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Head shot close up displeased young woman looking at smartphone screen, dissatisfied with bad news message, spam or scam sms. Unhappy stressed female mobile app user getting phishing link in email.
Australia temperate rain forest wilderness natural ecosystem environment
Angry furious female office worker throwing crumpled paper, having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management, mental distress problems, losing temper, reaction on failure
South Korea and North Korea with moving clouds. Realistic images seen from space.
Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio
Likable satisfied positive young bearded man in wheelchair holding on knees his 8-aged son and helping him to read exciting book in contemporary living-room,slow motion
boy kid crying flowing tears a screaming dirty face. child son scream disappointed cranky. domestic violence concept. kid close-up toddler roared all in tears lifestyle
Walking through a redwood forest as the sun passes through the tall redwood trees with lots of light rays as well as greens and browns. Moving camera through dense, old growth  woods.
Happy young mom throws up baby in the pool. The development of kids. Bright light is shines from the windows of the indoors swimming pool. Slow motion
Angry furious female office worker throwing crumpled paper, having nervous breakdown at work, screaming in anger, stress management, mental distress problems, losing temper, reaction on failure
boy kid crying flowing tears a screaming dirty face. child son scream disappointed lifestyle cranky. domestic violence concept. close-up toddler roared all in tears
furious young worker about to throw and break helmet and face mask at workplace. engineer unemployment during corona virus pandemic . factory shutdown by covid 19 outbreak .
Portrait of a Cute boy with big tears running down his cheeks,child sits at the table at home and cries with his mouth wide open,tears are flowing with a screaming face.Child, not holding back his cry
In a Private Office Businessman Loses Temper and Hits His Monitor With Keyboard, in an Act of a Rage Throws everything off the Table. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Aerial view of pristine river and tree fern forest, Kaitoke, New Zealand
Female Tennis Player Hitting Ball with Racquet on Championship Match. Professional Woman Athlete Receives and Lands Volley Shot and Loses Temper. World Sports Tournament. Slow Motion
Baby boy tantrum. Infant toddler crying. Toddler seeking support
South Korea and North Korea from space with moving clouds.
Asian woman with crying emotion.Sad concept.
Perspective shot of fire in a fireplace, embers for cooking and for heating the home in winter
Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio. Close up of young man Turning on radio and adjust music sound Volume in car. auto audio concept. High quality 4k footage
Kelp forest in baja California
Angry young tabby cat hissing into camera close up portrait shot
Fun animation of a man having problem with his computer
in the Eastern Australian temperate rain forests of New South Wales, Australia.
Poa annua, or annual meadow grass (known in America more commonly as annual bluegrass or simply poa), is a widespread low-growing turfgrass in temperate climates.
Close up of annoyed irritated young woman with an angry face looking furious, mad and feeling frustrated isolated on black background. Human expressions and emotions.
Older man talking back and upset at his computer
Cranky young woman saying no, looking at the camera indoor
Bad-tempered African woman sit at desk do accounting job or manage personal finances, reviewing bills feels upset due huge taxes, sum need to pay, experiences lack of money, crisis, bankruptcy concept
Dense deciduous mixed fresh green forest of northern temperate zone at summer cloudy evening - Aerial drone top down view
Little boy crying on the playground
Dolly shot fig tree temperate rainforest australian landscape
Cloud of vapour forming above a rain-soaked forest in Asturias, Spain between the interlocking spurs of a steep valley with a mountain range filling the expanse of the horizon covered by a blue haze.
Male hand adjusts the tuning of the car radio
human meditate mind mental health conscious yoga chakra spiritual holistic healing breath peace energy meditation universe watercolor painting illustration design art collage stop motion animation 4k
Japanese katana sword. Blade close-up on a dark background with blue light filter with incense smoke. Steel tempering
Tempering of the chocolate on the metal surface. Preparing for the production of chocolates. The pastry chef mixes the melted chocolate with a metal spatula on the table in the pastry shop.
The zubr, or European bison is a species of animal in the genus bison. The last representative of wild bulls in Europe. Their habitat is deciduous, coniferous and mixed temperate forests.
Stack of glass sheets cut to exact same size stacked in a row in glass factory. Sheets of factory manufactured tempered clear green glass. Glass cutting industry.
boy kid crying flowing tears a screaming dirty face. child son scream disappointed cranky. domestic violence concept. close-up kid toddler roared lifestyle all in tears
confectioner pours melted milk chocolate on granite table for tempering. Chocolatier stirring with spatula tempered liquid chocolate side view. Cook tempers chocolate. World Chocolate Day concept
Temperamental golfer throwing a tantrum on the golf course, kicking over his golf cart and throwing his club
Toddler boy throwing a tantrum outside
Saltos de Petrohue, Chile. Those are the rapids and waterfalls on the foot of the Osorno Volcano.
Traditional 2D animation of an angry expression. Face isolated on flat red background. Infinite seamless loop cartoon.
Lighthouse by canal park duluth, minnesota aerial view, Lake Superior
Choosing temperature on air conditioner
Huge silk nest of pine processionary caterpillars high on a tree branch
Young Couple on a Counseling Session with Psychotherapist. Back View of Therapist Taking Notes: Angry and Aggressive Boyfriend loses Temper, Starts a Fight, Shouts at His Suffering Girlfriend
anger, people, emotions, 4K and lifestyle concept - Model released man in studio screaming, smiling and winking at camera. Manifestation rage of man. Slow motion
Strong powerful stylish woman with tattoo, raises arms and shows biceps. Feminism and women power
An angry man knocks on the door. View through the peephole
3d a young avatar girl is angry, unhappy, with a bad temper. realising her bad attitude she prays and asks for forgiveness to be a better person.
Portrait of plus size ethnic spanish brazilian female model girl standing indoors displeased shaking head in shame. Close-up woman holding forehead with hand closing eyes from frustration and mistake
Chocolatier adds melted milk chocolate on granite table for right tempering. confectioner stirring with spatula tempered liquid chocolate. pastry chef at work
Beautiful moss and fern covered, healthy rainforest floor, with decaying fallen trees, providing nutrients back into the forest soil as part of the natural cycle
Unbreakable glass. Tempered glass process. Small glass sheets on conveyor roller leading to hardening furnace. Glass hardening process. Oven heating glass- panels. Safety glass-.
Slow-motion, medium shot of a young Asian male entrepreneur or businessman sitting, working in the office, working, being disappointed and angry, losing temper, and throwing documents away in the air
Melted chocolate dripping from the tempering machine
Tempered glass spiderwebbing and shattering isolated on black breaking in slow motion in 4k
Aerial View of Misty Fjords, Inside Passage, Alaska
Turritopsis nutricula Turritopsis dohrnii Oceania O. armata immortal underwater closing jellyfish ocean scenery
Angry young male shouting out of the window, irritated by noisy neighbors, bully
Baby's Breath, Gypsophila dancing with the wind in the middle of the day in Khao Yai, Thailand.
Portrait annoyed young hispanic woman outdoors screaming loudly in rage madly opening mouth holding hands on head headache feels frustrated pain horror hopelessness fear of violence expresses anger
Athlete running hurdle race, tempering strength and endurance in competition
Businessman on the courage after a successful phone call, silhouette of a funny dance in front of the window. He's holding smartphone and paper folder and moving them around funny
4k Aerial Shot Flying Away from Temperate House with Amazing View of the City
Angry young girl stomps around in her bedroom throwing, hitting and biting a stuffed animal
Black Manta Ray turning over tropical coral reef
Busy Coral Reef with many reef fishes and orange soft corals in front of blue ocean
Processing of glass edge, glass end, worker's hands, hands in yellow gloves, factory of processing of sheet glass on the machines with program control, cuttung, grinding, tempering, industry, plant,
4K aerial flight above winding road cutting through thick deciduous forest in bright autumn colors
Stunning tilting down shot of large bendy trees covered in green vibrant moss in the Hoh Rainforest, Olympic National Park, Washington state, USA on a warm summer day.
Girl rolling her eyes listening parents moralizing, awkward age, little rebel
Close-up annoyed irritated young caucasian woman with angry face looking furious mad opens his mouth shouts loudly from stress feeling frustrated isolated on red studio background. Female expression
CIRCA 1936 - In this animated film, a doctor uses his stethoscope to examine Mr. Bangs and tells him there's nothing wrong with him but nerves.
Sieving soil to re any rocks and roots
Driving Down Road In Coastal Range Of Oregon, USA
Close-up of a wave of hot melted chocolate sways forming a thick mass. Slow motion. The concept of quality flavored chocolate for delicious restaurant cakes and toppings
Good-looking joyful stylish 25-aged girl with dreadlocks pushing her handsome good-tempered mature bearded granddad in wheelchair with made hands means to fly in green park
Inserting filter in air conditioner
Window of tempered glass breaking with camera turned portrait isolated on black breaking in slow motion in 4k
Chef baker mixing sweet delicious organic melted chocolate in bowl overhead in slow motion 4K
An elderly woman acts frustrated - green screen studio
Confused young woman looking at mobile phone screen, feeling stressed of getting message with unpleasant scam news. Unhappy millennial caucasian lady dissatisfied with bad smartphone device work.
South Korea and North Korea from space with moving clouds at day and night, for time zone.
A slow motion orbit shot around a bearded bushman while he stands in an Australian forest by stringy bark eucalyptus trees.
Late at Night Businessman Looses Temper Throws Everything Of His Table. He Works in a Private Office with Big City Window View.
April 29, 2020, Rostov, Russia: Man neatly installs unbreakable tempered protective glass on the screen of a new smartphone and presses it, close up. Repair service for electronics and devices
Young afro american man showing negative and positive human emotions isolated on the green background
Botryocladia occidentalis is the botanical name of a species of pluricellular marine red algae of the genus Botryocladia, family Rhodymeniaceae.
Feather grass (Silk grass, Stipa sp.) during a walk in the fescue-feather grass steppe (mixed prairie), Abakan steppe, Khakassia, Middle Siberia,
Low Lying Clouds Shroud The Mountain Tops In Misty Fjords National Monument, Southeast Alaska, USA
Australian Jungle and Tree Canopy in the Summer Aerial Reveal and Flyover
Blacksmith forges and checking tempered metal horseshoe in jar with water at forge.
Japanese katana sword. Blade close-up on a dark background with blue light filter with incense smoke. Steel tempering
The cat is touched by a hand with a hair tip Vibriss wool, after touching it runs away.
Tempering vegan plant based burger cooking on frying pan
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