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Thirsty smiling 35s woman standing alone in domestic kitchen start new day with healthy life habit, holding glass drinking clean mineral natural still water close up view. Lifestyle healthcare concept
Aerial view. A group of women and girls carrying stuff on their heads, Mbale, Uganda
fresh green leaves with water drops over the water , relaxation with water ripple drops concept , filmed on cinema slow motion camera at 1000 fps
fitness girl drinking from sport bottle during a workout pause at home or gym. Close backlit portrait of active woman drinking from water bottle while resting from training
Beautiful free and wild woman sitting in meditation pose on the Indian beach lotus position medicine yoga asana balance kundalini energy every day routine practice good for woman health mindfulness
Close up sensual woman blowing foam in slow motion. Bottom view of sexy girl playing with bubbles in bathtub at home. Smiling girl having fun with foam in luxury bath.
Professional Triathlete Swimming Workout. Triathlete Swim Endurance Sport Triathlon Competition. Professional Swimmer Workout Training Triathlon Competition In Open Water. Swimmer Sport Exercising
Relaxed woman washing hands in bath in slow motion. Sexy girl taking bathtub with bubbles and foam in slow motion. Top view of pretty lady enjoying in luxury bathroom with candles.
Playful young dog run with owner by beach, jump and try to catch toy. Man tease puppy, raise hand up and pet miss. Funny drop ears fly in air, slow motion shot of happy two
Close up of an young woman is enjoying and having relax in an indoor illuminated with night lights swimming pool in a luxury wellness center.
Irrigation water flow from pipe to canal for agriculture fields , slow motion water flash
Cinematic shot of young woman reading book while relaxing with pleasure in foamy bubble filled perfumed bathtub at home. Concept of leisure, education, rest, comfort, skincare, healthcare.
traveler tourist bikini woman in hat relaxing vacation happy holiday at luxury hotel tropical resort swimming pool. enjoying summer spa travel tourism beach ocean lifestyle outdoors slow-mo, 4 K
Healthy young lady holding glass drinking fresh transparent pure filtered mineral water, adult woman hydrating thirst keep diet nutrition weightloss health care natural balance concept, close up view
Sport and friendship. Outdoor portrait of two positive chubby african american women going home after fitness training, carrying water bottles and fit mats, slow motion
SARAWAK, MALAYSIA - OCTOBER 21, 2019: Standby vessel nearby Velesto Naga 7 offshore jack-up drilling rig and oil production platform in Malaysian Waters with beautiful sunset sky.
Woman push dispenser and liquid soap squeezed out to hand, closeup shot against black background. Lady washing up hands at bathroom, using soft gel for advanced skin care
burning candles in water, reflection of stones on abstract blue background, water drops falling. slow motion. Close up. Concept: relaxation, wellness, body care, spa, nature, aromatherapy and scents
One 30s Carefree Women Read Apple Vitamin on Label by Fruit Juice Stand Shelf Indoor Store. Alone Handsome Girl Search Bio Nature Drinking Vegetable. Real Analyze Select in Water Department Closeup 4k
Cinematic close up of  young carefree sensual woman is taking hot relaxing shower in a luxury wellness center. Concept of femininity, personal hygiene, spa center, freedom, skincare, healthcare.
fresh green leaves with water drops over the water , relaxation with water ripple drops concept , filmed on cinema slow motion camera at 1000 fps
Woman pouring clean filtered water from the tap in glass for drinking at modern loft style kitchen
Young people and body care. Person rinsing hands in modern design bathroom at home. Man washing male hand with soap and water under faucet in hotel room during travel. Slow motion
A girl is washing her hair. White foam from the shampoo on long hair brunettes.
Close up of woman pouring fresh water into glass from jug at home. Attractive girl drinking water on domestic kitchen. Young woman holding glass of water with lemon on kitchen in slow motion
Two funny adorable mixed race children girls holding glasses drinking tasty clean pure mineral water showing thumbs up looking at camera, recommend daily children healthcare morning hydration concept.
Athletic African American beautiful woman drinking protein shake or water and wiping sweat off her face with a towel, workout in a cozy home environment.
Close up. fresh green leaf with rain water drop over the water , nature leaf branch scene for relaxation with ripple drops concept , slow motion shot. Green background. Copy space for text
Close up relaxed woman blowing foam in luxury bathroom in slow motion. Back view of happy girl having fun with foam in modern bath. Sensual woman relaxing in bathtub at home.
Senior woman exercising with pool noodle during water aerobics class
woman applies oil to hair roots, the process of applying oil to the scalp, woman applies oil to hair roots
Drop of Water - Slow Motion
03014 Animation of an offshore oil platform. Fly-through shot.
Underwater Shot: Fit Beautiful Swimmer doing Laps in Swimming Pool. Professional Female Athlete swims at Great Speed. Ready To Set World Championship Record. Colorful Artistic Stylish Tracking Shot
Feminine daily procedures. Young african american lady in bathrobe applying cream on face, moisturizing skin after morning shower, slow motion
Close up relaxed woman touching skin with foam in bath. Side view of sexy girl taking bathtub at home. Romantic brunette woman relaxing bath in slow motion.
Fetching water from well by hand, fresh pure drinking mineral water, fresh resource 4K slow motion video footage Kerala India. Rural Indian village well splashing, scarcity ground water.
Aerial view of offshore jack up drilling rig during sunset - oil and gas industry
Aerial view from a drone of an offshore Supply Vessel For Oil Drilling Rig in The Middle of Ocean
UGANDA, GULU - 15 February 2017: Children fetching dirty drinking water for both domestic and animal use. African children using a large bottle to fill water from a dirty water source
Couple In Love At Luxury Resort On Romantic Summer Vacation. People Relaxing Together In Edge Swimming Pool , Enjoying Beautiful sunset Sea View. Happy Lovers On Honeymoon Travel. Relationship
Young healthy girl practicing yoga by the lake at summer evening, shallow dof, close up on girls hand, fitness health nature energy concept, shot in 4K UHD
Close up Asia woman cheek. Woman washing face (have wide pores) with white foam by her hand.
guy washes in the shower room after a soccer match after a workout, after training water runs down his face splashing water
The beautiful girl comes up from pool and from it water flows down. Close up. Female Enjoying Summer Travel In Swimming Pool At Luxury Resort
Woman hand are washing with soap bubbles.
Bamboo fountain and spa stones
Close up of a young woman hand is touching a glass with water drops while outside is raining.
A group of women and girls carrying water in yellow jerrycans on their heads Mbale, Uganda South Africa
Concept: relaxation, wellness, body care, spa, aromatherapy. Macro succulents and stones are reflected in the water. drops of water fall into the water. Slow motion. On a green nature background
Young pregnant woman doing yoga outdoor - Sport exercises and maternity concept for an healthy lifestyle
Funny girl sits in bath filled with foam, holds shower singing songs. Girl in foam from head to toe in the bath fooling around
african water problem and pitfalls
Close up cheerful woman blowing foam in light bathroo imn slow motion. Back view of smiling girl relaxing in bathtub at home. Relaxed woman having fun with foam in luxury bath.
Orbiting shot of the three famous Faraglioni rocks off the Capri island, well-known all over the world
icon set  The Global Goals Corporate social responsibility Sustainable Development Goals
Thirsty Woman Drinking Water from a Glass Indoors with Sun Shining a Close up Shot on Red Camera
Young multiracial woman drinking water daily morning habit routine after morning exercises against large windows close view. Glass of still water healthy drink concept.
Oil spill on beach from a leaking offshore well High Definition 1920x1080 Format
A wild mountain river with crystal clear water. Well water is flowing over stones. Abundant clear stream in a forest. Cold water splashing near rapids. Concept of water background. Slow motion shot.
Close up of sexy man enjoying jacuzzi spa in slow motion. Portrait of handsome guy relaxing in pool at wellness hotel. Attractive man having hydro massage in jacuzzi indoor.
People using the water pump East Africa Malawi
Back view of naked woman washing hair with shampoo while taking a shower
Woman taking a bath. Sexy woman bathing with candles. Relaxing woman washing body with bath soap
Young caucasian woman in bodysuit relaxing by practicing yoga on the beach near calm sea, close-up of hands, gyan mudra and lotus position. Sunrise background. Slow motion.
Gold Serum Drop, Water Drops with Alpha Channel, Green Screen. Transparency Liquid element. Skincare, beauty, cosmetic, 3d animation. 4K resolution.
Aerial view of offshore jack up drilling rig during sunset - oil and gas industry
Close up shot of running water through the green leaves, Water clear stream river flowing in the deep forest, Slow motion
African american woman in red swimsuit drinking non-alcoholic orange cocktail from straw, relaxation sitting in pool water, smiling at camera. Ethnic Girl enjoying vacation at luxury hotel in heat
Close-up face asia people or latin lady take daily omega essential cod liver fish oil or calcium pill sitting relax at home sofa help refresh benefit life balance for sick patient, body weight loss.
close up hands touching water refreshing stream flowing fresh river splashing sustainability concept
Professional Triathlete Prepare To Swimming Workout On Sea. Professional Swimmer Wearing Cup And Goggles. Triathlete Sport Triathlon Swim. Swimmer Silhouette In Ocean Sport Recreation Competition.
Drone flying low over a village in Malawi, Africa.
Hydration process of dark, dull, flaky skin to completely healthy skin
Smiling healthy thirsty fit mid aged 50s woman holding glass drinking water. Happy mature lady hydrating body with clean filtered fresh mineral water for skin care, beauty, diet nutrition hydration.
woman applies oil to hair roots, the process of applying oil to the scalp, woman applies oil to hair roots
Happy Tourist On Greek Island. Woman Harmony Mediterranean Sea Beach. Cinematic Inspiration Travel Holiday Trip. Weekend Sea Breeze Summertime Vacation Vibes. Wanderlust Explorer Have Great Time Mood
Oil rig at night. The milky way shines above. Offshore drilling rig extracting crude oil on the sea or ocean. Illustration for the power industry, petroleum engineering, technology, oilfield. 4k HD
Geothermal spa. Woman relaxing in hot spring pool outdoors. Girl enjoying bathing in a blue water lagoon tourist attraction at sunset. Slow motion
Athletic beautiful body of sexy caucasian fitness woman in top doused shoulders, collarbones with water, close-up drops of sweat and perspiration on skin after gym training, slow motion. Workout girl
Evening twilight view from luxury pool deck infinity pool
Lilongwe, Malawi - 01 18 2019: 
  Woman and kids carrying buckets of water to local village
Bamboo fountain,water lily and spa stones
Young asian man feel relax and calm standing by the natural water stream feel surrounding environment, escape retreat get away form busy crowded city life,  take his time and take a deep breath
Super slow motion of leaking water stream from bamboo, spa and wellness concept. Filmed on very high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Slow motion shot : Woman grooming, shower and bathing little happy enjoy chihuahua dog in bucket outside home. Take care the dog in summer holiday.
Head shot close up happy relaxed handsome african ethnicity man cleaning head with bubbles shampoo. Smiling young biracial guy enjoying washing hair with deep cleansing gel, morning hygienic routine.
Sport and friendship. Happy asian and african american women going to yoga class, talking on walk, holding fitness mats, slow motion
Close-up of lavender oil drops falling from the pipette, on the white background. The pipette is held vertically.
The woman in the background is sitting on a couch and a working aromatherapy diffuser is on a table in a foreground
Calm Relaxing Meditation Peaceful Background. Slow Motion Rain Drops Dripping From Green Leaves Fern During Rain. Close-up Water Drops Green Leaves Foreground. Macro Rain Falling on Green Plant Leaf.
Water Pump.Powerful Water Flowing from a Pipe Pump.Water well drilling.Close-up.
Woman's hand pouring fresh pure water from bottle into a glass on the table, health and diet concept, Slow motion footage
Funny woman sits in bath filled with foam, holds shower singing songs. Female in foam from head to toe in the bath fooling around
Young woman washes away the shampoo from her hair while standing under a warm shower stream. Concept of cleanliness of hair and body
Super slow motion of autumn maple leaf with dripping water drop. Camera motion. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Pieces of aloe vera fall into a glass flask filled with water. Aloe vera in water. Air bubbles. Advertising concept. Minimalist. Aloe Vera Gel. White background. Slow motion.
SARAWAK, MALAYSIA - OCTOBER 12, 2019: Standby vessel nearby Velesto Naga 7 offshore jack-up drilling rig in Malaysian Waters with beautiful sunset sky.
Water Well Drilling, Dig a well for water, Inside The Well, Groundwater hole drilling machine, boreholes, Deep pit in the ground
UGANDA, GULU - 15 February 2017: African children filling up a plastic container at a water well in Rural Uganda, Africa
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