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Smiling bearded millennial professional businessman looking at camera. Happy confident handsome smart young adult entrepreneur, leader, manager posing in office. Close up face view business portrait
Portrait of young happy indian business man executive looking at camera. Eastern male professional teacher, smiling ethnic bearded entrepreneur or manager posing in office, close up face headshot.
Serious young african businessman wear headset conference calling by webcam, focused mix race student study with online teacher in video chat look at laptop talk during videoconference at home office
Two successful businessmen wear suits salesman banker manager handshake happy client customer investor at business meeting make bank loan insurance investment deal agreement shake hands sell services
Call center and helpful customer service 24-7. Use desktop pc at computer table and phone line at modern co-working. Diverse group of workers talks on sale hotline. Busy seller at agency office indoor
Focused young businessman in eyeglasses holding video conference call with clients, wearing wireless headphones with microphone. Skilled happy salesman advertising goods to customers, writing notes.
Happy Indian business man, teacher talking to web cam on conference video call. Smiling businessman coach laughing, looking camera during webinar, online class, virtual meeting. webcam view.
Confident young african businessman teacher look at webcam conference video calling in office, happy mixed race entrepreneur talking doing online video chat job interview sit at desk, webcamera view
A man, a driver, a buyer opens the driver's seat door, gets behind the steering wheel of a new blue car and closes the door, then gets out of the car and closes the door. Closeup. Shallow depth of fie
Satisfied caucasian boss hr negotiator talking shake hand of african american candidate partner client making deal, hiring or thanking for collaboration at diverse group business meeting negotiations
Two businessmen negotiators wear suits shake hands after successful negotiations, seller banker handshake partner client investor make investment partnership deal agreement trust concept, side view
Car salesman showing customer car in automotive dealership showroom
Car Salesman Finishing Up Dealing Car. Young Happy Man Receiving Car Keys to Her New Automobile. Dealer giving key to new owner in auto show or salon.
Smart male company leader in suit waring headset with mic, holding negotiations talk online with employees, using corporate software in office. Professional lawyer consulting clients by video call.
Skilled male lawyer insurer financial advisor in formal wear showing service presentation on computer to elderly mature family couple clients at office meeting, discussing agreement details indoors.
Confident male caucasian financial consultant adviser expert talking to arab client customer explain commercial investment deal benefit show computer presentation at bank loan negotiation meeting
Male executive wears headset video calling on laptop. Businessman webinar speaker streaming live web training. Call center agent, service support manager speaking to distance customer in webcam chat.
Businessman wear wireless headphones making video conference business call on laptop speaking communicating by webcam, male teacher manager talking do online chat on computer sit at home office desk
Focused business man interpreter teacher wearing headset looking at laptop screen making notes, male online tutor teaching student learning in internet video calling on computer writing down
Job meeting. Financial check in a large company, audit
Confident businessman make agreement handshake business partner at meeting, male manager offering partnership contract to client customer, employer shake hand hire candidate at job interview concept
Friendly telemarketer operator representative speaking to web camera. Businessman wears headset suit video conference calling. Customer support service assistant on call center phone talk. Webcam view
Male advisor salesman talking with client handshaking closing deal at business meeting, hr hire applicant at job interview, customer thanking manager for advice shake hands make agreement concept
Male broker sales manager worker in suit talking on the phone using laptop at work desk, serious businessman employee making telephone call consulting customer in modern office at corporate workplace
Happy Couple with real-estate agent visiting house for sale or for rent, Young man and woman cheerful at home. Loving people buying an apartment. Immovables market 4K slow motion video.
Young Indian Hispanic businessman using computer remote distance working sitting at kitchen table writing notes. Latin student studying online, having virtual digital training on laptop at home office
Latin indian businessman having virtual team meeting group call chatting with diverse people in customer support. Video conference call on computer with manager and employees. Side view.
Female customer sitting inside car and receiving keys from salesperson during buying spbd.
Happy indian business man customer support agent or salesman wearing headset talking, having virtual meeting working on laptop computer giving online training, remote class on video conference call.
A male bearded client choosing car at dealership with the help of auto seller. Manager in auto dealership presents new cars using a tablet.
Closeup happy business woman taking new car keys at vehicle. Joyful executive woman getting keys from new car. Cheerful businesswoman sitting behind steering wheel at car.
Serious professional male expert advice software pointing on laptop consulting client customer investor about financial trading investment explain data sell corporate services at office meeting
Male representative call center agent in wireless headset helping client, operator working in customer support service
A team of business partners standing outdoors and discussing an upcoming project using a laptop. A group of male and female corporate office employees interacting outside the commercial complex
Close up of details of switched on headlights of anonymous prestigious luxury modern car. Shot in 8K. Concept of passion for driving cars and engines, car dealerships, used cars,luxury cars, auto dial
Confident smiling businessman webinar speaker coach entrepreneur teacher talking looking at camera webcam record video training vlog make online business conference call, webcamera cam view
Portrait successful 50s business man mature african american ethnic black boss afro leader lawyer stands indoors in office wears formal suit looking at camera smiling toothy, male face with wrinkles
Focused male representative call center agent in wireless headset helping client with complaints using computer in office, corporate operator working in customer support service on helpline telesales
Ringing Doorbell with Finger Man and Woman at Day Close Up
Smiling young African-American office worker in glasses and headset looking at the laptop webcam and talking, positive black man on video call working in the customer service department, front view
Male hand gives a car keys to famale hand in the car dealership close up. Unrecognized auto seller and a woman who bought a vehicle shake hands.
Young ceo speaking to camera recording business video presentation. Confident businessman wearing suit and tie looking talking to web cam streaming webcast training, doing conference call in office.
Speaker businessman talking at webcam making conference video call for job interview,  business coach looking at camera recording vlog webinar, online training, e-coaching, consulting client online
Close up head shot young happy handsome man in glasses looking at camera. Face portrait smiling businessman, corporate employee, top manager, startup entrepreneur, company leader boss at office.
Portrait of smiling handsome businessman in formal wear standing in office. Head shot close up young happy banker advisor executive manager leader ceo owner entrepreneur investor looking at camera.
Unrecognizable man getting car key from seller. Male hands giving keys of car to his friend outdoor. Handshake between salesman and new owner of automobile after deal. Slow motion Close up
Close up of details of switched on tail lights of anonymous prestigious luxury modern car. Shot in 8K. Concept of passion for driving cars and engines, car dealerships, used cars,luxury cars,auto dial
Confident caucasian businessman handshaking male arab eastern partner at office meeting. Two multiethnic professional executives shake hands establishing partnership, investment agreement concept.
Smiling business man ceo coach speaker in suit waving hand talking looking at camera webcam recording video training or participating online conference call, advertising services on webinar
Happy loving family couple discussing apartment purchase with professional real estate agent at office meeting, signing paper contract, getting keys from own accommodation, celebrating successful deal
Male customer service support agent telemarketer wearing headset looking at laptop make business conference internet video call, businessman consult client in online chat in office by teleconference
Happy young caucasian family couple consulting with financial advisor about savings investment. Confident male lawyer showing services presentation on computer to clients at modern workplace.
Walking businessman in Tokyo
Happy african american business man blogger coach talking to camera recording vlog, smiling influencer trainer speaking looking at webcam making video conference call broadcasting webinar concept
Close up of dealer giving key to new owner in auto show or salon. Slow motion shot in 8K. Concept of car dealerships, used cars, car sale and rent, auto deal
Side view of mature gray haired man talking emotionally on mobile phone pointing to the laptop screen. Online trader work at home
Happy husband and wife getting car keys from auto dealer while buying automobile in dealership. Smiling couple of buyers taking key to purchased from salesman
Male hand gives a car keys to male hand in the car dealership close up. Unrecognized auto seller and a man who bought a vehicle shake hands. Dealer giving key to new owner in auto show or salon.
young asian male businessman talking online on video call, conference or meeting looking at camera. Webcam view. Asia Man in business suit indoors. Office negotiations distance Consultation or advice
Young man giving keys of car to buyer. Men shaking hands in beautiful car dealership on background of bought cars.
Young couple in love buying new car in car dealership. Happy people hugging. Young attractive man with beard opening door for girl. Young pretty woman sitting.
Happy man and woman talking to car dealer in dealership discussing automobiles looking at luxurious new model. Technology and people concept.
Car sale. A woman gives a man a key and takes money in return, selling him her car
Happy african american couple first time home buyers owners renters tenants renting buying new house signing rental sale purchase contract handshaking realtor get keys make real estate mortgage deal
Happy smiling bearded indian business man small business owner, company leader or sales manager, male hispanic ceo executive, successful lawyer looking at camera standing in office, headshot portrait.
Portrait Charming Black Man in Eyeglasses. Pensive Elegant Businessman Looking at Camera Close Up. Confident Professional African American Person in Glasses.
Showcase car dealership with cars. Sale of a cars at a luxury car dealership. Man looks through the window of a car dealership, chooses a new car. View from the back.
Woman in black apron as a cashier at the cash register in the supermarket or discounter. Smiling short haired curly woman smiling to the camera
Portrait afro american business man assistant helpline operator online store service manager wears headphones speaks into microphone answers call client partner leads negotiations advises online sales
Happy successful business man with folder documents jumping over an obstacle on the city background. Overcoming difficulties on the way. Young entrepreneur takes a step towards success. Slow motion.
Young handsome man vendor in the apron bringing fresh bread to the counter in the bakery shop. Indoors
Young married couple man and woman in appliances store choose to buy a washing machine for the house. Open the door looking into the drum, compare the design and characteristics of the devices.
Close-up Shot of a Doctor Working on a Laptop with Green Screen On. His Colleague in the Background. Office is Modern and Well Lit. Shot on RED Cinema Camera 4K (UHD).
Portrait of young confident indian business man executive looking at camera. Eastern male professional teacher, smiling ethnic bearded entrepreneur or manager in office, close up face headshot.
Confident senior older male skype teacher webinar speaker tutor coach talking laughing looking at camera webcam recording video training vlog make online conference distant call, webcamera view
Smiling young adult mixed race professional casual businessman making business call talking on the phone in office, happy afro american salesman enjoying mobile conversation indoors, close up view
Portrait of a Professional Consultant Smiling and Giving Thumbs Up in the Bright, Modern Electronics Store. A depth of Field Shot. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Happy millennial hipster african american businessman stand in modern office talk on phone, smiling young mixed race entrepreneur speak on cellphone, mobile tech professional communication concept
Smiling arabic businessman coach talk look at camera in office, male arab entrepreneur make business online call job interview record online training webinar, video conference concept, webcam view
Happy older family couple clients make sale purchase deal sign insurance contract handshake estate agent lawyer, satisfied senior customers and bank manager shake hands buy new house at meeting
Businessman Working on a Laptop with Green Screen on. In the Background His Colleague Working on a Tablet Computer. Office is Modern and Bright. Shot on RED Cinema Camera 4K (UHD).
Cheerful man and woman looking at automobile and talking to dealer using tablet to show customers car models and specifications. Interested buyers meeting salesman at car dealership
Portrait of Amazing Caucasian Businessman is smiling sincerely to the Camera. Handsome Man in Suit is standing near Business Office. Concept of: Business, Successful People, Smart People, busy Life.
Sales Woman demonstrating charging electric car to couple in car showroom
Sales salesman consultant with folder in his hand in suit sells car. Couple selects car to buy. European pair buying vehicle. Side view young caucasian family. Husband, wife choosing new automobile
Young handsome guy goes to a car dealership, chooses a new car. Buyer looks a car from a dealer in a salon, an interested look. Car business.
Man hands keys to another person, close-up of hands on a blurred background of cars
Male representative call center agent in wireless headset helping client, operator working in customer support service
interior design shop salesman showing material samples to customer
Desperate indian young male employee sitting at the desk and using laptop, closing it with irritation, businessman has financial problem, holding head with frustration face expression
Close up of red, ripe strawberries lying on counter in grocery market and unrecognizable salesman working on background
Happy african young man online teacher, coach, distance worker looking at camera talking to web cam video conference calling in virtual webcam chat meeting by remote video call or shooting video blog.
Serious store clerk working at the supermarket he is resorting items on a shelf, writing down the lack of products down on the pad. Side view
Young happy woman receiving car keys to her new automobile
Man in apron, store employee arranging bottles of beer, adding to the shelf in the supermarket. Working in the section of alcoholic drinks. Side view
Attractive young woman is getting new car at car dealership
Young adult chinese salesman employee workman using tablet computer management controlling quality and number of alcohol bottles in grocery store.
Explaining the Characteristics. Young Handsome Car Seller Using a Digital Tablet to Explain Something to His Customers at the Local Car Dealership
African american businessman presenting document sitting at conference table, persuading investors, influencing on clients decision with negotiation selling skill, convincing partners to make deal
African couple holding meeting with lawyer sitting at coffee house table, black man and woman make agreement handshaking advisor, diverse young business people closing deal after negotiations in cafe
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