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Ocean beach sunrise and dramatic colorful sky clouds
Aerial pullback reverse dolly tracks vehicle on urban city street in USA. Fly by church, homes, residential district during sunny day.
High and wide aerial overhead shot of small American town, village, establishing shot shows homes and housing along street, green trees and farmland in distance during August, North America, USA
Time Lapse Drone Shot of the Pentagon Building
Townhouse condo apartment buildings during magic hour. Aerial drone shot above uniform tan brown houses in neighborhood community in USA.
Top down aerial of city street in USA. Car pulls out of space and slowly drives on urban street. Church building at intersection.
ASHEVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA - CIRCA 2020 - Aerial over the Blue Ridge Mountains at sunset near Asheville, North Carolina.
Aerial reveal above road through rural American countryside. Homes and farms along country road.
Establishing shot, aerial of family farm in United States, grain bins, chicken house, barn and fields in summer hazy foggy morning light
Residential suburban housing district area in USA. American homes in quiet neighborhood. Aerial truck shot at golden hour.
Public Rural Broadband Expansion legislation and taxpayer funding in USA. Aerial with network overlay VFX special effects.
View of the mountains in West Virginia valley of highway intersection traffic circle road in Daleville town
Rising aerial. Road cuts through American farmland. Summer fields of wheat, grain, green alfalfa hay. Beautiful rolling hills, cloud shadows.
Aerial Damascus Virginia, Damascus Va in Fall, Washington County Virginia
Time lapse aerial view of Washington, DC with the Jefferson Memorial, U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, and Lincoln Memorial. Transportation and city lifestyle concept.
CIRCA 2020 U.S. Air Force airmen deploy on Boeing C-17 Globemaster III during COVID-19, Joint Base Langley Eustis, Virginia.
Flood river stream covers streets and roads in small town America, USA. Aerial drone revealing shot at golden hour morning sunrise.
Point of view pov car vehicle driving wide angle of rural countryside farm with cows cattle grazing on rolling hills at autumn forest mountains landscape in Blue Grass, Highland county of Virginia
Aerial tilt up reveals two story homes in small town community neighborhood. Cars on quiet street. Establishing shot in Northeast United States of America, USA.
Aerial flyover main street toward the Jefferson County courthouse in Charles Town, West Virginia on a beautiful sunny day.
Aerial view of Richmond, Virginia, at sunset with slow camera lift up. Richmond is the capital city of the Commonwealth of Virginia. Manchester Bridge spans James River
CIRCA 1921 - General Diaz and other Italian officers review troops at Fort Myer, Virginia.
CIRCA 1921 - General Diaz and other Italian officers review troops at Fort Myer, Virginia.
Beautiful aerial above traffic on street through quaint small town in USA. American city during summer golden hour. Homes along street as cars drive on road. Drone view.
Traditional 1900s homes line street in suburbs outside America city. Small town America. East Coast USA establishing aerial with green summer trees.
Election during the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic, voters participating in a election in Madison, Wisconsin/USA April 7, 2020
Fredericksburg, Virginia, USA-October 11th, 2021: A 4k timelapse of downtown Fredericksburg Virginia.
Berkeley Springs, WV, USA - 04 25 2021: Camera pushing showing small business storefronts and old movie theater in small town, rural, Berkeley Springs, WV in the Appalachian mountains.
Point of view pov wide angle view car vehicle driving by farm field fence houses and green grass rolling hills at Blue Grass, Virginia Highland county in autumn with sky
Rural America aerial view of small community among farmland fields. Aerial tracking shot of car on road during summer golden hour. Beautiful warmth.
Rising aerial establishing shot of Anytown USA. Small town in America with colorful leaves. Church, school, homes in neighborhood community.
Alexandria Virginia- February 3rd, 2022: A 4k Video Of Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin addressing parents at a roundtable in a Safeway in Alexandria.
An aerial establishing shot of a suburban neighborhood, 4K UHD
Drone Flight east towards the Lesner Bridge in Virginia Beach Virginia
Aerial view of suburban street in fall season. The Autumn colors, bright colorful trees from above. Golden hour (sunset, sunrise)
Colorful ocean beach sunrise. Beautiful relaxation morning.
Richmond, Virginia/USA - 09 05 2019: Aerial of Richmond City, highways and bridges in Richmond, drone shooting of industrial Virginia
Norfolk WS Zoom, Norfolk Virginia in 4k
Aerial drone view flying towards the Fort Martin coal powered power station near Morgantown in West Virginia in the late autumn
Charles Town, West Virginia, USA - 05 12 2021: Charles Town WV Jefferson County Courthouse and main street builidings on a beautiful sunny day with blue sky.
Election during the Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic, voters participating in a election in Madison, Wisconsin/USA April 7, 2020
Green bush of virginia creeper. Beautiful leaves of virginia creeper. Great wall of green plant. Textural wall of big leaves.
Story of the Forest trail nature in Shenandoah Blue Ridge appalachian mountains in Virginia with road path in woods wide angle handheld pov walking by wildflowers and fern plants
Morgantown , West Virginia , United States - 01 28 2021: Drone reveal shot of West Virginia Mountaineers college football stadium.
Panning of Virginia red delicious apples hanging on orchard tree branches isolated against blue sky on sunny sunlight weather in rural countryside with people picking
Manufacture of tobacco. Drying tobacco. Classical way of drying tobacco leaves. Dolly shot, sliding camera move and selective focus. Tobacco close up, 4k footage
An aerial shot of Cole Mountain and the Appalachian Trail at dawn during summer. Located in the George Washington National Forest in the Blue Ridge Mountains in Amherst County, Virginia.
Aerial of rural community in USA. Beautiful colorful farm fields. Agriculture and life in small town America.
Downtown Richmond Virginia Skyline, Buildings, Aerial Drone
WASHINGTON DC - CIRCA 1990s - 1990s - Aerial over the Pentagon in Washington D.C.
Aerial view looking straight down on the small town of Shepherdstown, WV.
Charles Town, West Virginia, USA - 05 12 2021: Charles Town, WV West Virginia showing small businesses and courthouse.
the newest virginia class submarine minnesota ssn
An aerial shot (counter-clockwise orbit) of Big Schloss, Great North Mountain and the Trout Run Valley at dawn in the summer, located on the Virginia/West Virginia Border.
lebanon , virginia , United States - 08 02 2021: truck show aerial in lebanon virginia
Arlington, Virginia USA- February 21st, 2022: A 4k sunset video of tourist in-front of the metal pillars of the Air Force Memorial in Arlington Virginia.
Aerial of large modern apartment building complex. Residential housing in USA. Establishing pullback reveal reverse dolly shot.
Springfield, Virginia - July 29, 2020: A zero emission vehicle gets a fast charge from the EVgo “pump” at the new charging station in Springfield, VA
VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 2016 - American Revolution era Continental Patriot Soldier. Re-enactors, reenactment.  Firing Brown Bess musket gun with black powder and lead bullets in earthen fort in battle.
Alexandria, Virginia, USA- October 28th, 2021: A 4k video of a VRE train departing Alexandria train station.
MID ATLANTIC - OCTOBER 2018 - Reenactment, recreation of early, pre-20th century sailing ship - Europe to the New World. Pirates, Exploration, boat, tall-ship, rigging, masts and giant sails at sea.
Help Wanted sign hanging by side of a rural West Virginia road in autumn.
4k aerial drone footage of scenic bridge with sunset reflected in river in West Virginia mountains
Closeup of mourning doves two birds sitting perched, scared flying away from oak tree branch in colorful autumn with fall yellow orange foliage in Northern Virginia
Ocean beach sunrise and dramatic colorful sky clouds
Charlottesville, VA, USA - 12 11 2021: Statue of Thomas Jefferson in front of the Rotunda on the University of Virginia, UVA campus.
State Line , TN , United States - 08 11 2021: Welcome to Tennessee sign along interstate highway. TN, USA. Descending aerial.
An orbiting 4k drone video of downtown Fredericksburg Virginia.
Alexandria, Virginia / USA - November 18, 2019: Beautiful B-Roll, Neighborhood Footage of Alexandria Virginia
Flag of USA and West Virginia state. USA and West Virginia Mixed Flag waving in wind
Charlottesville, VA, USA - 12 11 2021: The Rotunda on the University of Virginia, UVA campus designed by Thomas Jefferson.
CIRCA 1908 - Orville Wright flies with a passenger at Fort Meyer, Virginia, where he is watched by civilians and servicemen.
Fairfax County in northern Virginia with patriotic mailbox on election year with stars stripes design and American flag waving in wind by street road in neighborhood
A 4k aerial video of a Silver Line Metro Train traveling down the Dulles Access Road with Tysons Corner in the distance.
Virginia flag is waving 3D animation. Virginia state flag waving in the wind. Virginia flag seamless loop animation. 4K
Aerial view of Beverly Hills California, Palm trees and cars passing by
Aerial flying over the University of Virginia. It was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. 18 August 2019
Red purple orange blue pink sunset sky cloud time lapse background. Day night Dramatic colours.
WEST VIRGINIA - CIRCA 2010s - Beautiful early morning aerial of fog in Appalachia West Virginia.
An aerial shot of Tibbet Knob and Great North Mountain in Autumn. The mountain range is the border between Virginia and West Virginia. The Trout Run Valley is also seen.
Female white-tailed deer stands in a meadow looking around anxiously and runs away.
Parthenocissus quinquefolia, known as Virginia creeper, Victoria creeper, five-leaved ivy, or five-finger, is species of flowering plant in grape family, Vitaceae Decorative wild green grapes growing
monumental statue of God Poseidon on the beach, against the backdrop of the sea.
VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 2016 - American Revolutionary War July 4th recreation. Founding Father. Tabletop, dipping quill in ink and writing by window. Declaration of Independence signing back-lit in profile
Virginia / United States - 01 24 2020: VIRGINIA - Circa August, 2019 - A daytime long exterior establishing shot of the main street of a small Virginia town. American flags on the telephone poles.
Aerial of urban American city housing. Diversity of architecture with old and modern homes, apartments, condos in USA. Colorful autumn fall foliage in USA.
Upper Shamokin Falls waterfall on hiking trail in autumn fall season brown landscape in Wintergreen Resort in Virginia Blue Ridge Mountains on sunny day side view
Zoom of the earth from space to the city. 3D Animation. Zoom in to the city Virginia Beach, USA. Stock video footage. 4K
CIRCA 1936 - Women pick apples from an orchard on Senator Byrd's estate in Winchester, Virginia.
Steadicam cameraing with and following behind little girls riding horses on a forest trail.
Timelapse of the the sun rising behind the Capitol Building and the Washington Monument in Washington DC as seen from the United States Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington County, Virginia
CIRCA 2017 - US Marine tanks roll out in the California desert for Exercise Steel Knight.
Aerial Drone, Richmond Virginia City Skyline Over River
Aerial flying over the University of Virginia. It was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. Charlottesville, Virginia, USA. 18 August 2019
Rear of mobile home trailer house in USA. Aerial tilt down in America. Community living.
Richmond Virginia Skyline Over River, Aerial Drone
Wide angle aerial of mobile home trailer park. No leaves on trees. Winter view. Establishing shot.
Small mobile home in trailer park, bungalow, manufactured home close to other houses, patriotic American flag, beautiful landscaping, United States of America USA aerial establishing shot in winter.
Pulaski Virginia, Pulaski County Courthouse, Pulaski Va in 4k
VIRGINIA - OCTOBER 2016 - Reenactment recreation of early, pre-20th century sailing ship - Europe to the New World.  Tall-ship, rigging, masts at sea. Man stares out at rolling ocean. Pirates, Piracy
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