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Aerial drone video of container ship with colourful truck size containers cruising in open ocean Mediterranean Aegean sea, Greece
Drone footage of Qaitbay Citadel,Bey Citadel in Alexandria
Slow motion. Plastic pollution of the ocean bottom, Tropical fishes swims over the bottom covered with a lot of plastic garbage. Bottles, bags and other plastic debris on seabed in Mediterranean Sea
Aerial drone tracking video of luxury yacht cruising in deep blue open ocean sea
devastating and spectacular sea storm in Framura, Liguria Cinque Terre - sea waves crash on the rocks of the coast creating an explosion of water - melting glaciers increase the volume of sea water
Plastic cocktail cup with a plastic straw slowly drifts underwater in blue water column in sunrays. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem in seas and ocean.
big sailing yacht boat driving on the ocean on a sunny day
Table under canopy on the beach. Silhouette of beach cafe. Romantic dinner on the beach. Romantic sunset on the beach under palm trees
diver jumping in the water from boat underwater diving scenery slow motion ocean scenery sun beams and rays
Cinematic aerial shot of famous Oia village in Santorini at sunrise in Greece
The waiter drops the fish dish to the dining table set up on the pier. sunset. seaside. slow motion.
Flying over an empty cruise ship that is at sea
Dining table prepared by the sea at sunset. in slow motion, the waiter throws spices into the fish on the plate.
Close-up of dense thickets of green marine grass Posidonia. Top view on green seagrass Mediterranean Tapeweed or Neptune Grass (Posidonia). Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus
Gorgeous lagoon and small beach with beautiful turquoise water of Mediterranean sea in Kas town, Antalya province, Turkey. Small yacht boat in the Kas bay at a sunny day. Revealing steadicam footage
Container ship Cargo ship  deliver products in the sea
Regatta or sailing race at mediterannean sea. Sunny summer day, happy and excited people on sailboat or yacht. Amazing idea for summer holiday. Travel destination
Mykonos, Cyclades  Greece - September 4 2021: Aerial drone video of beautiful modern super yacht with wooden deck cruising in high speed in Aegean deep blue sea
Luxury yacht moored in the bay of Monaco, France
Modern architecture interior, minimal open-air cubist design, clear blue sky 
mediterranean dreamscapes modernism
fishing boats coming back to the harbour at sunset, France
Aerial top view large cargo vessel ships under drone.Freight ship full of containers.Huge marine craft shipping import export cargo.Concept of sea transport logistics carriage.High quality 4k footage
Aerial Nature Greek Landscape with Turquoise Sea or Ocean Bay and Empty Sand Beach. Beautiful Vacation and Tourism Destination in Crete, Greece. Background Drone Pull in Video Shot with Copy Space
Moving over seagrass under water surface, Neptune grass Posidonia Oceanica, Mediterranean sea, France
Aerial view of Venice, Italy. Basilica di Santa Maria della Salute, Grand Canal and lagoon. Venice skyline. Panorama of Venice from above in summer.
Beautiful aerial view of yachts and boats anchoring in a bay in Mallorca with clear turquoise water - Mediterranean Sea - Spain holiday - Beach in Majorca
Global ocean pollution - microplastic in water. recycling concept plastic background. plastic fragments or particles in ocean. sing use plastics
Waves of Mediterranean Sea rolling in sunshine to the sandy beach. Beautiful Turkish nature. Close-up shot of calming foamy water.
Flight over ocean, open sea. Dynamic aerial shot, after camera tilt - Mediterranean sea
Aerial drone video flight over huge container cargo ship bow cruising the Mediterranean deep blue sea
A view of the Amalfi cliff side road where one can see the perfect view of the sea.
Aerial footage, rear view of luxury sailboat sailing on a deep blue sea with white wakes. Camera follow catamaran in blue ocean water
Schools of Big Tunas swimming in mediterranean sea
Sea horse Hippocampus fuscus swimming in crystal clear water in Ayia Napa, Cyprus
Plastic pollution, used blue plastic bag slowly drifting underwater in the sun lights. Low-angle shot, Backlighting. Plastic debris underwater. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem
Journey landscape of greek island Mykonos. Windmills on sea coast of Greece
Cooking delicious fresh mussels on hot pan in luxury restaurant. Chef shakes and mixes mussels and greens on a grill. Traditional mediterranean cuisine. Slow motion scene.
isolated seagull flying loop, alpha channel, can change the background.symbol of freedom. Big seagull soaring over the Mediterranean sea.birds flies in strong winds.3d animation of flying bird loop
denmark flag flyby aerial view sailboat at coastline harbour ocean summer 4k
Seagulls flying against the blue sky. Flock of birds floating on air currents of wind. Big seagull soaring over the Mediterranean sea. Greece. Slow motion. HD
Aerial drone video of latest technology naval armed forces submarine cruising in deep blue open ocean sea
Wide angle panoramic aerial view of Barcelona shoreline. Sun setting behind the hill shine on Barceloneta Beach golden sand create glare on calm sea surface at cozy bay. Hotel W is seeing on the left
Happy Tourist On Greek Island. Woman Harmony Mediterranean Sea Beach. Cinematic Inspiration Travel Holiday Trip. Weekend Sea Breeze Summertime Vacation Vibes. Wanderlust Explorer Have Great Time Mood
Empty street of Nice, Provance, France. Deserted city due to quarantine. Walking alone along empty streets of EU cities, coronavirus effects
Global ocean pollution - microplastic in water. recycling concept plastic background. plastic fragments or particles in ocean. single use plastics
SLOW MOTION: Joyful tourist couple decides to jump off a rocky cliff and dive into sea. Unrecognizable man holds his girlfriend's hand while diving into the deep blue sea on a sunny summer day.
Aerial view of greek island Kefalonia. Sea bay near Assos village
People sunbathe on the sandy beach on the shores of the azure bay. Aerial view of azure water in mediterranean sea in bay near Oludeniz, Turkey. Boat sails through the purest turquoise water
Cinematic aerial perspective of Puerto Banus Bay, Marbella. Beautiful golden hour with warm light reflection on the buildings . Boats leaving the port. La Concha mountain in background. Drone forward
Aerial drone video of tropical paradise island covered in pine trees with turquoise crystal clear beach in Mediterranean paradise destination
The Desert Nations of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan as Seen from Space on Many 80s TVs. Elements of this Video furnished by NASA.
Satellite view over Middle East ,north Africa And Mediterranean Sea
Outer Space vision over Israel Egypt,Jordan Syria, Saudi Arabia And Mediterranean Sea
Plastic pollution, plastic bottle in blue water. Discarded plastic bottle slowly drifting under surface of blue water in sunlight. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem in Mediterranean Sea.
Drone view of a boat  the blue clear waters. Top view of a white boat sailing to the blue sea. Large speed boat moving at high speed. Travel - image.
Carmelite Church dome with cityscape in background. Valletta, Malta. Aerial circling shot
Happy woman at sunset. Shot on Black Magic Cinema Camera
Aerial view through the famous windmills above Mykonos town, Cyclades, Greece, to the Little Venice district during summer sunset time
Aerial drone video of large fish farming unit of sea bass and sea bream in growing cages in calm deep waters
Monte Carlo, Monaco. Aerial view of famous city towering over Mediterranean Sea, modern high-rise buildings, Les Plages beaches  - landscape panorama of Europe from above
Tel Aviv - Jaffa, view from above. Modern city with skyscrapers and the old city. Bird's-eye view. Israel, the Middle East. Aerial photography. Sea, skyline and blue cloudless sky.
Slow motion close up of  disturbed blue ocean water surface. Nice looping background (4K,ultra high definition 2160p, seamless loop), slow motion
Beautiful and unique cinematic aerial view of luxury and exclusive area of Marbella, golden mile beach, Puente Romano Bridge.Luxury Clubs, Urbanisation in the most expensive area of Marbella. Forward
Wild octopus swimming in slow motion underwater. An octopus open arms slowly like dancing under water in the mediterranean sea. One octopus at the sea. Wild Octopuses.
Awesome aerial view of Kleopatra Beach in Alanya, Turkey. Drone flying over the beach and the Mediterranean Sea. The coastal city is a popular tourist destination in Turkey.
Aerial perpendicular view of a luxury yacht navigating fast.
Aerial view of Comino island and Blue lagoon. Malta
Fireworks at the Cannes Fireworks Festival at night, France
Close-up shot of cooking fish. Baking and roasting marinated fish on barbecue grill. Sea bass or grouper grilled over charcoal. 4K
Corfu island aerial view with beautiful lagoon in turquoise colour and a white boat, flying over idyllic Porto Timoni beach in Corfu Greece, Mediterranean nature of Greek islands.
Stunning top down aerial shot of a beautiful bay in paradise with incredible clear and turquoise water in the Mediterranean Sea in Mallorca, Spain - 4k Footage of Balearic Island.
Culex pipiens (the common house mosquito or northern house mosquito) is a species of blood-feeding mosquito of the family Culicidae
Coastal scene of azure Tyrrhenian Sea, Capri, island of Gulf of Naples, Italy
Picturesque Waterfront Restaurant Cafe Tables and Chairs in Little Venice,  Mykonos, Greece
SLOW MOTION: Carefree tourists hold hands while jumping into the refreshing sea during a relaxing summer vacation in Croatia. Woman and her boyfriend dive off a cliff and into the deep blue ocean.
Plastic pollution, Crab travels inside a plastic cup slowly floating under the surface of blue water in sunray. Live crab trapped in plastic cup. Plastic garbage environmental pollution problem.
Palma de Mallorca, Spain. Aerial view of capital city of Mallorca (Majorca), many yachts and ships in city port (marina) - landscape panorama of Europe from above.
Drone flying above La Perla neighborhood in San Juan Puerto Rico during summer season. Colorful houses close to the beach beautiful paintings sea waves splashing
The United Stares Navy destroyer transits Istanbul strait towards the Mediterranean in Istanbul, Turkey
FPV video, view from above, aerial view from an FPV drone flying at high speed over some mountains and green hills with a beautiful sea in the distance. Liscia Ruja, Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy.
timelapse sunrise, from dark to bright day sun, over sea, waves are washing
Aerial drone video of luxury yacht anchored in tropical exotic island bay with crystal clear turquoise sea
drone footage of Dubrovnik,Croatia. during sunrise, famous by Game of Thrones. Aerial view on old town and sea. Travel concept
Cargo ships Burning on fire under attack in Mediterranean Sea 
Real Drone view with visual effect Elements,Aerial
Swarm of bluefin tuna fish in a traditional tonnara (fish trap) near Sardinia
NICE, FRANCE - MARCH, 2022: I Love Nice sign at the beach
Aerial view of sun setting behind Es Vedra Ibiza during sunset. Showing ocean and clear skies.
Chef Cooking Paella Rice Dish In Big Wok. HD, 1920x1080. High quality 4k footage
Sunrise Scene Aerial view of Dubrovnik old town surrounding by wall, Croatia.
Panoramic view of windmill under summe sun shining in Oia in Santorini
Slow-motion half underwater video at the border of air and water. Beautiful rocky beach on the Adriatic Sea in Montenegro.
Chania Crete Greece. Venetian harbor scenic aerial view in morning
The Earth is connected by air, land and sea. Futuristic animation of Earth with bright connections and city lights. Europe and Asia aerial, maritime, ground routes and country borders.
France, Monaco, Larvotto, drone aerial view. Monte Carlo Sea Land Project extension works, mediterranean expansion, in the background.
Slender sea star or Sand Starfish (Astropecten spinulosus) creeps along the bottom overgrown with brown algae, top view. Mediterranean.
Lost fishing net with buoys lies underwater on the seabed. Problem of ghost gear - any fishing gear that has been abandoned, lost or otherwise discarded. It is the most harmful form of marine debris
Young tourist woman jumping out of water with arms up looking at Positano town in background Swimmer girl Celebrating Italian Vacation enjoying European summer holiday travel adventure in Amalfi Italy
Amazing high angle top drone view on the natural park among tracking path:"likya yolu" in South Turkey, Antalya and Mugla produces.
The drone flies forwards above Parc de la Ciutadella and the city centre all around and Torre Agbar and Torre Glories and big hills in the background in Barcelona Spain Aerial Drone Footage 4K
Panoramic view of Three Bells of Fira blue dommed church over caldera and vulcano island with anchored Cruiser ferry boats, Santorini, Greece
Village of Manarola in aerial view, Cinque Terre coast of Italy. Manarola is a small town in the province of La Spezia, in Liguria, in northern Italy and one of the Cinque Terre attractions
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