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Close up portrait happy sincere middle aged elderly retired family couple making heart gesture with fingers, showing love or demonstrating sincere feelings together indoors, looking at camera.
Affectionate happy old adult woman grandmother and cute adorable small kid granddaughter make heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait
Close up of smiling young Indian woman volunteer showing hands sign heart shape looking at camera. Healthy heart health life insurance, love and charity, voluntary social work, organ donation concept.
Happy girl in park at sunset. Figure made by fingers. Hands of girl shape of heart. Summer dream. Happiness of freedom in field at sunset. Sunlight between fingers. Silhouette of happy girl in park
SLOW MOTION, BOTTOM UP: Unrecognizable person throws a handful of red confetti into the sky during a Valentine's day celebration. Woman tosses red heart shaped papers in air during baby gender reveal
Close up portrait happy couple faces looking through joined fingers making heart shape. St Valentines Day celebration, romantic relationships, just married spouses, sincere feelings and love concept
Smiling young woman volunteer showing hands sign heart shape looking at camera. Healthy heart health life insurance, love and charity, voluntary social work, organ donation concept, close up portrait.
Girl plays with interactive video installation, hands draw the shape heart. New art form, generative graphics. Silhouette of girl draws multi-colored paints interactive installation.
heart 3D animation with background.
Falling gold hearts on a chroma key background. 3D rendering of animation. Video effect for valentine's day and weddings. Green screen. Rain from hearts.
Falling hearts on green background. Valentine hearts romantic. Heart of love. 3d animation heart. Valentines Day frame. Key color
Close up portrait 25s African American woman show heart sign make symbol with hands feels grateful smile looks at camera standing indoors. Love support demonstration, volunteering, donation, good deed
Valentine's day Pink Red Animation Hearts Greeting love hearts. Festive of bokeh, sparkles, hearts for Valentine's day, Valentines day, Wedding anniversary Seamless loop Background
Smiling young woman doctor cardiologist wearing white medical coat and stethoscope showing hands heart shape looking at camera. Cardiology healthcare, love and medicine charity concept, portrait.
Heart Shape Painting Video Animation With Oil Paint Brush Strokes. White and Red Backgrounds.
Red Hearts motion for Valentine's day Greeting love video. 4K Romantic looped animation on white background for Valentine's day, St. Valentines Day, Mother's day, Wedding anniversary invitation e-card
Neon Lights Love Heart Tunnel and Romantic Abstract Glow Particles - 4K Seamless Loop Motion Background Animation
Loop video. Abstract red hearts on dark background. Concept: valentine's day, anniversary, mother's day, marriage, invitation e-card. Seamless loop 4k video.
Beautiful happy mother and little cute daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love, cherish, family bonding, donation sign, adoption and custody concept
Young father and little 5s adorable daughter smiling looking at camera showing symbol making with fingers heart shape sign of love. Concept of blood donation and save life, volunteering, family bond
A hand draws a heart shape on the window with her finger. Fell in love. Shares love with the whole world and charity concept. Selective focus.
Valentine’s day concept background, balloon heart shape with gift box.
Hearts fountain in a flat style, social media live, love. 2D animation on transparent background, stock footage
Baby feet in mother hands. Tiny Newborn Baby's feet on female Heart Shaped hands closeup. Mom and her Child. Happy Family concept. Beautiful conceptual video of Maternity.
Happy little girl hands holding heart shape. Child at sunset folded his hands in form of heart. Girl smiles. Child love symbol of happy family. Heart sign of family love. Heart from hands, happy
Little adorable girl her young bald mother making heart shape with hands showing symbol of love at camera, close up view happy faces. Share support optimism and hope with other cancer patients concept
3d heart render seamless loop 4k. 3D Render of romantic background for valentines day 14 february. Love heart background for Wedding or mothers day.
Close up happy indian woman make with fingers heart shape smile look at camera through symbol. Client give positive feedback, girl in love romantic feelings sign, health insurance and donation concept
Happy beautiful mother and little 10s adorable daughter faces seen through joined fingers making heart shape, close up. Symbol of love and cherish of mom and kid, donation, sincere feelings concept
Loop animation of heart shaped world showing a peaceful and sustainable lifestyle, green planet with clean energy and happy mood in sunny day as concept for love and peace. 3d render animation
Close-up of hands joining together with sunlight flare in the background. Beautiful romantic moment between two lovers
Particles forming heart shape and dissolve with florals on black background 4k footage, Heart particles footage
Cherry Blossom Explosion with alpha channel. This work is explosion of petals cherry blossom with alpha channel you can place on footage or background and easier to change color.
Valentine's Day heart made out of ribbon streaming in to make a heart shaped bow. Show your love for wedding, anniversary, or any holiday.
loves with hearts in a flat style
pixel heart on digital old tv screen seamless loop glitch interference animation new dynamic holiday retro joyful colorful retro vintage video footage
Comments, Likes, Follower counter Increase Quickly Animation with User Interface
animation, instagram increasing like heart with alpha matte, 4k,
Ukraine,Ternopil: August 25, 2019: clicking on instagram heart, like
Protect baby, Care and Love, Child Protection . Caring mom holds baby feet in her hands forming a heart shape
Pulsating or pounding 3D Animation of a Red Heart Beating. Valentine's Day concept with Heartbeat Reading inside. Alfa-channel.
flock of birds flying in the sky crows. chaos of death concept. group of birds flying in the sky. black crows in a group circling against the sky. migration movement of birds from fly warm countries
Heart beat blood-Alpha Original animation, heart beat with blood.
Animated Radial Concentric Beating Heart Icon with Pink Neon Light Effect Isolated on Black Background. Valentines day design element. Glowing neon heart
Cute little girl making a heart with her hands and smiling. Young beautiful girl smiling in love showing heart symbol and shape with hands. Romantic concept. Mothers Day.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, BOTTOM UP, LENS FLARE, DOF Heart shaped confetti fall from the clear blue sky during a baby gender reveal party. Pink and red pieces of paper in shape of hearts fall from heaven
Valentine's Day + Mother's Day neon symbol design sign amazing cool 4k pink, purple and blue neon abstract background neon light sign modern background
Red rose petals falling 3D concepts - Beautiful Red blossoms Rose flower falling petals on spring season with shape of the heart (Simple of love) footage. Spring season flowers.
pixel art heart retro style. looped animation on green screen. 8 bit computer video game, love symbol, beating pulsating heart animated 2d stock footage
Happy elderly mom and daughter make a heart shape hand gesture. Look at camera bonding laughing showing family love concept, closeup portrait.
Hearts motion for Valentine's day Greeting love video. 4K Romantic looped animation on for Valentine's day, St. Valentines Day, Mother's day, Wedding anniversary invitation e-card
valentine day greeting. happy valentine day. heart video
Loving happy young woman and cute little girl boy makes heart shape gesturing. Family love concept, smiling looking at camera.
Motion graphic of Red heart paper cut bouncing with pink cloud on pink background for valentines festival of love
Flat design thumbs up 4K social media like counter, shows clicks over time on a white background with alpha matte
Love letters and heart bright color 4k video animation. St Valentin's day
Love Elements And Transitions is a cool Motion Graphics Pack. Pre-rendered with alpha channel with 4K resolution. Just drop it into your project. Alpha channel included.
Close up happy lovely couple faces look through joined fingers making heart shape, bloggers give to followers their love, express gratitude, St Valentines Day celebration, romantic relations concept
Hearts pattern slowly moving background
Endless animation of many red hearts in 3D generated and flying on green screen. Valentine's day concept. Like and love reaction on chroma key. Gift and wishes for web card. Background animation in 4k
Floating, flying up Valentine’s Day festive balloons animation. Pink, white colored heart shaped balloons with signs. Abstract romantic greeting background. Beautiful 3D Render seamless loop concept
Woman's hands holding a heart shape coffee beans with care,enjoyment, and passion coffee. Concept for love of coffee and caffeine. Background with grains and burlap, flat lay
Hand erasing destroys heart shape drawing on misted window in a dark environment. Breakup, broken heart and relationship problems. Love is over concept. Selective focus.
Daisy and Petals Blast on Pastel Background. 3D rendering. Blast of daisy on pastel background
Barista making of cafe latte art, heart shape
Valentine’s Day festive heart shaped sugar cookies. Bright pink background. Realistic sweet candies. Handmade valentines. Women’s Day, Mother Day greetings. Seamless loop 3D Render animation concept.
Girl Made Love Heart From Finger.Woman In Hat Enjoying Sun.Lady Making Heart Shape With Hands. Glare Of Summer Sun On Hands.Sun Rays On Morning Weekend. Vacation Holidays Time.Love Heart Signs Symbols
Little cute girl showing heart shape with fingers while pose in studio with elderly grandmother and mother smile look at camera. Three gen family portrait, life value, attachment and bonding concept
Fire show artist breathe fire in the dark at abandon building, slow motion. Fire in heart shape.
Concept or sign of love to relax at sea, freedom, life style, silhouette, nature. Hands of woman and man made a heart shape at sunset, on the abstract background, against an orange field, ocean or sky
Red hearts isolated on green background move up 4k footage. Heart on green screen.
Animation of heart explosion. Bursts shiny hearts flying on a black background. Big hearts exploding into a lot of smaller hearts. Template for Valentine's Day or other celebration. 4K, Alpha channel.
Ten the most popular diamond shapes on black glossy background. 3D seamless loop animation
Heart shaped lake in forest. Tilting drone shot of natural wonder in nature environment. Symbol sign for love peace save the our planet in Swedish woods. blue pond water with special shape in Sweden.
Broken heart abstract animation with breaking ruby crystal heart on dark background
Hot red hearts move from center. 4k seamless looped animated background. Happy Valentine's Day digital card. Romantic abstract 3d shapes. Animation for event, love stories, text box, blank gift frame
Happy girl in park at sunset. Finger-shaped heart shape. Hands of girl shape of heart. Summer dream. Happiness of freedom in a field at sunset.Sunlight between fingers.Silhouette of happy girl in park
Golden Hearts Balloons Flying on screen 4K animation on Green screen background - Gold Love Heart shaped balloons Fly on Chroma key background
Close up portrait cheerful healthy elderly married couple faces looking through joined fingers making heart shape symbol. Romantic relationships, eternal love, unity, happy long-life marriage concept
Social love heart icon animation with optional luma matte. Alpha Luma Matte included. 4k video VISIT PROFILE FOR SERIES HEART VIDEOS
Falling pink hearts on a chroma key background. 3D rendering of animation. Video effect for valentine's day and weddings. Green screen. Rain from hearts.
Pink color glowing particle burst. Vivid colored powder smoke shockwave. Heart shaped Valentine's Day gas paint explosion. Logo and copy space alpha channel 4k 60fps. Isolated on black copyspace
Happy Valentine's Day. ''Love'' lettering in gold letters on black background. Heart 4K Video, LOVE. Happy Valentines Day Background Heart. Love text. Valentine's day.
Set of animated hand drawn hearts isolated on a black background. Alpha channel in cartoon doodle style. White hearts for Valentine's Day.
Beautiful Abstract Hearts Tunnel with Light Lines Moving Fast. Different Colors Rainbow. Flying Through the Neon Background Futuristic Tunnel. Looped 3d Animation. 4K Ultra HD 3840x2160.
4K social media red heart counter, shows likes over time on a white background with alpha matte
Beautiful Woman making heart shape with hands at sunset Girl holding up love symbol gesture with orange sun flare
Beautiful animation of red heart-shaped confetti explosion. Cute romantic birthday decorations. Celebration of St.Valentin's day. Decorative shiny party elements are falling down. Fun wedding surprise
Hearts of love and romance float in the air Isolated by Alpha channel (transparent background) Uses it to enhance any video presentation or animation
Falling shaped red hearts on a white background. Motion graphic video animation. Valentines day
Smiling faces loving mature mother young daughter posing for selfie video portrait making heart of fingers. Happy female grownup child join hands in love symbol with aged mom look at camera. Close up
Colorful abstract psychedelic animation with cartoon style
Flat design social media heart button counter going up. Alpha matte 4K for ease of use.
Aerial view of the Great Barrier Reef's Heart Shaped Reef.
LGBTQ lesbian homosexual woman and Female join hands in heart shape and look into each other's eyes with love. Smile happily. gay, bisexual. Transgender couples. couple's equality. LGBTQ+ Concept.
Animation graphic representation of like, thumps up, comment, and share logos with numbers or views increasing. social media, viral post, and web traffic concept Mumbai, India (January 2022)
heart attack looping motion background shapes abstract pink pattern.
Heartbeat monitor EKG line monitor shows heartthrob, Seamlessly loop electrocardiogram medical screen with a graph of heart rhythm on black background. More colors and options in my portfolio.
Comments, Likes, Follower, counter quick increase with flying icons on white background
valentine day greeting card. heart animated. background for valentine
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