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Female ecological engineer uses digital tablet and collects efficient information about solar panels. Photovoltaic solar farm. Green energy. Environment.
electrical silhouette worker engineer a working with digital tablet, power near tower with electricity. energy business technology industry concept. electrical engineer studying reading on tablet
Human communication network concept. Human resources. Personnel management system.
Woman sit at workplace desk working, close up female hands using calculator laptop app calculate costs, pay through e-bank application. Business, household expenses, manage budget, accountancy concept
Close up engineers use laptop and project plan on the solar farm in special uniform standing look around discuss the installation of sunny batteries electricity environmental slow motion
Multiethnic couple filing tax return, preparing home budget. African American woman and Caucasian man checking utility bill and banking account. Married people preparing taxes and form
African woman sit at desk calculates costs using calculator and laptop, close up view. Female manage expenditures, control personal expenses, pay through e-bank app. Business accounting work concept
4k time lapse of sunset with transmission electricity steel pylon tower. Green energy sustainability and renewable concept. Tilt down
Focused businessman accountant doing calculation for online financial report at workplace. Serious man using calculator paying bill online holding paper sitting at home office desk. Accounting concept
Modern electric meter measuring electrical energy consumption, utility billing
Transmission tower, power tower or electricity pylon. Consist of steel structure framing to support or carry cable, high-voltage powerline or overhead power line. For electrical grid in aerial view.
Exhausted frustrated young mixed race girl sitting on sofa at table with paper bills, feeling stressed about bank loan payments, thinking of unpaid taxes, financial problems, money bankruptcy concept.
Happy positive young couple holding reading good news in document letter, smiling family checking easy service to pay paper domestic bills online on laptop discuss budget, satisfied with money refund
Worried senior retired couple checking calculating bills bank loan payment doing paperwork discuss unpaid debt taxes, stressed old grandparents family look at laptop upset about money problem concept
Focused serious young indian woman using computer accounting applications, calculating domestic utility bills, managing monthly budget finances, paying banking loan online, sitting at table in home.
African woman using calculator and laptop app calculate costs, incomes, expenses, estimate budget for project, accountant conduct financial inspection, summarize total sum. Finance management concept
Beautiful Female is Loading Dirty Plates into a Dishwasher Machine in a Bright Sunny Kitchen. Girl in Wearing an Apron. Young Housewife Uses Modern Appliance to Keep the Home Clean.
piles of shredded cardboard for recycling
Environmental engineers work at wastewater treatment plants,Water supply engineering working at Water recycling plant for reuse,Technicians and engineers discuss work together.
Maintenance repair man climbs up high electrical pole. Closeup shot zoomed in.
Electrical engineer wearing a helmet and safety vest walking near high voltage electrical lines towards power station during sunset shot in 4k super slow motion
Focused serious young woman in eyewear sitting at coffee table at home, managing personal monthly budget in computer application. Concentrated lady calculating incomes outcomes utility bills.
Laundry Machine Washing Disinfecting, Cleaning Clothes
African-American black driver is being pulled off by mixed-race female police officer. Documents check, speeding ticket. Shot on RED cinema camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
On background man calculates writing in daily planner personal expenses and incomes, close up focus on piggy bank euro coins on table, symbol of budget managing, make savings and take care of tomorrow
appears, if you liked my video, give a like, subscribe to my channel, leave comments, share, link. used green screen
Multiethnic woman doing budget and counting money at home, girl checking dollars to pay utilities bill late at night. Young latin people reviewing invoice, planning family business and filing taxes
appears subscribe to my channel. used green background
Serious young couple husband and wife pay bills online on website app doing paperwork planning budget discuss finances calculate mortgage payments using laptop computer sit at kitchen table at home
Close up young woman summarizing monthly incomes and outcomes with calculator, checking electronic bills in e-banking computer application, managing expenditures and household money payments.
Serious young couple holding papers pay domestic bills online on laptop checking bank account reading document at home, millennial family planning budget discussing money finances expenses
Old middle aged businesswoman working with laptop and papers, busy senior mature woman paying bills online banking managing finances checking budget doing paperwork using computer sitting at desk
Modern electric meter device showing energy consumption, high electricity bill. High energy consumption costs
Cleaning the beach from plastic garbage. Volunteer picks up plastic garbage and throws a plastic bottle into the bag. The concept of volunteering and waste recycling.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, LENS FLARE, DOF: Builder in blue overalls climbs up a aluminium ladder at sunset. Unrecognizable construction site worker climbs up an extendable ladder on a sunny evening.
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Aerial view of crossover SUV car driving along the empty gravel road through green meadows landscape on sunny morning. Drone chasing a car.
Woman wrapped in warm knitted plaid trembling with cold sit alone on sofa suffers from unbearable cool temperature inside, shivering feels unhealthy. Central heat problems, influenza symptoms concept
Payment of utility using QR code and mobile device. Real-time contact-free QR code payment. QR Code Scanner. Electricity and Gas Bill.Consumer pays on his smartphone
Electrical Grid Powder Lines Transfer Energy in Snowy Mountains Aerial View, Aerial view of utility towers in the backcountry wilderness of Washington State
A telecoms operative man is seen working from a ladder on a utility pole, wearing high visibility personal protective clothing, high viz PPE, and hard hat
Imitation of a red-blue flasher on emergency vehicles - firefighters, ambulances, police, Emergency Situations, utilities. Flashing light red.
Serious mixed ethnicity young couple discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, interracial family planning expenses using calculator computer app managing budget money calculating finances taxes
Close-up of ignition and burning of natural gas inside of boiler furnace 4K
Serious couple talking holding papers discuss pay domestic bills on laptop at home, young family having problem with online banking payments disputing over high taxes expenses worried about loan debt
4k Electric bill statement - Energy expense and finance concept
African woman in glasses sit at workplace desk calculating domestic utility bills, planning budget using computer app, making online payments, summarizing monthly expenses. Accountancy work concept
4K drone flies over battery containers at energy storage facility
Closeup view of working shredder mashine shreddering rubber car tires on processing plant. Environmental protection, recycling of used materials. Recycled automobile tyres on factory.
Plastic recycling container shredder waste crusher. Pet bottle ready for recycling in a garbage sorting center.
Stressed senior couple use e-bank app on laptop check utilities, feels shocked about unpaid taxes bank debt, having conflict discuss money overspend, high domestic bills, financial problems concept
Traffic Jam in the city. Dusk.
Drone shot of powerlines running alongside a gravel country road in rural America
Smart electric meter on residential and commercial buildings
Worried senior old couple stressed about paperwork discuss unpaid bank debt holding bills check expenses, retired aged family read loan payments documents talking at home anxious about money problems
Two maintenance technicians sit high up on power lines
Portrait of key workers industry professionals, Doctor, Teacher, Chef, Supermarket, Delivery, and infrastructure worker, looking to camera, group of professionals split screen
Sad woman sitting on couch at home reads received bad news holds documents paper letter feels desperate about financial problems, domestic bills or debt, girl student worried college expulsion concept
Father and Son Installing Solar Panels to a Metal Basis. They are Holding the Panels on a House Roof on a Sunny Day. Concept of Ecological Renewable Energy at Home and Quality Family Time.
Power is returned after a continental power outage as seen from space. North America version.
Transformer electrical power plant aerial view footage
Happy african american young couple paying bank loan bills online at home, millennial black husband holding papers doing paperwork payment with wife using laptop planning budget sit at desk at home
Solar power plant aerial view.
The landfill is located next to the forest. Orange garbage trucks unload garbage. Household waste management industry. Utilities. High quality. 4k footage.
Happy senior middle aged woman holding financial documents using laptop for internet banking, smiling old mature lady paying bill with online application on laptop working on computer doing paperwork
Man use calculator calculates incomes and expenses, pay for loan, entering data results in laptop application, documents, invoices, utility bills lie on table, close up. Manage family budget concept
Close-up of falling coins in person's hands, making money and great savings for further financial investments in future. High income and profit, low expenses. Dealing with financial business sphere
Financial crisis during covid -19 period. QR Code Scanner Paying. Electricity and Gas Bill. Contact-free payment of utility using QR code and mobile device. Housewife online pays with smartphone
Horizontal drilling rig cutting utilities tunnel hole into limestone rock
Top Down Shot of a Gas Stove Being Turned On. Shot on RED Epic 4K UHD Camera.
Workers laying new sewer pipes on the construction site. Installation of waste water pipes at the construction site
teamwork. two electricians engineer shake hands. business partnership energy technology industry a concept. silhouette two workers handshake. teamwork lifestyle in energy
Debt Letters Piling Up with Bills Overdue, Past Due and Final Notice. Red Writing to Represent Economic Struggle, Unemployment, Home Repossession and Recession,
Children drops the trash recycling bin.
Power Lines And Blue Sky Time Lapse.High Voltage Electricity Transmission Pylon.Power Lines Supply With Wire.High Voltage Electric Tower With Insulators. Electricity Transportation Industry Energetics
Patent document approved, hand stamping seal on official paper, copyright law
electrical silhouette worker engineer a working with digital tablet, near tower with electricity. energy business technology industry concept. electrical power studying reading documents on tablet
Utility worker climbs up high electrical pole to perform maintenance.
COVID-19 Waste Pollution crisis. Used discarded disposable face masks and latex gloves that have ended up in oceans, in a landfill during the pandemic
Close up young african mixed race woman using mobile e-banking application, checking paper bills, managing monthly household or personal budget, making payments online, calculating utilities.
Serious young indian woman calculate domestic bills pay loan payment online on laptop sit at home office desk, focused businesswoman using computer calculator plan expenses manage finances concept
Trash is revolving inside an industrial recycling machine. Waste recycling equipment.
Close-up of a domestic electric meter and dial turning. Concept for energy, utility bills, price increase, meter reading and electricity usage monitoring.
Couple sit on couch holding paper documents discuss loan agreement details term and conditions use e-bank app on computer. Pay utility domestic bills on-line easy remote payment, modern tech concept
Smart electricity pylons, national grid 5G connectivity, IOT concept
Plastic particles for recycling in a machine in a recycling facility
Serious young indian woman calculate domestic bills pay loan payment online on laptop sit at home office desk, focused businesswoman using computer calculator plan expenses manage finances concept
Future Engineering. Diverse Group of Specialists Checking Virtual Reality Efficiency Data Software System of Operating Solar Batteries on the Station. Solar Farm. Alternative Energy. Technology
Utility Bill, camera moves lower left to upper right
High-voltage power tower at sunset,showing moving and changing clouds at sunset time.
Serious african american couple talking doing paperwork using laptop together, focused family calculate pay bill rental payment online on computer holding paper at home office, mentor teaching intern
Young woried curly African girl receives letter in mail with bad news, medical tests, learns about failed exams, holds refusal notice in her hands, feels sad displeasure resentment, upset female face
The helicopter flies high in the sky. Production quality footage in 4k.
Serious senior mature couple talking disputing holding paper bills checking finances expenses, older middle aged family reading bank loan payments documents at home worried about debt money problems
Workers at conveyor sorting garbage at a recycling plant.
Young stressed married couple sit on couch hold papers reading bad news in legal document, got warning notice feel shocked looking frustrated. Pay penalty, unpaid debt, eviction notification concept
Serious millennial couple calculating domestic paper bills at home with laptop computer paying online, focused family man and woman planning budget, managing bank loan payments, household economy
old man and woman are paying utility bills online, staying at home, husband is calling by phone and woman is using laptop with internet
Electricity and Gas Bill. Payment of utilities using QR code and mobile device. QR Code Scanner and Mobile Payment System. Scanning and Paying on smartphone
QR code payment is a touchless payment method where payment is performed by scanning a QR code from a mobile app. Utility bill online invoice. Contactless payments during of social distancing period
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