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Silhouetted happy asian family playing and having fun on the beach at sunset. Slow Motion. Family, Freedom and Travel concept.
Silhouetted happy caucasian family running towards sun having fun in city park at sunset. Slow Motion. Family, Motherhood, childhood, freedom, future and travel concept. Brother, sisters and parents
Rear view of a senior Caucasian woman with short hair standing and drawing the curtains at home, silhouetted against the window, slow motion,social distancing and self isolation in quarantine lockdown
Astro timelapse of an Acacia tree silhouetted against the African night sky with the Milky Way rising in the Southern Hemisphere followed by moon rising over a wide barren/arid landscape.
Lush forested area of Vosges mountains, aerial shot, camera fly low over tree tops. Hot summer day at France countryside, silhouetted ridge seen at distance, light clouds on the sky
Happy family. Teamwork. Dream of becoming a pilot, Silhouette of happy family at sunset in the park. Teamwork, airplane pilot. Children dream. Silhouette of children in the park playing airplane pilot
Silhouettes of people riding a boat during sunset
Medium closeup silhouetted and blurred view of a man choking a woman
Silhouetted happy asian family playing and having fun on the beach at sunset. Slow Motion. Family, Freedom and Travel concept.
Female passenger legs silhouetted, girl walk with trolley case at airport terminal against glass wall window. Parked airliner seen outside, cloudy sky. Departure gate slow motion shot
A large group of friends walks through the meadow holding hands in the evening at sunset.
Horsemen warriors silhouetted, Medieval Cavalry attacks the Enemy
NORTHERN CALIFORNIA - CIRCA 2021- Exhausted firefighters look on during the disastrous Dixie Fire in Northern California.
Grasping the sun with palm/fingers slow motion.100fps-25fps conformed slow motion shot of a silhouetted male hand against a sun and sky background, grasping the sun and letting sunlight pass through.
High contrast POV shot of silhouetted surfer as he rides through the barrel of a dark orange wave, with the sun setting ahead of him
Golden light sunset in lush savannah acacia woodland scenery. Silhouetted trees against bonfire-red and sunflame-golden sky in breathtaking Africa in pristine Serengeti national park wilderness
Woman open curtains at early morning, black silhouetted half-length shot from back against window. Neat sky colour before sunrise seen through transparent fabric
Aerial drone footage flying slowly through a forest. Native Scots pine, birch trees and bracken in autumn at sunrise with shafts of light. Loch Kinord, Muir of Dinnet National Nature Reserve Scotland
Flight over a sunny path to a lighthouse on an island and a beautiful sunrise. Fishing boat with fishermen to the lighthouse. Ahtopol, Bulgaria. 4K
Guitar stems silhouetted by a campfire as two men play and sing songs with a group of friends while camping outside in nature. Night time exterior friends and family static shot with people.
Time lapse Dramatic golden light in africa with sunrise. Silhouetted trees against bonfire-red and sunflame-golden sky.4K  Time-lapse night to day.
Animation featuring a herd of elephants silhouetted by the sun in the African savannah. With tree, sunset, and heat haze.
Passenger woman sit against window of high speed Chinese train, look to smartphone, slow motion. Bullet train rush at Shanghai-Beijing route at evening time, bright sun shine outside, silhouetted shot
The fishing pier on island of Folly Beach, near Charleston, South Carolina, is silhouetted by a colorful sunrise sky over the Atlantic Ocean in this looping video footage.
Wide shot of a silhouetted group of three men walking down a dark alley at night, passing through a backlit cloud of steam.
Boy playing outside with toy airplane silhouetted slow motion
Horsemen warriors silhouetted, Medieval Cavalry attacks the Enemy
Man walk ahead, lead woman by hand, silhouetted shot at arrival area of international airport. Two people silhouettes pass by against glass wall, apron and empty taxiways seen outdoors
Time lapse Dramatic golden light sunset. Silhouetted trees against bonfire-red and sunflame-golden sky.Tree silhouetted against a setting sun.Day to night.
Silhouettes of Carioca Brazilians playing beach football at sunset on Ipanema Beach Rio de Janeiro Brazil silhouetted slow motion
Horsemen warriors silhouetted, Medieval Cavalry attacks the Enemy
Flock of Canadian Geese flying silhouetted in the sunrise sky, slow motion.
Man expand both hands, open curtain, stand and look outside, sunny city seen blurred outdoors. Medium telephoto lens, half length view from back, black silhouette of guy in suit
Horseman riding on hourse galloping on sunset in backlight, slowmotion.
Lonely canoeing adventure. Silhouet of a person canoeing early in the morning along the calm shore of Århus Denmark towards the sunrise.  Peaceful scenery. Paddling along the Danish coast, Europe.
Man enter hotel room, put suitcase on bed and laptop on it, stoop over and turn on notebook. Super slow motion shot, dim interior, office buildings seen outdoors
Panning shot of a silhouetted female athlete pedaling on a spin bike in a boxing gym
Man use both hands and quickly close blind curtains, room become dark, half-length silhouetted view from behind. Late wakeup because of jet lag on business trip. Sunny green city outdoors seen blurred
Stock video footage Crowd Raising hands at a concert, focus is on the hands, band is out of focus in background. silhouetted people.
Silhouette of man adjusting bowtie looking at mirror preparing for date or event dark shot. Bearded groom backlit at home dressing checking style ready to go party or wedding classic festive outfit
Misty forest. Steam rises from frost amongst silhouetted trees, illuminated by sun rays, green version. This shot could also be used for a dark spooky night time horror scene of moonlight in a forest.
Silhouetted fly fisherman standing in the middle of scenic river.  Fishing line glinting in morning sunlight in slow motion. Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana, USA. 4K.
Cinematic slow motion shot of an extreme mountain biker riding downhill doing a stylish manual silhouetted in the afternoon sun surrounded by green forest, summer fun outdoors mountain biking
SLOW MOTION CLOSE UP, DOF: Silhouetted skateboarder skateboarding and jumping kickflip trick on walking path along the ocean coastline against golden setting sun. Skater riding skateboard doing tricks
Silhouetted man hands scratch glass, horror movie style shot. Two palms scratch nails over thick glass, trying to get inside room. Scary scene of nightmare
The drones indoor light dance show
Business man unveil curtains and stay against big open window, with arms on hips. Silhouetted full length shot from back. Typical European town-house bedroom, nice sunny morning hours
A group of attractive silhouetted young adults dance in a smokey club in slow motion
Los Angeles, California / United States - July 11 2019: 180 fps slow motion: Silhouetted airliner jet passes overhead, obscuring sun
wind turbines and solar panels silhouetted at sunset.
4K time lapse high angle view of the 210 and 57 freeway interchange and illuminated Glendora suburbs in the Los Angeles Basin silhouetting a ridge in the San Gabriel Mountains in California at night
silhouetted person waves Light Saber
SLOW MOTION, Silhouetted Asian family walking together at Beach. Family, Holiday and Travel concept.
Businessman makes a phone call silhouetted by the city.
A pan shot of a herd of elephant  eating in the silhouetted sunset.
Silhouetted eagle flying in front of sunset in slow motion.  Good for titles and backgrounds.
Key West , Florida , United States - 03 30 2019: Naval engineers can be seen working on Blue Angels during morning prep for an airshow.
Group of silhouetted people dancing in a dark banquet hall for a wedding reception
Young Beautiful Woman Standing Beside Neon RGB Lights, Nightlife. Young Woman Taking in the City at Night, Long Hair Side Profile Silhouetted
Young slender woman come to window, stretch hands up, wake up in sunny morning, silhouetted shot. Girl walk from bed to half-open curtains, look to low sun, yawning and pandiculate, lazy weekend time
Theatrical show performed by an attractive female dancer dressed in a costume of the queen of ancient Egypt. Silhouetted woman is dancing in the dark with smoke and lighting. Slow motion.
Sunset sun shines between the leaves of olive tree 100p.Steadicam close up tracking shot of olive tree branches and the sun shining rays between the leafs.Camera reveals an olive tree field at the end
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Silhouetted freight container semi trailer trick traveling along the empty highway shipping cargo at peach-pink light of dawn. Transporter driving on the road hauling heavy load
City Pedestrians On Busy Winter Night,cross Street In Slow Motion.Gimbal stabilized tracking dolly moving shot of an anonymous silhouetted crowd of pedestrians walking and crossing a busy city street.
Crowd partying at a rock concert. silhouetted hands and flashing lights.
A silhouetted couple hug, kiss and then walk in a wide open golden field at sunset
A farmer walks towards his tractor in the early morning while silhouetted
High energy drones swarm and maneuver. Note: Drones were photographed indoors, in lighting studio.
boy running with toy airplane orange sky silhouetted
Time lapse with business group silhouetted in modern office building or airport - Clouds and business people rushing by. High quality HD video footage
mom hugging her son silhouetted
The silhouette of a man crying and despairing, projected over the closed curtain of a stage at a theater.
Silhouette  of Cowboy on horseback,Cowboy riding horse with beautiful sunset background and lake, horse with sunset landscape background,( life style)
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP: Silhouetted Muslim family holding hands standing on dreamy sandy Kuta Beach in Bali watching splashing ocean at golden light sunset. Arab mother and children watching sea waves
Confident groom meets happy bride first time seeing her in wedding dress silhouetted near window. Marrying couple embrace and kiss standing near huge window in room
Time lapse video showing colorful clouds after sunset and silhouetted saguaro cactus in Saguaro National Park, Tucson Arizona.
Timelapse Koutoubia Mosque in Marrakech at sunset on background of clouds, Morocco
A lone surfer waits in the evening light silhouetted against the yellow sunset. Bobbing in the waves looking out to sea
ARLINGTON, VA - APRIL 15: The Marine Corps War Memorial is silhouetted against an orange colored sky at sunrise on April 15, 2015 in Arlington, Virginia.
father and son having fun silhouetted
A scary hooded figure, silhouetted in a forest on a moody misty autumn forest. With an atmospheric, zoom, glitch edit
A mother holds her daughter on her back and smile into the camera
Aerial close-up view of a poler silhouetted against the setting sun rowing a Mokoro traditional canoe on the waterways of the Okavango Delta
Silhouetted cowboys galloping together in a line in slow motion, Dusk kicks up as they ride. Golden hour with sun lens flare.
NEW YORK - MARCH 26, 2015: FDNY firefighters walking toward fire and smoke, silhouetted, slow motion in 4k, Manhattan NYC. FDNY responded to disaster; building collapse and fires in East Village.
Silhouetted children with parents enjoying beautiful sunny day playing on swing set and relaxing in Seaside, Oregon.
Guitar Neck Silhouetted At Bonfire
Confident woman walk with carry-on luggage on small cart at international airport hall, slow motion tracking shot. Dark silhouette of professional lady wearing casual suit, arrived at HKG, going out
Woman make short asana sequence, move body down to intense side stretch pose, then move legs to downward-facing dog position. Training at sea beach, silhouetted shot against bright sun
Silhouetted happy asian family playing and having fun on the beach at sunset. Freedom, Relationship, embrace and Travel concept. Positive emotion and feeling warmwith sun flare in evening.
High energy drones swarm and maneuver. Photographed indoors, in a lighting studio. Blue background is useful for chroma keying these drones into another background. Or just use the video as is!
Pokhara, Nepal - November 20 2020: Silhouetted construction workers working on a site during evening hour.  Workers carrying and pouring concrete for constructing house ina traditional way in Nepal.
Close view of drone pilot's hands as he controls quadcopter hovering then flying off in the background. Aircraft and pilot silhouetted against sunset sky. Slow motion recorded at 60fps, 4K.
Angkor Wat, Siem Reap/Cambodia - February 2 2018: Sunrise at Angkor Wat Cambodia, with the reflecting pond in the foreground and the temple silhouetted with the sun rising by the main temple.
South Africa, Cape Town - May 31 2016: Robben Island Prison precinct, sunset Timelapse of sun setting and clouds moving overhead, Prison barbed wire fence silhouetted
Extreme silhouetted shot: a scary encounter in a basement with a killer wearing a white mask, running at us with a knife.
Dreamy passenger put hand on train window, hold against shining sun, bright beam on background, silhouetted palm lie on glass. High speed train ride at evening time
4K Beautiful windmill turbines harnessing clean, green, wind energy silhouetted in the sunrise/sunset sky with sun rays. Green energy. HD Version
Happy couple dancing on beach enjoying honeymoon in nature at sunset silhouetted wide shot RED DRAGON
Doha / Qatar - 03 05 2020: Doha Qatar - March 5 2020 - Close up view of Mosque minaret and Arch intersection arches in the foreground during early morning golden light.
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