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AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – AUGUST 2020: Slow motion of people wearing face masks walking through busy shopping street in Amsterdam, coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic in Europe
Seoul, South Korea - November 12 2020: Public Media Art, Whale on Coex Digital Billboard at Samseong-dong. Whale is digital media art installation created by d'strict.
sad upset boy sitting in corner lifestyle . Child punished sitting crying in the corner. Domestic violence concept. Child abuse
Hands of hope. An elderly man and woman touch the palms of their hands through the glass window that separates them from each other during the strict quarantine period.
Award ceremony concept, young attractive bearded man in strict clothes trophy hands walking across red carpet crowd applause photo oscar press media flashes celebrating actors star handshake greetings
Serious girl stretch out her palm to camera says stop abortion, close up. Community participant anti domestic violence, racism racial discrimination. Struggle for women rights, social problems concept
Domestic violence concept the boy is offended . sad upset boy sitting in corner. Child punished sitting lifestyle crying in the corner. Child abuse
A delivery man with a yellow backpack, face mask and gloves appears in the video on an electric moped and shows a thumb up. Excellent delivery during quarantine.
Manila/Philippines - June 23 2020: Manila city Hall And Nearby Landmarks After The Implementation Of Strict Quarantine
4K. Two young smiling women operators answer client. Office call center work process.
fence prison strict regime silhouette barbed wire. illegal immigration fence from refugees. illegal immigration concept prison prison fence lifestyle
Angry stubborn young and old women arguing having fight disagreement, annoyed senior mother and stressed adult grown daughter quarreling, family different age generations gap conflict problem concept
Melbourne, Victoria / Australia - September 28 2020: Melbourne CBD During the Lockdown due to COVID 19/Coronavirus outbreak.
Walk through a surreal city of floating houses with corners and arches, 3D computer graphics, 3d fractal graphic
GHENT, BELGIUM – AUGUST 2020: Crowds of people wear compulsory face masks in downtown Ghent shopping street, Covid-19 coronavirus in Belgium
angry serious mum lecturing lazy unmotivated schoolboy, children education problem, parent and child conflict. Stressed mother and son frustrated over failure homework.
Seoul, South Korea - August 13 2021: Public Media Art Wave on Coex digital billboard. Wave by d'strict has earned the iF gold award at 2021.
Strict father scolding son, criticizing sad little boy for mistake, parenting
4K. Two young smiling women operators answer client. Office call center work.
Award ceremony concept, young attractive bearded man in strict clothes with trophy in hands moving across red carpet, crowd of people applause
Portrait Of A Soldier. Sadness And Pity On The Face. Close-up.
Sad teen african american girl upset by strict mum arguing scolding daughter, stressed stubborn teenager turned back ignoring angry black mother lecturing difficult kid, parent and children conflicts
Senior bald man showing refusal gesture no, shaking his head. It is not for me, leave me in piece, it is unacceptable.
young woman with glasses in white shirt sits at table motionless in the office. her chin on hand, she drums with fingers on cheek. looks seriously and strictly to camera, frowns, turn on and off lamp
Doctor threatens with his finger. Serious frowning man doctor on white background looking at camera and points menacingly with his index finger
Portrait of serious chef man looking camera at home kitchen. Closeup strict man chef crossing hands indoors. Handsome male professional standing at kitchen background. Young man preparing to cook food
Two friends urge woman to eat bad food. girl is on strict diet. concept of healthy intuitive nutrition, fast food debris, gluten-free lactose-free vegan vegeterian diet
Lingayen , Pangasinan , Philippines - 04 19 2021: Police checks each person entering a community during a community lockdown
Confident handsome middle aged 60s single retired elegant man looking at camera standing at home, serious senior mature european male model posing indoors for close up face portrait.
Angry young adult mother scolding stubborn difficult little child daughter at home, stressed annoyed frustrated mum nagging shouting at rebellious kid girl demand discipline telling reprimand concept
Don't do, this is mistake! Girl warning with admonishing finger gesture, saying no, be careful, scolding and giving advice to avoid danger, disapproval sign. studio shot isolated on blue background
Here and right now! Angry strict young woman afro hairstyle in hoodie pointing down and looking bossy, demanding to do immediately, control in relationships. indoor   isolated on pink background
Melbourne, Victoria / Australia - September 28 2020: Melbourne CBD During the Lockdown due to COVID 19/Coronavirus outbreak.
Doctor says no prohibitively points his finger. Strict male doctor in white coat and stethoscope in office looks at camera, raises his hand and begins to show disapprovingly with his index finger
Young Strict Exacting Female Teacher Wearing Optical Eyeglasses Looking at the Camera in Studio on Grey Background.
Portrait of cute Middle Eastern teenage boy wagging fingers and shaking head standing outdoors warning and expressing disagreement. People and attitude concept.
Upset boy listening reprimanding of strict female teacher during lesson in primary school. High quality FullHD footage
Yellow foamy beer is pouring with fine sprays on a black background. The stream of strong alcohol in slow motion strictly straight. Great video for your presentation. 4k
Lady boss. Close up portrait of young confident curly hair woman putting on her eyeglasses, looking seriously at camera. Career and feminism concept. Eyesight problem.
Slow-mo closeup of strict female contractor in safety helmet and uniform giving orders to workmen via radio standing at big industrial plant
High-quality animation of a hundred dollar bill.
A man with his hand in a blue glove takes a the handle of the moped's steering wheel and drives off.
Angry woman ceo team leader firing unprofessional incompetent black man employee for bad results asking to leave during group meeting with hand gesture, racial discrimination at work dismissal concept
Actress got dream role in feature film. Happy African American with scenario in hands standing on street in big city and dancing. Young woman with black curly hair and bang wearing black jacket and
Successful businesswoman looking at camera recording video blog or vlog in office, confident business coach speaker talking for video call, webinar, job interview, online training
Portrait of strict girl waving finger and shaking head meaning no standing on brick wall background. Youth, human reactions and young people concept.
Seoul, South Korea - August 13 2021: Public Media Art Wave on Coex digital billboard at Samseong-dong. Wave is digital media art installation created by d'strict.
LONDON, ENGLAND, UK - AUGUST 13, 2017: Change of guards at Buckingham Palace. Infantry sentries of Queen's Guard respect a strict protocol when switching the shifts
Business woman on commute transit talking on the smartphone while walking with hand luggage in train station or airpot going to boarding gate. woman happy using mobile phone app for conversation.
Upset young asian mother punishing two naughty kids, child upbringing problems
Young parents scolding kid, husband and man strictly talking and gesturing, wagging his finger. Mother and father blaming their child, punishing him. Family quarrels or problems.
goerlitz germany - march 18, 2020: today at 10 a.m. the border crossing Stadtbrücke from Görlitz to Zgorzelec was opened again to relieve the BAB 4, the corona controls are strictly carried out
Close up shot of cannabis oil in cartridge with real weed in foreground and white smoke slowly flow in and out
The hand of a businessman puts and opens an empty diary on the table.
Strict African father scolding daughters for poor behavior, parenting moment
Strict father shouting at daughter, forcing to eat, demanding man scolding child
macro coin brushed from sparkles and made as first decentralized bitcoin currency with strictly limited issuance
Serious strict warehouse manager using tablet pc in a large warehouse perspective
Angry brunette girl pointing finger to camera, looking dissatisfied, frowning and accusing with strict negative expression, choosing guilty, wears white t-shirt, isolated on yellow studio background
Melbourne, Victoria / Australia - September 28 2020: Melbourne CBD During the Lockdown due to COVID 19/Coronavirus outbreak.
Boss strict is sitting in the armchair shakes his head unsatisfactorily and clumping the paper
Business woman on commute carries a passport and plane or train tickets. while walking with hand luggage in train station or airpot going to boarding gate. Successful business girl in a hurry on a
Strict teacher hitting schoolboy with ruler, corporal punishment, breaking rule
Marupe , Marupe / Latvia - 05 20 2020: Fedex buses driving out of warehouse
portrait of young serious and strict woman worker, sits in office at table with laptop, shake head, refusing. portrait of young displeased woman student, sits in home room, shake head, rejecting.
Cute little dachshund wearing funny chef white costume and cook hat, nose in a flour. Businessman in official suit writing something. Concept of strict master, employer, owner and his dog.
Displeased serious girl in dress crossed her arms in X sign and saying no, warning of finish, prohibited access, declining communication, body language. indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
4K. Office call center work. Two young smiling women operators answer client
Man points his finger to you. Serious frowning bearded man with glasses in office or apartment room looking at camera and points his finger and says YOU. Close-up and slow motion
Good looking Caucasian mother sitting on the couch at home with a laptop computer and forbidding something to his small son.
parent hand yelling blaming and scolding child reproaching baby girl daughter .
Angry doctor yelling at female intern for mistake strict boss scolding colleague
San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid, Spain; 03/15/2020: Ambulance advises citizens of the restrictions due to the state of alert: "Please stay at home, leave as strictly necessary"
Portrait Of A Soldier. Sadness And Pity On The Face.
Attractive cheerful lady in strict costume sitting in front seat ,looking with smile in the mirror and enjoying the car
Angry mother scolding a disobedient child
[WIDE ANGLE] Slow pan left of a modern Scandinavian bathroom with towels, bamboo shelf, toilet paper and decorations.
A strict Indian mother scolding her son for excessive mobile use - technology overuse, mobile addiction. A young teenage boy and her mother - angry mother, upset boy
In office man and woman stand in corridor and discuss project on paper. Strict head in glasses points to schedule on document for issuing instructions to female employee.
Angry rude businessmen colleagues quarrelling in coworking having conflict at workplace blaming accuses each other bad work incompetence mistakes. Reprimanding unsuccessful results and rivalry concept
Close up shot of cannabis oil in cartridge with real weed in foreground and white smoke slowly flow in and out
Stop concept. Black African American man protests against discrimination showing protest sign on strike. Protester immigrant person holding cardboard slogan banner with text no. Political unrest
Compliance Rules Regulations Laws Animated Word Collage
Close-up portrait of strict old senior business woman wearing smart casual shirt and stylish eyeglasses looks serious and then slimes friendly. A mature bossy lady, elderly purposeful leader
Mature serious man looking camera in studio grey background. Portrait focused old gentleman face wagging finger indoors. Close up disappointed male person frowning to camera inside.
Beautiful cityscape tourism city Abu Dhabi. Silhouette Young happy woman tourist turned away, walk town alley, enjoy Arabian sights. Long white strict dress sleeves. Dubai UAE 4k. Girl back rear view
Preschool kids are on the early childhood development exercises in daycare center. Educator is at the work
Strict aged businesswoman with folded hands looking at cam against skyscraper
Aggressive senior boss shouting on a megaphone, leadership and communication concept
Strict dressed man and woman buy goods by credit cart in tablet. Couple walking in City center. Wife suddenly remembers about last hours of discounts in fashion shop and told husband that should make
Angry boss shouting at employees and turning glass of water by mistake on laptop . Male chief is unsatisfied with bad work of staff and finishing corporate meeting. Concept of failure
Be careful! Bossy strict businesswoman with brunette hair in blouse showing admonishing gesture, warning of danger, looking displeased asking be cautious. studio shot isolated on yellow background
Positive self-confident blonde woman in business style jacket crossing her arms on chest and smiling, showing her arrogance. Indoor studio shot isolated on blue background
Bearded businessman in black official style suit crossing arms in X sign, refusal stop gesture, warning of prohibited access, declining communication. Indoor studio shot isolated on gray background.
Portrait of serious young man warning with admonishing finger gesture, saying no, giving advice to avoid danger, dressed in white t-shirt, disapproval sign, isolated on yellow studio background.
Senior hispanic man looking through glasses being shocked. Studio shot on blue wall.
Shanghai.China-August 2021: Delta variant of Covid-19 begin to spread in China. Mall staff checking health QR code and body temperature at entrance. Chinese people showing health QR code on phone
Smiling confident vivid young successful employee business woman in casual shirt glasses look camera hold hands crossed isolated on light background indoors studio portrait. Achievement career concept
Old Gray Man Sitting At The Table And Reading Book. Image Of Wise Man With Beard. He Turns Pages.
Closeup portrait of old elderly senior man grandpa with tanned wrinkled face and gray hair in hat. Serious and sadness looking at camera with blue eyes, stay outdoor. Slow motion
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