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Young Asian woman read bad news on laptop look desperate, feels stressed due unsaved document, important data loss, notice form bank about debt, device malware, file error, work down the drain concept
Carefree healthy fit young adult asian mom and child daughter having fun dancing together, happy vietnamese family mother play jump with cute little kid girl enjoy leisure lifestyle activity at home
Side view sad Vietnamese woman sitting on windowsill embraces laps feels unhappy, lost on unpleasant thoughts, suffering due life troubles, break up or divorce, waiting or missing beloved man concept
Face of unhappy young asian woman sit on couch rubs temple, closed eyes suffers headache painful feelings chronic migraine hurt. Break up and divorce, difficult period of life concept close up view
Vietnamese ethnicity young woman come to window in cozy modern living room opens curtains breathes fresh air-conditioned air admires view dreams of the future enjoys morning starting new day concept
Cute little asian child girl wear medical hat playing game as vet doctor holding stethoscope listening sick dog in bed, adorable preschool korean child pretending doctor treat toy patient in bedroom
Happy young asian mommy playing with cute small adorable toddler child daughter wear crown holding lifting funny little vietnamese kid up having fun fly in mum arms doing gymnastics exercise on sofa
Asian woman spend free time in internet social media, employee note on calendar event, take break have fun use virtual services, chat in e-date website, text email, enjoy distant communication concept
Happy asian young woman sit at desk at home or workplace typing on laptop receive great news celebrating moment of victory, personal achievement, got hired, high school scholarship admission concept
Asian woman sit at desk hold cellphone typing message receive sms from bank feels incredible happy. Girl makes yes I did it gesture look very excited. Achievement, got hired, lottery money win concept
Happy amazed young asian girl consumer holding opening cardboard box sit on sofa at home, excited vietnamese woman customer receive unbox good parcel, order postal shipping courier delivery concept
Excited young asian lady user winner hold smartphone feel amazed with good surprise social media news mobile online bid app win looking at cellphone laughing celebrating success victory concept
Beautiful young woman walking in nature at sunset and smiling looking at the camera
Caring young asian ethnic mum or nanny helping cute kid daughter teaching toddler child daughter drawing picture with pencils lying on warm heated floor in bedroom learn creative art activity at home
Woman take medicine and Drinking a Glass of Water. focus on the pill bottle. She had a headache and had the flu. health care concept
Close up view face sad Asian woman sit on windowsill look outside into distance suffers, closed eyes cries. Divorce break up marriage split, cheated wife jealousy feelings, emotions of despair concept
Two happy friendly young diverse business women talking during work break standing in office, caucasian and asian female employees share ideas enjoy conversation discussing team project at meeting
Asian employee woman sit at desk use pc do research, student do assignment writing essay search in internet helpful info busy preparing for exams. Modern tech, challenge search issue solution concept
Head shot stylish young guy explaining educational material or software to interested asian colleague in library. Smiling diverse students working on computer on studying research in groups.
Cute adorable asian ethnic kid girl holding color pencil learn drawing lying on warm floor with young vietnamese mom daycare babysitter talking playing teaching helping little child daughter at home
Pleasant smiling mixed race students sitting at table in library, looking at camera. Group of multiracial young people posing for photo in classroom or office. Smart undergraduates studying together.
Smiling young adult asian mum piggybacking little cute child daughter hugging mother from her back playing laughing in bed, small adorable vietnamese kid girl embracing mommy having fun in morning
Focused asian woman in headphones using pc sit at coffee table at home, pretty student girl writes notes learn language, do task, watch on-line webinar, listen audio course, e-learn education concept
Happy friendly diverse female colleagues talking working with sticky notes, smiling professional team two businesswomen sharing creative ideas replacing stickers planning project write on glass wall
Happy Asian woman sit at desk read letter about college admission, scholarship approved, invitation for internship abroad. Got hired job of dream, bank loan accepted, moment of celebration of victory
Happy vietnamese family asian mum daycare babysitter playing with focused cute small kid daughter help building castle of wooden blocks having fun talking laughing lying on warm floor in living room
Close up view young vietnamese woman sitting on sofa at home reduces relieve thirst takes a sips drinking whole glass of water. Dehydration prevention, skin and health care, healthy life habit concept
Two african and asian businesswomen talk work together in teamwork share creative ideas discuss project plan replace post it sticky note stand behind glass discuss corporate strategy at team briefing
Head shot Asian woman posing on grey wall look at camera having charming smile advertise dental services client feels satisfied after procedure. Young professional, intern or student portrait concept
Close up view vietnamese young woman sitting on sofa alone feels depressed looking unhappy suffers having mental pain goes through divorce cheated by boyfriend, unwell bad condition, break up concept
Asian girl sit on sofa put cell on tripod record new vlog, make overview of anti acne cream hyaluronic acid serum effective beauty treatment share opinion feels happy with purchase, vlogging concept
Asian woman sit on sofa hold cellphone read unpleasant news bad sms feels upset start crying. Bank notice about debt, student unsuccessful exam pass, not hired of dream job. Moment of failure concept
Girls walks wearing  Vietnamese hat on Golden Bridge, Vietnam. Slow motion
Exhausted young woman flopped down on sofa face in cushion rest in living room. Concept of tired overworked person hard day, teen girl first unrequited love life troubles, lack of energy breakdown
Asian manager wear headset sit at desk look at pc screen talk with client distantly. Job interview by video conference call communication between applicant and employer. Hiring, helpline work concept
Happy multiracial students outdoor walking and talking to each other. Portrait of cheerful diverse college friends with books and backpack walking together at campus after classes
Happy young multiracial women in white robes lying in row on bed upside down, raising barefoot slender legs, celebrating enjoying pajamas spa bridal bachelorette hen party together in hotel or home.
Vertical view selfie videocall shot of attractive beautiful young asian lady in red chinese new year celebration outfit happy smile talk and looking to camera mobile phone wishing for lunar festival.
Happy funny cute little asian kid daughter learning using technology device look at laptop enjoy watching online cartoons on computer with adult parent vietnamese mom or nanny resting on sofa at home
Asian woman sit at desk at home read letter about debt feels upset. Employee receive at workplace bad news holds dismissal staff cuts notice. Student university expulsion, scholarship revoked concept
Lively Asian woman use smartphone records video for social networks makes funny faces, blow air-kiss, flirts laughs looking carefree, dances grimaces in front of camera, having fun, close up face view
Beautiful young woman walking in nature at sunset and smiling looking at the camera
Happy funny barefoot family young asian mother nanny and cute small vietnamese kid girl child daughter playing running having fun in modern living room on warm floor enjoy leisure activity together
Happy Asian young woman sit on sofa hold cellphone receive message feels excited celebrating on-line lottery victory, got opportunity hired job of dream, new app software, moment of win candid emotion
A beautiful Asian girl makes breakfast by looking at how to make it with her laptop computer with a happy face. At her own house
Close-up of an upset young woman sitting on the bed, rubs against her temple, with closed eyes suffers from headache, painful sensations, chronic fatigue, depression.
Funny happy asian small cute kid daughter and parent mum holding pillows playing fight in bed, little vietnamese child girl having fun with adult mother enjoying lifestyle morning activity together
Hue city, Viet Nam, September 18th 2019: 
Young Vietnam woman wearing Ao Dai culture traditional at  Imperial Place, Hue, Vietnam
Group of happy pretty young women in white nightgowns bathrobes sit on bed, toasting with glasses of champagne wine, celebrating bridal shower, hen bachelorette birthday spa party together in hotel.
Young Asian hipster woman with skateboard walking in city
Asian woman eating fresh vegetables salad in her room.
Asian woman sitting on couch in cozy living room hold tablet device smile enjoy free time chat on-line with friends, buy in e-commerce web sites. Modern tech, everyday usage easy and cool app concept
Macro portrait of attractive positive afro-american female and asian male faces next to each other. Closeup of multiethnic man and woman looking at camera.
Vietnamese woman sit at coffee table in living room holding paper checking domestic bills calculates data feels upset due high prices or debt. Lack of finances, financial problems, bankruptcy concept
Excited asian student girl feels euphoric got exam results celebrating successfully pass college admission. Online bet victory lottery win, moment of receiving happy news, hired work of dream concept
Attractive Vietnamese woman sitting on sofa using smart phone holds near mouth talking with boyfriend over loud speaker. Usage of voice messaging, modern ai tech, intelligent virtual assistant concept
Girls and women pray at Wong Tai Sin Temple in Hong Kong
Stressed millennial asian vietnamese mixed race woman making online payments using bank card and mobile applications, feeling unhappy with wrong data enter or financial problems in e-banking account.
Frustrated architect student comparing measures on drawing with notes, mistakes
Asian teen student girl smiling looking at camera. Girl in high school
Attractive asian woman librarian flipping through pages of large book at library
Girl teen student of Asian ethnicity in shirt hold backpack books do crazy expression squint eyes isolated plain pastel light pink background studio portrait. Education in high school college concept
Excited asian female consumer opening parcel cardboard box receiving online shop fragile postal shipment order, happy ethnic girl customer satisfied with good purchase fast courier delivery concept
Emotional laughing young vietnamese mother lifting holding happy cute baby daughter, dancing barefoot in modern living room. Overjoyed mixed race asian family playing having fun together at home.
Dreamy scene with beautiful happy asian woman in swimming pool with floppy hat, full frame slow motion
Sapa, Vietnam - march 03, 2020 : Ethnic Hmong young children on the street in Sapa region, North Vietnam
Asian woman sitting on couch holding cellphone using credit card makes instant payment feels happy. Easy on-line shopping, modern tech, safe successful convenient payment, sale and discounts concept
Happy asian woman sit at coffee table in living room manage household finances family budget make payments use laptop, calculate expenditures use calculator, do research, check home expenses concept
Fun promoter young woman of Asian ethnicity 20s wears yellow t-shirt point index finger aside scream in megaphone announces sale Hurry up isolated on plain pastel light pink background studio portrait
Pretty Korean woman read e-mail on laptop cant believe in luck, looking excited surprised, feels very happy. Student got university scholarship, pass admission, on-line auction, victory moment concept
Focused young indian girl helping vietnamese colleague with study, sitting together in library, working on computer. Diverse concentrated students working on school projects or preparing for session.
The little girl gives the cardboard box to her mother on her birthday or mother's day. Her mother unpacks, rejoices in the new thing, and kisses her daughter.Slow motion video.
Focused happy millennial asian multiracial businesswoman working on computer with documents, analyzing paper reports, feeling satisfied with research results, distant workday in home office concept.
Smiling attractive millennial asian korean mixed female blogger recording make up routine video on smartphone, showing beauty products and tools, recommending cosmetics, modern marketing concept.
Head shot happy beautiful millennial korean asian woman looking at camera, standing in own apartment, smiling young mixed race renter client posing indoors, satisfied with real estate agency services.
Beautiful vietnamese woman sitting on couch in cozy living room enjoy moment of opening small carton parcel box feels happy. On-line shopping satisfied buyer. Home delivery easy fast service concept
Close up view Vietnamese ethnicity young woman standing near window at home looking into distance outside waiting for beloved man feels cheated, hopes he will come. Female and break up divorce concept
Cute adorable small asian child girl sit on warm heated floor holding toys at home nursery, focused little kid playing with wooden blocks and dinosaurs alone in kindergarten, children games concept
Portrait of a cute simple Vietnamese girl student. Face close-up.
Focused indian student pointing at paper notes, preparing for college examinations with multiracial groupmates. Concentrated mixed race friends working on research project together in library.
Excited jubilant overjoyed young woman of Asian ethnicity 20s wears yellow t-shirt doing winner gesture celebrate clenching fists say yes isolated on plain pastel light pink background studio portrait
Confused shy shamed young woman of Asian ethnicity 20s wear yellow t-shirt look camera spreading hands say oops ouch oh omg i am so sorry isolated on plain pastel light pink background studio portrait
CIRCA 1965 - Viet Cong and Vietnamese villagers defend their village from an American aerial attack in this captured North Vietnam War film..
Side view young excited female asian ethnicity client unpacking huge cardboard parcel. Happy millennial vietnamese woman unboxing order from internet store, satisfied with fast delivery service.
Asian woman smile outdoor desert wind blowing hair, wear white shirt close up face of young happy girl looking to camera cheerful
Back view of sexy woman in rooftop infinity pool with modern cityscape in background, full frame
Asian family parents and kids standing and looking into shopping mall window
Mixed race young woman texting message on smartphone and smiling. Joyful girl scrolling, tapping and chatting on mobile phone outdoor.
Ho Chi Minh City , Vietnam - 07 19 2020: Young Vietnamese woman in traditional royal robes poses in a buddhist temple. Footage is in Slow Motion
28.11.2020-Danang city, Vietnam: Slowmotion Aerial shot of a young woman walking on the Golden Bridge in the city of Danang. Tourist destination in central Vietnam. Travel to Vietnam concept
Asian young vlogger make up artist woman use smart phone gives overview of cosmetics eye lashes mascara and skin care products record advertisement video for subscribers, vlogging, influencing concept
Happy funny excited beautiful young asian business woman dancing alone in modern hallway celebrate reward successful career corporate promotion enjoy victory dance in office concept, slow motion
Point of view selfie videocall shot of attractive beautiful young asian lady in red chinese new year celebration outfit happy smile talk and looking to camera mobile phone wishing for lunar festival.
Point of view selfie videocall shot of attractive beautiful young asian lady in red chinese new year celebration outfit happy smile talk and looking to camera mobile phone wishing for lunar festival.
Loving adult daughter in hijab is giving a gift box to her mother. The young woman gives a gift to her mother's day, hugs and congratulates her mother at home.
Funny happy young asian women friends wear white dressing gowns towels on head make cucumber facial skin care mask on eyes laugh having together look at camera on spa beauty salon party with balloons
Head shot attractive young mixed race diverse girls sitting on bed, looking at camera. Happy smiling millennial female friends students enjoying pajama sleepover slumber party together in bedroom.
Cute little asian ethnicity preschool child girl lying on comfortable bed with young mommy nanny, using funny mobile applications. Happy vietnamese family having fun, recording video on cellphone.
Sporty Asian woman doing push-ups outdoor
Pleasant young asian korean female student looking at web camera, studying online, talking to language tutor. Happy chinese vietnamese woman blogger recording educational video or making call.
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