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Using a old retro portable telephone from the 90s or 80s to place a call. Close-up of the brick phone being used
Young adult happy woman dancing in downtown very emotional. Slow motion of happy young woman in wireless headphones dancing singing outdoors in city street having fun alone
Vintage retro concept of talking on the phone in the 80s 90s on a big telephone with an antenna
Close-up view on an old style telephone dial. Antique white telephone. Rotating all numbers by finger. Old fashioned. Classic phone.
Slow motion of unrecognized people wearing medical face mask in Hong Kong. Coronavirus concept
oldschool cellphone , Old vintage cell mobile phone being used  ,Dialing A Phone Number In A Retro Old Mobile Phone Cell
1955 Cute little boy on old fashioned telephone
Ringing Doorbell with Finger Man and Woman at Day Close Up
Young Man using an Old Phone Turning On and Off Retro TV with Green Screen. You can replace green screen with the footage or picture you want. You can do it with “Keying” effect (check out tutorials).
1940s New York, NY. Woman Telephone Operator at Switchboard Talks on Headset. Close Up of Woman's hands plugging in cables on telephone switchboard. 4K Overscan of Archival 16mm Film Print
Hacker in the 80s 90s hacking a computer retro style. He even takes his vintage phone.
Press Play Button, Macro. A macro close up of the play button being pressed on an old audio cassette player.
Typing on old computer (close up)
Vintage sci-fi scientists working in a operation room: they are sitting at desk, answering phone calls, using computers and making radio transmissions
An audio cassette spools tape in extreme macro. Shallow depth of field with focus on the rorating spool. Suggests an interrogation or phonetap.
Using a retro cell phone from the 80s 90s. Top view from above over a retro 80s 90s desk.
Young Man holding Old Telephone and Watching Retro TV with Green Screen. 4K Resolution.
Woman packs winter themed suitcase for autumn holiday. Vacation preparation, careful bag packing. Millennial generation z travel blogger pack suitcase with social media attributes, vintage camera
Retro push button rotary dial telephone ringing. Incoming phone call on vintage avocado green landline phone.
Teenage Boy Using Old Phone and Turning Off Old Television with Green Screen. You can Replace Green Screen with the Footage or Picture you Want with “Keying” effect in AE  (check out tutorials on YT).
Student on street with credit card and phone Brunette woman sitting on the bench and makes online payments through the Internet from bank card on smartphone
Dialling a phone number using a retro vintage brick cellphone. 80s 90s concept shot
Retro 80s and 90s corded telephone dangling off the hook in dark mysterious home hallway.
Caucasian man's hand dials a number on an old rotary phone close up.
Close-up of asian young female using digital tablet in agricultural field
Cheesy looking young man from the 80s 90s taking a call on a land phone. Vintage background and clothing simulating the 1980 1990 era.
A girl in the headphones is dancing on the street. Happy woman in glasses having fun outdoor.
1990's USA South Central Bell Telephone Company Television Commercial Advertisement. Wacky Families juggle  day to day living and rotary phone calls. 4K Scan from vintage broadcast VHS Betacam Master
CIRCA 1923 - In this drama film, a woman phones an evil banker to tell him she knows about his crimes.
Audio cassette tape in use sound recording in the tape recorder. Vintage music cassette with a blank white label, playing back in the player. 4K, static camera shot
CIRCA 1941 - In this animated film, Superman tries to save Lois Lane from a flying robot but is thrown off course.
Extreme close up look at mouth of man who talks on old vintage retro phone. There light in the back, counter. beautiful movie look of chatter on phone.
1950's USSR Russian Scientist Listens on Headphones to Cosmonauts Surveillance. The Magnetic Tape Machine Records on Reel to Reel. 4K Overscan of 16mm Film Showing Frame Lines and Sprocket Holes
Caucasian funny young man nerd in glasses and with mustache sitting in retro style home and talking on wired vintage telephone of 80's. Male laughing and speak in phone call. Goofy guy of 90's.
Helsinki, Finland 08/01/2020 Nokia 3210 Iconic Mobile Phone From 1990's Spin Close Up With Black Background. Vintage GSM Cellphone Device
1950s: Woman answers phone at desk in AV Library office. Men and women enter office and talk.
old senior man farmer with digital tablet working in field smart farm. agriculture concept. farmer working in field harvesting crop farm. old senior farmer is engaged in smart farming agriculture
Typing on old computer
Moscow, Russia - May 01, 2020: Blonde female recording selfie video for instagram social media app. Woman choosing filters masks for a viral video.
CIRCA 1954 - In this animated film, private eye Popeye traces a phone call from a scared woman.
Young african american man dancing outdoor with vintage boombox - Party and summer lifestyle concept
Amazing Girl is sincerely enjoying listening to Music in modern Headphones. Red-haired Girl starting listening to Music, using new Music App on Smartphone. Colorful pink Frame on Studio. Cute Girl.
A lot of phone calls: Busy Angry assistant agent helper  working and answering a lot of calls at the same time, landline rotary phone. old school marketing or bad assistance concept
two retro robots on old tin can can phones
Young stylish Caucasian cool man sit on chair lin vintage apartment listening to music in headphones at home in room with warm light and typing on cellphone searching internet surfing social network
Vintage Fixed Landline Phone from 1970's on Spinning Display. Close Up
Retro green telephone tube on green background with copy space. Waiting telemarketing phone call.
In the '80s or '90s young man answering the phone while using his personal computer typing on a keyboard. Retro scene with vintage colors and atmosphere.
Top View Of Man Dialing A Phone Number On A Vintage Retro Black Rotary Telephone On Black Background.
Extremely Shocked Girl is screaming Wow, Yes while using new Apps on Smartphone. Isolated Studio Frame, concept: New Apps, Phones, Social Networks, Happy Emotions. Sunshiny Girl browsing on Internet.
1970s Atlanta, GA. Bell South Commercial TV Ad. Elderly Grandma talking on a Rotary Phone.  4K Overscan of 16mm Film from Vintage Television Commercial Advertisement
Texting on an oldschool cellphone
Black and white vintage celluloid scratched footage of hand turning wheel on old fashioned landline telephone, telephone call, dialling, vintage technology
Close up of hand holding retro green telephone tube on green background with copy space. Waiting telemarketing phone call.
Person using old vintage mobile phone. Camera lens of cellular with buttons. Black small cellphone telephone man holding in hands, push buttons. Isolated on green background isolated chroma key.
Elderly Man Dialing Number Buttons On Retro Push Dial Telephone. Making Phone Call On Vintage Wired Landline Phone..
80s 90s cell phone being used by a young adult.
1950s: Woman vacuums carpet in apartment. Boy climbs on chair and speaks into vintage wall phone. Girl sits on chair and speaks into modern phone on table.
Level Up text message appear on old display. Pixelated text animated on retro monitor with chromatic abberations. 4k 60 fps
retro red phone ringing of the hook isolated on white
Dialing on an old rotary style telephone. Close-up view.
Female hand holding old and retro telephone headset isolated on black background, woman hands with manicure on fingers taking phone tube.
Close-up of a woman's Hands Working on Green Screen on a Laptop. 4k shot.
Bearded hipster man wearing eye glasses and using devices at office. Confident busy male freelancer in trendy eyewear using laptop while surfing net searching information for presentation
Broken touch screen on  used crashed gudget  and Mobile Smart Phone and pad heap,  Devices are prepared for utilization lying one on top of another.
Retro Vintage Television with Noise and Teen Boy Talking on Old Phone.
A woman dialing 911 on an outdated flip phone
Slow motion of happy young woman in headphones dancing outdoors in city street having fun alone. Joyful attractive blonde carefree woman listening to music with smartphone
Using A Rotary Phone for making call. retro communism concept
Oslo , Sweden - 06 21 2021: Vintage Ericsson R520m Mobile Phone From 2000's, Close Up
Young adult happy woman dancing in downtown very emotional. Slow motion of happy young woman in wireless headphones dancing singing outdoors in city street having fun alone.
Close-up of young smiling woman typing an sms message via smartphone device at home interior, cheerful caucasian girl using cellphone at vintage coffee chop, technology and social networks concept
Woman enjoys dancing, listening the music in wireless earphones. Portrait of young woman with headphones listening to music, sing and funny dancing in public place
Woman holding two telephone receivers and listening to boring phone calls
1970s Chicago, IL. Man calls Secretary on Bell Labs Picturephone, an early videotelephony concept similar to Facetime, Skype or Zoom. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print.
Man cowboy with acoustic guitar sits on porch of village house and hosts online podcast using his phone. Concept of creativity, hobbies, lifestyle and recreation. Old, retro decor, burlap background
Beautiful model stands and puts on a hat on the street. Brunette with long hair in a black hat and brown cloak. Portrait frame from the back

Macro shots of a 1970s quarter-inch open-reel tape recorder in operation. Shallow depth of field with focus on the rotating spools. Suggestive of a wiretap or surveillance.
Yellow Audio Cassette in the Tape Recorder Playing and Rotates. Close up. Vintage audio cassette tape with a blank label used for sound recording in a retro cassette player. Call recording. Macro
1970s Chicago, IL. Woman and Man discuss Work on a Picturephone, a Video Conference Computer from Bell Labs.    
4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
Using a 90s flip phone and closing it at the end. Retro vintage technology from the 1990
Dialing old retro rotary phone closeup
Vintage concept of calling someone on the phone in the 80s and 90s
Happy plus-size woman dancing and listening music with smartphone - Party concept - Slow Motion
Prague, CZ - 29 March 2020: Used old mobile phones. Rotating outmoded cellphone. close up of old and obsolete keypad phone. Editorial
green screen video of lightning striking
1950s - Great footage of switchboard operators at work at the phone company in 1950.
Slow motion of happy young blonde woman in wireless headphones dancing singing outdoors in city street having fun alone. Young adult happy woman in a white dress dancing in downtown very emotional
man picks up phone on old phone and turns number plate of phone
beautiful Girl friends taking selfies on road trip at sunset with vintage car RED DRAGON
Slow motion of happy young blonde woman in wireless headphones dancing singing outdoors in city street having fun alone. Young adult happy woman in a white dress dancing in downtown very emotional
Close Up Shooting with an Elderly Person Using an Old Model of Cellphone. Old Mobile Phone, Vintage Communication Technology.
Hong Kong , China - 09 13 2021: Hong Kong - September 13, 2021: Unrecognized people wearing medical face masks in Hong Kong.
Close up of old and obsolete cellphone
1960s: Man sits at desk, phone rings, man answers phone. Man talks to pay phone. Man sits at desk, talks on phone.
2d Motion graphic animation of Mobile phones evolution Old and new mobile phones, a few generation of phones on cycle seamless loop repeating. technologies progress concept
CIRCA 1950s - A couple argues in their home, and another couple receives a call from an unexpected visitor in 1950.
An old dial phone with a dial on a pedestal. 3D animation.
two toy teeth talking on tin can phones on an old wooden floor
Close Up Shooting with an Elderly Person Using an Old Model of Cellphone. Old Mobile Phone, Vintage Technology Concept.
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