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Epic aerial footage of smoking wild fire. Forest and field in the fire. Amazon and siberian wildfires. Dry grass burning. Concept: 2020, Climate change, ecology, earth
This epic video shows a wild tiger walking forward towards the camera and jumping.
Wide shot of two scientist wearing protective coverall, goggles and masks taking water sample of polluted sea
slow motion backside view employee controls manufacturing process walking along plant territory and adjusts helmet
aerial view hyperlapse 4k video of Kuala Lumpur city center view during dawn overlooking the city skyline in Federal Territory, Malaysia.
A man and a boy ride a two-seater bike along the trail of an elite village with eco-friendly smart homes equipped with solar panels that generate electricity. Alternative energy and a healthy lifestyl
Nitmiluk National Park, Northern Territory, Australia - river view in Nitmiluk Katherine Gorge
Beautiful View of Scenic Winding River, surrounded by Forest and Mountains at Sunset. Aerial Drone Shot. Taken near Klondike Highway, Yukon, Canada. 4K
Time lapse: Kuala Lumpur city view during dawn overlooking the city skyline in Federal Territory, Malaysia.
Baikal Territory Buryatia unique wild horses large herd run across steppe field fast gallop. Russia epic nature country rustic landscape, pasture wild animals. Sunny horizon. Aerial slow motion stock
Busy street with people ,cars, trucks and Motorcycle in rush hour on a busy road in Nyanyan,Federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria west Africa.Shot on 05/06/2020
Large mammal, male brown bear (Ursus arctos) marking its territory by rubbing its back against tree in taiga forest in Finnish nature
The rooster crowing, the countryside in the mountains illuminated by the rising sun
PARIS, FRANCE, JUNE 30, 2019 France Flag in Paris, French Banner Waving on Blue Sky at Sunset, National Patriotic Symbol, Patriotism Sign View in Europe
YULARA / AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2010s: Various AERIAL close ups of Uluru / Ayers Rock in the Northern territory.
Black raven sitting on tree examining something below feathered forest dweller close up of black crow sitting among branches of tree wild fauna living in wood big raven watching territory
Motion along territory of large electrical distribution substation across road to powerful transformer with ceramic insulators
Gaza city Strip, Palestine, August 9, 2018: Airstrike bombing for a building in Gaza
Man puts the fallen yellow leaves into a bag. Autumn cleaning of the territory. Seasonal work.
Uluru / Ayers Rock at sunrise with some clouds, Australia (timelapse)
Dotted abstract world map. Dotted world map animation. 4K video.
urban planning - businessmen discussing about territory building plots on cadastral map fot apartment building construction
Black Crow raven jackdaw bird flying slow motion wings beating
Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) calling for mate
Woman travel caucasian at plane with wearing protective medical mask. Girl tourist at aircraft with protect respirator. Concept virus protection coronavirus epidemic sars-cov-2 covid-19 2019-ncov.
Common nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) singing
Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia - Aug 23, 2019: Aboriginal art along Kuniya walk, a popular walk at base of Ayers Rock, Uluru-Kata Tjuta NP. Red Centre outback.
A controlled explosion of an old building. Demolition of a building on the territory of the plant. Highly dusty air after explosion.
Map of France in blue-green colors, top view. Formed by separate areas falling from top to bottom against a white background.
4k landscape video from the top of gibraltar rock. Gibraltar is a overseas british territory.
Huge territory of manufacturing in nature. Panoramic view of industrial plant in the middle of green fields. Aerial view.
Military robot in the desert surveys the territory. The animation for fiction, futuristic or sci-fi backgrounds.
Motion around large illuminated storehouse with flat roof on snowy territory of production plant at night bird eye view
Caucasian female meditating at sunrise
Young woman at the devil's Marbles sitting on a boulder exercises yoga at sunrise. Devils Marbles Conservation Reserve, Northern Territory, Australia.
Supports with insulators and transformers at modern electrical distribution substation against blue sky close view
Big black Doberman Pinscher barks sitting full length on a green background. A trained guard dog that guards its territory and gives voice. Pet isolated on a chromakey and ready to replace background.
Panorama Of The High Rise Buildings On The Coastline In Darwin City In Northern Territory, Australia. aerial
Animated Outline Map of Mexico with States
Gaza Strip, Palestinian Territory, May 21, 2021: Aerial footage captured by drone for the destroyed houses and towers by the Israeli attacks on one of the civilian neighborhoods in west Gaza
Large building on cement factory territory surrounded by low hills and big industrial town under blue sky close aerial view
Fall Foliage- Keppoch Mountain in October
CANBERRA, AUSTRALIA - MARCH, 28, 2021: sunset pan of federal parliament house at canberra in the act, australia
Aerial view of wildfire and smoke in Siberia, Russia. Siberian forest fire. Natural disaster, fire Field burning in summer. Ecology concept 2020
Chernobyl nuclear power plant, aerial view. Landscape top view of the nuclear power plant in Chernobyl. Sarcophagus covers a nuclear power plant in Chernobyl destroyed by a nuclear explosion.
A slow motion footage of a female hummingbird taking off and chase the male away from a pink flower
CIRCA 2010s - A deepwater submarine is lowered into the water, shots from the deepwater exploration of the Mariana Trench, 2016
The baby bird lake gull or river gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) breeds over a wide area of Eurasia, as well as on the Atlantic coast of Canada. It is often seen in the summer on rivers and lakes.
INDIANA - CIRCA 2020s - Sign indicates the Indiana State line as a truck passes on a rural road.
SOUTH CHINA SEA - JULY 2016: Flying towards a Chinese offshore oil drilling platform in the South China Sea, a strategic political and economic region with several conflicting territorial claims.
ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Sign along an abandoned rural road through the countryside indicates the Illinois state line.
Flag of Jamaica Waving with Airplane arriving or departing, Realistic Animation
Australia - June 2019: Aerial view of Australian arid Outback desert and sandstone interior Landscape Northern Territory of Kata Tjuta National Park travel and tourism
ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Sign along an abandoned rural road through the countryside indicates the Illinois state line.
Magnificent aurora borealis show seen in Yukon Territory, northern Canada. Northern Lights in the winter from the north.
Central America Map Hyperlapse in 3D CGI with High Relief Mountains & Foggy Atmosphere
SLOW MOTION of adult red kangaroo, Macropus rufus, standing on the red sand of outback central Australia. Australian Marsupial in Northern Territory, Red Center. Desert landscape at golden sunset.
cocks fight small and big
Lebanon flag - 3D realistic waving flag background
Slow motion big turtle diving under water sea, light pass water beauty nature, turtle swimming in ocean, water wildlife animals show conservation of environment of marine pollution, beautiful natural
Aerial hyperlapse of Commonwealth Bridge on Lake Burley Griffin during a beautiful sunset in Canberra, the capital of Australia
CIRCA 1940s - Allied officers leave a meeting at the US headquarters in New Caledonia.
drone flies over large metal tanks lines and high towers on oil refinery plant territory against sky with white clouds
Lockdown time lapse shot of silhouette trees against stars and green lights in dark at night - Northwest Territories, Canada
YULARA / AUSTRALIA - CIRCA 2010s: A tourist hikes amongst the hills of Uluru / Ayers Rock in the Northern territory.
Adult Male Hunter walking in prime hunting territory on Saskatchewan Prairie habitat- Aerial follow drone shot
Fighting giraffe bulls (Giraffa camelopardalis) and springbok antelopes, Kalahari desert, South Africa
YULARA, AUSTRALIA - JUNE 7 2021: a close sunset timelapse of uluru in uluru-kata tjuta national park of the northern territory
Aerial drone hyperlapse from dawn to sunrise over Canberra city, the Capital of Australia
ILLINOIS - CIRCA 2020s - Sign along an abandoned rural road through the countryside indicates the Illinois state line.
Busy area with people,Motor garage,cars, trucks and Motorcycle in rush hour on a busy road in Nyanyan,Federal capital territory Abuja, Nigeria west Africa.Shot on 05/06/2020
Time lapse: Kuala Lumpur city view during dawn overlooking the city skyline in Federal Territory, Malaysia. Prores 4KUHD
Trucks in logistics warehouse do unloading or loading of cargo. Domodedovo, Russia - June 10, 2020.
Close up of unrecognizable ecologist wearing protective boots and gloves taking water sample of polluted ocean
2020 Nov 19,Hong Kong .The Tuen Mun – Chek Lap Kok Link (TM-CLKL)  route between the Northwest New Territories the Airport and North Lantau and also an alternative route to the Airport.
reef octopus (Octopus cyanea) on coral. Cyanea show how can change camouflage color, patterns and texture of its skin
professional construction worker mixes wet grey cement slow motion close
Australia - Aug 23, 2019: Spectacular Uluru by night with milky way, stars field and galaxies. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park in Northern Territory, Central Australia. Cinemagraph loop background
Beautiful Aerial Footage of a Lake in Outback Australia with Morning Light.
Location: Lake Mary Anne, Northern Territory, Australia.
Aerial drone view of the Xingu Indigenous Park territory border and large soybean farms in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil. Concept of deforestation, agriculture, global warming and environment. 4K
Buzzard hawk bird of prey soaring high in the blue sky slow motion
Aerial view of Belconnen Town Centre and Lake Ginninderra on a sunny day in Canberra, Australia
CIRCA 1940s - Men and women of the British Army walk down a boardwalk, passing anti-Nazi games.
Adorable fluffed up European robin on perch before flying away, pull focus.
Map of Brazil, Brazil outline, Animated close up map of Brazil
Wild adult tiger lying on ground in nature habitat and looking at camera. Concept of nature and wild animals. Orange striped predator, majestic look
Tracking long shot of Eurasian lynx peeking through the yellow-brownish foliage of dense forest while hunting, walking from right to left
Animated Map of World. Gray Blank  World Map on White Background. 4K Ultra HD World Map Animation.
Aerial of flames, Oregon forest fires destroying and causing air pollution. Wildfire in USA 2020. Dry grass in the field burns, smoke rises from the ground, environmental disaster, wood and the trees.
CIRCA 2010s - Discovery of the Chamorro Vent in the Mariana Trench, 2016
Beautiful woman running up the stairs near luxury villa in Italy. Nice hotel territory. Girl walking and dressed in elegant white dress and hat. Slow motion. Good weather, blue sky. Following camera
Modern industrial building. Exterior of white manufacturing on green field. Front view of a large factory. Aerial view. Camera moves forward.
Global Surveillance Network Interface Technology Scanning Territory Of Ukraine. Space Satellite Scanning Network Control Interactive Software Elements. Planet Earth Map Scanning Network Display System
Aerial flyby of Telstra Tower in Canberra, the capital of Australia, showing a panoramic view of Lake Burley Griffin and surrounding landmarks and countryside
Full shot of Spotted deer or Chital or axis axis rubbing his antlers on the base of the trees in rut season to mark territory and show dominance and intimidate other bucks at forest of central India
California - United States of America State - USA - 3D realistic waving flag background
Aerial view of São Paulo city flag at the top of Town with beauty sky. Cityscape view. Great landscape. Urban scene. Sao Paulo flag. City Life scenery. Aerial landscape of the City Life scenery.
Traffic light trails of cityscape Time Lapse from day to night in Kuala Lumpur city at sunset. Federal Territory, Malaysia
Flying foxes Bats Hanging down from tree. Pteropus megabats daylight Emu Park bat colony
Funny rottweiler watchdog lying on the ground on his back, wagging his tail and looking on camera, cute puppy relaxing outdoors. Adorable domestic pet playing near the house
Italy flag - 3D realistic waving flag background
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