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Noise, dust and grain on old damaged film surface. Dynamic film rolling effect. 16 mm, 35 mm tape texture. Retro vintage effect of over exposed strip. 4K animation
Aerial drone view of cattle grazing on farm pasture in the Amazon rainforest. Xapuri, Acre, Brazil. Concept of ecology, deforestation, environment, nature, agriculture, co2 footprint, global warming.
Paper Texture Noise Animated Stop Motion Background and Overlay Loop
Healthy Asian vegan lunch served in rustic cafe. Two people eating their healthy vegan meals with chopsticks.
Chicken Wing is Dipped into a Ketchup Bowl on a Table with Black Background a Macro Shot
A bouquet of dried wheat, oats, rye, triticale, linen, flax,  on the background of an old wooden table or tabletop.
Rustic background for presentations, natural plant growing businesses.
Noise, dust and grain on old damaged film surface. Dynamic film rolling effect. 16 mm, 35 mm tape texture. Retro vintage effect of over exposed strip. 4K animation
Pouring milk in white bowl with muesli cereals breakfast on rustic wooden background. Healthy granola, food clean eating, vegan diet, allergy-friendly, morning energy, weight loosing concept
Big appetizing burger with meat cutlet, onion, vegetables, melted cheese, lettuce and mayonnaise sauce. Isolated hamburger rotates on dark smoke background, close-up view
Delicious whole chicken cooked with pumpkin, pepper and potatoes. Served in metal baking pan. Decorated with rosemary. Autumn food concep. Top view. Flat lay.
Noise, dust and grain on old damaged film surface. Dynamic film rolling effect. 16 mm, 35 mm tape texture. Retro vintage effect of over exposed strip. 4K animation
Homemade pastry apple pie with bakery products on dark rusty wooden kitchen table red and green apples and cinnamon. Traditional american dessert. Flat lay food background. Top view
Hand open wooden door on a green screen
cheese fondue with bread and wine- french winter dish
Great Burger with beef cutlet, tomatoes, mushrooms and cucumbers with melted cheese rotates on a wooden Board on light background.
Oven baked whole potatoes with seasoning and herbs in metalic tray. Roasted potatoes in jackets. Top view. Close up.
Professional chef is cooking pizza, applying delicious tomato sauce on dough with a ladle. Pizza cooker spreading the sauce. Food and drink close up 4k footage
Traditional Turkish dish. Turkish style rice. Slow motion.( Turkish pilav)
Wedding table rustic style decor with dishes, drinks and flowers in pink and beige colours. Floristic compositions of roses on party banquet dining table.
Granola with natural yogurt, fresh raspberries, honey, almond flakes and poppy seeds in a ceramic bowl on a pink wooden table, top view. Healthy eating concept, perfect breakfast or dessert.
Pouring Delicious Raw Strawberry Smoothie In Glass. Healthy Refreshing Vegan Summer Cocktail
Walnuts in a wooden bowl. Healthy peeled nuts. Female hand picking a walnut
Stop motion of Crumpled white paper texture background.
Female hands takes a cup of coffee. Woman warms her hands with hot coffee cup. Zoom out shot
Abandoned horror house in the middle of deep dark spooky forest
Yummy fast food concept. Fresh homemade grilled burger with meat patty, tomatoes, cucumber, lettuce, onion and sesame seeds. Unhealthy lifestyle. Food background. 4k
Freshly baked natural bread is on the kitchen table.
smart farming. man farmer a picks lifestyle potato crop slow motion video. agricultural harvesting concept. male commoner in red neck rubber boots during harvest
Close up of female hands pouring liquid laundry detergent into cap on white rustic table with towels in wicker basket
Slow motion natural light organic food waste is added to the heap
Happy Easter decadent chocolate background overhead with Easter eggs and candy on a rustic wood background with copy space.
Lunch of vegetables. Cook the vegetable stew in a pan. Frozen vegetables on a salad. Semi-finished food. Sliced cabbage broccoli.
Various clocks looped as time flow concept animation
Eating healthy food acai smoothie bowl topped with banana, goji berries, linseeds, blueberries and coconut flakes. Closeup view, slow motion
Man Hand with Metal Tongs Puts a Chopped Grilled Beef Steak on Vintage Plate from Rustic Cutting Board on Wooden Background. Juicy Sliced Rib Eye Steak with Salt. Concept of Delicious Meat Food
Examining the Bourbon- Slow Motion Hand Swirling Glass of Bourbon Whiskey inside of Still House with Whiskey Barrels in Background
Super slow motion sausages roll on the table. On a wooden background.Filmed on a high-speed camera at 1000 fps. High quality FullHD footage
Japanese food composition. Various kinds of sushi placed on black stone board. Spicy kimchi salad, wontong soup, chopsticks and soy souce bowl.
Table wooden vintage background isolated at blurry summer or spring fresh sunny green bokeh of defocused fresh foliage of trees. Bright magic sunlight and sun flares bursting softly through branches.

Man Cutting a Piece of Bread with a Knife in the Kitchen on a Sunny Day Shot on Red Camera
Hot water pour over into ground coffee beans close up slow motion
Stop Motion Animation Preparing Healthy Vegan Acai Berry Smoothie Bowl. Superfood Purple Smoothie With Fruit And Nut Toppings
Making guacamole sauce mashing avocado. Hands mashing avocado in a bowl with fork, old wooden table background, top view. Cooking healthy vegetarian food
Warm fresh bread in a bakery. Making ciabatta and eco production. Manufacturing process working hard. Bakery shop and selling rooty. Baking Italian bio bread in oven. Time lapse footage of cooking.
Extreme closeup top view of avocado smash rotating in 4K. Traditional tasty sauce guacamole.
Park Wooden Picnic Table Background, Green Park Grass, Outside Nature Garden
Cooking Apple Pie a Close up Top Shot of a Pan with Apples and Dough
Female hands beat ingredients for dough with hand mixer on wooden kitchen table. Blender mixes the ingredients for pancakes. Beat Chicken eggs, sugar. Eggshell, sugar in jar in background. Close-up
Chamomile tea is poured into a glass cup from a transparent teapot. The action takes place on a summer rural terrace with playing sunbeams. Nearby are the flowers of a pharmaceutical chamomile.
Baker kneading dough in flour on table. Old woman grandmother is kneading dough on a wooden table. 4K
Linen fabric background. Linen textile cloth with fabric texture and pattern. Production of clothing and natural environmentally friendly materials.
Noise, dust and grain on old damaged film surface. Dynamic film rolling effect. 16 mm, 35 mm tape texture. Retro vintage effect of over exposed strip. 4K animation
Fresh salad with grilled vegetables in wooden bowl with food ingredients on white wooden rustic table. Top view, 4k stop motion animation.
slide through the mountains of flour. the flour falls. Heaps of flour on black background. wiring
Young Slim Man Eating Unhealthy Food, Burgers, Enjoying Dinner, Eating on the Sofa at Home
Close-up of a red-green apple with water droplets macro shot. The apple rotates around its axis on a black background.
Glass of whiskey with ice cube. Alcohol pouring in the glass from the bottle. Scotch on the rocks. Slider shot. Dark, rustic, background.
book lies on leaves next to cup of tea
Man cuts club sandwich in a half by sharp knife on a wooden board at the kitchen, making of the fastfood at home, chef is cooking sandwich, Full HD Prores HQ 422
Log cabin in the middle of woods sunny wooden bright mountain cabin rustic house architecture
Blackberries and raspberries on a black background. Composition of a raw and fresh forest fruits close up in 4K.
fried egg toast breakfast on a white plate omelette food background top view copy space organic eating healthy raw
A cozy 1800s scene lit by the warm glow from an out of focus fireplace in the background of a man writing a letter using a quill pen.
Organic fresh eggs on straw. Nest with chicken eggs on a farm at sunny morning. Farmer's hand picks up eggs for breakfast. A farmer collects fresh chicken eggs in a chicken coop on a farm.
Eco linen fabric background. Production of textile clothing and natural environmentally friendly materials.
Aerial drone shot of a villa in the countryside of south of France with lavender field rows in the background
agriculture. smart farming. large potato crop falls to the ground. man farmer picks potato crop slow motion video. agriculture harvesting concept. male commoner in red neck  boots during harvest
Slicing sourdough white bread on a dark wooden background. Slow motion of cutting bread with a knife
Slow motion pouring cold brew iced coffee into a glass over ice cubes
Salmon and cream cheese on bread. Picnic food by the beach. Beautiful sunset light
Empty wooden table with forest background
Coffee beans explosion in super slow motion 4K
Marble texture background, natural breccia marble stone texture for Italian polished stone surface used ceramic wall tiles and floor tiles
Professional confectioner cook claps his hands and powder flies, flour. Concept: the production of sweets pies pastry dough, gourmet, pure product, baking, work in restaurants, bake beautiful products
Hands Taking colorful Easter eggs of wooden table. Easter holiday decorations, Easter concept background.
Mans hands open oven door and take out hot baking sheet with fresh baked cookies in kitchen. Sweet shortbread cookies. Bakery products. Cooking dessert.
Top view of Person hand steering coffee in a cup with spoon. Breakfast morning of a cup hot black coffee on wooden background. footage b-roll scene 4k. home making coffee.
Fresh juicy piece of raw meat pork steak or bacon with seasonings of pepper, garlic, carrots in rustic style rewound with baking threads in the oven salted and spiced, garnished on wooden background.
serving hot dishes. cook puts a portion of lasagna on a plate
vegetarian cooked rice with mushrooms in a ceramic bowl
Happy family Easter. Funny kid play game with easter cake at home. Funny kids play Easter hare hunters. Homemade cakes for holidays, healthy food, healthy sweets for children.
Rising and baking of white bread in bakery oven, timelapse video. Crusty of bread.
Aerial View of a Steam Engine with Passenger Cars at the Golden Sunrise Approaching with a Full Head of Steam and Smoke Traveling Thru the Farmlands
Fresh Vegetables Harvest Organic Farming Farmers Market. Healthy Food And Crops. Agriculture Industry Farm Concept. Wooden Box With Fresh Vegetables Summer Crops Farm. Farmer Healthy Eating
White marble pattern texture surface panning background. Interiors marble stone wall design (High resolution)
Detail of a handmade, traditional, Moroccan cactus silk (Sabra silk) rug, carpet. Macro closeup abstract geometric patterns, handwoven, shallow depth of field.
Horror grunge red and black looping weird background
Super slow motion the man's hand squeezes the juice out of the fresh lemon. On a black background. Filmed on a high-speed camera at 1000 fps.
Falling wine corks from wine bottles on the bag.
Fresh vegan burger on wooden table.
Lamb ribs on spinning plate close up view. Meat dish served with vegetables. Restaurant main course meal, food in motion concept
Asian oriental food composition in colorful dishware, served on dark rustic background, top view. Chinese, vietnamese, thai cuisine set. With copy space.
Dunguaire Castle, Kinvara, Galway, Ireland, August 2020, Drone slowly orbits castle passing vista of Galway Bay revealing Kinvara Village in background.
Bread in wicker basket rotating on wooden table.
Assorted Indian various food with spices, rice and fresh vegetables on white wooden table. Flat lay. Top view.
Fried eggs in a pan for breakfast
Top view of female hands stirring an ice tea in a jar with a plastic straw. Wooden table on a background
Video of fresh halved and whole red tomatoes in bowl and on rustic background. fusion food, fresh vegetables and healthy eating concept.
Pouring black coffee in a cup from italian coffee maker Moka pot. Hot black coffee and french croissant served on white plate, wooden table background. Breakfast or lunch in cafe
Popped amaranth grains. Falling on a rustic burlap surface and wooden kitchenware in slow motion. Dry amaranthus cereal flake. Macro. Superfood concept
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