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Exhausted young woman taking off glasses massaging dry irritable eyes. Tired overworked lady feeling eye strain after using computer working from home. Headache, visual fatigue and eyestrain concept.
Tired young african mixed race businessman professional student take off eyeglasses massaging dry itchy irritated eyes feel eye strain concept headache fatigue after office computer work sit at desk
Sick black woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed, holding belly, feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Close up rear back view woman sit at workplace experiences severe pain in neck, rubbing it to relieve muscle tension. Cervical osteochondrosis, tired overworked female, sedentary lifestyle concept
a man has a sore neck after hard work at a table with a laptop. pain in the neck
A business woman sits in an office on a chair, takes off her high-heeled shoes and massages her tired feet
Tired elderly 55s man sit at desk take off glasses rest from laptop work blink rubs nose bridge reduces eyestrain after long modern device usage. Vision problems, laser eye surgery for seniors concept
Unhappy frustrated couple suffering from heat, bad air conditioning at home waving fans sitting on sofa. Overheated young man and woman sweating feeling hot and dehydrated in summer swelter concept.
Covered in warm knitted plaid stressed unhappy young woman shivering, suffering from low temperature inside, feeling unhealthy. Confused millennial homeowner having problems with central heating.
Stressed nervous inexperienced businesswoman designer speaker preparing speech feeling afraid scared worried before performance reading papers preparing business speech, public speaking fear concept
Stressed young woman lying on sofa, embracing belly, suffering from stomachache. Unhappy 20s girl having menstrual painful feelings, resting on sofa. Gastritis, abdominal or period pain concept.
Overheated stressed young woman feel hot suffer from heat high temperature at home sit on sofa in front of ventilator cooling herself with electric fan cooler wind blowing without air conditioner
Parenting issues. Close up portrait of upset cute african american baby boy crying in fathers hands, feeling stressed and annoyed, tracking shot, slow motion
Young woman wear hat wrapped in knitted plaid sit alone shivering from cold on sofa in unheated apartment without central heating due debt. Unhealthy female feeling discomfort try to warming up indoor
Senior woman using laptop feeling discomfort from dry irritated fatigued eyes taking off glasses, older mature businesswoman tired of computer worker suffering from blurry vision eyestrain problem
Annoyed middle aged mature woman feel frustrated suffer from insomnia uncomfortable bad mattress lying awake in bed, upset senior old lady insomniac trying to sleep disturbed toss and turn in bedroom
Unhappy middle aged 70s grey haired woman feeling lower lumbago spinal backpain while getting up from couch. Unhealthy senior mature retired grandmother suffering from osteoporosis arthritis.
Young irritated woman trying to sleep annoyed by bad noisy room neighbors covering ears with pillow, angry girl student disturbed with loud noise problem wake up lying in bed suffer from insomnia
Depressed young african american woman sit in bed wake up feel stress anxiety after bad sleep nightmare dream concept sit alone in bedroom, worried mixed-race lady suffer from insomnia in the morning
Sick young woman suffering from stomach ache sitting in bed. Upset unhealthy teen girl holding belly feeling abdominal or menstrual pain in the morning. Gastritis, diarrhea and painful periods concept
Sad unhappy woman lying in bed, suffering insomnia and loneliness, depression
a man an office worker or freelancer sitting on an uncomfortable office chair feels uncomfortable
Male worker tired sitting in office without air conditioning ventilation problems, feeling irritated, exhausted from heat, suffering from high air temperature, picking up notebook waving creating wind
Close up of young beautiful woman working on laptop in modern office. Tired woman sitting at work feels chest pain.Coronavirus, virus, pandemic, covid-19, disease, epidemic, infection
Stressed anxious businessman speaker feel nervous afraid before speech holding papers reading financial report preparing practicing standing in office, public speaking fear failure phobia concept
Pretty woman turning in her bed feeling discomfort, bad quality of mattress
Young mother or wife, or girlfriend lying awake in bed at night unable to sleep worried and concerned about something
Portrait of young African American business man student freelancer sitting in office home table feeling pain in neck tired expression time to take rest. Mixed race guy suffering from ache in shoulders
Exhausted young businessman professional taking off glasses massaging dry tired irritated eyes. Overworked worker feeling eye strain concept. Headache and fatigue after office work, computer syndrome.
Covered with plaid young woman freezing feeling cold at home no central heating problem concept, ill sick girl having fever flu influenza temperature symptoms wrapped in blanket shivering indoors
Sick  young woman feeling cold fever freezing no central heating problem at home covering with warm plaid blanket shivering sitting on couch got flu influenza virus grippe symptoms concept
Woman wrapped in warm knitted plaid trembling with cold sit alone on sofa suffers from unbearable cool temperature inside, shivering feels unhealthy. Central heat problems, influenza symptoms concept
African american young woman feeling hot suffering from high temperature summer heat problem sitting on sofa at home, annoyed black girl holding waving fan sweating cooling in hot weather indoors
Overheated unhappy young woman feeling hot waving fan annoyed with high temperature sit on couch at home, stressed sweaty girl sweating suffer from summer weather heat problem without air conditioner
Sick woman lying in bed having a telemedicine appointment with a doctor on a laptop computer shaking her head both yes and no while the physician is consulting with her on a video chat
Tired overworked young african woman feel fatigue eye strain headache after computer work take off glasses, stressed mixed race female student suffer from pain in dry eyes, bad vision sight problem
Stressed mixed race woman waking up in morning, sitting on bed, rubbing lower back. Unhappy young lady feeling strong ache, suffering from fibromyalgia after sleeping on uncomfortable mattress.
Sick mature adult woman in pain hold belly stomach feel hurt abdomen ache gastritis pancreatitis symptom sit on bed, upset old senior lady suffer from indigestion flatulence abdominal problem concept
Disturbed annoyed young woman insomniac toss and turn lying awake in uncomfortable bed mattress on pillow in incorrect pose alone suffer from insomnia bad dreams problem trying can not sleep concept
Sick young woman with a laptop computer video chatting with a doctor during a virtual telemedicine appointment in her bedroom
Upset tired old mature woman feel pain coping with morning headache concept, fatigued dizzy frustrated senior middle aged lady touch head suffer from migraine vertigo high blood pressure sit on bed
Elderly female sitting on bed, pressing hands against lower back, backache, health problems. Woman stretching muscles in morning, radiculitis symptom, uncomfortable mattress. Rheumatism, bones pain
Man tossing and turning in bed unable to sleep expressing extreme frustration over his insomnia and being kept awake by his problems and anxiety
Comical funny situation,woman working remotely from home in conference video call,naked man appears in the background get busted from webcam,female works conferencing at the laptop,undressed husband
Close up elderly senior retired woman massaging back, feeling muscles tension discomfort. Rear view unhealthy middle aged mature grandmother suffering from morning discomfort, arthritis concept.
a young girl with a short red hair in a white T-shirt feels embarrassed. Isolated on a green background
Low Section Of Woman Sitting On Toilet Bowl In Bathroom.
Back rear head shot shoulder view exhausted young indian woman massaging neck, suffering from pain or inflammation processes due to long sedentary computer work at home office, feeling unhealthy.
Close up view of handsome Afro American man in stylish tinted sunglasses looks confused and shruggs his shoulders on blank violet background in neon lights. Uncomfortable, surprise, facial expression
The young girl was tired after work. Falls on bed. Soft mattress. Sleep
Exhausted young man waving fan suffering from summer heat inside apartment. Sweaty overheated businessman feeling hot uncomfortable frustrated about humidity, broken air conditioner in office concept.
Woman suffering back pain sitting in bed, uncomfortable mattress, nerve problems
Tired of glasses woman feeling eyestrain using laptop at home office, taking off spectacles, massaging dry red irritated eyes, exhausted lady having eyesight problem after long work study on computer
Close up of Asian Sportswoman Feeling Tired and having neck pain and Shoulder touching and massaging her neck feeling hurt after workout at home. Healthcare and Body Problem Concept.
Tired young freelance worker rubbing her eyes while sitting in front of laptop computer and working on promising project - asian girl soho lady stay up late in home office holding glasses eye painful
Stress from Working Late. Middle aged man stays late at the office to finish the project. He’s displeased and stressed, he’s nervously thinking of what to do to finish it.
slow motion of stress housewife at home. asian woman using hands massage head suffering from headache. young girl painful body hurt resting on couch looks uncomfortable.
Overheated old senior woman feel hot wave fan annoyed with high temperature sit at home, stressed middle aged lady sweating suffer from climax summer weather heat problem without no air conditioner
Portrait of a young bearded man in glasses, who asking for forgiveness. Feeling confused. Isolated on grey background.
Overwhelmed frustrated young woman feeling tired due to computer overuse, suffering from blurred eyesight, massaging temples and irritated eyes. Stressed overworked female freelancer having migraine.
Unhappy tired senior old woman rubbing neck feeling pain sit on couch at home, upset elderly grandma massaging stiff muscles suffering from osteoarthritis osteochondrosis fibromyalgia ache concept
Caucasian beautiful woman in white t-shirt has stomach ache. Suffering from disease illness. Morning sickness. Isolated on orange background. Health care and medical
Focused young businessman entrepreneur working on computer, feeling tired stressed of long sedentary lifestyle, rubbing massaging neck suffering from pain or stiff muscles, overwhelming concept.
Overworked Businessman Sleeping On Workplace. Frustrated Businessman Daydreaming. Office Work Overtime. Workaholic Work In Internet Deadline. Tired Overwhelmed Exhausted Stressed Businessman In Office
Tired senior woman feels sudden back pain at home. Unhealthy old lady touching spine muscles having lower lumbar ache sitting on sofa. Upset elder grandma suffering from backache. Osteoarthritis
Upset depressed office worker touching cheek working on laptop, feeling acute tooth pain, problems with teeth and gums. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Insomnia Problem For A Man Who Cannot Sleep At Night, Sleepless And Stressed Insomniac. Young White Caucasian Man In 30's. A Variety Of Camera Angles Available.
Beautiful asian little girl with black hair using a tissue to clean his nose after a cold or having allergies, green background studio, Family Health Care concept
Unwelcome Physical Contact
A Man Wakes From Nightmare, Bad Dream and Restless Sleep At Night
Snow storm in New York. Manhattan, heavy snow fall, blizzard. Snow storm in the city. Empty streets during snowfall. 3d visualization
Indian student sit at studio apartment use pc write in copybook study long time feel tired take break take off glasses rub nose bridge to reduce pain and fatigue. Dry eyes need drops treatment concept
Head shot unhappy young brunette teen woman looking in mirror, combing styling hair with wooden round hairbrush, dissatisfied with dryness or split ends, thinking of professional spa procedure.
Asian women scratching their heads due to dandruff.
Top view of multi-ethnic sleeping couple in bed at night. African man can't find comfortable position in bed, tossing and turning. Sleep disturbance.
Portrait of  woman feeling back pain working at home
Tired after long usage of computer indian woman takes off glasses rub nose bridge reduces painful feelings rest sit at workplace. Overworked person, need vision correction, break from device concept
swollen right knee cap and old woman massaging the aching knee,4k
Old Man having with Chest Pain Sitting in Bed
Young businesswoman taking off glasses while working on laptop at office, feeling discomfort and eye strain after long wearing, massaging nose bridge, blurry irritated dry eyes, eyesight problems
Woman tossing and turning in bed because she can't sleep next to a man who turns over in her bed at night
Stressed exhausted mixed race business woman working from home take off glasses feel eye strain fatigued from laptop computer. Tired overloaded with work asian freelancer suffer from headache pain
asian man lies on sofa feeling tired in living room at home
Antsy uncomfortable man moving around a lot in bed trying to fall asleep showing his frustration at night
Head shot unhealthy unhappy millennial mixed race indian woman using paper tissue, suffering from runny nose sinusitis nasal infectious disease, feeling uncomfortable at home, first grippe symptoms.
Woman waking up and having pain in shoulder and neck. Woman waking up and having pain in shoulder and neck
Stressed sweaty old woman breath hold wave red fan suffer complain on heat at home, overheated annoyed mature lady sweating feel uncomfortable hot in summer weather problem without air conditioner
Insomnia concept. Woman in bed at night can not sleep
Obstructive sleep apnoea (OSA) animation
Male pediatrist touching or palpating female child patient to examine tonsils and lymph nodes, comforting and cheer up the girl. Asian mother and child see doctor concept
Portrait of tired exhausted young student female having headache sitting at workplace, health problem of creative millennial girl anxiety stress pain feeling sick migraine indoor working studying
Tired Young Latin Woman with Laptop having Back Pain in Cafe
Business young woman have a back pain and stress on back muscle have a trouble and problem of her work,Office syndrome concept
Grey haired mature woman massaging nose bridge, suffering from dry eyes syndrome after long laptop use, eye strain concept, exhausted middle aged female taking off glasses, health problem
Pug dog is scratching, itching its body outdoors. Autumn season. Ticks, fleas parasites in autumn leaves, leaf piles. Pet health safety and care concept outside
Young asian esport gamer girl feel painful while playing in Online Video Game because her eye is tired
Businessman's Sexually Harassing Female Colleague By Touching Her thigh in an Expensive Car. A Man Harasses a Woman. Scared Woman Pushing the Man's Hand. Harassment Unwelcome Behavior Sexual Assault
Closeup of using cotton swab to apply ointment on the knee gently which get hurt
A frustrated man on his mobile phone paces and looks around uncomfortably as he gets fed up with long wait times on hold.
Office worker feeling sharp pain in back getting out of bed, sedentary lifestyle
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