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White-tailed eagle is a bird of prey in the hawk family.  In flight, the bird holds its broad wings horizontally. The white-tailed eagle is the fourth largest bird of prey in Europe.
Heavy, slow moving traffic jam at rush hour on a busy main road
squirrel Dance CG fur. 3d rendering, animal realistic CGI VFX, Animation Loop, composition 3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Horses feeding off grass at highland pasture. Domestic farm equine mammals grazing in green fields with daisy flowers. Mares drive away flies and mosquitoes with tails. Sight standing, chewing horses.
DOVES Flying Pack 4K animation on Green screen Background - Realistic Flock of birds flying - Multiple animations - Pigeons Flying
Ecology Problem Driver Co2 Dioxide Emission. Gasoline Or Diesel Car Exhaust Fumes Ecology Pollution. Transport Tailpipe Muffler Smog.Eco Problem Toxic Gas. Air Pollution Smoke Car Exhaust Pipe Muffler
Dolphins jumping out of water slow motion New zealand Paihia bay of islands Delphine springen aus dem Wasser
Falling stars motion graphics with green screen background
A cute squirrel chooses a nut.The squirrel is sniffing nuts. Animal, wild, cute, rodent, nature, forest, nut, stump, macro, blurred background, choice, funny, curiosity.
Underwater view of humpback whale swimming very close to the camera and waving its pectoral fin and tail, swimming with whales on vacation
A Beautiful And Gentle Southern Right Whale Slapping It's Tail On The Surface Of The Waves In Puerto Pirámides, Patagonia - Slow Motion
squirrel Dance CG fur 3d rendering animal realistic CGI VFX Animation Loop  composition 3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
The colorful Siamese Elephant Ear Fighting Fish Betta Splendens, also known as Thai Fighting Fish or betta, a popular aquarium fish in super slow motion on isolated black background
happy celebration woman pouring champagne tower at glamorous dance party celebrating with friends enjoying crazy nightlife wearing stylish fashion dancing on rooftop at night 4k footage
A blue peacock fanning its tail on green grass
Ballistic missile launch from underwater
Happy confident young beautiful woman doing long hair style looking in mirror, smiling girl make ponytail hairstyle in bathroom or bedroom in the morning getting ready during everyday routine at home
Happy cute funny playful small breed jack russell terrier pet dog puppy wagging his tail in the grass and smiling
Jet being pushed out of hanger
White-tailed Sea Eagle flying over a lake in slow motion.
Humpback Whale swimming and Passing beside The Camera, 4K footage with alpha channel (4096 x 2160 pixels)
also, this footage is 50FPS so you can slow it without any lack of frames
Start of the Horse Racing. The Horses with the Jockeys at the Racetrack Raising Dust and Dirt. Close Up. Slow motion.
Skater performs a tail turn trick while holding a torch in one hand. Young man riding a skateboard at night with a red burning signal flare in his hand, dangerous stunts
Whale Swimming Loop is a stock motion graphics video that shows a swimming humpback whale shot from the side's loop animation with clean alpha channel
Hawk soaring high in the sky with blue sky and clouds. Slow motion.
Beautiful brunette in white Caucasian appearance T-shirt tries yogurt with a spoon and enjoys its taste on a sunny day.
Cat with retro sunglasses Headbanging. Shaking his head to the music. ProRes 4444 Mov 12bit with Alpha Channel. Seamless Looping 3D rendering.
Cute dachshund dog in a white T-shirt with print bringing a blue leash from the room, hinting to the owners that he wanting to go for a walk, barking and wagging his tail.
Lifestyle video of pretty travel woman sitting in wood long tail boat on tropical limestone cliffs . Explore and vacation concept. Khao Sok lake, Thailand.
Climate change.Pollution.Aerial ultra close-up view of environmentally dangerous toxic acid mine drainage pouring into a tailing dam at a mine
Oslo Airport Norway - July 14 2021: airplane sas scandinavian airlines airbus a350 rotate takeoff
Red squirrel in the natural environment, wildlife, close up, detail, 4k, Sciurus vulgaris
Killer whale (Orcinus orca). The water area near the Kamchatka Peninsula, Avacha Bay.
Comic tomcats waving paws and tail in an energetic clip summer mood. A cute brown pussycats dancing together in a modern style in tunnel colour space. Cool and the best moves in stylish of 80s and 90s
female turkey head appears on the green screen and then disappears from the screen.
Happy dog walk with owner at sunny path in morning time, green city park. Slow motion shot, beagle jog after man, look around, tail in air. Sun flash ahead, quiet and cool early autumn time
Brown squirrel sits in a hollow on a tree. Squirrel eats nuts
Carefree girlfriend enjoy new shampoo throw hair slow motion show keratin effect
Whale is a stock motion graphics video that shows a photo-realistic humpback whale swimming diagonally, passing beside the camera. This overlay animation has an alpha channel
Night aerial hyperlapse of tel aviv skyline with urban skyscrapers, beautiful moving clouds, and cars on highway Israel
Launched Cruise Missile flying in the clouds. Production Quality Footage in ProRes 4444 codec, 30 FPS.
Bright flying sparks of particles, spinning in a circle, follow the flashing star.
Bright flying sparks of particles, spinning in a circle, follow the flashing star.
Close-up of girl legs riding on a horse on the field during sunset, slow motion
Close-up of golden retriever running after small ball in living-room. Man training his dog, puppy runs after toy. Playing and spending time together with beloved pet at home during lockdown.
Okinawa Aquarium 4K with Beautiful Whale sharks and various kinds of fish swimming in the main tank. Silhouettes of People observing fish at the aquarium. Location: Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium, Japan.
Night traffic jam Timelapse Bangkok, Thailand. Rush hour in downtown, motion of car tail lights, red stop signals vehicles moving before, Cityscape. Urban Transport lifestyle No logos and trademarks
humpback whale swimming Roll in a seamless loop with clean
Aerial view of charter private jet flying above white clouds in the sunset light, 3d render
Shadows of lovers against the wall at sunset. Lovers hold hands. Stunningly beautiful silhouettes
Boat trip on the lake Cheow Lan in Khao Sok National Park, Thailand. Famous "Three Sisters" karst formations rocks are seen in the distance. Magnificent nature of Thailand. HDR 4K shot
Snake Attacking on Green Screen
Rocket flies through the clouds to space
squirrel, Sciurus vulgaris, sits on the broken branch of a pine tree and nibbles on sunflower seeds next to the leaves of a German oak tree
Tourists flock to Thailand’s Red Lotus Lake
Cows pasture grass dairycows video
Realistic light blue meteor shower with black background.
Real marmot in a meadow covered with green fresh grass.Sciuridae rodent animal wild wildlife nature genus marmota chipmunk prairie dog groundhog suslik cynomys souslik dogs marmots antelope alpine 4K.
Dog barking at camera.  A weimaraner barks at his owner while standing on his bed.  Close up view of large dog barking loudly, with audio.
Female of Resplendent quetzal (Pharomachrus mocinno) sits on the branch in the humid forest of Monteverde National Park. Costa Rica
black cat with an unmatched tail runs in the green grass slow motion.
3D Whale and Man Swimming in the Ocean - Underwater Loop Animation Background
Black birds flocks over the garbage dump. A huge garbage mountain of unsorted waste. Landfill. Trash polygon. Aerial view.
Air pollution smoke from car exhaust pipe. Shot in 4k resolution
Galloping horse. Animated hand drawn black mustang silhouette cartoon seamless loop running equine motion. Alpha channel isolated transparency 4K
Happy Dachshund dog is sitting in the middle of room in a dog friendly hotel or at home, wagging its tail cheerfully and vigorously and barking, running away. He is wanting the owner to play with him.
3 white tail deer running and frolicking through field into forest follow cam
Wild Rabbits hopping through rows of young farm crop leaves slow motion white cotton tail 150fps
a small fluffy eared rabbit sits on a green meadow and eats young green grass close-up, in the evening, with bright warm sunlight. Easter Bunny
Closeup of the head of an adult blue peacock, the tail slowly retracted

Shooting a squirrel close up in the forest. The squirrel is picking up nuts for the winter. Animal, rodent, fauna, cute, forest, nature, food, close, furry
Female White-tailed Deer Rotating Its Alert Ears To Scan Approaching Predator In The Forest Of Western New York. - static
Lobster tail steaming with water dripping in slow motion. Shot with Phantom Flex 4K camera.
Aerial view of charter private jet flying above white clouds in a clear sunny day, camera chasing the plane from the right back side, 3d render
Baby common squirrel monkey also known as Saimiri sciureus looking for food on a tree. 4K UHD video.
Meteors flying over the clouds
Happy cute funny friendly small jack russell terrier pet dog puppy wagging his tail in the grass and smiling
Glowing stars sparkle on green screen background. 4K Chroma key animation.
Atlantic Lobsters on Sea Floor
Golden meteor tail. Frame for celebration countdown. Exclusive border for special element. Abstract loading comet. Seamless loop.
Gray rat on green screen background
squirrel,White squirrel,chipmunk Dancing CG fur. 3d rendering, animal realistic CGI VFX, Animation Loop, composition 3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha matte.
Close up of details of switched on tail lights of anonymous prestigious luxury modern car. Shot in 8K. Concept of passion for driving cars and engines, car dealerships, used cars,luxury cars,auto dial
The ring-tailed lemur, Lemur catta is a large strepsirrhine primate and the most recognized lemur due to its long, black and white ringed tail.Like all lemurs it is endemic to the island of Madagascar
Wooly sheep and lambs on beautiful pasture, lambing season in New Zealand. Cute domestic animal, wool production
lemur catta with baby in her arms
Cute pet sitting on green grass in beautiful park. Nice dog eating from hand, licking hand. Summertime. Outdoors. Jack russell terrier.
Common Redshanks, Tringa totanus in environment
Peacock shaking its beautiful feathers and slowly turning, natural courtship ritual, fanned out plumage of bird, sunshine behind animal, slow motion
Humpback whale swimming Loop animation
this video has an alpha channel also it is 50FPS so you can slow it without any lack of frames
Bumblebee and butterfly on forest meadow flowers. Summer motley grass for insects. Wildflowers attract insects with their fragrance
Black dog wags his tail, close up
Mermaid with Sun
Speed. Abstract night driving montage. Fast-paced animation, featuring lights leaks, a speedometer, and long exposure time lapse traffic.
 female turkey from the back walks on a green screen
Feathers of tropical peacock bird. Macro rotation close-up view. Beautiful animals. color accuracy of nature.
norway rats in a kitchen eating food, sniffing und running, several szenes, with audio
beautifull 4k shot, close up portrait of gorgeous hawk sitting on the rocks. macro shooting of hunter bird
Flying kite against background blue sky at sunset on sunny day in summer. City kite festival. Tail of kite sways in wind. Childhood. Freedom. Toy. Relax
The flight of a white-tailed eagle, birds on trees in the background, 4K slomo
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