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A Car Driving Down the Highway Through Snow and Blizzard Looking Through the Windshield Falling Snow Night Road Snowflakes Winter Storm
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: A column of armored personnel carriers of the Ukrainian army is driving along a snow-covered road. Preparations for the Russian invasion of Ukraine
Aerial view of snow mountain range landscape in Sichuan China under blue sky with winding road and sea of clouds in the background 4k winter drone footage
Blue Long Haul Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer Full of Goods Travels At Night on the Freeway Road, Driving Across Continent Through Rain, Fog, Snow. Industrial Warehouses Area. Front Following Shot
Aerial top view from drone of suv vehicle driving on snowy ice road exploring local landscapes in winter, bird’s eye view of automobile car moving on area surrounded by beautiful coniferous forest
Wide locked down shot of two snow ploughs driving up the highway and clearing the snow off the road in snowfall.
A large young female Siberian tiger (Panthera tigris altaica) runs directly against the camera. Slow motion video. Road covered with a snow, snowing.
Hazardous winter road driving conditions with heavy snow on the sea to sky highway 99 between Squamish and Whistler, British Columbia, Canada.
SLOW MOTION TIME WARP, LOW ANGLE, CLOSE UP, LENS FLARE: A grey car's big wheels spin and spit up heavy wet snow as an unknown driver tries to drive off road in the challenging wintry conditions.
Wide Shot of Jeep Car driving on Iceland Road with Snow white Mountains and Sunset countryside, Winter, Aerial tracking dolly backwards
Aerial view overlooking a road, in middle of snow covered trees and snowy forest, on a dark, cloudy, winter day - Top down, drone shot
SLOW MOTION, LOW ANGLE, CLOSE UP, DOF: Car's wheels spin in place and spew up pieces of white snow as it attempts to gain traction on the slippery road. Snow flies up from a vehicle's spinning wheel.
Blue Long Haul Semi-Truck with Cargo Trailer Full of Goods Travels At Night , Turning on the Freeway Road, Driving Across Continent Through Rain, Fog, Snow. Industrial Warehouses Area. Front Following
Snowing in the Banff national park at the summit of sulfur mountain with snow capped mountain ranges Time lapse, Canadian Rockies Mountain Range In the Falling Snow Storm Banff Jasper 30 fps 4K
A steppe eagle flying over the snow mountain surrounded by clouds. Sunlight shining on grand and vast mountain range and grassland. Some elements are from Topographic data from OpenTopography.
MINSK, BELARUS - JANUARY 20, 2021: Tesla Model 3 drives on a highway.
Snow removal on the roads in Norway. Aerial photography. Panoramic view. Roads in winter Norway. Car for cleaning snow. Snowplows in Norway
Aerial sunset panorama of Moscow highway with a lot of traffic in winter. Camera showing beautiful city and wide road with junctions and cars driving in the evening lights.
Aerial view of Mount Fuji with beautiful clouds above the clear sky. Japan
AERIAL: Semi-trailer truck speeds along the motorway running across the desert in Utah. Wintry desert landscape surrounds truck driving down the interstate highway running across rugged US wilderness.
Transport interchange in a big city. Long traffic jam. A huge number of cars pass by. A large trucker's truck is visible. Muddy roads, heavy car exhaust. Bad ecology of the city of Almaty.
Aerial Tracking Shot of Snow Blanketing Suburbs of Dallas During Historic Winter Storm
Bright realistic Aurora Borealis over mountains, reflecting in puddles, Skaftafell
Urban landscape in blue colors with heavy snowfall on the street. Houses, people and roads in winter. Blizzard, snowstorm and big snowflakes falling from the sky. Cold freeze weather. Poor visibility.
The driver's hand on the steering wheel against the background of the night road and the glare of passing cars. Close-up. 4K
Aerial of car driving in winter paradise in Norway. Surrounded by snow and trees.
View through the windshield on the highway in winter along which the car is driving in heavy snow and wind in Russia.
Kharkiv, Ukraine - January, 31, 2022: Ukrainian soldiers in camouflage are walking with backpacks on a snowy road. Soldiers prepare to defend Ukraine from Russian attack
Real Snow, falling snow isolated on black background in 4K to be used for composing, motion graphics, Large and small snow snowflakes, Isolated falling snow, Alpha, Ethereal, Intense, Storm
Aerial view of mountain twisted road in the winter and driving car. Epic, snowy white winter and snow capped forest. Road through frozen forest and luxury sedan.
The road in the desert, the view of the mountains from the window of a moving car. Sunset in the desert. Fast motion. Road trip. Egypt
AERIAL pursuit, chase, chasing shoot view : silver white car driving down an asphalt road crossing the vast forest on a winter day. drive through the idyllic woods in picturesque. Green Forest in snow
Aerial Over Road Through Swat Valley With Snow Capped Mountains In Distance. Tracking Shot
Three trucks haul cargo down the highway leading towards the breathtaking snow capped mountains in Jasper National Park. Lorries travel along the famous Icefields Parkway on a sunny winter day.
Minimalist Overhead Shot of Snow Covered Houses from Historic Dallas Winter Storm
Winter driving on a mountain road covered in snow. Aerial view with the trees covered in heavy snow.
Urban Skyline of Chicago Loop at Night in Winter. New Eastside and Lake Michigan. Blue Hour. Aerial View. United States of America. Drone Flies Sideways and Upwards
Amazing scenic windy road with mountains and glacier lake, aerial view. MT Cook State Highway 80, New Zealand.
CIRCA 1920s - Early shots of the automobile in the 1920?s. Model T Ford is shown.
Slowly Zooming Drone Footage in a Blizzard with Heavy Snow inside Gates of the Arctic National Park
Car driving on winter country road in snowy forest, aerial view from drone in 4k.
Bright realistic Aurora Borealis reflecting in road
Car wheels riding on deep snow at winter season
Aerial forward Epic winter snow-covered mountain tundra Buryatia, Siberia abstract natural landscape. Roads through wild untouched terrain, off-road. Hills shaman's way. Reserve. Open space, horizon
Aerial view of landscape top of the winter town residential houses with snow on covered houses and roads.
Aerial view snow covered rooftops of cottages townhouse settlement in winter day
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada March 2018 Blizzard with traffic jam and highway gridlock in winter snow storm
A Car Driving Down the Highway Through Snow and Blizzard Looking Through the Windshield Falling Snow Night Road Snowflakes Winter Storm
Truck Driving Winter Ice Road, Aerial View
Aerial top down view from drone of white sedan vehicle driving on snowy ice asphalt road, landscapes in winter. Birds eye view of car moving on area surrounded by coniferous forest shelter-belt
Aerial top down cinematic winter snow cowered country road, asphalt serpentine. Cars go traffic among forest. Taiga wild untouched wood. Cinematic suburban landscape. Bright sun light on white ground
Road trip in USA from Zion to Bryce Canyon, driving auto in Utah. Hitchhiking traveling in America, Route 89 to Dixie Forest. Winter local journey, calm atmosphere and snow mountains. View from car.
Windscreen view driving through a beautiful snowy winter wonderland
Man Shoveling Snow off Car
Aerial view of a car driving in a foggy day in mountain. Car driving in a curved road with near white snowy trees. slow motion
Slow motion clip of a pickup truck plowing snow with a red snow plow while snowing.
POV vehicle drive across beautiful winter nature, forest evergreen trees with snow, mountains, asphalt road and sunny blue sky, car travel gopro point of view
Winter road trip. Father and son sitting inside car trunk in snowy forest, drinking hot tea from thermos and sing a song. Outdoor picnic, family activity on nature in cold season.
Trucks are stuck in traffic on a snow-covered highway. Thousands stranded on highway as major snowstorm and blizzard hits hard causing
Winter landscape of Norway lofoten islands
View of the beautiful Quebec City in Canada. Filmed during winter.
Black car driving on the snow road. Drone view, winter time. Trees in the snow.
Drivers are warned of dangerous, changing winter conditions on the road ahead, by a large roadside flashing sign. Abbreviated words notify the need for winter tires and to expect winter conditions.
Toronto, Ontario, Canada February 2019 Winter driving POV on snow covered highway and roads with trucks and car traffic
Point of view shot of car driving on a highway and the setting sun creating a pink overlay
Road trip in USA from Zion to Bryce Canyon, driving auto in Utah. Hitchhiking traveling in America, Route 89 to Dixie Forest. Winter local journey, calm atmosphere and snow mountains. View from car.
AERIAL. Top view to the truck driving on the snow road in winter time. Delivery concept
Point of view from drive's side, vehicle driving on snowy mountain road. Car drive along stunning scenic road in winter on a sunny day. Shot from outside the windshield.
Aerial drone shot of a road immersed in the Lapland forest during the winter with a white SUV.
Ice service for cleaning of streets in winter. Machine sprinkle roads with salt and chemicals against road incidents. Super slow motion 1000 fps
Moscow, Russia - December 7, 2021: Heavy snowfall in the center of the capital. Prospect Mira Avenue
Aerial shot of the top of Stelvio Pass with hairpin corners on a sunny day. Highest paved mountain road in the Eastern Alps. Cars, motorcycles, and bikers are enjoying the ride.
Driving on rural road to Grossglockner at the alps in Austria
Flying an aerial drone. Thousands of people were stranded on the highway as a heavy snowstorm and blizzard hit hard.
aerial of rv driving on icefields parkway in jasper birds eye
Aerial shot of vehicles on street in city with snow and canal, drone flying forward over buildings against sky - Minneapolis, Minnesota
 Moving along frozen woods, winter cold countryside landscape, snow and ice. Pov tracking shot from train window.
DRONE: Flying behind a car exploring the breathtaking sights of the Sea to Sky freeway at sunrise. Gorgeous winter evening sky illuminates the way for tourists on road trip driving through the woods.
Falling snow in residential area at night. City courtyard night view in blizzard. Night town street with burning street lamps and snow covered parked cars during snowing
AERIAL: Flying above the car driving through snowy forest at golden winter sunrise. People on winter road trip traveling across snow covered Lapland wilderness at sunset. Car driving on empty icy road
Cop car in high speed pursuit. Emergency response police patrol vehicle speeding to scene of crime. Heavy snowfall and fog on the road. Outdoor front view of police traffic auto driving.
Young woman bride turned away walks on snowy road winter fog in forest. Beautiful trees in frost. brunette loose hair. Naked sexy back. White long wedding fashion vintage dress. Model posing rear view
 Moving along frozen woods, winter cold countryside landscape, snow and ice. Pov tracking shot from train window.
DRONE, TOP DOWN: Car drives through a slippery snow covered intersection in Spokane, Washington. Flying above a car driving down icy road as blizzard covers the landscape with a deep blanket of snow.
people push out a passenger car that stalled in the snow in winter, wheelspin
Top-down aerial view of a single white car driving along the semi-curved road located in the middle of the forest
Road BOBRUISK-MINSK, BELARUS - February 9, 2021: Driving on a slippery winter country road with a snowy track. Traffic from cars, unseen driving
Aerial drone 4K footage of a curved windy road motorway through mountains next to a river in winter landscape in Romania - Bicaz Gorges
Aerial view of Snow plow truck on snowy road in action. Snow plows clearing highway during blizzard. Hard weather condition in winter.
A parked passenger car under a layer of snow in the yard. Snow storm in winter
A large drilling rig stands in the center of the ice field. Oil and gas production is underway. Technical buildings can be seen around the drilling rig.
Spruce forest on the north, beautiful aerial top view. Amazing winter scene. Christmas theme. Winter background.
Winter forest aerial view. Amazing nature landscape.
Zamantı river near kapuzbasi waterfall in Kayseri.
Intense blizzard snow storm gale force wind whiteout night extreme weather driving POV
Top view, drone follows car driving on winter road through frozen forest
A woman cleans the path near the house from heavy snow. A girl with a shovel in hands clears the snow from the road in order to get out by car. Shoveling snow from the driveway in winter.
Man with a shovel removes snow. Cleaning the area near the house after a snowstorm. Person shoveling snow out of the driveway. Huge snow drifts. Difficult situation in the city after a snow storm.
Excavators dig the ground in the round snowy mine. Panoramic view of the snow-capped mountains in Almaty Region, Kazakhstan.
Aerial view of a SUV driving in polar woodlands, dark, winter day, in Lapland
Driving a car on winter snowy  winding road surrounded by trees with snow. POV front car view. Beautiful winter scenery with blue sky
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