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Funny lazy office worker napping at workplace covering eyes with sticky notes. Inefficient tired male employee pretends working sleeping with stickers on face sits at desk. Cheating to sleep concept
Tired comic male man manager pretends working sleeping with stickers on face sitting at desk laptop. Funny lazy office businessman student napping at workplace covering eyes with sticky notes glasses
Exhausted overloaded young man in casual shirt came home after work flopped down on sofa feels like squeezed lemon. Concept of after party, tired overworked person hard day, lack of energy, breakdown
Funny happy young woman singing while listening to loud music in headphones sitting at office desk with laptop surrounded by diverse colleagues, lazy worker wasting time at workplace in co-working
Funny bored at work african american businessman worker falling asleep at office desk, sleepy deprived tired mixed race male student employee sleeping at workplace near laptop feel overworked concept
Young fat man having insomnia and zapping tv channels sitting on sofa in living room at night. Lonely obese man spending evening at home watching tv.
Bored sad indian worker tired unmotivated and disinterested in dull work with laptop paperwork, lazy female hindu employee feeling lack of motivation, annoyed with boredom in office and boring job
Tired couple sit on sofa surrounded by heap of big carton boxes look at each other feels upset due long run house remodeling, renovations, repairs. physical exhaustion after move out from flat concept
Funny cute pug dog do fitness at home. Cute face. Funny lazy sport pug. Tired of training, lying on the mat. Falling asleep with dumbbells in the paws. Funny dog sport and laziness concept
Stressed unmotivated man confused by mistake in documents, looking through papers, frowning using laptop, failing urgent task, missing deadline, quits after bad work fed up with difficult job
Funny lazy office worker napping at workplace covering eyes with sticky notes. Inefficient tired female employee pretends working sleeping with stickers on face sits at desk. Cheating to sleep concept
People takes parts participating at seminar workshop listens information given by trainer, close up focus on yawning employee feels bored disinterested during presentation training in boardroom office
Overwhelmed frustrated young woman feeling tired due to computer overuse, suffering from blurred eyesight, massaging temples and irritated eyes. Stressed overworked female freelancer having migraine.
Tired sleepy young business woman falling asleep sit at home office desk with computer, overworked lazy bored lady worker feel fatigue close eyes sleeping on hand exhausted of work deprived concept
angry serious mum lecturing lazy unmotivated schoolboy, children education problem, parent and child conflict. Stressed mother and son frustrated over failure homework.
Tired sleepy african business woman with orange adhesive notes on her eyes. Fatigued indifferent clerical female worker sit at desk feel bored due routine work. Overworked unmotivated employee concept
Black employee sleeping put head on hands during corporate seminar business training in boardroom yawning bored participants workers listen tedious coach unmotivated staff boring presentation concept
Head shot exhausted young indian ethnicity woman falling down on cozy couch, sleeping resting at home after hard working day, relieving stress or renewing energy at home, relaxation concept.
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, 20 OCTOBER, 2019:Overwhelmed business manager in despair putting off his glasses feeling tired of excessive workload relaxing in chair at office workspace.
A lot of tired young people sleeping in the lecture hall during a boring presentation. Unmotivated young students feeling exhausted in the auditorium during a presentation.
Little  boy sitting at dining table in kitchen in front of bowl with milk and corn flakes, kid feels sluggish without appetite lack of energy in the morning. Get up early, not tasty breakfast concept
Reflection of young African American man looking in mirror and thinking. Thoughtful handsome guy with tattoo on hand leaving bathroom in the morning.
Exhausted unmotivated young european man falling asleep on couch, feeling no energy after hard working day. Overwhelmed 30s businessman flopping down on sofa, needs rest at home, burnout concept.
Head shot lazy unproductive tired young male office worker employee in glasses sleeping at workplace on table with laptop and crumpled paper documents, feeling exhausted after overtime workday.
Funny cute pug dog do fitness at home. Portrait. Funny lazy sport pug. Tired of sport training, lying on the mat to sleep. Funny dog sport concept
Angry woman ceo team leader firing unprofessional incompetent black man employee for bad results asking to leave during group meeting with hand gesture, racial discrimination at work dismissal concept
Tired exhausted Afro woman bored of routine work study in office at home with laptop, loses energy, lays head on hands on table, falls asleep long day at workplace, girl feeling sluggish unhealthy
Bored african employee sits at desk using laptop, tardy black employee answering call, lazy office worker talking on the phone, speaking by mobile working on computer, no motivation, boring routine
Idler young woman lying on couch covered with plaid at home alone holding TV remote control switch channels waste time feels bored. Lazy day off at home, unmotivated female, inactive lifestyle concept
Serious focused pensive student girl freelancer woman sitting at desk in front of laptop thinking search solution looking out the window feels tired or unmotivated while studying or working at home
Tired stressed overworked multi ethnic business woman falling asleep at desk, sitting at table with laptop. Depressed unmotivated asian freelancer lying on table, feeling boredom working from home
Unhappy european young fired woman sits on the stairs and frustrating feeling sad of losing prestigious job. Unemployment. Job crisis. Broken ambitions.
A fat village girl dances on a field. HD
Unhappy unmotivated young mixed race indian woman coming home after hard workday, throwing away backpack, falling on comfortable sofa, feeling exhausted, renewing energy, resting alone indoors.
Tired busy employee working on laptop drinking lot of coffee, lack of energy and inspiration in morning, deadline at work. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Overworked student girl sleeping at desk with laptop and papers feels tired. Unmotivated unproductive employee woman lying on table fall asleep feeling boredom. Need rest, no energy, insomnia concept
Sad couple leave house sit on floor back to back feel tired, heap of carton boxes with belongings near. Division of property, start living separately, divorce, hard move day, debt and eviction concept
Pensive sad woman in headphones sit at desk in front of laptop thinking, has difficulties, search problem solution, task making, feeling boredom or tired after long studies or exam preparation concept
Side view tired young woman working on computer, feeling head ache. Unmotivated overworked girl student suffering from high blood pressure, studying on laptop alone at home office workplace.
Bored businessman sleeping during business meeting with colleagues. Multiethnic team brainstorming during meeting with male executive napping sitting at desk in office
Male snoring at night in bed, sleeping apnea disease, breath shortness, asthma
Exhausted millennial male hold head with hand sitting at office table falling asleep, tired man fall asleep working at laptop at workplace, sleepy guy feel fatigue taking nap near computer
Funny cute pug dog do not want to do fitness at home. Funny sad sport pug. Tired of sport training, lying on the mat with no motivation. Funny dog sport concept
Young African ethnicity woman feels tired like squeezed lemon, without motivation and energy, fall down on sofa in living room at home. Exhausted overworked female, hard working day, breakdown concept
Very upset man crying in bed
Anxious stressed young male manager employee entrepreneur in eyeglasses crumping paper documents, feeling nervous analyzing data statistics reports, standing and leaving workplace, deadline concept.
Exhausted Or Bored Young Funny Girl Falls Down On Sofa. Woman Lying Asleep Feeling Lack Of Motivation, Fatigue Or Depression Concept Tired Overworked Person At Home Alone
Overworked businessman checking time falling asleep at work desk. Tired male worker yawning taking nap at messy table with crumpled papers. Exhausted employee workaholic sleeping in office concept
Сute pug, funny dog dressed in hoodie, sport hooded sweatshirt and pink dumbbells. Fitness pet. Funny pug dog sport concept. Green screen
Close-up of a male teenager suffering from depression. He is sitting against a brick wall while listening to music through a pair of headphones.
Funny cute pug dog do fitness at home. Funny lazy sport pug. Tired of sport training, lying on the mat to sleep. Funny dog sport concept
Lazy fat bachelor chewing pizza near fridge at night, cheap food nutrition
Young muslim woman in a national headscarf tries to do push-ups in the living room
Bored lazy unmotivated african mixed race businessman student office worker tired of computer work looking at laptop distracted from boring dull job feel incompetent concept sit at workplace desk
A tired man after a working day in a casual shirt flopped down on the sofa, face on the pillow and instantly falls asleep. Very tired, hard day.
Bored woman sit on couch hold TV remote control switch channels looking disinterested while choose content. Sedentary inactive lifestyle, dull tedious monotonous weekend, bad habit, waste time concept
A cheerful fat village girl with a string bag in her hand passionately dances near a tree. HD
Rear back view exhausted young woman kneading neck, feeling muscle tension due to long time computer work. Overwhelmed female workaholic suffering from painful feelings, sedentary lifestyle.
Frustrated boss and unmotivated female workers bored in office, lacking ideas
Black unmotivated office worker suffering stress at work and asking God for help. Lucky male employee celebrating instant success with money rain. Fortune concept.
Young tired unmotivated girl student sit at table in library prepares for exam test, feeling lack of ideas while makes coursework. Boring study, monotonous learning, unloving subject at school concept
African guy student in glasses and headphones feel unmotivated prepare for college exams, makes assignment lying down on table in library looks disinterested to learn. Fatigue, bored to study concept
Young woman brushing her hair trying to untangle it. Feeling sad and unmotivated by her bad hair day
Woman looking at nails from boredom at work in office, lack of motivation
Asian university life concept. Young male college student sleeping in class and got woke up by his friend. Book hitting hard on his back. Taken indoor with real students.
Happy office workers. people win victory Slowmotion HD
A fat village girl dances on a field. HD
Asian businessman tired yawning while working at office, feeling sleepy while working on laptop, insomnia, exhaustion, stress, fatigue, overwork, sleep disorder concepts
Fat woman scrolling sport app on her smartphone, watching weight loss results
Exhausted male worker sit at home office desk near laptop yawning working too long, tired man feel lazy and unmotivated distracted from computer job, student sigh have sleep deprivation or energy lack
Two despondent tired businessmen sitting together at a table with the younger man collapsed over the paperwork and his colleagues staring up into the air with a weary expression
An office worker in a suit sleeps on a desk with a computer with a green screen - closeup
Unmotivated stressed office worker looking through papers, work overload closeup
Business bankruptcy. Office shutdown. Workforce reduction. Budget analyzing. Frustrated unmotivated woman writing strategy plan in light isolated workplace covered in plastic wrap.
Bored woman thinking over startup in office, lacking new ideas, unmotivated
Lazy fat man watching Tv and drink beer with potato chips on couch
Portrait of an unmotivated businessman with a headache sitting in a company office. Solving financial problems. Creative crisis and depression. Employee burnout without inspiration.
Tired young man office worker sleeping at work desk. Exhausted lazy employee resting with eyes closed at workplace feels stress relief after sleepless night in office. Lack of sleep, overwork concept
CIRCA 1968 - Elementary school students in Cleveland learn about syllables, and the city's poor education system is discussed.
CIRCA 1968 - Students receive elementary school and vocational education in Cleveland, but budgets only allow for the most promising students.
Asian Muslim businesswoman is working on a laptop computer sitting at the workplace desk and feel exhausted and bored with a job. Overworked Female Freelancer feels Tired and unmotivated with work.
While business coach teach corporate staff make presentation use flip chart, on foreground company member businessman falling asleep put head on hands sleeps overworked or disinterested person concept
Careless obese woman lying on exercise mat eating chips listening to music in headphones dancing. Portrait of unmotivated Caucasian overweight lady enjoying hobby instead of training
Unmotivated woman in formal clothes sitting at desk with stack of documents. Middle aged lady has no willing to work at office. Wasting of time.
Exhausted sleepy funny young woman employee worker eyes closed sleeping on laptop sit at office desk, tired overworked lazy bored businesswoman lying asleep at workplace concept, close up view
Tired clerical african american worker sit at desk with laptop falling asleep feels unmotivated exhausted make decision to sleep instead accomplish work. Overworked man, unproductive employee concept
Bored employee sitting at business conference and spinning a pen in his hands
Unmotivated employees are ignoring business meeting and boss chatting on mobile phones and playing games having fun while manager is making presentation asking for attention
A lot of Paperwork and sad woman. Bored sad worker tired unmotivated and disinterested in dull work with laptop paperwork, lazy female employee feeling lack of motivation
Child with boredom in a hop jumping
Weak-willed fat man relaxing on fitness ball, home workout break, laziness
Close up business man put head on folded hands sleeping at workplace. Overloaded office employee tired of routine monotony paperwork. Unmotivated worker, insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome concept
Inefficient office worker is sleeping at desk in workplace with sticky notes showing open eyes on face. Unmotivated employees and lazy people concept.
Bored unmotivated young lady sitting with a phone in her hands at the table yawns and falls asleep. The problem of a child sitting on social networks and playing games online on a smartphone.
Customer service manager keyboarding on desktop computer consulting a client on phone call working in company office.
Office Employee Looks Out of Window
Lazy grey hamster unmotivated to run in wood wheel lays down for a rest.
Bored sleepy asian lady sitting at desk with laptop, holding head, resting on hand, sleeping at workplace, tired young female feeling drowsy, lazy and unmotivated student, boring job, lack of sleep
no ideas, unmotivated business woman with glasses thinks while working in the office close-up
A lazy coonhound yawns while resting outside home on the back porch. Extreme shallow depth of field.
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