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Little girl in white dress looking like a ghost carelessly running down the hallway of a haunted house - halloween costume party, horror movie 4k footage
Caucasian girl in white sundress looking like a ghost scarily staring at camera, then grinning - halloween costume party 4k footage
Dark mysterious monsoon cyclone storm clouds and multiple bolts of lightning. Tranquil eye of the storm above tropical Ocean at night. Looped conceptual establishing shot of powerful hurricane weather
Group of scary zombies dancing. Halloween concept.
Flying Bats Animation with Black Alpha Matte. Halloween Bats on Moon Night Background. Fly Silhouette Bat. Many Flittermouse. Bat Party Transition Template. 3d Motion Design Elements Decoration 4k
Girl in little white sundress creepily staring into camera, dressed for halloween. Child's ghost in haunted house - halloween costume party 4k footage
Halloween Horror Scary Haunted House Background Video Footage
Halloween Background 4K animation - Dark Blue Night Halloween background with Pumpkins & haunted house and bats flying over the moon
Clouds passing by moon at night. Full moon at night with cloud real time. mystery fairyland scene.
A Tornado Churns In The Open Country Near Fort Stockton, Texas, USA During A Severe Weather Outbreak
Scary endless medieval catacombs with torches. Mystical nightmare concept. The seamless loopable animation is designed for fantasy, mystical or historical backgrounds.
Seamless animation of a DJ skeleton and skeletons dancers in a cemetery at night. Funny halloween background.
Full moon on dark cloudy night. Clouds passing by the moon in spooky feeling like thriller and horror films. Werewolf moon, dark night sky, black clouds, full moon clouds, ghost, horror films.
Bats animation on green screen. Animated flying bats
Seamless animation of a zombie thriller dancing in a party at a graveyard with skeletons and pumpkins. Funny cartoon character for Halloween background.
Moon night forest mystic branch dark blue tree danger wolf
A Powerful Supercell Thunderstorm In Tornado Alley During 2020 Storm Season - Time Lapse
Halloween motif 4K animation movie
Dark 2d animation with devilish characters and monsters in black and white. Collection of motion graphics in horror fantasy genre. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for Halloween. Vj looped movie.
Spooky magic halloween. Atmospheric smoke VFX element. Haze background. Abstract smoke cloud. Smoke in slow motion on black background. White smoke slowly floating through space against black bg
Full glowing yellow moon with clouds being blown by winds during storm at nights. Element of this footage furnished by NASA
A Large Supercell Thunderstorm Spirals Across Tornado Alley During A Severe Weather Outbreak
Endless flight through Halloween pumpkins with scary faces. Camera movement through the pumpkins. Seamless loop 3d render
Full Moon over a spooky cemetery with silhouette headstones and rolling low lying fog.
Welcome to hell. Animated horror collection with frightened face, monster from dark and suicidal hanged man. Animation in genre of horror with blur effects and camera shake. Exciting images of death.
Sharp design golden stage glitter animation with stars, lights and particles. Perfectly looping.
Scary full moon at night through trees and leaves.
Large Black Spider - Slow Walking - Green Screen - 4K
Halloween day. Ghost character bone dancing. 3d rendering, realistic CGI,3d mapping cartoon, Included in the end of the clip with Alpha channel
Dark evil zombie with red eyes entered room. Abandoned house with monster inside in black and white background colors. 2D animation for creepy Halloween in HD. Horror character concept. Scary places.
Seamlessly looping animation of page-turning of a book. Perfect for learning, wisdom and magic. Symbolizing book as the never-ending stream of knowledge. Lights, particles, glow.
Tarot cards falling on a wooden table. One of the cards is revealed and it says wheel of fortune, with a compass in the middle and different figures of creatures with wings. Mystic game. Close up
POV Monster Moves Through Woods At Night
Dark ritual with dagger. Falling man into trance and remembering past life. Dead king sits in throne room. Creepy cartoon, footage, vj loop, fx. Scary animated 4K movie teaser. Horrible hell visions.
The little girl in white dress looking like a ghost carelessly the hallway of a haunted house. Halloween costume party, horror movie 4k footage
Catrina woman walking in old house with flowers on her head
Funny dog in ghost costume turn head and look straight to camera, then turn back, autumn park outdoors. Fallen leaves lie around, carved pumpkins on ground.
Black Forest Silhouette Full Moon and Bats 4K Loop features a camera view panning the silhouette of an old dark forest with a full moon behind and fog, smoke, and bats flying in a loop
Seamless animation of a zombie dancing salsa isolated with alpha channel. Funny cartoon character for Halloween background.
Time lapse of tornado warned supercell storm rolling through the Nebraska plains as it moves over the landscape as it changes shape.
Zombie hand rising out from the grave
Dark creepy psychiatric ward hallway with flickering light, horror Halloween scene
Halloween ghosts 4K animation on Green screen background - White ghosts transition on Chroma key background
Business clones ready for world domination.
Halloween Transitions 5 Pack. Cartoon bats motion graphics package features 4K resolution animation pack of hand drawn dynamic and fun cartoon bats transitions.
Six carved pumpkins lie on the ground at night, the biggest and the scariest one comes to life and laughs hysterically until it explodes into pieces. Spooky Halloween-themed 3D animation.
possessed by demon and devil incarnate woman is wriggling in darkness, flickering light
Black cat eye close-up looking at camera.
scary church interior. seamless loop. 3d rendering.
Dark monsters with evil faces in black and white background. Collection of animations in horror fantasy genre. Motion graphics with demonic characters. Animated video clip nightmares for Halloween.
Funny dog west highland white terrier dressed in cloak, horns, devil costume is sitting near decorated with pumpkins house, waving head. Preparation for celebration. Trick or treat. Happy halloween.
Black and white grunge texture background, flickering vignette spotlight, old film effect
Animation of thunders over a red sky with whirling clouds.
Dark hole and ugly face dead man, from whose mouth branches of tree crawl out. Horror fantasy 2D animation. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for creepy Halloween. Black and white grunge background.
Old TV Green Screen On Spooky Dark Road, Vintage Television Traveling Shot. Vintage television with a green screen left on a spooky dark road. Traveling shot
Bats Animation - Halloween Black Bats Flying 4K animation on Green screen background - Flock of Bats flying on Chroma key background
Abandoned building with boarded up windows with trash on floor.
Flashy animation of zombies walking through the misty forest.
Halloween Night Background 4K Animation. Pumpkin and flying Bats Halloween Night festival. The concept is blue sky, flying bats, Horror house, animated trees and grasses with Scary night.
Spooky alien's face on black background. UFO and extraterrestrial life concept.
Medieval spiral staircase with candles at night. 3d rendering. Seamless loop.
Halloween glowing pumpkins with black background. Orange glow light inside of carved pumpkin heads. Dark smile faces.
Flying away birds silhouettes among the treetops, evening sky in the background, autumn time
Halloween horror sequence, dark hallway in abandoned psychiatric ward, ghosts, Halloween
Scary monsters with spooky faces. Collection of animations in horror fantasy genre. Motion graphics with demonic characters. Animated video clip nightmares for Halloween. Creepy abstract background.
black tree trunk in a dark pine tree forest
People on a street walk in the rain and stare at mobiles' screens. Humans hypnotized by their smartphones. Men and women illuminated by phones march in the dark. Zombie walk. Consumerism. Mind control
4K looping animation of night forest alley in a fog. Winter, autumn forest. 3d Loop animation video.
Clouds moving in time lapse bringing dramatic storm as it moves over the plains.
Scary Wolf: The monster comes out of the dark, growls and bites. Disturbing lighting of the animal creates a horror atmosphere.
TRACKING Group of trick-or-treating kids running and knocking the door during Halloween. Shot on RED camera with 2x Anamorphic lens
the man screams on a black background in low key, in slow motion, anger emotions
Animated Halloween banner or header. Laughing mouth and happy Halloween lettering on black background. Hand drawn illustration
Glowing neon line Funny and scary ghost mask for Halloween icon isolated on purple background. Happy Halloween party. 4K Video motion graphic animation
Lightning storm clouds timelapse thunderstorm at night sky
Pastel Haze, Pink Light, looks like a cloud of smoke in cosmic aerosol and lightning or sky or nebula.3D Rendering
Abandoned horror house in the middle of deep dark spooky forest
Apocalypse city in fog. Aerial View of the destroyed city. Apocalypse concept. Super realistic 4k animation.
Halloween background animation with the concep of Spooky scarecrow and Bats blue foggy background
Halloween background animation with the concept of Spooky Pumpkins, Moon and Bats and Haunted Castle.
Tracking inside a long dark gloomy corridor of abandoned business center with offices or hospital at night. Concept of tunnel or horror. Leaved place
Motion to the spooky haunted house with Jack-o-lantern Halloween pumpkins on its footpath at misty night with fantastic big moon in sky. Handheld camera effect. Realistic 3D animation rendered in 4K
Goddess of death opens her mouth. Dead man crawls out of lake. Dark visions of hell 2D animation. Horror fiction animated film. VJ loops and music clips. 4K grunge spooky movie with brush strokes.
Human bones and skulls scattered on the field of the past battle. The concept of war and the Apocalypse.
Full moon behind tree branches on a cloudy night sky. Overhead giant moon shining on silhouettes of trees during a walk.
Horror scene, tv sets with scary woman on screen, old dark industrial quarters. Horrifying scene, dark and creepy place, ghostly figure
First person view of five diverse kids wearing cool Halloween costumes are talking different lollipops and candies out of bowl unrecognizable person holding in hands
Halloween pumpkins in a protective medical face masks
Second wave of coronavirus infection in autumn. New normal concept. Halloween and Covid-19 concept.
Full moon night sky. moon time lapse. moon light. clouds and moon ,beautiful nightly spooky seamless loop background
Zombie rises from the ground. Demon in collar with chains. Black and white collection of movies in horror fantasy genre. Animated 4K video clip nightmares for Halloween. Vj looped motion graphics.
Windows of a Spooky Castle Showing a Lightning Storm
halloween, decoration and holidays concept - close up of woman with carved pumpkin or jack-o-lantern at home
Seamless animation of a skeletons dancing in a cemetery disco at night. Funny halloween background for parties and events.
Disinfection service, Cleaning and remediation to curb infection, 
All infected materials are cleaned, disinfected. Alpha seamless loop animation.
swirling smoke rolling low across the ground.
White Ghosts Flying effect - Halloween Ghosts Flow 4K animation on Green screen background  - Ghosts Animation Pack on Chroma key background
Abandoned House Among Dead Trees and Fog 4K Loop features an old abandoned house in a field with dead and burnt tress all around with smoke or mist rolling by in a loop
Halloween Bats Flying up - Group or flock of Bats flying - Halloween Bats Transition 4K loop animation on Green screen background - Black Bats with Yellow eyes Flying on Chroma key background
Seamless animation sugar skeletons dancing salsa with mariachis in a tipical mexican village at sunset. Funny Halloween 4K background with decoration for Dia de los muertos
Gray black smoke dark horror background. Halloween Spooky night with animation seamless loop with glitch and noise effects.
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