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Sun Flare, Change the Future, Kid Dream, Kids Celebration, Holiday Bye, Up Hold, Night Party, Line Sunrise, Behind Sunshine, New Life. Anxious child knocks his hand on the window during sunset
Medical bed on wheels in the hospital corridor.
Nurse explaining diagnosis to disabled senior woman in wheelchair. Assistant wearing face mask against infection with coronavirus in hospital waiting area.
Wide shot of Lobby waiting area in modern hospital or healthcare facilities with patient at information counter and group of professional doctors and nurses working in medical center health services.
Medical assistant with visor and face mask against coronavirus looking at camera in hospital waiting area. Doctor consulting senior man in examination room.
Close up face sad thoughtful young african american single woman looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home troubled negative slow motion
Busy hospital lobby with busy nurse, older patient on wheelchair, rear view sick patient sit, wait and cough, doctors walking at reception wearing medical mask healthcare concept.
Waiting room in airport terminal. Airplane takes off outside the window of the airport terminal. Empty waiting room at the airport.
Interior of a hotel lobby with reception desks with transparent covid plexiglass lexan clear sneeze guards
Pregnant Mom Listening Music and Relaxing Stay at Home. Portrait Carefree Smiling 30s Woman Standing in Kitchen Sunny Day. Concept Pregnancy and Holidays. Cute Fun Mum Dancing and Preparing Party 4K
Nurse wearing face mask against coronavirus taking notes on clipboard while talking with disabled senior woman in wheelchair in hospital waiting area. Patients at reception.
Unhappy wrinkled lady looking in window, suffering loneliness at senior age
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
3d Rendering of Hospital Waiting Room
African doctor inviting patients in hospital waiting-room for coronavirus vaccination. Diverse people wearing safety mask sitting in clinic reception area waiting for appointment
Worried young couple wearing face mask against infection with coronavirus while waiting news from doctor. Wife crying from unfavorable news during covid-19.
fictional empty corridor with lights turning on sequentially. 3d rendering.
Doctor and people getting vaccinated, coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccination concept.
Jobless business people applicants group sitting in chairs in queue line row waiting for their turn company job interview, human resources, recruiting and employment concept, staff legs close up view
Diverse applicants of different age ethnicity waiting for their turn sit in line queue, multi ethnic business people group preparing for job interview, human resources recruitment employment concept
people at a conference or presentation, workshop, master class photograph. Back view
Patients waiting to be called in a crowded hospital waiting room
3d Renderging of Modern Office Space With Waiting Room, Board Room And Cityscape Background
3d Rendering of Eco-Friendly Modern Office Interior With Brick Wall, Waiting Area And Indoor Plants.
Lonely old man looking into distance, waiting for relatives at retirement home
Cute dachshund dog in a white T-shirt with print bringing a blue leash from the room, hinting to the owners that he wanting to go for a walk, barking and wagging his tail.
Disabled senior woman in wheelchair talking with nurse that wears protection mask against infection with coronavirus. Patient and medical staff in waiting area. Doctor in examination room.
Fun video. Man dressed as a snowboarder rides a snowboard on a carpet in a cozy room. Waiting for a snowy winter
Senior Male talking to Doctor in a crowded hospital waiting room
silhouette of two business people talking together sitting in modern lobby hall at sunset light. financial sales corporate concept background
Young caucasian fan family in casual wear watches football game on TV. Favorite team scores goal, they shout, rejoice, hug in dark room at night
Blurred with Nurse Practices and patients waiting to see the doctor at the hospital examination room in the scene
Fuerteventura, Canary Islands,Spain, May 12 2016: empty modern airport
Lonely senior woman sadly looking in window, missing family at retirement home
Mother and Child talking with Doctor in waiting room
Man discussing with nurse at hospital reception wearing face mask against coronavirus. Doctor and senior man in clinic examination room during covid epidemic. Woman in hospital waiting area.
Portrait of nurse and people with face masks, coronavirus, covid-19 and vaccination concept.
Happy Dachshund dog is sitting in the middle of room in a dog friendly hotel or at home, wagging its tail cheerfully and vigorously and barking, running away. He is wanting the owner to play with him.
Small boy sitting in the waiting room in hospital
Hospital corridor. Be admitted to a hospital. Entering the hospital urgently on a stretcher. 4K.
Sad thoughtful young african american single woman pensive face looking away thinking of problems sit alone at home, upset mixed race ethnic lady feeling depressed reflecting feel lonely concept.
Friends in colorful caps celebrating birthday party, surprising friend with cake with burning sparkling stick. Super excited man laughing. Glitter confetti falling from the ceiling. Closest friends
Patients waiting in a crowded hospital waiting room
Silhouette of father and his little kid waiting for departure walking around in airport lounge room together before vacation - family, adventure concept 4k footage
Cute kid daughter make surprise present covering eyes of happy dad receive gift box sit on sofa, little child girl congratulating parent smiling excited daddy on fathers day birthday embrace at home
A set of speech bubbles illustrating a conversation with loading dots to load text
Stressed nervous inexperienced businesswoman designer speaker preparing speech feeling afraid scared worried before performance reading papers preparing business speech, public speaking fear concept
the speaker tells the speech at conference. Business People Seminar Conference Meeting Office Training Concept. Business and Entrepreneurship concept.
young scared and sad woman sits on windowsill reading book during sunny day. stays in home in home isolation. waits and hopes for soon freedom and beat virus
Private hospital reception area during global pandemic. Doctor with visor against coronavirus inviting man in his office for examination. Disabled senior woman with walking frame
Close-up black serious male face in profile, concentrated expression, portrait of pensive african american business man boss looking out window in office thinking making decision turns  head to camera
Doctor wearing face mask and visor against infection with coronavirus while talking with disabled senior man in waiting area sitting on wheelchair. Patient and nurse at clinic reception.
Camera shows the dead body covered with a white cloth in the morgue. Waiting for the funeral or dissection. Life is gone. Room is equipped with mortuary refrigerators, where human remains are cooled.
Queue of people waiting in line to be served. The queue of people standing in the cash. Could be a post office, bank or ticket sales agent
Pug dog made a home mess, left alone, nibbled the sofa. Without the owner. Guilty funny face. Bad Dog Behavior. Damage, spoiled furniture. Scattered things around the apartment. Gnawed, chewed stuff
People / Patients sat in Waiting room awaiting Healthcare appointments. Could be a Doctor or dentist surgery clinic. Stock Video Clip Footage. Tracking Shot
Joy and Fun Pregnant Mother Active Dancing in Home and Preparing Eat. Happy Emotions Young Mother. Cheerful Woman Enjoyable Sing Song. Concept of Family. Сarefree Lifestyle Joyful People Holiday 4k
Asian patient on operating theater waiting for operation by group of surgeon doctor and medic team in operation room at hospital. Doctors give encourage to inpatient by holding hand and touch shoulder
High Angle Shot in the Hospital, Young Couple Sitting in the Lobby Waiting for Test Results Receive Good News from their Doctor. Happy Moment in the Life of Young People. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Camera.
waiting for a doctor's appointment. a group of patients are sitting on the couch in the clinic, waiting in line.
June, 30, 2021, Kyiv, Ukraine
Unhappy young family couple feeling stressed moving into new apartment or moving out of house, sitting together on sofa among huge carton boxes, tired of long renovation relocation processes.
Ready to get new career. Group of three young businesspeople sitting on chairs in office, waiting and going for job interview, feeling nervous. Body language. Close up of legs. Job search concept
Asian senior elder woman waiting at hospital corridor worry and sad
Golden retriever is sitting on the sofa in living room. Fluffy dog playing at home, big puppy waiting for his owner to go for a walk. Close-up of happy pet.
Sad woman sit on windowsill indoor feels upset looks outside through window rainy day gloomy weather, having melancholic mood, runs her finger on glass thinking about life troubles. Loneliness concept
Kyiv, Ukraine - June 13, 2021. Many people in surgical masks sit in a mass vaccination point, waiting their turn for vaccination. Place to wait, turn.
Cute dog Beagle with sad eyes lies at home in the children's room on the floor, blinks and prepares for bed. The puppy is resting, lying stretched out in the rays of the sunset. Slow motion
In the Hospital Two Doctors Walking Through the Hospital Hallway, They Talk and Share Tablet Computer. Modern Hospital with Patients and Medical Personnel. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Locked shot and blurred with a staff is Moving empty bed for patients into the room and someone pushing wheelchair with elderly patients, another walk around the hallway in hospital
young woman with glasses in white shirt sits at table motionless in the room. she is bored and sad, looks at screen of laptop waiting, turns on and off lamp.
third trimester pregnant mother waits in baby room touching crib
Asian young little girl kid wearing mask lying on bed in recovery room from curing the COVID operation in hospital and waiting family to visit. Father comes and hug daughter with smile and happiness.
Reopening of a restaurant (garden room with terrace in the city), after the coronavirus, covid-19 pandemic.
In the Hospital Two Doctors Standing at the Reception Desk, Talking and Sharing Information on Tablet Computer. Modern Hospital with Patients and Medical Personnel. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera
Senior Surgeon Enters Operating Room Where His Assistants and Patient Wait, He Puts on a Mask and Starts Surgery. Real Modern Hospital with Authentic Equipment.  Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Camera.
A simple element of a thought bubble, email, or text message popping up, with typing or thinking dots slowly pulsing inside of it, reminiscent of someone taking a long time to type a message
A man and a woman are sitting apart on chairs in a waiting room, keeping social distance, each with face mask, fearing covid-19 and coronavirus
Hospital corridor, camera panning forward, vertigo effect.

Drive through the door to the green screen. Transition to the board.
Beautiful Pregnant woman caressing her belly. Woman touching her tummy. Happy Expectant mother at home. Gravid girl. Slow motion high speed camera shot 240 fps 4K UHD video
Hospital waiting room
Blurred with Nurse Practices and patients waiting to see the doctor at the hospital examination room in the scene
Married couple crying in hospital waiting area after bad news from doctor on virus test results. Senior man waiting for medic to invite him in examination room.
Waiting for flight at an empty airport. Man sitting on chair in empty airport lounge. Flights canceled. Problems with flights during quarantine. The collapse of airlines. Covid 19, coronaviruse.
A simple thought bubble popping up with loading dots while someone thinks or writes a message
Young depressed female sitting on sofa at home, hugging pillow, texting on cellphone with unhappy expression, fighting with boyfriend on phone, breaking up, having relationship problems, feeling down
Pensive disabled elderly patient sit on wheelchair alone, Sad and depressed Asian senior old man head down feel lonely and bored waiting for take care white room dementia and Alzheimer, slow motion
High Angle Shot In the Hospital Lobby of Medical Personnel Pushing Patients in Wheelchairs, Doctors and Patients Working and Walking. New, Clean Hospital. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Close up middle eastern ethnicity pensive woman sit on couch alone waits feels jealousy. Break up, marriage split, divorce, bullying and discrimination, unexpected pregnancy abortion decision concept
Disabled woman talking with Doctor in waiting room
Senior Male waiting in a crowded hospital waiting room
Female patient with face mask sitting at hospital empty Waiting Room. Nervous young woman visiting doctor during Coronavirus Pandemic
Jealous worried young woman holding phone feeling jealousy anxiety waiting for mobile call sit alone  at home, thoughtful stressed doubtful lady looking at smartphone thinking of cheating boyfriend
Back view of woman filling in dental document sitting on chiar in waiting room preparing for teeth exemination while doctor working in background. Concept of crowded professional orthodontist office.
Portrait of Asian little illness girl sitting on wheelchair with smiling in hospital while waiting for medical service. The young kid feeling good, hopeful and thumbs up with cheerful and happy face.
The hooded man in the smoky room near brick wall HD
A close up portrait of a dachshund dog, black and tan, holding a blue collar in its mouth, barking,  hinting at the owner that he wanting to go for a walk
An empty waiting room at a doctors office
Multicultural business people applicants in row line queue prepare waiting for their turn on job interview, diverse unemployed vacancy seekers group sit on chairs, human resources employment concept
Panorama of a bright reception and waiting room in a clinic with desk, modern chairs and plants.
Little 5 year girl with braid hair style looking out her room foggy window, rainy weather outside
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