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Breaking news: Flames and smoke from wildfires cover the landscape. Clouds of smoke from bush fire blew into the harbor of Bodrum, making it look like an apocalyptic landscape. Escaping to the sea
BIG DATA EARTH The Blue Marble teamwork Digital Clouds Earth rotating animation social future technology abstract business scientific growth network surrounding planet earth rotating (GLOBE SERIES 24)
Zoom out of Turkey through clouds to see the Earth from space.
White turkeys in the dark room of the poultry farm are chirping, gobble and making sounds. Video with sound.
Shadows of the people on a concrete wall in slow motion
Sunset Aerial suleymaniye mosque hyperlapse drone image, istanbul TURKEY
Gorgeous lagoon and small beach with beautiful turquoise water of Mediterranean sea in Kas town, Antalya province, Turkey. Small yacht boat in the Kas bay at a sunny day. Revealing steadicam footage
CIRCA 1920s - Turkey's first president, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, hopes to bring democracy to the country.
Drone flying over ruins of buildings in Aleppo, Syria. We can see destroyed buildings in the street of the city 4K
Aerial view of Empty Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge and Turkish Flag. No People. 15 July Martyrs Bridge without people. Quarantine days. 4K Footage in Turkey
War ruin city danger ukraine kyiv kiev destruction house destroy
Chios , Greece - 10 27 2015: Syrian and Iraqi refugees arrive in Greece coming from Turkey on island of Chios.
Old books on the shelf. AMASYA/TURKEY
Cars driving onto Bridge towards City Skyline in Istanbul, Turkey over Bosphorus, Aerial birds eye view tilt up
Idyllic Holidays On Turkey All Inclusive Resort .Turquoise Sea On Turkey Vacation Holiday. Perfect Moment For Inspiration. Kemer Bar Counter Beach. Married Honeymoon Couple. Happy Amazing Destination
Celsus Library in ancient city Ephesus, Anatolia in Selcuk, Turkey. Slow motion steadicam shot
War bomb ukraine house fire ruin village country danger destroy
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk leads the Turkish army in WWI (narrated in 1958).
Happy Thanksgiving 3D Graphic with Pumpkins
Night time-lapse of a city traffic aerial top view.
Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge at Sunset with Car traffic lights and City Skyline, Aerial Hyperlapse Motion Time Lapse slide
hot-air balloons flying over the mountain landsape of Cappadocia,Turkey.
female turkey head appears on the green screen and then disappears from the screen.
happy family eating thanksgiving lunch together enjoying healthy homemade feast holiday celebration holiday meal overhead tracking
Istanbul, Turkey - Feb 20 2021 : Fishing boat carrying lots of fishes in its back is returning back to the harbour and hundreds of seagulls are chasing the boat to feed themselves.
Flock of pigeons flying around the Izmir Clock Tower at the Konak Square in Izmir, Turkey. Slow motion
Crowded muslim family eating delicious and miscellaneous food having dinner on a table together
how to make sausage links with meat grinder. Woman use kitchenaid electric meat grinder. keto diet sausages from minced mince and pieces of meat in a natural casing
Aerial view of sunset on Istanbul Bosphorus Bridge (15 July Martyrs Bridge). 4K Footage in Turkey
Amazing high angle top drone view on the natural park among tracking path:"likya yolu" in South Turkey, Antalya and Mugla produces.
Istanbul, Turkey. Sultanahmet with the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya) with a Golden Horn on the background at sunset. Aerial view
Woman's hands pouring traditional turkish coffee in a cup. Traditional method of making turkish coffee in cezve on hot sand in Turkey
Airplane Is Landing On The Airport .  Passenger airplane landing. Turkey Istanbul
Galata Tower and the street in the old town of Istanbul, Turkey
Close up of old hands harvesting picking up olives on a sunset, sun shining trough the leaves.
Crowded and hungry Turkish Muslim family having delicious breakfast together (traditional serpme kahvalti) to celebrate Eid-ul-fitr, Feast of Sugar, after the holy month Ramadan
Aerial view of Maiden's Tower and Istanbul Bosphorus. 4K Footage in Turkey
Aerial view of Dubai flag and in background Dubai skyline
Ouarzazate Solar Power Station, also called Noor Power Station Morocco
Yoing traveler with backpack looking to the air baloons. sporty girl and a lot of hot air balloons. The feeling of complete freedom, achievement, achievement, happiness
lemon tree, ripe lemons hanging on tree. growing lemons in Italy, citrus orchard. fresh fruit harvest, fruits crop. fruit garden.
Aerial drone view of colorful hot air balloon flying over green park and river in small european city at summer sunrise, Kiev region, Ukraine
A balloon flies over Cappadocia, shooting from a drone in 4K
CIRCA 1930s - Turkish president Mustafa Kemal Ataturk modernizes his army, though he hopes to avoid joining the conflict.
Aerial view of Hagia Sophia (Ayasofya Camii) in Istanbul. Empty Streets without people. Quarantine days. 4K Footage in Turkey
Flag of Turkey Waving in the wind, Sky and Sun Background, Slow Motion, Realistic Animation, 4K UHD 60 FPS Slow-Motion
Slowmotion shot of different spices and flavours on a market.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridge, Second Bosphorus Bridge from Istanbul Turkiye. Aerial View.
Istanbul, Turkey - October 2019: The shops and crowds of people inside the Egyptian Spice Bazaar of Eminonu district, the old city of istanbul
 female turkey from the back walks on a green screen
turkish flag at the top of the mountain. turkish flag at the top at sunset
Waves of Mediterranean Sea rolling in sunshine to the sandy beach. Beautiful Turkish nature. Close-up shot of calming foamy water.
4K Aerial view of Goreme. Colorful hot air balloons flying over the valleys. Famous city Cappadocia, Turkey.
sea turtle underwater swim slow  with sun beams and rays ocean scenery blue water Chelonia mydas
Delicious whole chicken cooked with pumpkin, pepper and potatoes. Served in metal baking pan. Decorated with rosemary. Autumn food concep. Top view. Flat lay.
Roads and parks empty  due to covid19 in istanbul
19 May Commemoration of Atatürk, Youth and Sports Day. Turkish: 19 Mayis Ataturk'u Anma Genclik ve Spor Bayrami
Turkish tea on a tray. Waiter carrying set of glasses with tea in traditional outdoor tea garden. Close up shot of full tea tray in slow motion.
Aerial photograph of Antalya bay in Antalya city from high point of drone fly on sunny day in Turkey. Amazing aerial cityscape view from birds fly altitude on beautiful town and sea full of yahts
People sunbathe on the sandy beach on the shores of the azure bay. Aerial view of azure water in mediterranean sea in bay near Oludeniz, Turkey. Boat sails through the purest turquoise water
Chios , Greece - 10 27 2016: Refugee families from Syria and Iraq arriving by rubber boat on island in Greece.
Close-up of baking hot grill chicken legs in the oven. Roasted chicken meat close-up, 4k footage.

istanbul, galata tower, morning to day
Thanksgiving Turkey Bird Cartoon Character With Autumn Leaves Background. 4K Animation Video Motion Graphics With Background
Amazing visual show, view, experience. Flight hot air balloons in Cappadocia 4K
Aerial view on a lake among mountain cliffs in the area of the Oymapinar dam. Landscape of Green canyon, Manavgat, Antalya, Turkey. Aerial view 4K
Travertines of Pamukkale - Denizli - Turkey.
Buildings were damaged in the earthquake that occurred in Izmir. Houses were destroyed. Search and rescue teams took action to help.
Day to night timelapse. Residential house buildings and suburban accommodation in Istanbul City. Multistoried modern and stylish living block of flats. Time Lapse
CIRCA 1910s - Mustafa Kemal leads Turkey in a defeat of the Greeks in 1922.
Ayasofya, Hagia Sophia Aerial View with Drone from Istanbul.
One white truck driving along the freeway amidst a dense forest in the mountains. Summer, sunny, beautiful sky with clouds. Aerial drone view.
Maiden's Tower Establishing Shot in the middle of the Bosphorus Water in Istanbul with Turkey Flag waving on top
Map of Turkey, Turkey map white outline, Animated close up map of Turkey
Delicious Arabian food. Ramadan kareem and eid mubarak celebration of moslem.
Aerial view rising above smoke and flames, in collapsed building, bomb aftermath - top down, drone shot
Woman Have Great Time On Sea Trip.Woman Swing Rides Holiday Vacation Adventure Trip.Ocean Relaxing On Zanzibar Tanzania.Tanned Woman In Bikini.Tropical Romantic Playful Girl.Girl Relaxing On Sea Beach
Zinciriye Madrasah and Mardin City Landscape in Turkey
Istiklal Avenue Aerial view , No People, Covid-19 Pandemic Curfew
The United Stares Navy destroyer transits Istanbul strait towards the Mediterranean in Istanbul, Turkey
Aerial view azure sea and swiming people on the white sand beach on high mountains background in Kas, Antalya, Turkey. Aerial view 4K.
Full HD footage of Waving Turkish Flag with Statue of Ataturk on the background. T23 nisan, 19 mayis, 30 ağustos, 15 temmuz, 29 ekim, 10 kasim
CIRCA 1930s - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk industrializes Turkey in the 1930s.
Aerial top view of ocean blue waves break on a beach. Sea waves and beautiful sand beach aerial view drone shot. Bird's eye view of ocean waves crashing against an empty sand beach from above.
Turkish flag as background, Turkey flag in slow motion animation waving in the wind realistic
Batumi, Adjaria / Georgia - 10.30.2020: Real CCTV footage of earthquake inside the apartment. Scary scene of earthquake inside the house.
Beautiful Kaputash beach at Mediterranean sea in Turkey. Steadicam shot
The turkey rides in the car for Thanksgiving.
Aerial photograph of Antalya bay in Antalya city from high point of drone fly on sunny day in Turkey. Amazing aerial cityscape view from birds fly altitude on beautiful town and sea full of yahts
aerial view of a circle in the forest
Izmir, Turkey - October 30, 2020: Real Footage of the earthquake at Samos. Security cam recorded it in an apartment. Manavkuyu District Bayrakli Izmir Turkey.
white turkeys in the henhouse
Arete statue in Ephesus. Library in Ephesus. Efes ancient Greek city in present day Izmir, Turkey
Empty beaches during lockdown because of COVID-19 ( Coronavirus ) pandemic in Istanbul, Turkey. Since the  travelling between the cities is restricted, tourism industry severely affected.
Turkey Bird Cartoon Character Over A Happy Thanksgiving Sign. 4K Animation Video Motion Graphics With Background
Travertines of Pamukkale - Denizli - Turkey.
Close Up.It fills Turkish tea into a glass special to the Turks.Slow motion.
Turkey waving flag. National 3d Turkish flag waving. Turkish flag 4k resolution Background. Turkey flag Closeup
Istanbul 15 July Martyrs Bosphorus Bridge and City Skyline in Background with Turkish Flag at Beautiful Sunset, Aerial slide right
Turkish lira money banknotes printing roll machine. Paper TRY bank note print 3d looping seamless. Abstract concept of banking, debt, income, finance, economy and crisis in Turkey.
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