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Falling drop into coffee cup, super slow motion at 1000 fps.
View of famous Hallstatt mountain village in the Austrian Alps at beautiful light in summer, Salzkammergut region, Hallstatt, Austria. Hallstatt village on Hallstatter lake in Austrian Alps.
Doctor makes vaccination in the children's hands. Injection of a syringe in the shoulder close-up. 4k
A nighttime exterior establishing shot of the upper floors of a typical Brooklyn brownstone residential home as a room lights up then turns off.	Day matching: 1045545877
Movement on the antelope canyon with wavy and smooth sandstone walls of red color, amazing rock formations, beautiful place
September 2021 - 4K aerial of Manhattan from Central Park, NYC, USA
Upper jaw with prosthesis all-on-6 system supported by implants
A group of successful young people hold hands, together they raise their upper hand. Successful team and team building concept.
The shore of Lake Superior. Upper Peninsula of Michigan Aerial drone footage.
oxygen and carbon dioxide exchange in alveoli
Full arch dental prosthesis of the upper jaw.
Positive curly haired woman smiles positively recommends using blank space indicates at upper right corner dressed in casual t shirt isolated over vivid yellow background shows direction or way
Royal Caribbean Cruise liner, Miami, USA, May 2019. 4K aerial of upper deck of luxury cruise ship with crowd of tourists having fun at water park and playgrounds during their vacation. Voyage holidays
Invisalign removable and invisible retainer placement on upper jaw over white background
ISTANBUL - CIRCA 2019: Flying over the crude oil tanker. Bow, red upper deck, pipe lines, cranes, wheelhouse and radar mast of a tanker ship on ride. Supertanker Nordic Zenith underway in the open sea
Upper East Side, Manhattan, New York, NY / USA - May 20, 2020: 7 pm '"thank you" appreciation to health workers, front line during outbreak pandemic CoronaVirus COVID-19, Manhattan, New York
Professional sport stadium with gates and crowd. Stadium made in 3D.
Dendera temple or Temple of Hathor. Egypt. Dendera, Denderah, is a small town in Egypt. Dendera Temple complex, one of the best-preserved temple sites from ancient Upper Egypt.
Bearded man is playing poker in casino. Man is winning and throwing four aces.
Interior of Dendera temple or Temple of Hathor. Egypt. Dendera, Denderah, is a small town in Egypt. Dendera Temple complex, one of the best-preserved temple sites from ancient Upper Egypt.
Footage 4k Timelapse, Looking up to Central Business District and dowmtown financial skyscraper buildings in Singapore with moving clouds and sun in the sky.
Asian female student taking online class. e-learning. Remote work.
Video of tired young woman suffering neck pain while sitting on the stool in the kitchen at home.
Image of a smiling female employee
Japanese woman receiving a facial massage at an aesthetic salon
Interior of Dendera temple or Temple of Hathor. Egypt. Dendera, Denderah, is a small town in Egypt. Dendera Temple complex, one of the best-preserved temple sites from ancient Upper Egypt.
The Upper East Side in Manhattan, as seen from the Socrates Sculpture Park located in the neighbourhood of Astoria, Queens, in New York City, 2018
Upper jaw with installing dental veneers
Aerial view of Mississippi river at sunset. Minnesota Wisconsin border, near La Crosse. Summer, beautiful evening landscape, clouds
Make-up artist applies makeup to the upper eyelid, close-up.  Makeup artist applies a bright eye shadow with a makeup brush.Tutorial master class of professional makeup. Slow motion cinematic shoot.
New York, NY USA - October 2, 2020: New York City Street Corner in Upper Manhattan, Pedestrians Crossing Street with Face Coverings During Covid-19 Pandemic
Young asian businessman calling with a smart phone in the office. Executive person. Slow motion.
Concert of rap singer Travis Scott.Group of hip hop fans party on festival in music hall.Presentation of Owl Pharaoh album,song Upper Echelon in nightclub. MOSCOW-6 DECEMBER,2014
A beautiful suburban home slider shot in a very nice neighborhood on a sunny, blue sky day
Close upper panoramic view of long conveyor with toilet paper moving slowly in large light factory workshop
Aerial footage of Table Mountain flat summit with upper station of cable car. Fly around high rock above ocean coast at sunset. Cape Town, South Africa
Bow and front deck of oil products tanker on ride. Supertanker loaded with full of oil underway in the open sea. Red prow, upper deck, pipe lines and winches of tanker ship cruising in ocean. Slow Mo.
Tilt down shot of six elderly people and their trainer performing stretching exercise during group workout in park
Woman feels pain in upper abdomen, symptom of gastritis, indigestion, closeup
Asian women and waiter in cafe.
Low aerial shot of Beverly Hills mansions littering the hillside. 4K
closeup of Asian beauty walking indoors touch couch feather elegantly
Chubby woman pinching upper arm fat isolated on blue background. Close up of caucasian female hand checking flabby skin. Body control, time to go on diet and weight loss concept
Pregnant brunette woman tries to sleep and wakes up man snoring while sleeping in bed covered with white sheets in bedroom at home, upper view.
Couple of asian woman using a smart phone in the cafe space.
A transparent curtain on the window, gently moved by the wind. sunlight. 4k
Super slow motion of dripping milk drop, top view. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Slow motion: woman finger pressing elevator up button on lift control panel at mall, hotel or business center - close up view. Technology, moving up, progress, growth and success concept
Magical 3D orb closeup visual effect. Energy swirling inside the sphere. Seamless 4K vj loop. Psychedelic motion with glowing bright fire neon light. 3D render.
Miami, May 2019. Carnival Cruise liner sailing to Bahamas. People on the upper deck celebrates vacation. 4K aerial view of shipboard of the cruise ship leaving terminal. Water transportation, Florida
Smiling young asian couple in front of green plants.
Asian businessman using a smart phone. Mobile app. Slow motion.
Upper jaw with two types of dental implants placement over white background
This 3d medical animation shows a shouder labral tear with surgical repair
Flying over a cargo ship cruising northbound on Straits Bosporus. A bulk carrier or bulker is a merchant ship specially designed to transport unpackaged bulk cargo, such as grains, ore, coal or timber
Aerial pan of the Statue of Liberty and Manhattan skyline, New York City, dark summer night light. Wide shot. 4k shot with a RED camera.
BRASILIA, DISTRITO FEDERAL/ BRAZIL -  July 2019: Sunrise aerial orbiting the National Congress Federal Senate and Chamber of Deputies upper and lower house government buildings
NEW YORK - CIRCA 2020 - An excellent orbiting aerial view shows the upper half of the Statue of Liberty in New York City, New York at night.
Muscular System upper body animation, with alpha. Camera rotation showing all the muscles, in slow motion. Alpha included in the second sequence.
Harlem, NY, USA - February 10, 2021: A BLM Pride flag hangs outside of a Harlem row house
Falling sugar cane into coffee cup, super slow moton at 1000 fps.
CIRCA 1920 - Wealthy bankers and aristocrats attend a fancy outdoor luncheon.
Miami, May 2019. Carnival Cruise liner sailing to Atlantic ocean. Top down view of upper deck with cafes water slides and playgrounds. Passengers celebrating vacation. 4K aerial view of white ship.
Miami, May 2019. Carnival Cruise liner sailing to Atlantic ocean. People on upper deck celebrates vacation. Water transportation. 4K aerial view of stern of the cruise ship leaving cruise terminal
The upper view on the four people getting in the car
Upper west side Manhattan skyline with Central park in New York city Aerial
CAMBRIDGE, MA, USA - JUNE 28, 2017: Harvard business school Massachusetts 4k prores drone shot
Adding fresh milk to cocoa powder in glass to make delicious drink on blue table in studio close view from above slow motion
Thinking while looking at a computer Young Japanese female medical worker
Physical therapist assisting young man in the gym at hospital. Person lean on knees while working with doctor. Bearded male
AERIAL WS Landscape with mountains and Sylvenstein Reservoir / Upper Bavaria, Germany
Aerial view of austrian mountain village Hallstatt and Hallstatter lake. Beautiful summer time. Salzkammergut, Austria. Hallstatt village over Hallstatter See, in Salzkammergut, Austria.
Removable traditional denture installation over white
B roll sense of healthcare concept. Asian Older man suffering from shoulder pain sitting on chair. Health problem retired asian old man hands touching massage on shoulder while Relieve pain.
Aerial view from drone on crowd of people who is starting their run on marathon event.
Make-up artist applies makeup to the upper eyelid, close-up.  Makeup artist applies a bright eye shadow with a makeup brush. Tutorial master class of professional makeup. Slow motion cinematic shoot.
New York City Circa-2015, daytime aerial view of Upper East Side and Central Park from Midtown Manhattan
Healthy senior man wearing cpap mask waking up freshly with  smiling face from smooth sleeping all night long,healthcare concept.Obstructive sleep apnea therapy.
This 3d animation shows an x-ray man performing  biceps curls with dumbbells
Aerial view of pristine river and tree fern forest, Kaitoke, New Zealand
children and parents play on modern interesting safe playground in park near new apartment buildings aerial view
Removable overdenture installation on bar clip attachment, supported by implants
Aerial panoramic shot of famous tourist attraction at sunset. Backwards reveal of flat top of Table Mountain. Cape Town, South Africa
Slow Mo. A red oil tanker underway through Bosphorus Strait. Prow, upper deck, pipe lines and winches of tanker ship. Approximately 55000 vessels transit annually in Turkish Straits. Close up, Aerial
Luxurious Wealthy Neighborhood, Beautiful Homes in Marbella, Spain. Aerial Pan Out View
Two Local Women Carefully Crossing Hussaini Suspension Bridge Over Hunza River In Pakistan. - aerial orbit
Smart young dachshund dog looks for tasty treats in containers of developing mind teaser on floor extreme close upper view
Aerial view of an upper middle class lakefront neighborhood subdivision with single family homes and townhouses, pool and clubhouse on a cloudy fall day in Winter Garden, Florida, USA.
Antelope slot canyon with smooth and wavy sandstone walls orange red colors. Camera is pointing up and shooting turn around in place. Graceful curves and stunning place in Arizona USA
Pilgrimage church Vierzehnheiligen, Upper Franconia, Germany
Delivery pizza box. Chopped hot pizza in a cardboard box. Pizza with mushrooms and cheese. Top view. Flat lay
New York City Aerial v13 Vertical shot looking down over Midtown Manhattan heading west just after sunset.
Young asian woman writing text on sticky notes. Brainstorming.
Human denture of the upper jaw in the hand. Used acrylic denture. Video of a Set of false teeth in a women's hand.
Futuristic Design of AI Robot Hand. Black Engineer Telling About Innovative Robot Arm to Students or Start-uppers. Advanced Robotics Technology for Factory Working Concept. Slow Motion
In the dark dental laboratory in the desk laying an axiosplit device inside with the ceramic model of upper jaw inside and male medical worker sitting near to the device and tight screw the details.
Carnival Cruise liner sailing to Caribbean Islands, Miami, 2019. Stunning 4K aerial view of beautiful white passenger ship with passengers relaxing on upper deck with waterslides and sport playgrounds
Professional sport stadium with gates and crowd. Stadium made in 3D.
CIRCA 1930s - Upper class people use guns to shoot the bulbs of Belisha beacon lamps in a British city.
middle aged female's eye with drooping eyelid. Ptosis is a drooping of the upper eyelid, lazy eye. Cosmetology and facial concept, first wrinkles
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