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Aerial Damascus Virginia, Damascus Va in Fall, Washington County Virginia
Pulaski Virginia, Pulaski County Courthouse, Pulaski Va in 4k
1940s: Man uses machine to fill and seal bottles of milk. Caption discusses "PREPARING NEGROES FOR BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES." Man rings up items at store. Students type and take notes.
1940s: Women sit in parlor and speak. Women work in kitchen. Woman serves ladies at table.
Wytheville Virginia Neighborhood, Suburb in Wythe County Virginia, Neighborhood, Small Town USA, Middle America
Clemson, SC / USA - Sept 25, 2019: Clemson University Memorial Stadium Football Sunny Summer Aerial Timelapse 4K
Aerial High Above Marion Virginia, Marion, Marion Va in 4k
Clemson, SC / USA - Sept 25, 2019: Clemson University Memorial Stadium Football Sunny Summer Aerial Timelapse 4K
Richmond, Virgina, USA at historic Main Street Station and Interstate 95.
Glade Creek and Grist Mill Pan Up
Glade Creek Pan up by Mill
Grist Mill Tilt up from water
Glade Creek and Grist Mill Coming Down Drone
4K Aerial of Grist Mill WV
Grist Mill 4K Rapids to Mill
4K Glade Creek Pan Up and Left
Timelapse Glade Creek Grist Mill
Slow Motion Green Waterfall At Glade Creek Grist Mill In West Virginia
Reveal from Abandoned Store to Ohio River
4K New River Gorge Bridge and River Pan up
Aerial of Bridge and Ohio Rover looking Down
4K Aerial of Barge and River
Green Bridge over Ohio River West Virginia
4K Drone Arial of Ohio River
Reveal 4k Bridge over Ohio River
4K Pan of West Virginia Capital in Charleston
4K Drone of Ohio River and Bridge
Green Bridge over Ohio Rover Aerial 4K
Grandview at National Park West Virginia
Bridge and Ohio River  Aerial
4K Timelapse New River Gorge
4K Dolly tree and New River Bridge
4K Timelapse New River Gorge
4K Dolly of Tree with river and Bridge
4K West Virginia Dolly with Bridge and Fog
New River Gorge Bridge 4K Dolly
Time-lapse of Charleston Capital on West Virginia
1940s: Painting. Man shapes clay on potters wheel. Man puts piece of pottery on shelf. Pot in kiln.
1940s: Doctor examines patient as nurse takes note. Caption reads "THE YEAR'S EXPENSES ARE CAREFULLY ESTIMATED IN ADVANCE TO MAKE ENDS MEET." Person makes notes on paper.
1940s: Caption reads "ARTISANS." Seamstress. Men lay bricks. Man works on engine. Woodworker. Woman upholsters chair. Man works in lab. Caption reads "TEACHERS." Woman and children sing.
1940s: Men watch machine crush stack of bricks. Caption reads "THEIR LABORATORY IS STUDENT-BUILT AND SECTIONS ARE LEFT EXPOSED FOR STUDY." Man walks into building. Sign reads "THE BEMIS LABORATORIES."
1940s: Caption reads "ALL OF THE TRADE SCHOOL COURSES ARE PUT TO PRACTICAL USE." Caption reads "PAINTING AND DECORATING." Men paint walls and window shutters. Caption reads "PLUMBING AND HEATING."
1940s: Caption reads "BRICKMASONRY AND PLASTERING." Men lay bricks in workshop. Caption reads "ELECTRICITY." Man works on telephone. Man climbs telephone pole.
1940s: Man sprays hose at trees. Caption reads "THEY PREPARE TO BE FARM DEMONSTRATION AGENTS, TEACHERS OR SCIENTIFIC FARMERS." Farm. Men look at plow and speak.
1940s: Man types. Caption reads "STUDENTS IN EDUCATION LEARN BY TEACHING IN COUNTY SCHOOLS." Students line up outside schoolhouse. Teacher helps students build dollhouse.
1940s: Woman examines and sprays fabric. Caption reads "MACHINE SHOP PRACTICE." Men use machines to shave metal.
1940s: Person upholsters sofa. Caption reads "TAILORING." Woman sews. Man irons and adjusts fabric. Caption reads "DRY CLEANING." Men remove clothing from metal drums.
1940s: Men walk through greenhouse and speak. Man feeds chicks. Chicks rush to feeder. Caption discusses college credit. Man attaches cow to milking machine.
1940s: Student weaves fabric on loom. Young women dance. Instructor sits on stage.
1940s: Fliers for concert by "HAMPTON CHOIR." Names of cities. Sign reads "TONIGHT: MEN OF HAMPTON AT 9." Choir sings. Man conducts. Microphone.
1940s: Men march into building. Caption reads "SINGING VOICES PROVIDE ALL THE CHURCH MUSIC." Choir sings.
1940s: Man and woman work in kitchen. Caption reads "MANY JOBS ARE RELATED TO MAJOR STUDIES." Woman uses mimeograph machine. Man works in lab. Caption discusses aptitude tests. Man works on puzzle.
1940s: College campus. Men climb out of truck. Men walk away. Men work on military truck. Men work in machine shop. Caption reads "HAMPTON GRADUATES RANK HIGH IN EMPLOYMENT."
1940s: Caption discusses training in defense skills. Military trucks drive onto campus. Men jump out of truck.
1940s: Young men perform ceremonial dance. Men play drums. Captions read "END OF REEL II" and "REEL III." Caption reads "MUSIC HAS ALWAYS BEEN IMPORTANT IN HAMPTON LIFE."
1940s: Airplane takes off and flies. Caption discusses student ideas. Men work with machine. Propeller turns on.
1940s: Office. Men shake hands and sit. Men speak. Woman interviews female applicant. Caption reads "PHYSICAL FITNESS IS IMPORTANT FOR COLLEGE LIFE."
1940s: Men's choir sings. Caption reads "INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC IS ALSO STUDIED." Woman plays piano. Instructor speaks. Woman plays organ. Caption discusses "INSTITUTE REGIMENT."
1940s: Men sit by fire and read. Men approach women. Couples pair off. Man and woman talk and laugh. Man gets soda from machine. Young man and woman flirt.
1940s: Sports awards. Young men and women play tennis. Young women play basketball. Football game.
1940s: Caption reads "THEY ARE INTERVIEWED BY HAMPTON'S COUNSELLOR." Young man and woman speak in office. Caption. Men open door and enter office.
1940s: Caption reads "THIRTEEN TRADES IN THE TRADE SCHOOL OPEN ROADS TO JOBS AND SERVICES." Caption reads "AUTOMOBILE MECHANICS." Men work on cars and parts in garage.
1940s: Machine makes hole in piece of metal. Caption reads "PRINTING." Man types on machine. Man watches printing press. Man grabs paper from freshly printed stack.
1940s: Crowd cheers. Football game. Caption reads "STUDENTS GET PRACTICE IN ASSUMING THE RESPONSIBILITIES OF DEMOCRACY." Institute president meets with students.
1940s: Statue of man on horse. Caption. Carpenter works on house. Women make notes on chalkboard. Woman writes in book. Welder cuts metal.
1940s: Pottery. Woman sculpts bust. Students work on paintings. Young woman works on fabric loom.
1940s: College campus. Girls talk and laugh in dorm room. Caption discusses "STONE HALL." Dormitory.
1940s: Man works on puzzle. Man fills out test paper. Caption reads "THE STUDENT'S INTEREST MAY LEAD TO THE STUDY OF AGRICULTURE."
1940s: Teacher points to chalkboard. Student stands. Caption discusses pilot training. Man stands next to plane and speaks to pilot. Man turns propeller.
1940s: Building. Women flip through card catalog and talk. Woman checks out man's library books. Caption reads "END OF REEL 1. HAMPTON INSTITUTE."
1940s: Young people sit at table and eat. Caption reads "THERE IS A BROAD SPORTS PROGRAM." Men run relay race around track.
1940s: Man attaches safety strap and works on telephone lines. Caption reads "CABINETMAKING." Man builds chair. Man sands top of dresser. Caption reads "UPHOLSTERING." Man sews fabric onto couch.
1940s: Man attaches faucet to sink. Men lift piece of sidewalk. Steam blows from pipe. Man runs. Man repairs pipe. Caption reads "SHEET METAL AND ROOFING." Men work with pieces of metal.
1940s: Caption reads "CARPENTRY." Man hammers nail. Men work in yard. Man compares level to piece of staircase. Caption reads "A DEGREE COURSE IS OFFERED IN BUILDING CONSTRUCTION."
1940s: Field. Men speak. Man drives tractor. Man holds sheep while veterinarian gives injection. Man drives truck. Man sprays liquid onto trees.
1940s: Man paints car. Caption reads "FORGING AND WELDING." Man holds piece of metal as machine moves up and down. Welder.
1940s: Caption discusses nursery school. Little girls paint and play. Teacher sits at table with students. Caption. Parlor. Woman stands to greet friend. Women sit and talk.
1940s: Airplane flies. Caption reads "PRESIDENT MACLEAN TAKES A RIDE WITH AN ADVANCED STUDENT PILOT." Men climb into airplane and speak.
1940s: Caption reads "BUSINESS MEN AND WOMEN." Men work in classroom. Caption reads "HOME-MAKERS." Woman sets table. Caption reads "AND FARMERS." Man on tractor plows field. Statue.
1940s: Caption reads "HAMPTON INSTITUTE. REEL II." Caption discusses home economics teachers. Women demonstrate canning to group of people at table. Woman rolls dough in kitchen. Woman paints picture.
1940s: Man measures distances in room while friend takes notes. Caption reads "DEGREE COURSES ARE ALSO OFFERED IN TRADE TEACHING AND INDUSTRIAL ARTS." Men work in drafting classroom.
1940s: Men look into machine. Man puts objects into vial of water. Smoke.
1940s: Building with bell tower. Credits. Home. Caption reads "SINCE 1868 HAMPTON INSTITUTE HAS BEEN AN IMPORTANT FACTOR IN THE DEVELOPMENT OF NEGRO CITIZENSHIP." Busy college campus.
1940s: College campus. Young men march in uniform. Caption reads "THE RELIGIOUS LIFE CENTERS AROUND THE CAMPUS CHURCH." Church bell rings. Tower.
1940s: Students climb stairs in various outfits. Captions reads "UPWARD WITH HAMPTON FOR THE NATION'S GAIN" and "THE END."
1940s: Caption discusses rural teachers. Animated graph shows rates of "NEGRO LITERACY." Caption reads "MANY SCHOOLS NEED TEACHERS WHO HAVE ALSO HAD LIBRARY TRAINING."
1940s: Man sings. Captions discuss "VIRGINIA HALL." Photograph of group.
1940s: Caption discusses work opportunities for students. Tour guide speaks to group on college campus. Man makes notes in ledger. Man mows lawn. Woman serves food.
1940s: Captions discuss students at the Hampton Institute. Animated map. Lines appear leading to "HAMPTON INSTITUTE." High school diploma.
Model of woman vagina during bearing
US state flag of Virginia gently waving in the wind. Seamless loop with high quality fabric material.
CIRCA 1960s Fort Monroe, Virginia - Sergeant Stuart Queen views the fort from a helicopter and speaks about its moat.
ARLINGTON, VIRGINA - SEPT. 2014: Flashing emergency lights, fire vehicles at scene, soft focus; two of many fire department vehicles responding to fire at Whole Foods, saving shoppers much money.
Arlington, Virginia - Circa 2009: The Arlington National Cemetery in 2009. Eternal Flame at the JFK Memorial in Arlington, Virgina.
abingdon , VIRGINIA / United States - 11 18 2020: Abingdon Virginia Downtown Scene near courthouse
abingdon , VIRGINIA / United States - 11 18 2020: Abingdon Virginia, Abingdon Va, Abingdon Downtown Street Scene with Courthouse in Background
abningdon , virginia / United States - 11 17 2020: Abingdon Virginia with Courthouse in Background
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