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Smiling young business woman professional talking on phone using laptop sit at home office desk, happy female customer make mobile call confirming online website shopping order delivery concept
Smiling African American woman with headset using laptop, talking, working customer support service operator at home \office, in headphones with microphone
Close-up portrait of nice-looking asian multi-race beautiful businessperson elegant young woman looking into camera. Career people. Fashion, beauty. Female portraits.
Unrecognizable Beautiful Business Woman Legs in high heels walks through city park to work in the office in autumn in sunset light. Close-up. Slow motion. High quality FullHD footage
Stressed businesswoman working late at night in the office, she had too many cups of coffee and feels exhausted
Smiling confident young professional indian ethnic business woman hr employer looking at camera extending hand for handshake offer collaboration in office, introduction concept, portrait, slow motion
Smiling african business woman saying hi in office corridor. African american businesswoman greeting employee in corridor. Closeup beautiful afro woman waving hand in business center hallway
Young Hispanic Marketing Specialist Working on Laptop Computer in Busy Creative Office Environment. Beautiful Diverse Multiethnic Female Project Manager is Writing Down Notes in Paper Notebook.
Business people wearing headset working in office to support remote customer or colleague. Call center, telemarketing, customer support agent provide service on telephone video conference call.
Happy office worker starts to dance and throws away documents.
young asian corporate executive welcoming and shaking hands with visiting client in front of windows in office
Helpful old female mentor teacher coach teach intern student talk instruct help young trainee with computer work, mature executive manager explain online project to worker learn new skills in office
Young Latin Project Manager Putting On Headphones and Working on Laptop Computer in Busy Creative Office Environment. Beautiful Diverse Multiethnic Female Specialist is Writing Business Strategy.
Businesswoman Booker Overworked  On Project Deadline. Accountant Overtime Work. Lawyer Businesswoman Working On Financial Statement.Accountant Calculate Profit. Bookkeeper Auditing In Office Workplace
Man signs with a ballpoint pen on a white sheet of paper. Important records. Office work
Two Female Colleagues Fondly Discussing Work, Smile while Showing Project on Laptop in Diverse Modern Business Office. Experienced Manager and Young Employee Discuss a Analytical Data.
Two Female Colleagues Fondly Talk to Each Other, Laugh and Smile while Working on Computers in Diverse Modern Business Office. Experienced Manager and Young Employee Discuss a Fun Analytical Project.
Footage from Outside the Window: Businessmen and Businesswomen Working in the Office. Managers and Specialists Doing Financial Business in the Evening. Employees Work on Computers and Delegate Tasks.
Close up of Woman's Finger using a laptop trackpad scrolling website for shopping online and browsing the internet. Asian Female Hand using a laptop touch pad searching for knowledge and information.
Smiling young african american female leader office worker intern standing in modern office looking at camera, happy mixed race employee business coach millennial professional hr close up portrait
Asian Business man Manager checking and signing applicant filling documents reports papers company application form or registering claim on desk office. Document Report and business busy Concept
Woman using printer or scanner in office . Office worker use print machine on blurred office background with workers and computers . Hand take papers and press buttons on multifunctional copier .
CIRCA 1945 - Clinton Anderson, Secretary of Agriculture, addresses a committee on the need of Americans to sacrifice a little to give food to allies.
Close-up Beautiful female legs in high heels walking along the city street. A business woman walks through walks through the downtown near the office center. Slow motion.
CIRCA 1944 - AUnder Secretary of State Stettinius outlines plans for the organization that will become the United Nations.
A confident corporate office woman employee in formal dress holding a coffee mug and laptop in hands walking along the street. An attractive and beautiful businesswoman outside the commercial complex.
Closeup portrait, appointment with office manager, job interview, hiring, isolated indoors office background. Getting that first job or excellent customer service with a smile
Customer support agent or call center with headset works on desktop computer while supporting the customer on phone call. Operator service business representative concept.
Angry stressed businesswoman sitting at office desk overloaded with paperwork, she screams at the phone
Business people wearing headset working in office to support remote customer or colleague. Call center, telemarketing, customer support agent provide service on telephone video conference call.
Secretarybird or Secretary Bird - Sagittarius serpentarius large, mostly terrestrial bird of prey, endemic to Africa, grasslands and savanna of the sub-Saharan region, very long legs, eagle-like body.
Close-up writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters
Young woman at work as receptionist and nurse in hospital and talking on the phone with patient for appointment. Health care worker in medical clinic using telephone for information
Portrait Shot of a Creative Woman Sitting at Her Desk. Using Notebook. She Sits in a Light and Modern Office. Shot on RED Cinema Camera in 4K (UHD).
Old middle aged businesswoman working with laptop and papers, busy senior mature woman paying bills online banking managing finances checking budget doing paperwork using computer sitting at desk
Male customer service support agent telemarketer wearing headset looking at laptop make business conference internet video call, businessman consult client in online chat in office by teleconference
CIRCA 1921 - Secretary Weeks, Attorney General Daugherty, Secretary Hughes, and other officials work in Washington DC.
Tired exhausted office worker sleeping on the desk at work: she is waking up, yawning and checking the computer
CIRCA 1966 - US Navy planes take off from aircraft carriers to bomb North Vietnam, and Secretary McNamara explains why the air raids are necessary.
Successful millennial businesswoman in suit smiling and turning head to camera.Young african american female leader office worker standing in modern office. Portraits
CIRCA 1966 - Secretary McNamara holds a press conference to explain why air strikes on Hanoi and Haiphong are necessary.
CIRCA 1964 - Former White House Press Secretary Pierre Salinger decides to run for the Senate.
A male hands writing on a piece of paper. Writing essay or letters. Doing homework.
Hands of a woman writing on a piece of paper. Writing love letters.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretaries Baker and Daniels admire a propagandistic billboard outside the State, War and Navy Building in Washington DC.
CIRCA 1966 - Secretary McNamara holds a press conference about the bombing of military targets in Hanoi and Haiphong.
Timelapse Footage from Outside the Window: Businessmen and Businesswomen Working in the Office. Managers Doing Financial Tasks and Errands. Employees Work on Computers, Mobile Phones, Tablets.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretaries Baker and Daniels watch US Army and Navy chaplains get decorated on the steps of the State Building in Washington DC.
Close up shot of man typing on old vintage retro typewriter; backlit; news, media or communication concept
Woman hands typing and scrolling on a track pad in a laptop computer. Dolly out close up with shallow depth of field.  Track points with perspective corner pin.
CIRCA 1953 - Joseph Stalin waves from the balcony of a tall building in Moscow, Russia.
Secretary woman working in office with documents. Brunette female making documentation copies using scan machine. Shot in 4K (UHD).
sleepy workers in the office,a man and a woman sleeping at work, answering the phone
Closeup business people hands typing on keyboard computer desktop for using internet, searching data, working, writing email.
Dolly shot of creative businesswomen team meeting and discussing business.
Businesswoman successful woman business person standing outdoor corporate building exterior Pensive elegance caucasian confidence professional business woman middle age female leader
Portrait of Latin pretty young businesswoman standing in office room. Happy brunette senior female manager in suit with folded arms smiling and looking at camera. Human resources and personnel concept
CIRCA 1953 - Canadian Prime Minister Louis St. Laurent is met at the Washington Airport by Vice President Nixon and Secretary Dulles.
Young happy attractive beautiful asia female staff laugh talk on mobile phone relax comfort sit work on desk table at home. Remotely work on distance job telesale or secretary career for business.
Cute 20s lady working at desk in trendy hipster start up office using shared data. Pretty face close up with emotion of joy and happy success. Student writing a report on successful marketing
Time lapse close-up man typing on computer keyboard with fingers. Macro soft focus dolly shot. Computer programming, text chat online messaging and online marketing business hyperlapse concept.
CIRCA 1951 - Secretary Acheson speaks with Prime Minister Eden at a UN General Assembly, where Andrey Vyshinsky keeps distant.
CIRCA 1941 - FDR buys defense bonds from Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau, and urges all Americans to likewise invest to help win the war.
Mindful calm beautiful business woman sit at work desk do yoga exercise take break relax eyes closed at home office, young female worker meditate at workplace feel zen no stress peace of mind concept
Businesswoman successful woman business person standing arms crossed outdoor corporate building exterior Smile happy caucasian confidence professional business woman middle age female entrepreneur
CIRCA 1945 - General de Gaulle is met by Secretary Byrnes at the Washington Airport, and an Honor Guard awaits them.
CIRCA 1947 - President Truman greets Secretary Marshall at the Washington Airport upon Marshall's return from the Moscow Conference.
Face portrait of attractive joyful young asian mixed race woman in business formal suit smiling and posing near modern buildings outside. Businesswoman. Ethnicity.
CIRCA 1939 - Secretary Morgenthau oversees an assistant being sworn in to the Treasury Department.
Typewriter in extreme close up, camera tracking with letters are. they are written on the page. The image is moody and cinematic. Creative ideas in a vintage old fashioned look.
Portrait of an young successful dark skin businesswoman is smiling satisfied with her work in camera in an office.
Close up of executive hands doing accounting using calculator comparing document at office
CIRCA 1933 - Under Secretary of State William Phillips signs the bill implementing the 21st Amendment, which repeals Prohibition.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Baker leaves his home in Washington DC to go to work.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Baker and his wife tend to their Washington DC garden with their children, then leave to make a social call.
Closeup portrait of Latin beautiful young businesswoman standing in office room. Confident brunette secretary in suit smiling and looking at camera. Human resources, personnel and business concept
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Daniels strolls through a Washington DC park with his wife, then looks over a large globe in his office at the Navy Department.
CIRCA 1919 - Secretary Redfield works at his office in Washington DC.
CIRCA 1919 - Secretary Daniels greets Commander Read, a US Navy pilot who just completed a trans-oceanic flight on an N-C4 seaplane.
Business people wearing headset working in office to support remote customer or colleague. Call center, telemarketing, customer support agent provide service on telephone video conference call.
CIRCA 1946 - When Soviet Ambassador Gromyko asks that the UN Security Council postpone Iran's petition, Secretary Byrnes objects.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Baker meets with Generals March and Crowder and the rest of the War Council at the State, War and Navy Building.
Guy types on an old typewriter and smokes cigarettes, writer, journalist
CIRCA 1946 - Newly appointed Secretary of Commerce W. Averell Harriman gives a short speech on his hopes for world peace after returning from abroad.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Lansing works in his office at the State Department in Washington DC, then reads outside at home with his wife.
CIRCA 1919 - Secretary Daniels disembarks from the SS Leviathan in Hoboken, New Jersey.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Baker bestows the Distinguished Service Medal upon several US Army officers in Washington DC.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Wilson works at the Labor Department in Washington DC.
Young office secretary welcoming mature businessman and opening board room door for him to enter
Happy cheerful woman celebrating in the office with fists raised, she is surrounded by piles of paperwork
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Baker oversees various work in his Washington DC office.
Female corporate secretary and businesswoman searching files in the filing cabinet archive, business and administration concept
male chief stands and female subordinate sits at table with laptop in office. man yells and reprimands, looks aggressive and angry. woman is scared and feels panic, looks sad and worried.
Angry stressed secretary sitting at office desk and crumpling paperwork, she is tired and overworked
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Daniels gets around Washington DC in a horse-drawn carriage.
CIRCA 1919 - Secretary Houston spends time with his family at home, then goes to work at the Department of Agriculture in Washington DC.
Smiling confident stylish mature mid aged woman standing at home office. Successful old senior businesswoman, 50s proud lady executive business leader manager looking at camera arms crossed, portrait.
CIRCA 1918 - Secretary Lane works at the Interior Department in Washington DC.
CIRCA 1938 - A British man dictates a letter to the editor of the Daily Telegraph through his secretary, voicing his outrage.
CIRCA 1910s - Congressman Volstead, Thomas Edison, Secretary Daniels, and magnate EN Hurley have a vested interest in helping the war effort.
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