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Rear view husband hugs wife makes surprise. Close up face happy female cuddles beloved man hold giftbox express gratitude for gift at 8-march International Women Day, life events celebrations concept
Asian beautiful mother giving warm hugs little baby girl in arms and swings around then kiss young kid in bedroom at home. Soft touch, love care, protection of mom and child in family relationship.
Old spouses enjoy vegetable salad preparation together in kitchen. Caring grey-haired husband feeding loving wife red paprika talking hugging relish romantic date, happy marriage, healthy eat concept
Happy attractive woman feeding husband while cooking together at modern kitchen. Smiling family couple laughing, enjoying preparing healthy vegetarian food salad meal for romantic dinner at home.
Pink love hearts bokeh sparkle glitter particle motion Loop background. Birthday, Anniversary, new year, event, Christmas, Festival, Diwali Love.
Small daughter sitting in a supermarket trolley. Lovely family, mother and little daughter buy green and red apples in the hypermarket in the fruit section. Vegetarianism and healthy eating concept.
At sunny day young relaxing man and woman drinking cocktail cheers in street cafe time together date food girlfriend meal cheerful portrait slow motion
neon violet light heart shape revelation on dark background, love and romance sign 4k footage invitation
Close up portrait cheerful healthy elderly married couple faces looking through joined fingers making heart shape symbol. Romantic relationships, eternal love, unity, happy long-life marriage concept
Wedding love story of an elegant couple on the coast of an abandoned canyon with turquoise water
Loving young couple bonding laughing touching foreheads relaxing together, romantic millennial man and woman getting closer enjoying moment of affection cuddling looking at each other at home
Couple traveler man and woman girl in red dress with suitcase at luxury resort. tourists in tropical hotel. travel tourism beach vacation happy family holiday sweethearts love honeymoon slow-mo, 4 K
Valentine's Day Heart Animation, Heart Tunnel 4K Video,LOVE. Happy Valentines Day Background Heart. Anniversary, mother's day, marriage, invitation e-card.
CIRCA 1940s - A US Army Air Force airman opens a piece of mail, revealing a portrait of his girlfriend. Other airmen work as mechanics.
Side close up view happy wife put arms around husband neck, 35s couple in love move slow dance while looking at each other touch foreheads enjoy romantic date. Newlyweds, romance relationships concept
Valentine's day animated frame of hearts for overlay on video. Greeting love frame of hearts. Festive border decoration of bokeh, sparkles, hearts for valentine's day. Alpha channel, seamless loop
Close up Happy Asian Bride And Groom In Wedding Dress Prepare For Married In Wedding Ceremony. Romantic Moment Of Man And Woman Couple Dancing Together.
Beautiful animation of red heart-shaped confetti explosion. Cute romantic birthday decorations. Celebration of St.Valentin's day. Decorative shiny party elements are falling down. Fun wedding surprise
Head shot 65s spouses looking at camera having wide white toothy smile, dentures services for older patients clinic ad. Wedding anniversary celebration, eternal love, affection couple portrait concept
Affectionate young man cuddling shoulders of smiling hairless 25s woman, supporting beloved wife during oncology cancer disease treatment, feeling hopeful looking at camera, struggle for life concept.
colorful rainbow hearts seamless pattern sweet heart love animation
Dog In Bathrobe Eating Birthday Cake At Home. Closeup. 4K.
Two positive Indian Arab men sitting outdoors, having conversation, discussing educational issues or business problems. Carefree dark haired middle eastern boys friends sharing news enjoying weekend
Romantic flying red pink rose sakura flower petals backdrop Loop Animation Green Screen. For St. Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, wedding anniversary greeting cards, invitations, birthday, spa, Fashion.
Head shot attractive loving 35s couple looking at camera. Happy homeowners and first house young family portrait. Wife and husband hugging pose standing indoor. Love and romantic relationships concept
Retirement Vacation Concept, Happy Mature Retired Couple Enjoying Beautiful Sunset at the Beach. SLOW MOTION
Romantic happy loving couple having a dinner date, they are holding hands and talking, feelings and relationships concept
Young beautiful woman with groceries bag in hands at kitchen looks camera smiling and happy. Home delivery products. Buying fresh food, conscious consumption
4K stop motion video of heart beating concept. Red paper heart on the pink background. Valentine's Day.
Silhouettes of loving couple heads close to each other in sunset. Action. Close up of romantic male and female unrecognizable faces hidden in the shadow with golden sunlight.
A happy young woman girl female teasing her man male partner by showing a piece slice of pizza. A joyous playful married husband and wife laughing enjoying in interior house. relationship goals.
Heart shaped rose leaves disperse, with alpha. 3d animation 4k
Woman drawing heart on sandy beach. Close up female fingers painting heart on sand on summer beach. Slow motion. Love concept
Newlyweds. Lovely young joyful caucasian bride and groom walking on mountain slope hill. Wedding couple. Happy family. Man and woman in love. Autumn tree. Bride in gorgeous wedding dress. Slow motion
Love Heart Shape Valentine Romantic Abstract Bokeh Particles Glow - 4K Seamless VJ Loop Motion Background Animation
Above top full length view relaxed young bonding married family couple lying on big comfortable sofa, daydreaming napping or enjoying pleasant conversation, speaking communication on weekend at home.
Silhouettes of lovers run to meet each other and the guy is circling his girlfriend. The dog is nearby.
Valentine's day white background. Red valentines fly in different directions, leaving free space for the text. Bright hearts for the holiday Wedding Anniversary, Valentine's Day, Wedding Day
4K Retirement Vacation Concept, Happy Mature Retired Couple Enjoying Beautiful Sunset at the Beach
Top view hands take fresh cookies from plate. Woman's, men's and child hands take fresh home cookies. Many hands take one by one cookies. Cute family snack
Lovely newlywed couple kisses hugging standing on parapet against Eiffel Tower at wedding journey on old Paris street in spring
Just married happy woman hugging her girlfriend holding engagement ring crying of happiness exciting love moments on the river bank. Marriage proposal in nature.
Close up portrait attractive faces elderly couple in love retired family smiles looks at camera, fifty year old spouses lifelong relationships devotion anniversary, medicare medicine insurance concept
Hearts pattern slowly moving background
loving couple at sunset
Young loving couple relaxing and drinking red wine with cheese and nuts in street cafe. Enjoyable time together
Back view silhouette of a young couple sitting and relaxing on the beach at sunset.
Happy affectionate young african american couple bonding enjoying tender moment of love embracing in kitchen, romantic millennial black man and woman cuddling hugging laughing having fun at home
Low angled camera following unrecognizable couple holding hands strolling along evening street
Sweet hearts love animation. Available in 4K FullHD and HD video
Female hands of young women holding separating at beautiful autumn sunset outdoor. Breakout, parting concept. Couple of lesbian girlfriends staying in romantic idyllic place at lake.
Merry African 30s couple in love dancing in living room, holds hands enjoy music spend weekend at home. Happy homeowners family celebrate relocation day. Hobby, bank loan, new property owners concept
Silhouette love couple running together on the beach with sunset view. Romantic and relaxing on summer holiday.
Close up portrait wife piggyback beloved husband couple smile look at camera laughing feels happy. Dating, romantic relations, family celebrate relocation to new home, move day at first house concept
Retirement vacation concept, Happy mature couple enjoying beautiful sunset on the beach
Teenage girl in shorts embracing shy boyfriend, doing first step in acquaintance
Helpful Toddler Putting Washing in Washing Machine
Couple of lesbians kissing passionately in nightclub while dancing, hook-up. Two drunk girls relaxing in bar, homosexual relations, freedom. Provocative youth behavior, clubbers rest, pleasure
Couple of lovers tightly holding hands and separating, love story, breakup
Love and romance sign 4k footage invitation. Neon animation. Romantic loopable background.
animation on transparent background  heart friend lover subscription love sign nice approval  pet bunny sweetheart with a heart hovers in the air congratulations
Caucasian boyfriend and girlfriend having fun in kitchen, throwing flour and dough in each other and laughing.
Close-up of a charming couple, man speaking the words of love to his lovely sweetheart
Cute blonde girl looking for boyfriend then kissing him and showing her love in train station
Caring old wife gently stroking face of senior husband looking at beloved woman kissing her hand enjoying moment of love tenderness, middle aged mature romantic family couple expressing warm feelings
Romantic couple in field with lens flare
A Little Girl And Boy Sit In A Tree And Swing Their Feet
ginger cat sneaks slowly through the grass. Playful red cat hunts on a green field. Slow motion
Boyfriend giving flowers girlfriend, happy couple shadow kissing, romantic date
Young people laughing at cinema theater. Joyful people watching amusing comedy. Cheerful people smiling at movie theatre watching comedy film in slow motion. Friends spend weekend in cinema
A young couple is admiring the sunset, the girl is laying her head on the shoulder of a guy. HD, 1920x1080, slow motion
Woman proposing to her beloved sweetheart with engagement ring at beautiful lake. Excited adorable girl accepting her girlfriend marriage proposal hugging in nature outdoors.
Cheerful young woman making exciting marriage proposal to her girlfriend enjoying amazing memorable event hugging kissing together. Declaration of love.
Fifty year old romantic couple elderly spouses sitting together close to each other talking close up focus on pretty blond woman in love look at beloved man smiling showing devotion caress and support
Closeup Of Two Little Kids' Hands Close Together As They Sit In Tree
man hand gently caresses a woman s hand by candlelight clouse up,hand touch
Animation of glowing pink Red hearts with light trail moving in hypnotic motion in loop background. Anniversary, new year, event, Christmas, Festival, Diwali Valentines
Leaves disperse from heart shaped tree, with alpha. 3d animation 4k
Teen boy giving flowers to beautiful girl, experiencing first love, romance
Flirting slow dance of young beautiful woman and athletic handsome man in a suit on a bright club lights. Romantic moments. Couple portrait. Other dancing people on the background.
Beautiful young couple tenderly kissing under umbrella, romantic date in Paris
hearts rising up green screen falling hearts love rising up love green screen love hearts valentine valentine green screen valentine hearts romantic rising romantic green screen romantic animation up
Pretty beautiful traveler woman traveling in red dress, hat walking with suitcase at luxury resort, Female tourist woman in tropical hotel. travel tourism ocean beach vacation happy holiday rear view
Loving young african couple bonding laughing smiling touching foreheads together looking at camera, romantic millennial afro man and happy black woman getting closer enjoying affection moment at home
Smiling millennial mixed race woman sitting on countertop, holding glass of red wine, chatting with joyful husband in eyeglasses. Happy married family couple enjoying romantic evening, home dating.
Man in trench coat walking and talking on the phone on a Green Screen, Chroma Key.
loving couple is embracing under heavy night rain, brawny man is cuddling wet sad woman
Beautiful close-up double color mini orchids Sogo Vivien in right and left and purple mini orchids Brother Pico Sweetheart flowers in middle. Phalaenopsis, Moth Orchid on white background.
two girls walking hand in hand on the field at sunset, sun, LGBT symbol,slow mo
two girls are walking holding hands at sunset,the sun,the symbol of LGBT people slow mo
Asian Pregnant woman stay at home alone. Pregnancy and baby clothes.
Happy Valentine's day...a man kisses a woman, then they fly high with a big heart, but a cute cherub is going to do something unexpected
4K Retirement Vacation Concept, Happy Mature Retired Couple Enjoying Beautiful Sunset at the Beach
Young handsome man cuddling from back smiling attractive wife in apron preparing healthy vegetarian dish for romantic dinner. Joyful millennial woman feeding loving husband while cooking in kitchen.
Romantic happy young couple enjoy moment of love showing feelings face to face at home, affectionate sensual woman wife sit on man husband lap touching foreheads laughing bonding cuddling on sofa
Full length romantic happy millennial african ethnicity family couple sitting on warm heated wooden floor in kitchen, dreaming of common future life, enjoying carefree weekend time in own house.
Older Couple in Love on Vacation. Retirement Couple Enjoying Sunset on Beautiful Tropical Beach. SLOW MOTION
4K Retirement Vacation Concept, Happy Mature Retired Couple Enjoying Beautiful Sunset at the Beach
Video of lovely unrecognizable couple enjoying sunset near sea
beautiful young couple looking out a window with a smile on their face in a bright room
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