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Top down view of autumn forest, fall woodland aerial shot. Drone fly over pine trees and yellow treetops. Zoom out and spin colorful texture in nature. Flight over woods, natural background in motion
Aerial drone view of American suburban neighborhood. Establishing shot of America's  suburb, street. Residential single family houses, lush greenery. Autumn colors, Fall season, trees with yellow red
PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 2020: Covid-19 coronavirus global pandemic. Commuting railway passengers wearing protective face masks walk through busy corridor in metro system of Paris, public transport
Super slow motion of falling autumn maple leaves. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.

Leaf fall animation. Autumn maple leaves falling on green chromakey background.
Autumn leaves falling slowly on defocused background. Fall season background seamless looping. Autumnal background. 4k
September 2021 - 4K aerial of Manhattan from Central Park, NYC, USA
Little happy cute smiling boy child children raised hands in yellow raincoat  enjoying having fun rainfall. Kid playing with drops rain sunlight. Happy family summer autumn childhood dream concept 4 K
Time Lapse Drone Shot of the Pentagon Building
Establishing shot of two story brick luxury house with garage door, tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Shot 1 of 1. Slow pan right. H.264.
Super slow motion of falling autumn maple leaves against clear blue sky. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Autumn Leaf - Autumn Leaves Falling on Green screen background - Fall season 4K animation on Chroma key background - Maple Leaves effect
Manhattan, New York - September 21, 2019: People relax on the green lawn of the Sheep Meadow by the apartment and condominium skyscraper residences over the Manhattan skyline in Central Park
Tallinn / Estonia - September 18, 2019: Black Apple iPhone with icons of social media: instagram, youtube, pinterest, facebook, twitter, telegram application on screen. Social media icons.
Close-up detail time-lapse of tree leaves dry up and change color during fall. Green autumn leaf getting yellow and orange. Timelapse plant leaf texture aging during seasons change
Dry leaves fall from a yellow autumn tree on a background of blue sky, sunny day, slow motion
LONDON, UK - 20 SEP 2019; Climate Marching Protesters crowd
Mykonos, Cyclades  Greece - September 4 2021: Aerial drone video of beautiful modern super yacht with wooden deck cruising in high speed in Aegean deep blue sea
Berlin at Night Aerial Hyperlapse, Motion Time Lapse of Alexanderplatz TV Tower Establishing Shot and beautiful city lights, Hyper Lapse in September 2020
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Formula 1 cars during Free Practice session at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019
Aerial view of american Midwestern farm, agricultural field at harvesting season (September). Drone flying low over the corn field. Rural landscape, countryside, early sunny morning
Falling autumn maple leaves realistic.3D rendering.Element footage on black background.Fall loop Animation .Easy to use and change color.This work have alpha.
Atlanta Aerial  Extended downtown sunset cityscape flying from Sweet Auburn through downtown skyline and beyond - September 2018
Chiles en nogada, traditional mexican dish from Puebla, Mexico. It consists of poblano chilis filled with picadillo topped with a walnut-based cream sauce, pomegranate and chopped parsley.
Barcelona, Spain. September 27th 2019: Save Earth Poster. People and Posters against Global Warming. Climate Strike in Barcelona. Demonstration
Stop motion animation. Multicolor school supplies are moving from and then to the school backpack on blue background. Back to school concept.
Milan, Italy - September 26, 2018: Aerial view. Modern and ecologic skyscrapers with many trees on every balcony. Bosco Verticale
Maple autumn leaves falling, loop.
leaf falling background animation. Autumn leaves falling. video .mov Alpha Matte Channel
HONG KONG – 15 SEPTEMBER 2019: Crowds of protesters wearing black clothes, protective helmets and gas masks run from police, as special forces move in with water cannon and tear gas
Close-up detail time-lapse of tree leaves changing color during fall. Green autumn leaf getting yellow and orange. Timelapse macro view plant leaf texture aging during seasons change
farmer harvesting potato crops in september. organic farming, autumn, harvest season. digging up potatoes in garden.
Aerial view over volcanic eruption, Night view, Mount Fagradalsfjall
4K drone shot of lava spill out of the crater  Mount Fagradalsfjall, September 2021, Iceland
Back and forth timelapse video of skyscrapers in Canary Wharf, London, England - September 2019
Manhattan, New York - September 19, 2019: People walk along the fashion stores and trendy restaurants along Mercer Street in the downtown Soho district of Midtown Manhattan New York City USA.
Paris, France; September 3rd, 2017: League of Legends Final tournament. Excited gamers using thundersticks to encourage their teams. Travelling shot and slow motion.
Daegu Korea , 30 September 2019 : KTX bullet train passing at high speed at Daegu station in South Korea
Dhahran, September 23, 2020. Time-lapse during Saudi National day celebrations at the King Abdulaziz Center for World Culture, Eastern Saudi Arabia
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Red bull Formula 1 car of Max Verstappen at Free Practice at  Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019, 4K High quality editorial footage
PARIS, FRANCE – SEPTEMBER 2020: Crowds of visitors walk through popular Avenue des Champs-Élysées shopping street in Paris, they are wearing compulsory face masks due to local Covid-19 regulation
Car Assembly Plant in Chengdu, China - September 19, 2014. Chengdu economic growth. State-level economic and technological development zone of Chengdu.
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia - September 16- A drone shot for Riyadh city night time showing kingdom tower.
London / United Kingdom (UK) - 09 20 2019: Young girl shouts through a megaphone at a protest
KYIV, UKRAINE - September 03, 2019: Hands typing on keyboard. Hands typing on a laptop keyboard. Work force background. Woman working on laptop computer. Student hands typing, tapping on keyboard.
LONDON, UK - SEPTEMBER 9 , 2018: Aerial night view of London City on September 09 , 2018 in London, England. Aerial stock footage looking at over Tower Bridge, The Shard and The Gherkin
DEATH VALLEY, USA -September 03, 2018- RV camping under the stars in the middle of Death Valley National Park Desert, California.
Walnuts in a wooden bowl. Healthy peeled nuts. Female hand picking a walnut
Online NFT marketplace selling Non-fungible token. CryptoPunks NFT for same on a website MONTREAL CANADA SEPTEMBER 2021
ksa flag is waving 3D animation. Saudi Arabia flag waving in the wind. National flag of saudi . Sign of ksa seamless loop animation.
CIRCA 1962 - President John F. Kennedy discusses the possibilities for peaceful, unifying exploration of space.
Super slow motion of falling autumn maple leaves against clear blue sky. Filmed on high speed cinema camera, 1000 fps.
Spain. September 27th 2019: My future is in your hands. Young Girl and Posters at Global Climate Strike. Demonstration
Madrid, Spain; September 9th, 2018. League of Legends Final. Full stadium singing caster and presenter Ibai Llanos name.
Remembering 911, Patriot day, remember september 11. We will never forget, the terrorist attacks of 2001
Decorative Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving pumpkins and gourds on white background with copy space playfully spin into frame and settle. 4K Stop motion animation
Manhattan, New York - September 21, 2019:  New York Stock Exchange building in the financial district on Wall Street in lower Manhattan New York USA
YAROSLAVL, RUSSIA - SEPTEMBER 18, 2015: hockey KHL GAME Lokomotiv Yaroslavl - Dinamo Minsk Highlights of regular game in 100fps 4K part V Goal on Professional popular winter tournament, man player
MOSCOW, RUSSIA - 14th SEPTEMBER 2019: esports Counter-Strike: Global Offensive event. Overview stabilized shot of arena, player's booths, big screens and tribunes.
Back of french farmer in gloves and strawhat selecting ripe grapes collecting into basket working in nature of beautiful vineyard.
GENEVA, SEPTEMBER 2018 : « British Airways » Airplane impressive take off / landing flying overhead at dusk, 4K DCI PRORES HQ
smiling little boy schoolboy student with backpack going and running to school outdoors. First-grade student, primary school, first grader, first class 1 september, kid child children schoolchild
Internet of Things - Young woman controls household connected devices & appliances with a smartphone - 29th September 2016
Manhattan, New York - September 20, 2019: People drink and eat by the restaurants and outdoor taverns on historic Stone Street in lower Manhattan in New York City USA.
SLOW MOTION, CLOSE UP, DOF: Beautiful maple leaves rustle in the autumn breeze blowing through the picturesque park. Cinematic shot of golden tree leaves swaying in the winds blowing through forest.
Establishing shot of one story brick and white stucco luxury house with garage door, big tree and nice landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Slow pan left. H.264.
a branch with yellow leaves sways in the wind. autumn mood, gloomy weather.
Establishing shot of modern apartment building with stairs, balcony, trees and beautiful landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Day time on September 2020. Moving forward. Dolly in. H.264.
Villa El Salvador - Lima, Peru - September 16th, 2012: Locked down shot of bunch of adorable kids smiling at camera, with some moving around.
Time-lapse, Traffic intersection in Jamsil business district of Seoul at Seoul city, South Korea. 2021 September 12.
Two little girls run down street to female teacher in black, three people happily hugging. Children meet foster mother in yard, family concept. Business woman meets daughters after school lessons
22 SEPTEMBER 2020 NEW YORK NY USA: Aerial view of on over Brooklyn, New York over Hudson River near the Brooklyn bridge of New York City
Cairo, Egypt - 15 September, 2021: Traffic on the main highway in Cairo, driver POV driving a bus tourist bus
LONDON - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2014, Busy London underground subway train station time-lapse. Platform and stairs packed with people train arrives, doors open and the crowds move to board train, doors close
Office laser jet printer printing a lot of pages paper of A4 or letter size in a storehouse - 19th of September 2019
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Race Weekend at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 28 September 2019: Scuderia Ferrari Pit Stop Training at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019
SOCHI, RUSSIA - 29 September 2019: Alpha Romeo Formula 1 Team, Kimi Raikkonen crew, pit stop at Formula 1 Grand Prix of Russia 2019
New York City, September 2000: Original World Trade Center with Twin Towers, destroyed in 2001 during the September 11 2001 attacks, Time Lapse at Sunrise, Manhattan, USA
Barcelona, Spain. September 27th 2019: People and Posters against Global Warming. Climate Strike in Barcelona. Demonstration
Eppelheim, Baden Württemberg / Germany - September 14 2018:  Facebook Like Odometer Style Counter - Quick  Increase
Sheets of calendars
Birds eye view of harvest field, midwestern farm. Rural landscape, american countryside in September. Harvesting corn season
A young girl schoolgirl whirls with autumn leaves in the city park.
UMEDA, OSAKA, JAPAN - CIRCA SEPTEMBER 2019 : Aerial high angle view of zebra crossing near Osaka train station. Crowd of people at the street. Shot in busy rush hour. Wide slow motion.
Establishing shot. Modern apartment building with stairs, balcony, trees and beautiful landscape in Vancouver, Canada, North America. Blue sky, clouds. Day time September 2020. Moving forward. H.264.
1980s Lower Manhattan, New York, NY. Aerial View of Iconic World Trade Center, WTC or Twin Towers. 4K Overscan of Vintage Archival 16mm Film Print
SRINAGAR, JAMMU AND KASHMIR, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 10, 2018 : unidentified tourists enjoying boating at Nageen lake, Srinagar Kashmir, India. Footage contain Noise and Grain due to High ISO.
JAKARTA, INDONESIA - SEPTEMBER 3, 2021: Driving a car on a highway toll road during a heavy rainstorm with driver POV on front seat rain drops water hitting front car window on a dark sky bad weather
Funny positive indian kid primary school girl with ponytails wearing uniform laughing grimacing looking at camera on violet background. Happy latin child student close up headshot portrait.
Establishing shot of farmhouse. Aerial view of farm, red barns, corn field in September. Harvest season. Rural landscape, american countryside. Sunny morning
BERLIN, GERMANY - September 11, 2020: Aerial view of the Bahntower and Sony Center at Potsdamer Platz. The iconic skyscrapers of Potsdamer Platz have become a major tourist attraction. Time lapse 4K.
Barcelona,Spain, 27 September 2019: Climate Strike Fridays For Future. girls,placards,protest
Beijing, China – September 30, 2019: Slow Motion - Silhouettes of people walking at Beijing Daxing New International Airport Terminal (PKX) in China.
BANGALORE, INDIA - SEPTEMBER 15 2018: sunny day bangalore cityscape downtown aerial panorama tlmelapse 4k circa september 15 2018 bangalore, india.
KYIV, UKRAINE - SEPTEMBER 18, 2017. Cameraman with a camera on the set of the film. Filming.
LONDON, ENGLAND - SEPTEMBER 10, 2019:  Tunnel path for commuters and city workers in London tube underground subway train station. Concept of English modern urban life, city lifestyle in England.
Berlin, Germany - September 22, 2019: Time lapse view of pedestrians, trams and traffic on famous Friedrichstrasse street in Central Berlin by day during fall season.
Las Vegas, USA - September 10, 2018: People are playing slot machines at MGM casino
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - SEPTEMBER 22 2018: city famous train station mall walking panorama 4k timelapse circa september 22 2018 kuala lumpur, malaysia.
APPLE, USA - SEPTEMBER 2019: 3D CGI Animation of Apple Inc. American multinational technology company that designs, develops, and sells consumer electronics, computer software, and online services.
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