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Sad Couple Embracing, Comforting Each other in Difficult Times. Family Overcoming Difficulties Together, Tender Moment. Atmosphere of Sadness and Tragedy. Cinematic Moment of Human Drama
Young Couple Arguing and Fighting. Domestic Violence and Emotional abuse Scene, Stressed Woman and aggressive Man Screaming at Each other in the Dark Hallway of Apartment. Dramatic Scene
Family Couple Watching TV News Sitting on Couch in Living Room Together. TV Presenter Telling Shocking Breaking News with Scenes of Violence, Fires, Protests and Clashes. Rear View with Dolly-in
Multiethnic couple filing tax return, preparing home budget. African American woman and Caucasian man checking utility bill and banking account. Married people preparing taxes and form
Worried senior retired couple checking calculating bills bank loan payment doing paperwork discuss unpaid debt taxes, stressed old grandparents family look at laptop upset about money problem concept
Girl is cry in corner. Violence against children in family. Family violence. Cry kid. Family violence concept. Girl is cry with fear. Child abuse. Sad family. Fear of child in dark. Kid cry in corner
Couple quarrelling sitting on couch at home, focus on desperate girlfriend crying while boyfriend screams accusing her. Break up, unwanted pregnancy man insists on abortion, jealousy, conflict concept
Unhappy young family couple feeling stressed moving into new apartment or moving out of house, sitting together on sofa among huge carton boxes, tired of long renovation relocation processes.
Portrait of couple of two happy seniors and mature and old people at the beach together. Pensioner and retired man consoling sad depressed wife crying.
sad upset boy sitting in corner lifestyle . Child punished sitting crying in the corner. Domestic violence concept. Child abuse
Senior man crying in wife shoulders
Frustrated young adult couple feeling stressed about high mortgage rates doing paperwork at home. Angry husband and wife renters calculating household payments, having financial problems or bank debt.
Upset couple calling insurance for home leaks sitting in a couch in the living room in a house interior
Worried upset woman feeling offended frustrated after quarrel, thinking of breaking up or divorce, distraught couple experiencing betrayal misunderstanding, having problems in difficult relationships
Frustrated stressed parents having headache feel tired annoyed exhausted about noisy active kids playing at home, upset disturbed couple mom dad fatigued of difficult disobedient misbehaving children
Woman in medical mask, mother holds child in hands on back on street walk in coronavirus epidemic, look lovingly at camera, supports protects baby. Mom hugs daughter in pandemic respiratory virus risk
Domestic violence concept the boy is offended . sad upset boy sitting in corner. Child punished sitting lifestyle crying in the corner. Child abuse
Terminally-ill old lady crying on chest of her husband, love and care till end
Tired couple sit on sofa surrounded by heap of big carton boxes look at each other feels upset due long run house remodeling, renovations, repairs. physical exhaustion after move out from flat concept
Asian girl kid sitting and crying on bed while parents having fighting or quarrel conflict at home. Child covering face and eyes with hands do not want to see the violence. Domestic problem in family.
Pensive young african sad man staying in living room with his wife working remotely on tablet computer. Internet addiction. Marriage crisis. Relationships.
Young stressed married couple sit on couch hold papers reading bad news in legal document, got warning notice feel shocked looking frustrated. Pay penalty, unpaid debt, eviction notification concept
Psychologist sitting and touch hand young depressed asian man for encouragement near window with low light environment,PTSD Mental health concept, Selective focus.
Hand erasing destroys heart shape drawing on misted window in a dark environment. Breakup, broken heart and relationship problems. Love is over concept. Selective focus.
Overweight young couple on diet looking in empty fridge. Hungry obese man and woman keeping weight loss diet looking for food in empty refrigerator
Worried senior old couple stressed about paperwork discuss unpaid bank debt holding bills check expenses, retired aged family read loan payments documents talking at home anxious about money problems
Angry couple fighting and shouting at each other, crying girlfriend, angry girlfriend with her boyfriend. Fight, argue and cry. Cinematic Premium Video.
African dad talking to sad child daughter in hallway leaving family home with goodbye hug, black father embracing consoling kid say bye to upset little girl, parents divorce, shared custody concept
African american young married people experience family crisis having misunderstanding conflict arguing with each other in living room. Home quarrel. Relationships.
Woman crying under the rain for lost job and financial problem caused by coronavirus
Angry man breaking up with his girlfriend on a couch in the night at home
unhappy woman hugging boyfriend young couple having relationship trouble embracing emotional issues sharing bad news
Family quarrel, conflict. Husband and wife swear at home.
Closeup of a wife and husband breaking up relationship leaving the wedding ring on a table in a house interior
Stressed middle-aged man sitting in bed, suffering low libido, unhappy marriage
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled, pensive wife looking at sleeping husband frustrated by sexual problems, difficulties in relationships, thinking of breaking up divorce
Stressed young man sitting on sofa separately from angry wife, do not talking after quarrel. Offended married couple ignoring each other, having misunderstanding indoors, family relationship problems.
Young depressed female sitting on sofa at home, hugging pillow, texting on cellphone with unhappy expression, fighting with boyfriend on phone, breaking up, having relationship problems, feeling down
Sad young couple at home after having an argument, he leaves the room
Frustrated married couple feeling stressed about high mortgage. Document loan refusal having financial problems debt. Couple having financial problems
Woman hugging boyfriend feeling sad in love
Close up of serious Black couple looking at mobile phone in hand feel worried and depress people trying to solve problem working discussion together in office
Desperate african american boy during parents quarrel closing ears at home. Afro preteen boy sitting on floor and covering ears with hands while mother and father arguing on background
Tired couple sit on couch feels annoyed while noisy little daughter and son shouting jumping on sofa near parents. Too active hyperactive disobedient kids, need repose, upbringing difficulties concept
Frustrated man sitting on bed on different side of woman. Young unhappy couple having problem in bedroom, quarrel between lovers. Divorce, marriage, conflict, family crisis, love concept.
Young couple reviewing invoices and doing family business plan. Concept of money and economic problem for man and woman living together in Panama city
Teamwork. A couple of tourists lend a helping hand while climbing the cliff to the top of the mountain. The path to success in teamwork. Family hiking. A helping hand to overcome difficulties.
old retired asian senior couple checking and calculate financial billing together on sofa involved in financial paperwork, paying taxes online using e-banking laptop at living room home background
Elderly Asian couples wearing masks hug and encourage each other.
Close-up of male hands, cropped shot frustrated divorced deceived caucasian man husband takes off wedding ring puts on wooden table decides to separate, breakup marriage concept, end of relationship.
Older couple sit on floor near heap cardboard boxes with personal stuff looks stressed, upset due or bank debt and eviction kick out from home, take break at hard long relocation move in day concept
Young couple reviewing invoices and doing family business plan. Concept of money and economic problem for man and woman living together in Panama City
Worried thoughtful woman sitting on bed feels sad and troubled
Animation of Couple standing next to the ocean when a giant octopus rise from the horizon
Offended upset worried desperate spanish woman wife feeling sad stress caring guilty husband arabic spaniard man guy consoles supports apologizes, married couple after conflict sits on home couch
Farewell of two people. The man and the woman put their hands on the glass of the car, then the woman removes her hand and the car drives away. Parting and goodbye symbol
Elderly man sit with wife indoor feels upset, loving woman put hand on shoulders hugs him comforting, express empathy, close up. Crisis, impotence, potency health problems, incurable disease concept
Couple Quarreling Sitting on the Couch at Home, Boyfriend Screams Accusing Girlfriend. Relationship Problems by Reason of Disagreement. The Man and Woman are Arguing. Young Woman Feeling Lonely.
Worried african husband sitting at sick wife bed in hospital. Young afro-american woman patient sleeping in bed at clinic ward with sad husband sitting at bedside
Young Asian Couple Are Watching Tv At Home With Sad Faces. Human Emotions And Television Concept
Tension between couple in the bedroom (darker)
Sad, unhappy couple counting bills on smartphone and laptop in kitchen at home
Domestic lifestyle violence concept . sad upset boy sitting in corner. Child punished sitting crying in the corner. Child abuse
Male friend consoling depressed young woman. couple partnership
Little boy and girl and silhouettes of quarreling parents on background. Shadows of parents fighting, upset daughter and son in foreground. Domestic violence concept.
Pensive thoughtful elderly couple sit separately thinking about relationship problems, ignoring each other not talking after fight. Middle aged spouses go through crisis, conflicts, break up concept
CIRCA 1950s - A couple eats dinner, a woman hangs laundry in her apartment, and a couple argues about their relationship in the 1950s.
Sad, offended couple sitting on bed in bedroom at home
Caring husband caucasian male boyfriend consoles crying african american woman wife girlfriend support hugs. Girl feels sadness upset stress suffers from breaking up quarrel, family couple concept
So upset. Waist up portrait view of the sad bearded man sitting at the bed and looking at his sleeping wife after the quarrel. Family disagreements concept
Unhappy couple making up and kissing on beach at sunset sad woman being comforted by strong handsome man
A couple in quarrel - a girl and her boyfriend do not want to talk anymore
Sad woman and man, husband in bed, lack of sexual activity in family. Young unhappy couple having problem in bedroom, quarrel between lovers. Divorce, marriage, conflict, family crisis, love concept.
Sad woman and man, husband in bed, lack of sexual activity in family. Young unhappy couple having problem in bedroom, quarrel between lovers. Divorce, marriage, conflict, family crisis, love concept.
Sad woman and man, husband in bed, lack of sexual activity in family. Young unhappy couple having problem in bedroom, quarrel between lovers. Divorce, marriage, conflict, family crisis, love concept.
Back view silhouette of a sad man alone swinging looking at empty seat at sunrise on the beach
Woman beating her boyfriend during the date. Bad date, problem, relationship concept. Filmed on RED 4K, 10 bit color.
Sad thoughtful african american man feel upset after fight with girlfriend, upset depressed black husband tired of argument think of bad marriage, jealousy distrust in interracial couple relationship
4K Depressed Asian senior man sitting on staircase at home. Senior woman hugging and comforting her sadness husband. Elderly couple consoling each other. Retirement mental health and illness concept
young asian doctor telling senior couple test result in hospital corridors
Bored teen girl on a date using the phone. Couple spending time scrolling web pages on phones.
two sad human negative feeling meeting then happy together positive thinking growing emotion mind mental health spiritual art watercolor painting illustration digital collage stop motion 4k animation
Moving regret. Upset couple. New life. Disappointed middle-aged man and woman covering sofa with plastic film feeling sadness sitting light room interior.
4K Sad couple standing next to window on a rainy day making up after relationship problems. Slow motion.
In the Hospital, Patient Lying in Bed, his Wife Sitting Beside, They Listen to Doctor's Explanations. Love and Care Concept. Shot on RED EPIC-W 8K Helium Cinema Camera.
Afro frightened little kids sit on floor covered ears not to hear parents quarrel, couple sorts out relations on sofa in presence of children, negative situation affects childs mental health concept
Unhappy excited couple of married man and woman learning sad news on webcam videochat conversation with family. Concept for emotions, relationship and drama.
Back view silhouette of a sad girl swinging looking at side t an empty seat on the beach at sunset
sad mature woman hugging husband sharing bad news to emotional wife couple embracing stressful retirement marriage problems 4k footage
Upset young family couple african american girl black wife sitting on floor holding her head with hands worried about resentment caucasian man screaming waving her hands in anger, quarrel concept
Young afro american man trying to make up a quarrel with his offended girlfriend isolated over yellow background
Worried young family looking at their bills in the kitchen at home. Man and woman calculating domestic accounts.
Husband hugging and comforting crying sick woman lying together in hospital bed. Man visiting ill wife patient feeling scared and depressed resting in ward
Asian couple depressed at home
Homosexual couple, gay people, same sex marriage between hispanic men, multiethnic friends, lgbt relationship. Sad partner crying and friend comforting him
Senior man has heart attack, wife calls an ambulance via smartphone, side view on male grabbing the heart, holding hand on chest.
Asia family dad and mom sit on couch feels annoyed exhausted while daughter and son have fun shouting run around sofa in living room at home. Social distancing, Quarantine for corona virus prevention.
Sad man hugging a woman helping him to get through some hard times while standing outside
Elderly Asian couples wearing masks hug and encourage each other.
bad mood young asian couple in the living room
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