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Teen schoolgirl being bullied by group of students in high school. Portrait of depressed female pupil standing in corridor with mean girls gossiping and laughing at her on blurred background
Depressed african child abandoned in lavatory and leaning against wall. Young afro boy sitting alone with sad feeling at school. Bullying, discrimination and racism concept
Depressed afro-american female student walking in college corridor. Portrait of stressed young college female failed exam and feeling worried and anxious having problems in university
sad upset boy sitting in corner lifestyle . Child punished sitting crying in the corner. Domestic violence concept. Child abuse
Sad Asian teenager victim of bullying at the High School. Abused Bullied student is hit by boy while group of classmates make fun of him. Violence and racism problem in Education
Cyber, verbal Bullying Concept. Abusive message. Outlaw, Outcast person. Bad dream, nightmare, surrealistic world. Creative unique visual theme.  Unwanted aggressive behavior among school children.
Upset little african american preschool kid girl crying alone feeling bullied abused abandoned, sad offended lonely black child stressed or scared sitting on floor, children problems concept
Camera follows Caucasian teenager walking up stairs meeting high school bullies. Aggressive teenagers bullying and threatening classmate in corridor. Disrespect and psychological pressure concept.
Cinematic Empty Swings In Playground, Child Abduction Concept
Domestic violence concept the boy is offended . sad upset boy sitting in corner. Child punished sitting lifestyle crying in the corner. Child abuse
Unhappy depressed teenager girl wears hood sits alone on bed thinking of problem. Sad sensitive lonely adolescent teen feeling worried and hurt at home. Teenage psychological trauma, complex concept.
African american teenage girl visiting therapist for counselling session
Portrait sad cute african child orphan offended afro american ethnic small girl black mixed race toddler 7 years kid looking at camera upset facial expression suffering from loneliness discrimination
Pretty teen undergraduate having social phobia not friendly afraid of classmates
Sad redhead Caucasian schoolboy using smartphone, sighing. and looking back at classmates teasing him. Blurred offenders laughing at bullied boy on schoolyard. Bullying and offending.
Young father holding hand, stroking shoulder of little child son, asking for forgiveness, apologizing at home. Compassionate dad helping small kid boy coping with bullying, sincerely talking indoors.
Cyber, verbal Bullying Concept. 3D rendering. Abusive message. Outlaw, Outcast person. Bad dream, nightmare, antisocial, surrealistic world. Creative unique visual theme. Unwanted aggressive behavior.
Group of kids chasing and throwing snowball into African American Black kid boy. 120 FPS slow motion
Video about sad young black girl feeling depressed and alone
Headshot of frightened frustrated bullied high school student crying as classmates shaking him. Close-up portrait of sad depressed scared Caucasian boy suffering bullying in public school.
Portrait Sad Little Child Girl Looking at Camera. Thinking Curiosity Child Looking at Camera Closeup Indoors. Depressed Face Eyes Serious Contemplative Child. Serious Student Having Problems at School
Group of teenagers are pushing and insulting a schoolgirl. Adolescent violence problem. Bullying among adolescents and schoolchildren. Physical violence
Upset and bullied schoolgirl sitting on floor in restroom and crying. Portrait of depressed preteen girl student in school toilet feeling lonely and sad.
Push in towards blank chalkboard over empty school desks. The elementary school classroom has been abandoned. The campus has been evicted due to bullying, budget cuts, and lowered attendance rates.
High school teenager sitting in front of his locker alone in empty hallway.
Upset little child girl looking at phone sitting alone at home feeling sad scared of cyberbullying afraid being bullied in social media, fear of online bullying, dangers of internet for kids concept
Harassing at school. School bullying. Children throw paper at a girl. Schoolgirl is sad, victim of aggression, back to school
Close-up of bullied brunette schoolboy with brown eyes looking at camera as blurred classmates pointing at him and laughing at the background. Sad bullying victim posing outdoors.
Sad biracial girl suffering social media bullying from group of school children
Teen boys fighting, conflict between school bully and geek, street violence
Sad african student in safety mask being bullied by classmates at corridor in school. Children laughing and throwing paper balls at unhappy afro schoolboy. Kids offending classmate
Social issues at high school. Upset asian teenage girl nerd suffering from bullying and discrimination, groupmates laughing and throwing papers balls at her during lesson, slow motion
Teenage schoolgirls walking after classmate down the stairs and laughing. Female friends bullying nerd schoolboy. Teen bullies mocking smart Caucasian high school student. Discipline concept.
Teen schoolgirl being bullied. gossiping and laughing victim. CG Footage.
Upset and stressed boy looking through school metal fence after was bullied. Concept of poverty, immigration, bullying and kids stress
Distressed student sitting on floor by school locker while pupils walking along corridor ignoring her. Sad chinese girl sitting with head on knees while classmates leaving her out
Three schoolchildren are sitting on a bench in the schoolyard. Children make fun of the girl sitting next to him. School bullying.
Worrying asian female high school student. University exam. Examinee.
Young boy playing video game on tablet touch screen.
Teenagers pointing at red hair girl in glasses, mocking nerd, verbal bullying
Moral abuse bullying at school. Harassing at school. Boy bully drove a girl classmate from her place at her desk
Plump schoolboy filming classmate teasing boy. Aggressive students treatening and bullying redhead boy and recording video on smartphone. Mocking and rudeness concept.
Worrying mother supporting disappointed teenage daughter in hard life situation, giving psychological help or advice against bullying at school. Upset adolescent girl sharing problems with kind mom.
Sad Kid, Thoughtful Bullied Teenager Girl Outdoor in Park,Depression Portrait of Adolescents.
Young Asian Kids Bullying Little Boy
Young Asian Kids Bullying Little Boy
Portrait of sad stressed schoolgirl standing with crossed hands on sunny schoolyard as blurred boys laughing at her at the background. Concept of middle school bullying.
Teen girl upset by shameful video in internet, classmates mocking, cyberbullying
Close-up of redhead schoolboy with unrecognizable classmates pointing at his face. Portrait of bullied elementary student suffering from bullying. Aggression and threatening.
A boy in a class throws paper at a girl, offends and humiliates a classmate, a schoolgirl cries. School bullying, physical abuse at school
Teenage girl turning head and looking into camera. LGBTQ
School bus stop paddle being turned off
Closeup of two tall teenage hooligans mocking smaller classmate in school locker room, pinching and pushing him aside. Grinning teenagers bullying younger schoolboy in school corridor
Laughing caucasian bullies scoffing asian schoolgirl standing with cellphone by school locker. Insolent teenagers pointing fingers and laughing offensively at chinese senior school student
4K Young boy at school being bullied by older boys
4K Kind teacher comes to talk to sad lonely boy outdoors in the school yard. Slow motion
A teenage boy is standing in the high school hallways and some bullies give him a shove. Concept of bullying in school.
Peers pointing fingers at smart biracial girl, mocking nerd, verbal bullying
internet bullying. troll writes: you are stupid
Young black girl looks up at the teacher and sighs. Student with depression.
sad girl sitting in the corner crying a covered her face with her hands. family violence abuse child concept. parents punished the child put in a indoor corner. child in depression crying lifestyle
Impudent caucasian teenage schoolboys stealing smartphone of asian girl student standing by school locker. Smirking hooligans bullying chinese schoolgirl picking up her cellphone
Portrait of african preteen boy in eyeglasses standing outdoors school building with stop bullying cardboard sign. Bully, aggressive behavior and offence concept
Sad Caucasian girl sitting on the ground against a wall alone in the schoolyard, with other schoolchildren standing together in the background, in slow motion. Education at an elementary school.
Beautiful modest girl teen having low self-esteem, arrogant classmates laughing
Close-up portrait of scared bullied redhead boy sitting on stairs shaking. Frightened insulted Caucasian high school student hiding from bullies in public school. Mocking and bullying.
Teenage boys fighting, bullying and self-defense, violence, blurred background
Female elementary school student writing a text of stop bullying on a blackboard in the classroom. Shot in 4k resolution
A sad, lonely boy sits on a curb at school with his head on his knees.
Group of school kids laughing at unhappy biracial girl, racial bullying problem
Back to school. School bus goes to school. The bus carries children to school.
Students feet and legs walk up and down the hallway past lockers and each other. Shallow depth of field.
boy problem at school, sitting and consoling child each other
Side view of violent brunette schoolboy teasing redhead nerd in eyeglasses outdoors. Aggressive Caucasian boy rubbing head of victim on schoolyard during break. Bullying and lifestyle.
Sad child in school bus window
Embarrassed female teenager reading humiliating news in social networks, abuse
Selective focus of miserable schoolboy in uniform sitting alone on floor in school hallway with head on knees crying and feeling lonely, chatting and laughing classmates in background
Side view of sad mixed-race schoolboy sitting alone on bench outdoors. Upset and worried african preteen boy with backpack sitting on street bench anxious about exam
Sad Depressed Caucasian Girl Crying and Sitting Huddled Alone By the Wall Outdoors Holding Her Knees
Sad desperate young girl suffering from bulling and harassment felling lonely, unhappy desperate and hopeless sitting outdoors. School isolation, abuse and bullying concept
young attractive guy joker throws a lump of paper into the teacher. students are laughing. University or school. Group of people of mixed races.
Distressed introvert teen 13s girl child lies on bed at home suffer from school discrimination or bullying problems. Unhappy sad teenager stressed with psychological troubles. Loner, outcast concept.
Young boy listens in class, minority ethnicity, concentration
Schoolgirls laughing and pointing at cry girl in public toilet. Preteen students bullying classmate in school washroom. Social and school bully concept
Poor adolescent, problematic female dressing not fashionably, getting bullied
Backside view of little schoolgirl standing and looking at school. Child with backpack afraid of going to school. Concept of bullying among adolescents and schoolchildren
Cruel teenagers punching boy and making video on smartphone, cyberbullying
Loving young mother talks to upset teen daughter feels depressed sits on bed in hood. Caring foster parent mum gives psychological support helping adolescent child girl with puberty problem concept.
internet bullying. troll writes: you're jerk
Teenage girl holding paper with inscription no bullying. Studio shot
One sad young elementary school girl (female age 5-6) wearing school uniform and backpack sitting on a corridor floor of a building and crying. Childhood and education concept. Real people. Copy space
Handheld shot of an empty college auditorium. The abandoned classroom and deserted desks will cut into a piece about education tax cuts, school budgetary restrictions and anti-bullying campaigns.
Close-up of upset chinese schoolgirl sitting on floor in school corridor while other students passing by ignoring her. Indifferent classmates leaving despaired girl out and do not pay attention to her
Medium shot of girls standing up for their male classmate against bullying boys
School's out for summer - or maybe fall break, winter vacation or spring break. The desks sit abandoned while students are out of school on hiatus. Handheld shot drifts over the empty desks.
Side view of crying bullied schoolboy sitting outdoors at rock wall. Wide shot of sad Caucasian lonely boy with backpack hiding on schoolyard from aggressive classmates. Childhood and bullying.
Nerd teenage girl standing in school hallways as boys following and laughing. Portrait of beautiful bullied Caucasian high school student and bullies in public school. Behavior concept.
Students throwing things out of backpack on boy head, teenage bullying at school
Classmates laughing at plump boy in eyeglasses, bullying problem, insecurities
A teacher offers support as a young female student looks distressed and upset in the corridor. She has her hands up to her face and the female teacher has her arm around her.
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