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Beautiful smiling confident young indian ethnic woman pretty face looking at camera posing alone at home in office, happy millennial hindu ethnicity girl student professional close up front portrait
Smiling young business woman professional talking on phone using laptop sit at home office desk, happy female customer make mobile call confirming online website shopping order delivery concept
Happy confident indian recruit handshaking employer getting hired at new job. Smiling young female professional manager shake hand of woman client or customer making business deal at office meeting.
Service phone operators sit at shared desk focus on sales agent woman in headset use pc answers incoming calls talk with client provide professional support to customers sell company product concept
Confident happy mature older 60s woman retail seller, entrepreneur, clothing store small business owner, supervisor looking at camera standing arms crossed in delivery shipping warehouse, portrait.
Smiling attractive young adult woman model looking at camera, happy beautiful 30s brunette lady professional pretty face dental smile posing stand alone indoors, slow motion close up view portrait
Happy indian young woman wear headset communicating by conference call speak looking at computer at home office, video chat job interview or distance language course class with online teacher concept
Happy young couple clients customers sign loan investment contract agreement making sale purchase real estate family mortgage deal handshake realtor broker insurer, taking loan, buying insurance
Happy middle aged family couple meeting female real estate agent, financial advisor or lawyer, discussing contract details, making agreement at office. Satisfied client shaking hands with saleswoman.
Young female team leader sitting at table with mixed race colleagues, discussing working issues at negotiations meeting. Skilled millennial diverse employees developing startup marketing strategy.
Smiling confident young professional indian ethnic business woman hr employer looking at camera extending hand for handshake offer collaboration in office, introduction concept, portrait, slow motion
African female financial advisor agent lawyer insurer consulting caucasian male client customer explaining insurance contract benefits negotiating discuss agreement at business meeting legal advice
Confident female leader negotiating with business group explaining contract benefits at formal board meeting consulting corporate clients presenting commercial offer sit at conference office table
Smiling indian young business woman wear wireless headset video conference calling on laptop computer talk by webcam in online chat, customer support service and distance online teaching concept
Touristic agency worker explain showing on laptop travel offers tell about tour prices to happy older couple in office. Insurer woman presents offer medical insurance services to aged spouses concept
Portrait of attractive young saleswoman in black apron standing in supermarket with shelves of fruits on background, looking at camera and smiling. Trade business and people concept
Female manager insurer consulting male customer with laptop at meeting, young saleswoman or mentor showing online presentation of deal benefits talking convincing client teaching intern sit at desk
Head shot middle aged woman standing in domestic room smile looks at camera feels confident and happy. 40s pretty school teacher with curly short hairstyle, positive housewife face portrait concept
Smiling beautiful african american female professional manager employee standing in modern office looking at camera, happy confident mixed race business woman corporate leader boss or intern portrait
Young african business woman make conference call in office, smiling afro american female manager talk look at camera communicating in online video chat, distance job interview concept, webcam view
Smiling indian ethnic woman online teacher, sales agent, remote tutor or counselor wearing headset looking at webcam talking by conference video call counseling at home office. Headshot. Web cam view.
Confident young indian muslim business woman wear hijab speak look at camera, islamic arabic lady talk to webcam make video conference call job interview record webinar online presentation in office
Confident female insurer consulting client about insurance benefits. Young businesswoman mentor, saleswoman, customer service manager teaching helping intern, giving business advice at office meeting.
Couple sign mortgage contract, put signature on sale purchase rental agreement, handshaking realtor at meeting with estate agent, satisfied customers buy property, get keys of new home, close up view
Happy Couple with real-estate agent visiting house for sale or for rent, Young man and woman cheerful at home. Loving people buying an apartment. Immovables market 4K slow motion video.
Serious african female call center agent wear wireless headset using computer looking at screen consulting customer with online problem, focused black woman operator working in support service office
Happy young couple signing contract with african ethnicity realtor saleswoman wedding planner after discussing details in cafe. Satisfied smiling clients making agreement with mixed race professional.
Young woman customer care support service agent call center operator in wireless headset talk consult online client using computer solving complaints on helpline or sell services in telesales office
Happy young indian businesswoman standing at table, sharing project ideas with focused mixed race investors at briefing meeting. Professional hindu female mentor coaching millennial colleagues.
Smiling young african american female leader office worker intern standing in modern office looking at camera, happy mixed race employee business coach millennial professional hr close up portrait
Ethnic American contented curly woman talking on phone with friends rejoicing smiling laughing white teeth, outdoors close-up. Girl student makes online order on smartphone outside, satisfied customer
Lusaka, Zambia / Africa - June 24 2019 Local people in the market in Lusaka City in Zambia. Fruit and Vegetables being sold by a street vendor on Lusaka's streets.
Smiling confident young business woman online teacher job applicant manager talk with client make conference video call chat speak during distance job interview look at camera in office, webcam view
Happy young african couple handshake female caucasian lawyer insurer at meeting, american clients customers make sale purchase real estate family mortgage financial deal take bank loan buy insurance
Woman in black apron as a cashier at the cash register in the supermarket or discounter. Smiling short haired curly woman smiling to the camera
Old middle aged female professional bank manager investment advisor consulting commercial customer arabic eastern businessman explaining online project offer on laptop computer at business meeting
During quarantine all business solve remotely using modern wireless tech concept. Indian woman sit at bar counter in home kitchen hold smartphone talks to client distantly, provide help by phone call
Happy excited young family couple customers clients sign mortgage investment contract sale purchase agreement deal handshake insurer agent take bank loan buy insurance service meeting broker realtor
Smiling young business woman receptionist wear wireless headphone video conference calling on laptop computer talk by webcam in online chat, customer support service and online study teaching concept
Happy middle aged mature businesswoman executive teacher looking at camera talking, smiling older senior business coach recording training webinar teach online make video conference call, webcam view
Old mature skype teacher tutor looking at camera speaking laughing recording educational vlog training webinar teach online, middle aged business woman talk to webcam make video call, webcamera view
Smiling older mature business woman employer hr manager staffing holding cv checking male candidate resume asking questions during job interview office meeting, work placement and recruitment concept
Confident mature middle aged woman retail seller, entrepreneur, clothing store small business owner walking in delivery dropshipping warehouse storage holding parcel boxes preparing ship delivery.
Female asian manager broker advisor consulting caucasian male client with laptop showing online presentation of contract benefits talking to customer explaining deal details convincing buy services
Older mature business woman wear wireless headset working in customer service support office, senior aged call centre agent operator using computer consulting client with request or complaint
Confident young middle eastern ethnicity businessman shaking hands, coming to agreement with happy African American businesswoman after project negotiations at brainstorming meeting in office.
Female african manager broker advisor consulting arabic male client with laptop talking discussing bank loan deal benefits with arab customer collaborating convincing buy insurance services in office
Smiling confident businesswoman hr applicant manager talk to camera having business videoconference conversation with distant client conference online video calling job interview look at webcam view
Happy female cashier scanning grocery items at supermarket
Diverse young couple agreed buying renting new home shaking hands with realtor at meeting, happy real estate owners getting keys to apartment, making mortgage purchase property deal in agency
Smiling young pretty indian ethnicity woman looking at camera alone at home in kitchen. Happy beautiful millennial hindu lady housewife in India indoors, close up face front headshot portrait.
Close-up of young woman customer using phone for contactless wireless online credit card payment for purchases in supermarket store.
Head shot attractive smiling indian ethnicity businesswoman portrait. Successful independent businesslady, company face business representative. Employed new hired employee posing in coworking space
Cashier in a protective mask and gloves pierces the products with the scanner. Shopping in the supermarket during the quarantine period for coronavirus, covid-19. 4k, ProRes
Female african bank manager broker realtor consult family customers make mortgage insurance loan offer, saleswoman insurer explain couple clients deal benefit convince buy service at business meeting
Slow motion portrait of cute young lady in apron and hat holding potted plant in florist's store smiling looking at camera. Business, people and houseplants concept.
Smiling young female fashion designer stylist holding swatches palette using smart phone at workplace, texting message, communicating with customer, taking clothing online atelier order in cell app.
Pleasant formal business conversation by cellphone, distance communication using modern technology concept. Indian businesswoman work from home office sit at desk look at laptop screen hold smartphone
Real-estate agent presenting home to couple of clients
silhouette business woman using smartphone talking to client financial advisor negotiating deal sharing expert advice having phone call working late in office looking out window at sunset
Smiling attractive sophisticated 50s middle aged blond business woman looking at camera. Happy older mid age beautiful blonde lady close up face front headshot portrait on grey background.
Successful confident millennial woman in suit smiling looking at camera, motivated professional employee, young teacher, lady hr manager, female office worker posing for video business portrait
Head shot portrait of attractive happy female creative clothing designer or wedding organizer, standing in modern office. Smiling confident businesswoman entrepreneur florist looking at camera.
Indian woman online teacher counselor tutor wear headset looking at webcam making business conference video call talking using laptop computer virtual meeting, distance job interview at home office.
Lusaka, Zambia / Africa - June 24 2019 Local people in the market in Lusaka City in Zambia. Fruit and Vegetables being sold by a street vendor on Lusaka's streets.
Happy african american millennial ethnic woman looking at camera laughing at home in office, confident young adult mixed race lady dental smile close up face portrait, healthy teeth whitening concept
Female tutor sit at desk gives private online class remotely wear headset talking by videocall application, looks at laptop screen counsellor provide support. Negotiations use videoconference concept
Happy young asian businesswoman talking to camera communicating making video call to distant friend or client, smiling korean woman looking at webcam chatting in internet enjoy online conversation
Smiling indian business woman talking to coworker in office. Female manager consulting helping client. Diverse colleagues having friendly conversation. Job applicant speaking to hr at job interview.
Young african couple giving high five happy to rent buy new house, black customers first time home buyers owners renters signing mortgage contract handshake realtor receive keys make real estate deal
Side view young business woman sit at workplace desk lead formal conversation on phone, female looks at pc screen discuss online purchase with agent customer services. Workflow, modern tech concept
Female asian muslim manager mentor wear hijab consult caucasian client teaching intern trainee with laptop talk in office, two diverse ethnic businesswomen discuss online work at corporate meeting
Young multi-ethnic couple planning to buy rent lease new home meeting with real estate agent in office, married diverse family discussing with realtor terms of mortgage loan lending contract
Young girl in glasses looking at camera, motivated student with big dreams studying abroad, ambitious smiling millennial posing indoors, creative happy manager starts successful career, optical shop
Portrait of Black Small Business Owner, Woman Working with Digital tablet in Store and looking at Camera
Smiling female online tutor counselor english teacher wear wireless earphone speaking teaching web class doing conference video call chat on laptop make notes communicate by webcam at home office
Saleswoman advising couple on car purchase in vehicle dealership showroom using digital tablet
Confident successful millennial professional businesswoman stands with arms crossed in office. Serious smiling young adult short haired blond female manager, business owner looking at camera. Portrait
Male customer is paying with smartphone making online payment then taking bunch of flowers from florist in store. Modern technology and finance concept.
Smiling confident young indian business woman coach teacher talk to camera at distant job interview online webinar, happy girl student looking at webcam make conference call record vlog internet chat
Close Up Portrait of Young Caucasian Businesswoman in Formal Look is looking at the Camera. Confident Female in Business District. Business Portrait. Career People. Office Worker.
Man paying with a smart watches in a grocery store
Sales salesman consultant with folder in his hand in suit sells car. Couple selects car to buy. European pair buying vehicle. Side view young caucasian family. Husband, wife choosing new automobile
Smiling confident young adult blonde businesswoman manager professional wear glasses looking at camera in corporate office, happy smart millennial female model worker manager close up face portrait
Young female job applicant or bank manager talking handshaking hr get hired at interview, happy businesswoman broker shake hand of male businessman client make business agreement deal recruit concept
Happy asian seeker or insurance broker talking consulting client handshaking hr recruiter get hired at new job or make successful business deal with customer shake hands at employment negotiations
Slow Motion of Beautiful Confident Young Caucasian Woman Looking at Camera Smiling in Living Room or Home Office. Happy Millennial Authentic Real Girl Close up Portrait.
Happy Millennial Authentic Real Afro Female Close up Front Portrait. Slow Motion of Beautiful Confident Young African American Woman Looking at Camera Smiling in Front of Bookshelf.
Slowmo tracking shot of cheerful young female counter attendant talking on mobile phone and using laptop while working in bakery Elderly male baker putting fresh croissants on shelf
Aged and young businesswomen sit at desk in office shake hands, satisfied client read agreement check terms conditions handshake with manager, closing deal, finalize contract between buyer and agency
Young happy beautiful businesswoman consultant wearing formal suit meeting casual client at modern office. Two colleagues or partners negotiating, working with documents. Young man reading contract
woman in facial protective mask finishing completing bouquet. asian female florist arranging wildflowers in a flower shop or workshop. concept virus prevention, covid19 epidemic
Bearded young cashier wearing respiratory mask face shield servicing young woman customer in supermarket grocery store during coronavirus quarantine.
small business in quarantine, young female salesman in medical gloves packing goods in box for delivery to customers of an intranet clothing store, close-up
Smiling confident young pretty indian ethnic woman looking at camera standing alone at home in apartment kitchen arms crossed. Happy beautiful single millennial lady in India indoor, headshot portrait
African male financial advisor agent lawyer insurer consulting American female client customer explaining insurance contract benefits negotiating discuss agreement at business meeting legal advice
Lusaka, Zambia / Africa - June 24 2019 Local people in the market in Lusaka City in Zambia. Fruit and Vegetables being sold by a street vendor on Lusaka's streets.
Smiling happy african american mixed race businesswoman talking consulting client online make conference call job interview look at camera record online training, video conference concept webcam view
35s female wear headset communicates by conference call speaks look at laptop at home office living room. Videocall event, job interview remotely, distance language class with on-line teacher concept
Smiling friendly older businesswoman hr employer having business conversation with businessman job applicant client or partner discussing qualifications make good first impression at business meeting
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