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Woman meditating, zen yoga meditation practice in nature. Yogi girl is sitting in lotus pose, healthy lifestyle, meditation concept
Small boy and girl looking at camera with magnifying glass
child puts a paper boat into the water. happy family fantasy kid dream concept. child playing with paper boat ship. a child hand launches a boat in a park in a lifestyle pond
Mysterious woman tourist sits on wooden pier. Amazing view turquoise water high mountain lake Braies mountains. Casual boho style clothing cotton blouse shirt vintage black hat. turned away back view
Manaus , Amazonas , Brazil - 08 14 2020: Manaus, Brazil - August 2020: happy school children in a remote village along the Amazon river sing in the classroom
Young team of multiethnical volunteers cleaning up the beach at the lake. Safe ecology concept.
Man's hand launches paper boat on the water and pushing it away during beautiful sunset with reflection sun in the sea in slowmotion. 1920x1080
Vikings Sail on an Old Ship with a Lowered Sail on a Quiet River in the Fog. Concept on the theme of the Vikings and the early Middle Ages.
Happy fantasy young blonde woman princess sits in huge pink flower on blue water. Queen goddess on floating throne like little inch girl. Background summer nature lake, river, fog haze, fairy world
hiker group. team of hikers with backpacks silhouette walk through the forest. nature travel a adventure concept. hiker lifestyle group with backpacks walk on the sunset. mountain outdoor view
girls in raincoats and rubber boots walk along road flooded with torrential rains, their feet walk through puddles city, splashing water to the sides, the flood is on street, car is driving on water
Brunette and blonde run in Covid. New life after quarantine. Girls keep a social distance and run along the embankment in protective masks. Concept of healthy lifestyle, training, jogging.
Family fly fishing on the Provo River in Utah, mother daughter catching fish
Family fly fishing on the Provo River in Utah, high five after making catch
Group of happy friends celebrating holiday vacation using sprinklers and drinking red wine while having picnic french dinner party outdoor near the river
A young and beautiful woman dressed in traditional salwar kameez sitting on a platform working on a laptop next to a river, while boats are docked and birds are flying in the background during sunset.
Friends skaters walk across the city bridge at dawn. A group of young people, boys and girls, have fun doing their favorite hobby, carry skateboards in their hands. Freedom of expression concept.
Tourists teamwork. Happy family in the park. Hiker hiking climbing. Happy family of tourists with backpacks going hiking. Silhouette group of tourists in the park at sunset.Teamwork on Hiking.
couple running on a wooden pier and jumping into the lake after the sauna in summer white night in Finland.
rear view female hands making frame with fingers on blue sky bay and cityscape background. focus movement from female hands to head and backward. Photo Frame Hands Made By A Hipster young girl
Border collie doggy jump on his female owner. A blonde playing and hugging her dog by the sea during sunset. Isolation together, friendship, vacation concept. Friends forever.
active happy joyful fun young tourist woman smile face walks. Bright summer nature landscape Dolomites Alps Italy. enjoying vacation lake Braies. runs to camera raised open arms hands. Girl model hat
Boaters are kayaking at sunset in a side view
Happy Young Woman Listens To Music On Her Way To Yoga Class, In City At Sunset, Slow Motion
Quarrel on date on 8 march, valentine day or international women day. Young asian girl arguing with guy because of cheating. Woman screaming and beating man with bouquet of flowers for treason.
Hikers Looking Into the Grand Canyon by Aerial Drone
Asian market woman using smartphone to sell food online on website with technology internet media in floating market on boat near canal. Modern and old lifestyle, Ratchaburi District, Thailand.
Small children catching fish in the river with net
Children: sister and brother play catch-up through the tall grass, along the river, through the tropical jungle. Rear view of a running child. The kid runs after his sister on the road. Toddlers
Close-up. Stylish, girl dancing House dance style, right in front camera. Moving camera around. Waving his arms, night winter, cold autumn, bridge, against background big city, river, road, cars
child puts a paper boat into the water. happy family fantasy kid dream concept. child playing with paper boat ship. a child hand launches a boat in a park lifestyle in a pond
Maslenica, Croatia, August 2021: Bungee jumping. Young man is jumping. Bungee jump from Maslenica bridge above sea. Jump off a bridge with a rope. Extreme sport, adrenaline and adventure.
Manaus , Amazonas , Brazil - 08 14 2020: Manaus, Brazil - Isolated view of an attractive woman at the Park of Tribes community for indigenous people from the rainforest
Cowboy and his daughter on horseback on the river bank. Happy cowboy family. Slow motion.
Close up of Bike Wheels and Female Feet in Casual Shoes Cycling in City on Bridge in the Autumn Morning. Urban Cycle Chic and Ecological Transportation by Bike. 4K Close up Low Angle Tracking Shot
Beautiful couple relaxing and drinking red wine on the Pier over sunset. People Enjoying nature outdoor near river. Love, vacation concept. Bare feet in a water. Freedom, happiness. Slow motion 4K UHD
beautiful girl sitting next to a river watching album photos from family book
young woman with long hair white fluttering dress turned away stands on stone Riva del Garda old town waterfront enjoy sping mountains nature view lake Lago di Garda Trentino Alto Adige region Italy
Young woman tourist visits the biggest waterfall on the Bali island - the Sekumpul waterfall. Slowmotion shot. Travel to Bali concept
Aerial Drone stock video of View Into the Grand Canyon
Iquitos, Peru. Circa 2019. Pueblo in coast amazon river people lives wood houses floating. Childrens playing in the water
mermaid plays with his reflection under water
Beautiful asian woman taking selfies on a smartphone. Young asian girl tourist travel to thailand.
Enamored man and woman dance in bright rays of sun in field on meadow. carefree family dancing at sunset on beach. Happy guy and woman waltz in evening in a summer park. happy free people.
happy woman walking on lookout overlooking Budapest
hiker girl crossing the old stone bridge over the mountain river at the bright summer day
Two Local Women Carefully Crossing Hussaini Suspension Bridge Over Hunza River In Pakistan. - aerial orbit
Close-up of a girl's leg performing complex tricks on a skateboard on the city bridge. Jump and flip. Group of skaters, boys and girls, ride their skateboards.
Woman relaxes by the lake sitting on the edge of a wooden jetty , swing one's feet near the water surface. Sunny joyful summer day or evening concept. 4K, DCi resolution, slow motion.
Manaus , Amazonas , Brazil - 08 14 2020: Manaus, Brazil - August 2020: happy teenage girl in a remote village along the Amazon river
Surfing. Girl wakesurfing in the river and falls. Water extreme sport.
Asian woman wearing chinese traditional dress on a boat at Ban Rak Thai village, Mae hong son province.
Student girl cycling bicycle along a river quay. Local commuter. Female in hat cruising on a city bike. Slow motion.
Girl jumping into the lake from wooden pier.Having fun on summer day.
Happy woman having fun on speed boat in Miami, Florida
A company of four young friends having a picnic by the river, they are chatting, laughing, drinking beer. Casual wear, summertime, bright light of the sunset. Being happy, young and free.
HALF-HALF, LENS FLARE: Female trekker crossing river rushing down rocky riverbed. Picturesque hike down mountain valley in soothing autumn sunlight. Cold river stream flowing down pebbles and rocks.
Fantasy beautiful woman little fabulous fairy with butterfly wings sits in water lily flower throne. Summer nature scenery artificial huge pink flowers on lake, plant. River nymph girl. blue dress
Group of happy girls running and playing in water at the beach on sunset. Beauty and joyful teenager friends having fun, dancing, spraying over summer sunset. Beach party. Sun flare. Slow motion 1080p
Volunteer young team cleaning up the dirty beach from plastic carrying bags to collect trash on sunny day at a lake. Children and adults caring about the environment.
Playful Couple Dance On A Dock Across From City, Man Twirls His Girlfriend And Surprises Her With A Kiss On Her Hand, She Laughs
Girl jumping into the lake from wooden pier. Having fun on summer day. Teenager running and diving in to the water.
creative personality with a notebook on the riverside during sunset
Young asian woman taking video calling. Green background for chroma key composition.
hands in the sun. mom and daughter hands reach out to the sun silhouette sunlight. happy family kid dream concept sunset. mom and daughter dream of god religion concept
Elephants and children play splashing water in the river, Elephant playing Songkran festival with a boy,Thailand,
Slow Motion Shot Of Family Hiking Along Path By River In UK Lake District
Tourist women with straw hat on cruise boat on Nile river, enjoying the skyline of Cairo, Egypt. Travling and vacation in Egypt
Male Friends Jumping Into The Ocean from Boat Extreme Sports Fun Time Summer Vacation Slow Motion Underwater Shot Red Epic 8k
Relaxed young woman wearing a black hoodie listening to the music and walking along a river bank. Tracking real time establishing shot
Attractive woman on a bicycle in Paris, France
Washington Monument in early morning, located in Washington DC, USA.
A little girl rides a Bicycle in a protective helmet near river in nature.
Traveler Asian couple travel in riverside Bangkok, Thailand, sweet couple taking photo  spending holiday trip in sunset. Young fun happy Asian tourist backpacker travel.
A young beautiful girl, with long hair pulled up ponytail, kimano, karate, conducts series punches and kicks. Dynamic shooting handheld, with natural shaking against the background nature, rivers
Close-up of girl's hand moving through the water
Young girl traveler hiker in a yellow raincoat walks to a waterfall in the highlands, raises his hands up, enjoys nature and life. Traveling in the mountains, adventure in trip. Lifestyle concept.
Varanasi, India - February 15, 2019: A poor Indian beggar feeds her baby sitting on the Ghats leading to the sacred Ganges River, Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, India, poverty and social injustice concept.
Aerial footage of a group of skaters, boys and girls riding a large bridge across the river at high speed.
Young couple hiking in pristine forest take cool selfie on a suspended bridge. Canada
Hand of a little girl lowers a paper boat into the river. Children's paper boat on waves of the river. Close-up of a little girl's hand with a paper boat. Child playing on the river beach at sunset
A young beautiful girl or female is sitting on a wooden rowing boat taking a picture of the Taj Mahal Mausoleum next to the Yamuna river. A woman solo traveller on holidays is clicking a photo on DSLR
Happy smiling couple kayaking along the sea at beautiful summer sunset. Tourists paddling kayak, teamwork, togetherness. Slow motion. 1920x1080
Close up portrait of young beautiful woman at sunset on beach. Pretty girl dancing in with sparkler at sunset in slow motion. Holiday with fireworks. City people travel. Business woman at vacation.
Young woman resting after jogging and running near river. Beautiful woman athlete exhausted after a cardio workout exercise in the city. Jogging lifestyle healthy lifestyle.
Happy people men and women are dancing on river bank outdoors moving arms during beautiful sun-down having fun together. Friendship and party concept.
Family walking to go fly fishing at Provo River in Utah summer morning nature
The couple in love is watching the sunset by the mountain river. A couple sits on a bench, they laugh and flirt with each other. Romantic kiss at sunset in the summer in a hike
Back view of young happy tourist girl with backpack and arms wide open with joy at famous Manhattan skyline in New York
Girl has an amazing time bungee jumping in Sky Park/ Exploring extreme entertainments. Bungee in the canyon. Walking in the Skypark Sochi.
Young woman traveler reads a book at a halt. Girl tourist with a book on the mountain in the sun over the river. A student reads a textbook in the park outdoors in rays of sunset. Prayer in nature.
Man's hand putting paper boat on the water and pushing it away during beautiful sunset with reflection sun in the sea in slowmotion, as in childhood.. 1920x1080
Doing sports together. Best friends in good physical shape run sprint at speed in the morning. Girls and guy run in park. Guys training on the open air. Group activity. Concept of cardio workout.
asian mother & daughter cycling on lakeside promenade in summer
Female tourist touching water in river. Tired woman with backpack drinking fresh water from mountain stream. Attractive girl washing face with water from river during hike
Positive couple hiking with backpacks along mountain river. Smiling travellers walking on rocky shore of river. Happy guy and girl holding hands. Young hikers exploring nature
Silhouette of Happy Child Running Along the Beach at Sunset. Slow Motion. Happy Little Boy Runs Along the Beach on the water on the River Shore. Kid is running on the beach, raises splashes
A family of volunteers with children clears the river Bank of garbage. People collect plastic leftovers in garbage bags. Environment, ecology, biosphere protection concept.
Male feet walking in water river flowing through the mountains.
Bright young girl with large breasts and in a black dress stands near the river and looks directly into the camera against the background of the river and trees. High quality FullHD footage
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