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Sao Paulo, SP, Brazil - May 12, 2021: People form a long line to receive food donations for lunch in a downtown street during a severe economic crisis amid the Coronavirus, COVID-19 pandemic.
Man wear face mask walking with box of personal stuff got fired due to coronavirus crisis unemployed depression employment economy close up slow motion
Sad senior small business owner walking in empty cafe closed because of quarantine. Mature unhappy entrepreneur bankrupt in closed restaurant. Small business crisis during quarantine concept
Protester crowd carrying propaganda banner sign. Demonstration people move along central city street close up. Lots of rebels walk outdoor defending free speech civil right. Person fights, no violence
Man bankrupt arrears showing empty wallet with no money. Poverty finance business bankruptcy concept. Male debt businessman showing empty wallet. Financial crisis of getting into debt. no money on
Through glass view of female business owner in safety mask hanging up sign with inscription closed on cafe door. Waitress in protective mask closing restaurant because of pandemic
Dismissed businessman frustrated and desperate sitting on staircase in business center. Unhappy young entrepreneur sitting on stairs worry about financial crisis and unemployment
unrecognizable people walking on the street, crowd in big city
Emotional disappointed Corporate worker gets fired and walking down parking lot at the Roof with carton box and documents with a table flower. Lost His Job beacause a mistake.
CIRCA 2020 - U.S. army soldiers distribute food at a West Michigan food bank during the Covid-19 outbreak food shortage.
Homeless man sitting on a street with sign people walk around honeliness sad social cardboard homeless beggar poverty poor hungry dirty unemployed despair male slow motion
Fired corporate executive crying on stairs of office building outside. Depressed young businessman receiving dismissal note. Crisis. Unemployment.
View through window of waiters in facial mask and gloves greeting each other touching elbows in cafe. Restaurant staff chatting before opening. Small business, teamwork and epidemic concept
Jobless business people applicants group sitting in chairs in queue line row waiting for their turn company job interview, human resources, recruiting and employment concept, staff legs close up view
Restaurant Bar Interior. An empty cafe without customers due to the coronavirus pandemic. Rows of chairs upside down in a restaurant. Global crisis, business bankruptcy, unemployment.
Depressed african american male office worker leaving business center building with box of personal stuff. Businessman lost job. Fired man walking outdoor. Depressed jobless person. Unemployment.
Asian Business man Manager checking and signing applicant filling documents reports papers company application form or registering claim on desk office. Document Report and business busy Concept
Diverse applicants of different age ethnicity waiting for their turn sit in line queue, multi ethnic business people group preparing for job interview, human resources recruitment employment concept
MUMBAI/INDIA - MAY 21, 2020: Migrant workers arrive at railway terminus for boarding a special train back home during a nationwide lockdown.
Angry stressed businessman opening envelope reading bad news in mail letter. Mad man feels frustrated about high bills, dismissal notice, bank debt, tax invoice or mistake sits at home office desk
MUMBAI/INDIA - MAY 24, 2020: Migrant workers stand in queue at railway terminus for boarding a special train back home during a nationwide lockdown.
CIRCA 1950s - Shots of Wall Street and unemployed people in employment lines in the 1930s
Closed Going Out Of Business Sign Placed At Store Front Window, 4K Recession.
Hand of a businessman shaking hands with a Android robot. The concept of human interaction with artificial intelligence.
Blurring Stimulus relief program check (Economic Impact Payment) on American flag background. Close up view.
Animated Number of Unemployment Rate (Economic Calendar). All data on the Footage are Fictional, Created Especially for This Concept
Asian business man feeling sad after unemployment from his company. The man sitting outdoor    feeling stress worry about losing the job due to world economic problem from covid crisis concept.
AI cartoon animation. Robots working in office as employees in cubicles. Artificial intelligence replacing simple work. Many people may become workless. Future unemployment. Science fiction loop.
Portrait shot of sad desperate man crying during his work and usining  napkins to removing tears in the office . upset looking,Epidemic, problems, sadness, virus, coronavirus, sad, crisis,  problem
CIRCA 1929 - Men shuffle along a bread line in a city during the Great Depression, while others read newspapers together.
January 2021, Bangkok. New wave of COVID-19 in Thailand have caused many workers to lose their jobs. Several organizations helped by distributing food and necessities.
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Sad furious office executive throwing his suitcase been fired lost job sitting on stairs frustrating. Unhappy fired businessman. Unemployment after lockdown. Crisis.
Crisis, bankruptcy and unemployment business news. Newspapers with market crash printing and disseminating animation. Economic collapse report retro media press production abstract concept.
CIRCA 1930 - Poor men receive bread and soup on a breadline in an American city during the Great Depression.
Portrait of Worried Young Asian Woman Wearing Face Mask in Urban Environment - New Normal After Covid-19
Young woman wearing mask holding box of personal belongings leaving office after losing job economic crisis and unemployment during covid-19 epidemic. Slow motion
May 2020, Bangkok, Thailand. While the Covid-19 virus still spreading, the philanthropist give food​ to those affected. Also with staff​ to facilitate and take care of everyone to wear a mask.
Fired African American male office worker in medical mask sitting on stairs in depression with box of stuff. Unemployed businessman lost his business. Anxious concept. Workless man in despair.
CloseUp of Paying by a Credit Card using Paypass Reader on a Ticket Vending Machine with Terminal
Cape Town, South Africa - August 2020: Corona Virus Relief Funds in South Africa.Unemployment rate in Africa high. People waiting hours for 20 Dollars to survive for a month. Face Masks, Pandemic.
CIRCA 1930 - Unemployed men line up in New York City for food and money from Franciscan friars.
crowd of people walking on the street in abstract big city, back light, Europe
furious young worker about to throw and break helmet and face mask at workplace. engineer unemployment during corona virus pandemic . factory shutdown by covid 19 outbreak .
Unemployment benefits application form and manager in the office.
MUMBAI/INDIA - MAY 24, 2020: Migrant workers stand in queue at railway terminus for boarding a special train back home during a nationwide lockdown.
4K Depressed Asian sad man sitting on bedroom floor with hugging the knees and looking away. Lonely sadness breaking up man sitting alone and listening music from headphone. Tired lost man being alone
Woman wearing protective medical face mask buys food at supermarket or grocery shop. Female customer puts vegetables in shopping cart. Quarantine and isolation during covid-19 coronavirus pandemic
Motorized moving shot of completing job application form, shot with macro probe lens
Female owner of the institution hangs a OUT OF BUSINESS sign on the window. Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the small and medium businesses.
perplexed man office worker with glasses in a heaps of paper on the office desk
CIRCA 1930s - A long line of people is seen waiting outside the Chicago Relief Administration office during the Great Depression in America.
Confident vacancy candidature indian ethnicity female applicant answers question during job interview, hr manager rear view. Business meeting, parties negotiations process in modern office concept
Economic crisis concept. Poor man counts money to pay bills. Unemployment and social problems in the world, coronavirus covid-19
young female worker stands at table in office room. Packs her workplace stuff in carton box because of dismissal. feels sad and upset. closes laptop and leaves
CIRCA 1929 - Men are lined up for a bread line during the Great Depression, where they are met by a clergyman.
Debt Letters Piling Up with Bills Overdue, Past Due and Final Notice. Red Writing to Represent Economic Struggle, Unemployment, Home Repossession and Recession,
Sad middle-aged manager in a medical mask sitting with his personal belongings after losing his job. Unemployment as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.
Woman crying under the rain for lost job and financial problem caused by coronavirus
World economic crisis. The woman counts the money. Total unemployment in a pandemic.  Bribe. Police counts money in a bribe taker's office. Dirty money.
Silhouette of a stressed man sitting in the dark leaning against on steps in old condo, lost in life, violence, The concept of depression and suicide.
Portrait of afro-american freelancer man thinking about problems and suffering from depression working on laptop at home. Frustrated guy having financial problems
Frontal shot of extremely old Indian man with white hair sitting comfortably with crossed legs on a cycle rickshaw parked by a roadside in a busy market place looking at the camera
A homeless man sleeping on the street.
A "We're Hiring!" sandwich board sign outside of a business on a city sidewalk. Sign shows $500 sign-up bonus. Sign customizable upon request.
Connecting Workers to Open Jobs Bridge Gap Puzzle Pieces Employee Shortage 3d Animation
Close up hands praying on Bible at home, church in home, Home church during quarantine coronavirus Covid-19, Religion concept.
Young woman at the window in the office, loses her job, holding personal belongings in a box, quit her job, fired because of the crisis.Slow motion
Funny joke. Young businessman have a smartphone talking. Goof stupid competitor running and giving kick ass to suit clothes man and runs away. Businessman overtake rival. Glossy business centre
CIRCA 1936 - Factory workers lose their jobs during the Great Depression.
Depressed asian businessman sitting on a bench.
Aerial view of Lima city during coronavirus lockdown in Peru 2020. Flight over Miraflores and Pacific ocean coast. Empty roads and streets, no transport. Self-isolation and quarantine due to pandemic
CIRCA 1936 - Poor men get back on their feet with the promise of jobs during the Great Depression.
Fired depressed man sitting on ground next to carton banner saying looking for a job. Unemployed male office worker needs job. Unemployment rate. Financial crisis.
Small business closing due to covid-19 restrictions Panning shot 4k
African American sad businessman sitting on stairs outdoor with box of stuff as lost business. Male office worker in despair lost job. Unemployment rate growing due pandemic. Fired man.
 jobless business man suffering depressiont underground looking desperate in Emotional pain Mental health Unemployment and Human emotions concept steady camera shot in slow motion.
New York, United States of America. About 1930. The effects of the great depression on American citizens
4K Stressed Asian businessman entrepreneur sitting on the floor thinking of business and debt problem. Depressed unemployed man worried and tired of work. Mental health and economic problem concept
Multicultural business people applicants in row line queue prepare waiting for their turn on job interview, diverse unemployed vacancy seekers group sit on chairs, human resources employment concept
Homeless old man in dirty clothes sleeping on the street and asking for help
Total unemployment in period of financial crisis, male opening black leather wallet, empty wallet and no paper currency. Wallet with changes inside, bankruptcy and poverty concept
Desperate indian young male employee sitting at the desk and using laptop, closing it with irritation, businessman has financial problem, holding head with frustration face expression
Unemployment during financial crisis, male opening black leather wallet, empty wallet and no paper currency. Wallet with coins inside, bankruptcy and poverty concept
Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 2020 Charity volunteers aid food banks during COVID 19 pandemic in Toronto
Toronto, Ontario, Canada May 2020 Charity volunteers aid food banks during COVID 19 pandemic in Toronto
Worried Man Looking Anxiously At Laptop Screen Late At Night, 4K Stress.
Portrait of sad poor mature mother helping small daughter with school indoors at home, poverty concept.
Employee packing his belongings and leaving the office, unemployment and economic crisis concept
Poverty. Inequality. Poor Black African family walking in a typical slum area showing poverty of surroundings and water waste in Africa
CIRCA 2020 - U.S. army soldiers distribute food at a Lakewood, Washington food bank during the Covid-19 outbreak food shortage.
Beautiful 3D animation of rising arrows and blue bar graph. A diagram is showing increasing profits or losses.
Financial or medical 4K 3D animation.  Dark Blue background.
Pile of overdue unpaid utility bills, checks, receipts, invoices. Financial problems in the family. Holiday and household spending
CIRCA 1931 - Unemployed laborers congregate at the Capitol Building in Washington DC to protest unemployment during the Great Depression.
Asian troubled man in an empty room is hopeless. Blurred and silhouette shot.
Unemployment in the USA. Man became unemployed. Mature man is upset that he was fired. Displeased man sitting on the sofa. Indoor portrait
Portrait of a homeless man in his 40s or 50s with a beard holding a hot steaming beverage in a disposable white coffee cup sitting outside in the cold - dolly shot
Woman giving a take away container of food to a hungry homeless man sitting outside with a homeless and hungry cardboard sign
Protester crowd carrying propaganda banner sign. Demonstration people move along central city street close up. Lots of rebels walk outdoor defending free speech civil right. Person fights, no violence
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