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Weaving mechanism is fabricating cloth from coloured threads
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is touching with his hand fine quality fabric for creation custom haute couture apparel in tailoring workshop. Concept of handmade, couturier, and tradition.
Slow motion shot of blue jeans spinning inside an industrial washer dryer in jeans factory.
A woman pulls clean washed white linen from the washing machine
Klaten, Indonesia, July 23 2021 : Big sewing machine factory crowded Factory employee
Man hand holding PP Pet Chips Semi Dull, PET chips recycle, PET polyester chips
cotton yarn making processes. Close-up shot of the machine working in the spinning mill. 4K.
Multiple spools with coloured threads during mechanical sewing. Textile factory production equipment.
Female worker is taking extra threads out of the machinery. Textile factory production equipment.
Agriculture, cotton in detail, cotton field at sunset, Brazilian agribusiness.
A loom weaving threads, working automatically at a factory.
Embroidery machine in progress embroidery company logo on uniform in Textile Industry at Garment Manufacturers.
Weaving Plant For The Production Of Plastic Or Polypropylene Bags . Rows Of White Reels With Ropes Making Plastic Sacks In A Modern Production Plant
aerial image of cotton, smooth drone movement, large white cotton field in Brazil
Close-up view of tailor works on sewing machine in private leather craftshop, stitching belt in process. male seamstress sewing leather belt in leather workshop in 4k slow motion
Spinning clews with threads on a rack at a textile plant.
cotton on a branch close up
Industrial Production Conceptual Multi Screen Video. Collage of Video Clips Showing People of Different Professions at Work. Professional Occupations. People At Work. Industrial Media Wall.
Industrial textile factory
Industrial Multi Screen Conceptual Video. Collage of Video Clips Showing People of Different Professions at Work. Professional Occupations - People At Work. Industrial-Media Wall. Industrial Montage.
Female inspector is supervising a sewing machinery complex
Sewing spools managed by a factory machine in a close up
Sunlight shadow drop on old concrete cement wall or dirty grunge & rough floor of industrial construction building with silhouette black shade in tropical summer sun ray, Cinemagraphs B-roll TimeLapse
Textile industry - yarn spools on spinning machine in a textile factory
denim factory using laser beams to make design on blue jeans. Shooting of the latest technology laser machine in jeans making factory.
Industrial textile factory
CIRCA 1930s - Mustafa Kemal Ataturk industrializes Turkey in the 1930s.
Agriculture, cotton in detail, macro cotton boll, cotton field with blue sky, Brazilian agribusiness
Professional fashion designer measuring fabric according to pattern at modern studio. Mature woman creating new clothing collection at work.
A woman puts white laundry in the washing machine
Zoomed in shot of a spinning machine, inside a wool production factory, as its multiple wheels are going at a rapid speed with the wool
Cotton Thread Spun On A Spinning Machine In A Textiles Manufacturing Factory
Industrial textile factory
Beautiful cotton Bush on a background of sunlight, ready for harvesting. Cotton field .
Close up of female designer using pencil and sheet of paper for fashion sketches. Mature woman in white blouse creating design of new clothing collection.
Tailoring loom with rotating sewing reels. Textile factory equipment.
colorful organic cotton t shirts on hangers outdoor. sustainable fashion concept (eco fashion). textile and fashion industries, environmental problems, recycling, synthetic agricultural chemicals
Portrait of woman fashion clothing designerin small studio wearing vr headset designing and modeling clothes using innovations technologies. Female tailor in atelier in virtual reality glasses
Smooth Natural Shiny Blue Silk Fabric, Smooth Silk Texture Of Fashion Clothes, Underwear, Close-up. Blue Shiny Silk Material. Clothing Factory. Textile Industry. Abstract Background of Silk Fabric.
Young indian farmer standing at agriculture field.
Textile factory female worker works with thread coloring machine. Modern technology in dyeing yarns with Machines for Textile Industry, Dyeing Machine Chemical Tanks
Fast movement of the sewing machine needle on the blue fabric. The needle of the sewing machine stitches the fabric. Close-up of the sewing machine needle
Caucasian young beautiful woman tailor working on laptop. Male boss tapping on tablet device talking to female designer discussing new clothes collection, clothing store, warehouse, fashion concept
close up of sewing for repair blue denim jeans with machine. handmade garment industrial concept. process of sewing clothes on sewing machine. Close-up of needle for sewing. Slow Motion
Chapadão do sul, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, February 27, 2020: Agribusiness - Beautiful machine image in the cotton harvest, arrow formation in the cotton harvest, several machines harvesting cotton
Happy cheerful older stylish small business owner, female fashion designer laughing at workplace, close up headshot portrait. Smiling 60s senior lady dressmaker looking at camera in modern atelier.
Dalat, Vietnam - march 18, 2020 : Silk farm, clothes produce from silkworm insects cocoon, textile factory. Factory for production of silk threads near Da Lat, Vietnam
Cotton Field. Cotton harvest by agriculture combine. Cotton Plant.
Sewing workshop. Young woman, tailor or fashion designer with tape measure is taking a roll of fabric and walking away past mixed race seamstresses working sitting at sewing machines. Slow motion
Weaving loom at a textile factory, closeup. Industrial fabric production line.
Needle for sewing machine in motion. The close-up of the sewing machine needle quickly moves up and down. The seamstress sews gray fabric in the sewing workshop. The process of sewing the fabric.
Medicine face mask factory. Face mask conveyor line. The masks fall from the conveyor line into the box. The textile factory began to produce medical masks during a pandemic.
Close up view of presser foot making seam on white cloth with built-in hardware lamp turned on. Fingers straightening, drawing up fabric on darkened blurred background. Cutting off thread in the end
Busy multi-ethnic young joyful male and female clothing store workers working standing in warehouse packing parcels with ordered staff. Fashion industry. Delivery shipment. Clothing business
Pleasant woman sew reusable cloth protective upcycled face mask with sewing machine, attractive young female making cotton fabric medical mask indoors studio, coronavirus Covid-19 virus protection
Yarn Manufacturing Plant - Textile Industry Conceptual Video Wall. Textile Fabric Manufacturing Machines in Work. Automated Yarn Production in Modern Textile Plant. Supervisor Meeting With Engineer.
Wavy denim surface. Microtexture. The classic fabric for making jeans. Seams and threads close up. Smooth rotation
Cinematic shot of young businessman is choosing fabrics for his new custom tailored suit by designer in a luxury tailoring atelier. Concept of fashion, handmade, hand craft, couturier and business.
Fashion designer drawing clothes sketch
Blooming cotton field, evaluates crop, before harvest, under a golden sunset
Close up of Colorful t-shirts on hangers, apparel background
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is sewing custom handmade high quality apparel in ancient luxury traditional tailoring atelier. Concept of industry, handmade, couturier and tradition.
A female hand pushes material through a sewing machine
Macro close-up of hand touching soft cotton flower in autumn in countryside with brown field of many cotton crops
Cinematic shot of professional tailor taking measurements of client for creation custom tailored suit in a luxury tailoring atelier. Concept of fashion, handmade, hand craft, couturier and business
Textile factory equipment spools threads onto bobbins.
The automatic embroidery machine is working at high speed. Close-up
Portrait of joyful African American young beautiful businesswoman in black mask on face standing in office in own small clothing shop and looking at camera in warehouse during covid-19, clothes store
Cotton Field. Cotton harvest by agriculture combine. Slow motion
Sewing Machine Needle in Motion. Close-up of sewing machine needle rapidly moves up and down. The tailor sews black fabric on the sewing workshop. The process of sewing fabric.
A moving shot of a daily wage workers or laborers working in textile printing interior factory setup while colorful printed cotton sheets hanged on the top to let them dry
Housewife pulls multicolored laundry from washing machine
Closeup Of Cotton Thread Being Weaved In A Textile Factory.
Cloth tag lay on green grass background. Eco aware manufacture. Zero waste industry. Organic textile
Clothing designer is working with measurements mannequins in the sewing studio. Sewing clothing under the order. Young woman works in a sewing workshop. Female designer in studio
Industrial textile factory. Close up of thick white threads moving through the loom
Sewing denim jeans with sewing machine. Repair jeans by sewing machine. Alteration jeans, hemming a pair of jeans, handmade garment industrial concept
Detailed White Light Gray Linen Texture Fabric, Textile, Material, Close up, Macro. Linen White Light Gray Background. White Light Gray Fiber Linen Fabric. Textile Factory.
Close up of fashion business owner
Industrial textile factory
An indoors close-up shot of a happy Indian male local textile mill laborer standing and smiling, looking at the camera inside the factory premises
At a textile factory, checks the fabric roll on an automatic inspection machine. Examination of fabric for inspection and analysis before use for sewing clothes. 4k footage.
Cirebon, West Java, Indonesia - March ‎06, ‎2016 : Traditional batik
Industrial printing on woven material, modern digital inkjet printer puts a picture on a cloth canvas
Industrial textile factory. Manufacture of sportswear.
Champaran, Bihar, India, November 17 2020, In Champaran district of Bihar, A Poor Indian woman wearing face mask, working on sewing machine. High quality 4k footage
Clothing designer is working with measurements on a studio table. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
In a textile shop, there are fabrics of various colors and various materials, such as fabric, lace, satin, linen. Concept of: tailoring, colors, fabrics, clothes and fashion.
Close-up Fiber Texture Light Gray Linen Fabric Textile Clothes Bed Linen. Linen Material Background, Abstract.
the highest quality cotton growing on the field Bush with lots of cotton bolls, ready for harvest
Embroidery machine in progress embroidery company logo on uniform in Textile Industry at Garment Manufacturers.
Modern large high-speed circular looms in workshop, concept of manufacturing textiles
The Process of Making Yarn, Thread textile Factory Recycling Old Clothes
Mattress finished at the end of the production line of a mattress factory with workers working.
Line for the production of multifilament polypropylene yarns on the factory
Organic cotton farming. Close up up slo-motion shot of farm workers hands holding picked cotton fibres before processing in textile industry.
Closeup of sewing machine working part with leather. Cnc sewing machine
Shiny net cloth flowing texture dolly shot in close up view macro. Wavy clean silk weave material. Textile abstract background. Bed sheet, curtain and clothing industry concept.
Cotton field plantation Dolly shot of ripe bushes of cotton
Cinematic macro shot of experienced tailor is ironing fine quality fabric for creation custom haute couture apparel in traditional tailoring atelier. Concept of handmade, couturier and tradition.
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