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The Milky Way Galaxy moving over the mountain ridge. Night lapse from night to day. Starry night.
Adventurous Woman at the edge of a cliff is looking at a beautiful landscape view in the Canyon during a vibrant sunset. Taken in Zion National Park, Utah, United States. Parallax Panorama
RV driving along road on American road trip with beautiful smooth drone footage
View over the sunny a red rock of mountain Zion National Park Utah US
This is drone footage taken from Sedona, Arizona
Enthusiastic teacher high-fiving students exiting doorway from classroom / Provo, Utah, United States
Panning shot of teacher assisting children in classroom reading digital tablets / Provo, Utah, United States
Picturesque View Of Happy Family Riding Ski And Heber Valley Mountains. Excellent beautiful shot of happy family looking to Heber Valley mountains in Utah.
AERIAL: Semi-trailer truck speeds along the motorway running across the desert in Utah. Wintry desert landscape surrounds truck driving down the interstate highway running across rugged US wilderness.
cityscape of denver colorado from aerial view
Aerial drone video - Zion National Park, Utah, USA
Drone flies over the Colorado river, which flows from a red rock massif of a brick structure in a canyon, is destroyed by soil erosion and precipitation. In western United States in Utah, aerial view
Antelope Island, USA with bison herd crossing road in state park near Great Salt Lake City in Utah in slow motion panning
Layton , Utah / United States - 08 25 2019: A group of construction workers putting together the studs for walls and nailing them down. While they build the house.
dawn breaking over rock arches
Road trip to Grand Canyon, Arizona USA, driving auto from Utah. Route 89. Hitchhiking traveling in America, local journey, wild west calm atmosphere of indian lands. Colorado plateau from car window.
CLOSE UP Freight truck hauls cars down a highway crossing the Utah desert. Cargo lorry speeds along the interstate freeway while transporting brand new cars across the country. Hauling cars across USA
Road trip, driving auto in Valley of Fire, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Hitchhiking traveling in America, highway journey. Red alien rock formation, Mojave desert wilderness looks like Mars. View from car.
Snowing in the Banff national park at the summit of sulfur mountain with snow capped mountain ranges Time lapse, Canadian Rockies Mountain Range In the Falling Snow Storm Banff Jasper 30 fps 4K
Cinematic aerial flyover of Colorado River at Marble Canyon in morning light in Arizona
Aerial shot of woman hiker on top of mountain Salt Lake City Utah sunset
Drone point of view flying towards Monument valley rock formations in Navajo land in Utah, USA.
Aerial view of famous landmark in western USA
Mother rolling ball on floor for crawling baby daughter / Bluffdale, Utah, United States
Front view tracking shot of children walking in neighborhood on Halloween / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Panorama of picturesque famous grand canyon of Colorado river with red sandstone rocks in light of sunset. Deadhorse national park, popular tourist destination. View from height of observation point
Drone follows silver car driving along famous sunny American desert highway road in Monuments Valley in Arizona and Utah
Spring and summer mountains of Banff national Park Canada, Cascade Mountain Banff National Park Time Lapse 4K
Family fly fishing on the Provo River in Utah, mother daughter catching fish
Family fly fishing on the Provo River in Utah, high five after making catch
Salt Lake City Utah Skyline at Sunset with Mountains, Aerial Drone
Aerial Panning Canyon Walls And Hillsides, With Hoodoos, Bright Blue Sky, Pine Trees, And The Canyon Rock Formations Stretching Into The Background - Bryce, Utah
Balanced Rock by Night, Time Lapse with Big Full Moon in Arches National Park
bison running follow cam in mountains
Panning shot of women singing duet in band rehearsing in nightclub / Provo, Utah, United States
aerial close up dolly in shot from a dried lake with dead rotten plants and trees in Dasht e Lut or sahara desert, aerial low attitude dolly shot from dead Tamarisk tree in desert
Epic view of Colorado River Horseshoe Bend, USA. Steadicam shot, UHD
Mother laying on sofa lifting and playing with baby daughter / Alpine, Utah, United States
Aerial view of the amazing San Rafael River Canyon in Utah also called the Little Grand Canyon
Laughing woman in car holding cell phone and pointing in slow motion / Hanksville, Utah, United States
The drone follows a camper in Bryce on a sunny day with a clear blue sky in the USA Aerial Drone Footage 4K
Close up of woman rubbing moisturizer on face with washcloth in mirror / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Close up of mother hugging and kissing sleeping baby son / Lehi, Utah, United States
Medium slow motion zoom out shot of yoga class performing downward-facing dog / Provo, Utah, United States
Driving USA: Sunset sunrise point of view shot along empty desert highway through Monument Valley, Arizona Utah
Tracking shot of horses running and grazing near mountain range / Dugway, Utah, United States
Cinematic aerial view over the sunny a red rock of mountain Zion National Park Utah US. Drone Flight Through a Wild Desert Landscape
Hikers Looking Into the Grand Canyon by Aerial Drone
Road trip in USA from Zion to Bryce Canyon, driving auto in Utah. Hitchhiking traveling in America, Route 89 to Dixie Forest. Winter local journey, calm atmosphere and snow mountains. View from car.
Panning shot of teacher questioning students in math class / Provo, Utah, United States
Salt Lake City, Utah skyline against the snow capped Wasatch Front mountains.
Medium panning low angle shot of workers installing solar panel on roof / Mapleton, Utah, United States
Circa - 03/17/2020 - Orem, Utah - Long line out side grocery store during pandemic for Coronavirus.
Camera movement on slot canyon with curved and smooth sandstone vertical walls of red orange color, amazing rock formations antelope canyon, beautiful place to hiking. In Arizona, Utah Usa.
Circa - July, 8, 2021 - Logan Utah - Aerial view looking at the historic USU Old Main Building in Logan Utah.
Medium panning shot of people dancing in exercise class / Orem, Utah, United States
Man rides mountain bike in Rock Canyon and mountains of Utah fitness adventure
Slow motion of doctor and nurse walking and talking in hospital corridor / Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Teacher watching girl solving math equation on classroom whiteboard / Provo, Utah, United States
Businesswoman wearing headset talking in call center / Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States
Driving Plate 4WD Off Road Utah Valley of the Gods Westbound Sunset Multicam Set 09 Front View Southwest USA
Road trip in USA from Zion to Bryce Canyon, driving auto in Utah. Hitchhiking traveling in America, Route 89 to Dixie Forest. Winter local journey, calm atmosphere and snow mountains. View from car.
Bryce Canyon, USA - August 2, 2019: Point of view pov of group of people walking back following hiking on Bryce Canyon National Park Navajo loop Queen's Garden trail in Utah
Closeup Of Carefree Teen Girls Making Funny Faces And Smiling For Selfies (4K)
Slow motion of carefree women talking and laughing on city sidewalk . Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States
Lightning bolt flashing in the sky contacting the ground as it flashes as rainstorm moves through Utah Valley.
Park City, Utah - Beautiful Aerial View Series in Stunning 4K - 2020
downtown denver colorado rising shot with a drone
Bonneville Salt Flats Aerial View from Drone (Utah)
Close up of serious businesswoman wearing headset talking in call center / Pleasant Grove, Utah, United States
Aerial Drone stock video of View Into the Grand Canyon
Off road ATV drive desert road POV Southern Utah. Southern Utah desert Sand Hollow. Red sandstone, dirt sand trails. Outdoor extreme 4x4 recreation ride and adventure. Point of view, POV.
Close up of woman washing face with washcloth in mirror / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Salt Lake City Utah Skyline at Sunset, Mountains Behind, Aerial Drone
Medium panning shot of businesswoman giving presentation / Lehi, Utah, United States
MOAB, UTAH - 20 MAY 2020: 4x4 off road recreation desert sandy trail UTV Moab Utah POV. Tourists worldwide come to Arches, Canyonlands National Parks. Off road recreation, 4x4 rock trail climbing.
Panning shot of children arriving for start of class in elementary school / Provo, Utah, United States
Cinematic aerial of Bryce Canyon National Park, red rocky spires, natural phenomena, landscape of another planet, scenic Utah
4K flying fast over the desert toward a red rock mesa revealing a mountain in the distance.
Bike trail ride desert canyon southern Utah red rocks bridge POV. Bicycle trails in St George southern Utah in desert and red rock landscape. Healthy Exercise on paths.
Aerial: Drone moving over rocky landscape with hiker standing at Corona Arch on in desert - Moab, Utah
Close up of mother with baby daughter posing for cell phone selfies / Bluffdale, Utah, United States
aerial of rv driving on icefields parkway in jasper
CIRCA 1938 - A man puts a sail on a flat bed on wheels to drive across a dry lakebed in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Salt Lake City , Utah , United States - 12 11 2021: Aerial in Utah State Capitol
Man rock climbing extreme vertical rock climb
SPANISH FORK, UTAH - 20 MAR 2020: Shoppers long line Coronavirus crisis store POV. Covid-19 starts China. Wide spread international panic, medical cases spread. Shortage food, supplies toilet paper.
Slow motion rack focus of woman and men playing guitars in nightclub / Provo, Utah, United States
Time Lapse - Beautiful cloudscape in Arches National Park, Utah
Famous red rock formations landscape panoramic view from scenic road trip driving pov in summer in Monument Valley, Arizona North America, USA with butte mesa rocks in morning sunlight sunrise
Close up high angle view of woman floating in natural pool / Meadow, Utah, United States
Car hitting distracted driver / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Girls studying at online school on laptop and taking notes at night / Cedar Hills, Utah, United States
Aerial of Utah Capitol in Salt Lake City, green cityscape
Orem , Utah , United States - 10 01 2021: Traffic Jam of Cars Driving on Interstate Freeway in Utah County, Aerial
Beautiful 4K aerial footage above the Bear River in Box Elder County, Utah with the Wasatch Range in the background, no people
CIRCA 1935 - Rescued kidnap victim George Weyerhaeuser smiles for photographers.
Timelapse view of stone monument from natural phenomena with clear sky and stars at night, Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA. 4k, UHD.
Timelapse view of red rocky spires from natural phenomena from dusk till dawn in Bryce Canyon National Park, Utah, USA. 4k, UHD.
Young woman sitting at hotel cabin terrace looking on cinematic nature landscape in sunrise light. Happy tourist enjoying beautiful morning view and dreaming at trip. Contemplating Monument valley 4K
Utah Desert Sunset Drone Crane Shot Showing wild adventure travel destination
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