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Fine Dining Restaurant - Classy Table Setup
At the event, the waiter puts a plate of fresh delicious food on the table. Close-up of the table and his hands
Hands of woman with fork and knife. Lady waiting for serving dinner dishes with cutlery on blue studio background. Only hands.
Slice of Cheese Falling onto Sandwich with Ham and Lettuce in 1000fps
Close up of washing dishes inside a dishwasher.
Wedding reception dinner decorations
Close up of woman setting table. Hand of waitress or housewife putting silverware on dining table
dolly shot close up of nice dining chair with wooden table and dish sets interior design vintage color tone with light flare ,beautiful table setting for wedding or other celebration home design
Rinsing plates in the dishwasher in standard mode. A powerful stream of water passes through the dishwasher basket. Close-up. 4k footage.
CIRCA 1910s - Soldiers in trenches eating, manning a telephone station and keeping watch are shown during World War 1, in 1917.
Avocado toast with poached egg. Cutting poached egg with runny egg yolk over rye bread toast with mashed avocado spread. Healthy breakfast or lunch food.
Young Woman Arranging Plates In Dishwasher At Home, Open dishwasher with clean dishes in the white kitchen
CIRCA 1950s - A family sits down and eats at a dinner table in a dining room in a home.
Young Woman Arranging Plates In Dishwasher At Home, Open dishwasher with clean dishes in the white kitchen, close up
Slow Motion Cutlery Dropping in Water with Soapy Bubbles
One line drawing, continuous line cutlery, knife and fork single line sketch, restaurant logo animation
CIRCA 1941 - William Randolph Hearst's extensive art collection is seen on display for sale at Gimbel Brothers in New York City.
Outdoor banquet table set up served dinner tableware and silverware. Wide footage.
the waiter in the restaurant serving banquet in white colors
The waiter carries plates of food in both hands and puts them on the table. Dynamic frame in motion
table setting at a wedding banquet decorated with an olive branch, close-up
Panorama of modern small minimalistic classic luxury white and grey kitchen interior, rack focus technique, utensils or silverware drawer are pulled out
A full spoon of coffee. Coffee powder falling in slow motion from spoon
Group of friends eating variety thai food with spicy soup, omelet, fried fish, fried tofu on dining table
Hand-washing dishes in the kitchen under running water faucet, female hand holding cutlery to shake out an exceed water, active housewife doing household, washing dirty plates, after dinner tasks
Close up of woman setting table. Housewife or waitress hands putting plates on dining table
Instant Coffee Pieces Falling From Spoon in Slow Motion in Cup. Fresh Morning Hot Chocolate Close Up. Slow Motion. Coffee Powder Falling From Spoon. Closeup Morning Cocoa.
Tables at the wedding banquet. Wedding decorations. Wedding at the sea in Montenegro.
CIRCA 1949 - People window shop on 5th Avenue in New York City.
Luxury house drone aerial view of wedding party preparations next to Swimming Pool.
Banquet table set up served dinner cutlery tableware and silverware.
beautiful serving exquisite wedding table
CIRCA 1957 - British cutler Peter Roberts presents President Eisenhower with a chest of finely crafted silverware.
The waiter is serving a table in the restaurant. Someone is setting the table in an Italian restaurant. Plates fork glasses put on the table. food video close up
wedding decorations flowers
Food Plate Cartoon 4K animation on Green screen Background - fork and knife with Empty plate animated icon on Chroma key background - Restaurant food icon
Pouring syrup over waffles with bacon and eggs in the background
Fine Dining Restaurant, Beautiful Table Set Up
Fancy dinner settings in candlelit home dining room, Panning
CIRCA 1930 - Designers sketch and use wax and plaster to create silverware in a factory.
A woman opens the dishwasher in her kitchen and pulls out glasses
Beautiful table full of fruit and drink in inside on the table rustic dark background. The Wedding Decor Rustic Style. Table Decoration Setting with Flowers and candles.
Wedding table reception on wedding ceremony in the park. Beautiful summer weather.
Reserved Table. A tag of reservation placed on the wood table. Reserved logo. Reservation sign. Plastic tag with reservation logo. Reserved table in a restaurant. Hungry.
Black line Plate, fork and knife icon isolated on white background. Cutlery symbol. Restaurant sign. 4K Video motion graphic animation.
Orlando, FL USA - September 9, 2021:  Panning right on the Le Creuset display at a Williams Sonoma  retail store sign at a mall in Orlando, Florida.
Accra, Greater Accra, Ghana September 7th, 2021: 3d African cup of nations trophy model with cameroon flag
The waiter is carrying a dish with oysters, lemon and orange slices. Preparing for the banquet at the event.
Tables at the wedding banquet. Wedding decorations. Wedding at the sea in Montenegro.
Goldsmith is polishing a gold or silver ring
Fresh ripe strawberries pouring in a blender, super slow motion video
Interior of rich restaurant in sunlight
set of elegant cutlery in vintage leather case on light blue
set of elegant cutlery in case on light blue background
A beautiful decorated table at the Banquet. Cool light. Festive event
close up, white plate on basket in automatic dishwasher machine for industrial , dishwasher in the kitchen cafeteria, canteen, self-service restaurant. dishwashing process, plates are washed in the
Very close video of stirring a chicken with pecans and wild rice TV dinner in a plastic tray with a fork then taking a bite at the end illuminated with natural lighting.
Outdoor banquet table set up served dinner tableware and silverware. Wide footage.
Horse Day Luncheon fine dining table setting with small black fascinator hat, decorations and champagne, wide static with lens flare.
Empty Line for food. Lockdown. Empty counter of café, restaurant, dining room. Restaurant without customers.  Food concept. Metal box for food. World financial crisis, business bankruptcy
Cooking strawberry jam
Moving camera over a served table in a restaurant. White table.
White napkins with pink and light green edges, or pink and light green napkins served on the table with cuttlery with wooden  handles.
Glasses and plates on a banquet, festive table settings. Night Party at a fancy place. Festive time, celebration event on holidays. Beautiful decoration with candles on tables. Gourmet and luxury.
Dinner Plate hologram Rotating. High quality 4k footage
Hand opening a drawer and taking the cutlery out.
Waiter setting the table Cutlery. Restaurant service the elite of the party.
In the department for the detergent, the man lays down a tablet and closes the dishwasher
Woman serve table for celebration dinner with friends or family, happy young beautiful model set the table on kitchen
Decorative table setting pan with candle lights at a wedding reception. 1080p HD.
CIRCA 1919 - Men and women receive soup at wintertime in a soup kitchen in Prague, Czechoslovakia.
One piece of every type of cutlery put neatly in the drawer of the kitchen cabined as a minimalist organizing system
Waiter opens the empty dish
Using a spoon to mix organic cranberry and hazelnut cereal in a wooden bowl into skim milk
Women's hands open the dishwasher and get clean dishes. The housewife is busy with household chores and washing dishes. Getting a clean plate.
CIRCA 1930 - Socialites in formal attire dine with silver dishes and discuss silversmithing.
Goldsmith melting gold to liquid state in crucible with gasoline burner. Craft jewelery making with professional tools
green folded cotton napkin isolated on a white background. linen napkin on the table.
1950s: woman clicks film slate with "engagement", man in suit with hat in hand stands, talks to woman and men at kitchen table, man turns, leaves, woman smiles, talks, man eats with silverware
A professional engraver polishes the ring with a felt tip. Processing of jewelry, polishing of a precious stone by a professional jeweler.
Guests take sushi on a festive cocktail party
A professional jeweler polishes a red gem on a gold ring using a special tool. A professional engraver polishes the ring with a felt tip.
Closeup panorama of modern white and wooden beige kitchen interior/ some drawer pulled out, dishwasher door open, flat profile shot.
Easter table setting with flowers and eggs. Decorative ceramic plates with boiled eggs halfs. Rustical dishware. View from above.
Table with wine glasses of wedding arrangement when sunset falls over ancient borgo
Close video of Mexican rice and beans being stirred with a spoon while cooking in a skillet and taking a spoonful at the end illuminated with natural lighting.
Moving cutlery on white and red background. Cooking jingle concept. Stop motion animation.
Animation of elegant tableware at the restaurant. Dinner set at the wedding reception. Plates, forks, spoon and glasses on the white tablecloth. Table ready for a big dinner. Closeup.Celebration time
Glasses, plates, Cutlery and napkins. Decorated tables with flowers for the party. Wedding reception, birthday, anniversary
PALERMO, ITALY JUNE 1966: Wedding gift silverware in 60s
Closeup of Lobster, Fine Dining
Opening the door inside an empty dishwasher, at the end of the wash.
Dish 3D Animated Icon on Green Screen Background. 4K Animated 3D Icon to Improve Your Project and Explainer Video.
Chrome Plated Festive Tableware in a Drawer in the Kitchen
Close up of washing dishes inside a dishwasher.
DUBAI, UAE - CIRCA APRIL 2019: Served for brunch restaurant table with dishes, snack, salads, cutlery, wine and water glasses timelapse hyperlapse. European food buffet in a restaurant setting
Young girl in the kitchen with a set of silver cutlery cutlery. Forks, spoons and knives. Table setting, close-up
white ceramic plates and cutlery
Close up view of served banquet table prepared for celebration.
Family of Four Eating Salad
Hand removing disposable plastic spoon, fork and knife and putting back wooden cutlery on white background. Wooden vs plastic shown through the concept of plastic in relation to natural materials.
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