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Concentrated young man that keeps fingers crossed and making a wish, isolated over turquoise background.
Portrait of black man very happy, smiling in urban background. An african american student sincerely smiles while standing in the middle of a city street. The guy is wearing a white t-shirt
Chef salt grilled meat at stone cutting board. Closeup man hands salting steak in slow motion. Close up hands finishing ready steak. Closeup grill meat dish with vegetables at professional kitchen.
What? I can't hear you! Confused girl having hearing problems, asking to say louder, difficult to listen quiet talk, misunderstanding in communication. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Washington, DC / USA - June 3, 2020: Thousands of people join a Black Lives Matter march near the White House. The National Guard blocks protesters from moving to Lafayette Park.
Beautiful brunette in white Caucasian appearance T-shirt tries yogurt with a spoon and enjoys its taste on a sunny day.
Young asian woman 20s in casual pink clothes cap posing isolated on pastel purple violet background studio. People lifestyle concept. Dancing fooling around having fun expressive gesticulating hands
Portrait of Young Beautiful Woman Wearing Red Scarf Inhaling and Exhaling Fresh Air, Taking Deep Breath, Reducing Stress and Looking into the Camera. She is Smiling. Healthy Lifestyle Concept.
Prehistoric dinosaur Tyrannosaurus T-Rex hunts in the morning green jungle. View of the green prehistoric jungle forest on a Sunny morning.
Angry T-Rex Roar Green Screen Front Loop 3D Rendering Animation Dinosaurs
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Soldiers climb into the tank turret, put on a helmet, and prepare to go into battle. Ukrainian army prepares to defend against Russian invasion.
Coral Springs, Florida/USA - June 02, 2020: Peaceful protest against the death in Minneapolis police custody of African-American man George Floyd at Coral Springs, Florida. Protest footage.
Woman silhouette opening curtains and looking out of window in hotel room at morning
Woman driving car texting message on mobile phone in motion, don't text and drive
Cute dachshund dog in a white T-shirt with print bringing a blue leash from the room, hinting to the owners that he wanting to go for a walk, barking and wagging his tail.
Woman sitting at table, looking sad and bored with diet not wanting to eat salad. Modern kitchen interior. Healthy nutrition, dieting, eating disorder
Washing and whitening liquid laundry,blue detergent cleaning process.3D Animation 4K.
Side view close up of an African American woman in standing by the sea piggybacking her young daughter who has her arms outstretched, both smiling, slow motion
Military tanks from the second world war lie smashed on the battlefield next to human remains and the ruins of houses. The concept of war and the Apocalypse.
Bethesda, Maryland / USA - June 2, 2020: A Black Lives Matters protest is organized by a group of high school students.The protest is peaceful.
T Rex Tyrannosaurus dinosaur in the morning foggy prehistoric jungle. View of the green prehistoric forest in the jungle on a sunny morning.
Positive curly haired woman smiles positively recommends using blank space indicates at upper right corner dressed in casual t shirt isolated over vivid yellow background shows direction or way
man shakes head and index finger to avoid offer, disagree or no sign, not allowed, rejection gesture, doesn't give consent, copy space
Dark-haired Caucasian athlete rising up his leg while exercising on yoga mat in living room. Funny sportsman of 50s in yellow t-shirt touching mustache while working out indoor. Training concept
Bethesda, Maryland / USA - June 2, 2020: A Black Lives Matters protest is organized in downtown Bethesda by a group of high school students. The protest is peaceful and well organized.
Cute ginger cat dozing on woman's hands. Close up slow motion footage of fluffy pet. Woman stroking his domestic animal.
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Tanks with tankers turn around and go to the training ground
T cell fly through defence immune system and provides protection - 3d render animation
Strong Muscular Athletic Fit Man in T-shirt and Shorts is Doing Mountain Climber Exercises at Home in His Spacious and Bright Living Room with Minimalistic Interior.
Two young smiling hipster blond women in summer white t-shirt clothes. Girls taking selfie self portrait photos on smartphone.Models posing on street background.Female showing positive face emotions
Cleaning floor with cute cat in slow motion 4K. Person point of view of British breed cat on the stick in focus while sliding on home floor cleaning dust. Cat doesn't care.
T-Cells Work to Fight Cancer, Immunotherapy, 
CAR T-cell therapy, 3d rendering
Chicago, Illinois USA - November 10 2021: This panning video shows a large t rex family fossils tyrannosaurus bone display.
BLM San Diego North Park California Drone footage aerial footage
Happy young african american man ethnic black guy patient wears white t-shirt and medical protective mask shows injection mark on shoulder patch on arm after covid19 vaccination makes like thumb up
CIRCA 1920s - Early shots of the automobile in the 1920?s. Model T Ford is shown.
Boston, MA / USA - March 12, 2015: A protestor uses a megaphone to make a speech in front of a crowd at a Black Lives Matter protest on the steps of the Massachusetts State House.
Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation
African American handsome strong male jogger in headphones running on road in countryside on summer day. Attractive sporty man jogging outdoors. Sport concept. Sportsman runner. Morning nature.
Surprised young african american man 20s years old in yellow t-shirt posing isolated on pink background studio. People lifestyle concept. Looking camera pointing index finger aside showing thumb up
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: A tanker peeps out of the hatch of a T-64 tank. The Ukrainian army is preparing to defend itself against the invasion of Russia
Man skincare. Facial moisturizing. Cosmetic product. Confident handsome guy with long curly hair applying smearing face cream looking in mirror.
Carefree girlfriend enjoy new shampoo throw hair slow motion show keratin effect
Close up of Colorful t-shirts on hangers, apparel background
Pensive young man 20s in beige t-shirt isolated on blue background in studio. People lifestyle concept. Using mobile cell phone typing sms message browsing looking aside up put hand prop up on chin
Perform their functions through cell surface cytokine receptors
Woman Wearing Mask Standing Still in Underground Metro Station and Using Smartphone during Coronavirus Covid-19 Pandemic. Crowd of People and Passing Trains. Time Lapse
CIRCA 1920s - Henry Ford sits on the assembly line in the last Model T and Model T automobiles are scraped.
Handsome unshaven bearded young guy 20s in denim shirt white t-shirt isolated on yellow background in studio. People sincere emotions, lifestyle concept. Looking surprised wow, using mobile cell phone
Smiling cheerful young bearded african american man 20s wearing violet t-shirt hat glasses posing isolated on blue turquoise color background in studio. People lifestyle concept. Looking at camera
LONDON, UK - April 11th 2020: Queen Elizabeth II of England, Thank you NHS, COVID-19 corona virus pandemic, Stay Home, Save Lives, screen sign information panel message, Piccadilly circus, London
Need to think! Pensive doubting woman in polo t-shirt pondering and imagining in mind, wondering difficult solution, feeling confused, not sure about choice. studio shot isolated on red background
Portrait of serious handsome young adult arabic man with beard in white t-shirt stands posing indoors at home looking at camera. Close-up sad hispanic male ethnic guy brunet freelancer indian model
Back view Young Middle eastern Arabic athlete in summer sportswear white t-shirt walking moving along stadium fence returns after long workout, run or soccer. Indian runner finished training or game
A delivery man with a yellow backpack, face mask and gloves appears in the video on an electric moped and shows a thumb up. Excellent delivery during quarantine.
Ukraine, Luhans, June 20, 2021, At a military range, a shot of a military tank T-64
Beautiful woman folded arms while posing in jeans shorts and white T-shirt
Beautiful fashionable girl with long curly hair in a black T-shirt. Girl in the studio on a pink background.Advertising, hair products, beauty salon, cosmetics, clothing. Fashion, boutique. Pink.
Artistic Humanoid revealed from wire. A rotating 360 degree camera reveals a human in a T-pose. It's a 4K .mov ProRes 4444 -16Bit, with Alpha Channel footage.
Handsome office man in white t-shirt try to meditate with online guiding on laptop. Beginner in yoga practice checks when timer ends. Difficult to sit long time. Terrace on green forest background
3d illustration lymphocytes, t cells or cancer cells in motion
Angry T-Rex Idle Green Screen Side Loop 3D Rendering Animation Dinosaurs
Strong Athletic Fit Man in T-shirt and Shorts is Energetically Jogging in Place at Home in His Spacious and Bright Living Room with Minimalistic Interior.
two beautiful girls dancing and smiling on chroma key background . Happy women having fun on a Green Screen, 4k video footage slow motion 60 fps
Traffic light is broken and yellow light doesn't work. Works red and switches to green. Road sign going straight. Old houses on background
One happy and funny dinosaur costume dancing in the street with a orange colorful background - t-rex having fun - funny man inside of a costume of dino
Dynamic letters NTF in flashing neon lighting. The letter T bursts into thousands of ethereum. NFT Crypto Art symbol. Cryptocurrency digital money, collectibles, cyber coin and crypto currency.
woman and man in volunteer t-shirt packing vegetables for donation charity for poor Spbas. Food parcels from factory. Delivery meals to seniors in need. social service
Frankfurt skyscrapers skyline view time lapse hyperlapse video. Euro sign sculpture in park among modern office towers and European Central Bank in Frankfurt am Main.
Multi-ethnic group of children wearing green t shirts with a white recycling logo, holding a poster about recyclable materials, in slow motion. education at an elementary school.
T-cells on blue background protecting and flying - close up animation
A playful handsome guy in a pink T-shirt and blue leggings is engaged in fitness depicting a girl. Slow motion
Mature woman in glasses using trash picker while collecting garbage in bin bag. Group of diverse volunteers in t shirts with recycling symbol cleaning public park. Concept of ecology.
CIRCA 1954 - American soldiers demonstrate the use of the maneuverable T-43 tank.
Closeup of surprised excited young woman in t-shirt opening her mouth in amazement, shouting Wow, astonished by sudden shocking news, expressing disbelief. studio shot isolated on red background
Young couple friends woman man in basic t-shirts posing isolated on yellow background studio. Using mobile phone hold credit bank card online shopping fun expressive doing winner gesticulating hands
Impressed child. Perfect surprise. Exciting news. Wow reaction. Portrait of happy amazed astonished young girl in blue t-shirt celebrating victory isolated on yellow copy space background.
Angry T-Rex Walkcycle Green Screen Loop 3D Rendering Animation Dinosaurs
Gas pump filling station price ticker going over three dollars cost per gallon going up as fuel is being pumped from 0 to 50 dollars - sped up 2Xs speed in 4K 60fps - shot on Sony A7Siii.
Happy young african woman wears blue white t shirt hold use mobile cell phone typing say wow yes just found out great big win news doing winner gesture isolated on yellow color wall background studio
Don't want to watch! Displeased young brunette woman in polo t-shirt covering eyes and gesturing stop, confused and shy to look at shameful content. indoor studio shot isolated on red background
colorful organic cotton t shirts on hangers outdoor. sustainable fashion concept (eco fashion). textile and fashion industries, environmental problems, recycling, synthetic agricultural chemicals
CAR T-cells attack fight and destroy cancer cell 3d render animation
The city courier service, the courier in a yellow T-shirt with a yellow thermal backpack rides a bicycle, the video shot is from the back.
Lady send kiss you show arm head heart shape isolated blue color background
Surprised excited young woman 20s in denim jacket white t-shirt isolated on yellow background studio. People lifestyle concept. Pointing index finger aside up say wow showing thumbs up like gesture
Playful happy contented brunette woman in polo t-shirt blinking eye, looking at camera with toothy smile, winking and flirting, expressing optimism. indoor studio shot isolated on red background
Happy excited young guy 20s years old in denim jacket white t-shirt hold using mobile cell phone just found out great big win news isolated on pastel pink background studio. People lifestyle concept
Man in a costume of a dinosaur running after someone on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
Dinosaur Tyrannosaurus T-Rex went on a hunt in the prehistoric jungle green. View of the green prehistoric jungle forest on a Sunny morning.
Young Stylish Millenial Boy in White T-Shirt Using his Smartphone for Chatting, Typing Messages while Standing at Futuristic Neon Club Lights Background. Close Up Shot.
Portrait close up of an African American woman in standing by the sea piggybacking her young daughter and both looking to camera smiling, slow motion
Smiling african american senior woman wearing pink t shirt holding pink breast cancer ribbon. senior female lifestyle and breast cancer positive awareness campaign.
Extremely happy young woman in t-shirt dancing joyfully and celebrating success, enjoying energetic music, moving in dynamic winning dance, quick rhythm. indoor studio shot isolated on red background
Gambling young african woman girl 20s years old in white t-shirt posing using play mobile cell phone hold gadget smartphone video pc games isolated on yellow background studio People lifestyle concept
Attractive Handsome Man with nice Hairstyle and Beard Using his Modern Smartphone. Looking very stylish and Gorgeous. Wearing Khaki color Shirt and basic White Basic T-shirt. Typing Messages.
Playful Fat Man with Long Hair in Tight T-shirt Funny Runs on the Green Lawn in the Park. Freak Engaged in Outdoor Fitness Training. Slow motion.
Frankfurt aerial skyline view at sunset, beautiful sunset sky over frankfurt city germany.
Smiling cheerful laughing elderly gray-haired mustache bearded man in casual violet t-shirt isolated on yellow color background studio. People sincere emotions lifestyle concept. Looking camera aside
Cheerful funny elderly gray-haired mustache bearded man in casual violet t-shirt isolated on yellow color background studio. People lifestyle concept. Dancing clenching fists waving clapping hands
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