Gujarat, India. Purified drinking water supply. Purification and treatment facilities. Industrial wastewater cleaning infrastructure
A transparent kettle of water boils against the background of the sunset shining through the window. The concept of coffee break and end of the working day.
Water circle looping with reflections on black background, Water Splash Spinning flow, Liquid Wave shape from crystal nature water and bubble drop. Alpha matte, slow motion, rapid, seamless loop, cg.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Aloe Vera Cuts Falling into Water on White Background at 1000fps.
Super slow motion of pouring milk into coffee drink. Filmed on very high speed cinema camera
Close up view thirsty young woman holding glass make sip drinks still water enjoy natural aqua standing in home kitchen preventing organism dehydration, skin and health care, healthy lifestyle concept
Low angle view of friends having fun at pool party, clinking glasses with colorful summer cocktails near hotel swimming pool. People toast drinking fresh juice at luxury summer villa in slow motion.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Milk Splashing on Coconut at 4K.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Droplet Falling from Fresh Green Leaf at 1000fps.
A funny white domestic cat drinks water from a glass cup and sticks its paw into the water, bottom view
Beer Production - Pouring Malt Grains Into The Large Milling Tank In The Brewery - close up slowmo
Exploding frosted ice cub in e4K. More IceCube footages in my collections.
piles of plastic packaging bottles for recycling waste to be reused as factory materials
Abstract Various Air Bubbles in Water rising up slow motion 4K 3D Green Screen loop Animation on Light blue background. Ocean, Sea, Aqua, Bath Soap, Liquid, Drink.
Super slow motion of pouring beer or spirit drink in twister shape. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Coconut pouring water, dripping coconut milk, drops of coco nuts oil over brown background. Tropical Coco nut closeup. Healthy Food, skin care concept.
Woman traveler drinks clean water from river or spring in summer forest. Female tourist with backpack drinking fresh mountain water while a hiking, scooped up cold transparent water with his hands.
Boring summer vacations at home: man sitting on the deckchair at home and pretending he is at the beach, he drinks some water
in the video, a water tap, water runs, hand brings a glass tumbler to the tap, the glass is completely filled with water, hand carries the glass, white background
Refreshing soft drink Lemon and sparkling water with ice.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Water Splash at 1000fps Isolated on Black Background.
Super slow motion of berries fruit flying up in the air with water splashes. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Healthy iced lemon drink for detoxification poured in glasses. Iced lemon drink is a healthy beverage for detoxification. Some might drink lemon infused water with gin for cocktail.  Pouring concept.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Beer Vortex at 1000 fps.
UGANDA, GULU - 15 February 2017: Children fetching dirty drinking water for both domestic and animal use. African children using a large bottle to fill water from a dirty water source
Water line splashing,water splash isolated on clean background,water
Super Slow Motion of Water Splash on Fresh Backlit Pomegranate Slice. Shot at 1000 fps.
Super slow motion of pouring milk into coffee drink. Filmed on very high speed camera, 1000 fps.
Close up aerial view of sewage treatment plant. Industrial and urban water treatment for big city from drone view. fresh water distribution to the human lives and industrial use. Pumping station.
Automation line for bottling juice into glass bottles. Industrial juice factory indoors machinery. Robotic production line. Beverage factory interior.
Attractive fitness asian woman finishing workout and drinking protein milk shake vitamins after training. Bodybuilding. Healthy lifestyle.
Interior of water treatment plant. Facility for purification of drinking water.
Woman Hand Selects Fresh Squeezed Juice In Plastic Bottle At Supermarket. Closeup.
Brewing Arabica by Pouring Hot Water onto Ground Coffee Beans in 1000fps
Woman pouring clean filtered water from the tap in glass for drinking at modern loft style kitchen
Close-up of falling sliced limes, oranges and lemons into the water on orange background, making a cocktail of citrus fruits, drinking cold lemonade, shooting of carbonated water with sliced fruits.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Mango Falling and Splashing into Water on Yellow Background at 1000fps.
Super Slow Motion Macro Abstract Shot of Swirling Red Wine in Glass at 1000fps.
Senior african american woman taking medication and drinking water while sitting at home. staying at home in self isolation in quarantine lockdown
Irrigation water flow from pipe to canal for agriculture fields , slow motion water flash
Tilt up shot of beautiful pregnant woman taking medication from pillbox and drinking glass of water while standing in kitchen at home
Cute child boy drinking a glass water at home. Slow motion of little boy drinking water. Closeup. Child drinking a cup water with of lemon - healthy body care.
One 30s Carefree Women Read Apple Vitamin on Label by Fruit Juice Stand Shelf Indoor Store. Alone Handsome Girl Search Bio Nature Drinking Vegetable. Real Analyze Select in Water Department Closeup 4k
Super slow motion of orange slices falling into juice. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Splashing Water from Coconut at 1000fps.
Super Slow Motion Shot of Clear Water Vortex at 1000 fps.
Sparkling water in the glass bubbles going up slow-mo motion refreshing carbonated club soda drink.
studio shoot of water pouring into transparent glass on white background
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