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Zoom out view of wooden cross with fluttering cloth placed on rocks against blue sky on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on Golgotha in Jerusalem Easter
Macro shot cropped view of female face. Unrecognizable woman gently massaging applying moisturising cream on cheeks and under eyes.
Tilt down view of bloody hand of Jesus Christ nailed to wooden cross during execution
Mortar and pestle witchcraft alchemy still life selective focus, witch craft pharmacy and medicine. Spiritual occultism chemistry, magic alchemy and ritual arrangement.
A shot of a young beautiful smiling woman comes from behind and surprises a handsome man by applying color on his face. An attractive Indian couple celebrating Holi festival with friends outdoors.
Tarot cards falling on a wooden table. One of the cards is revealed and it says wheel of fortune, with a compass in the middle and different figures of creatures with wings. Mystic game. Close up
Dark ritual with dagger. Falling man into trance and remembering past life. Dead king sits in throne room. Creepy cartoon, footage, vj loop, fx. Scary animated 4K movie teaser. Horrible hell visions.
Zoom out view of door opening into weathered tomb of Jesus Christ and revealing cross in sunlight on day of resurrection on Easter day
looped 3d animation of three angels performing a sacred prayer ritual
Smudging sage by holding up a small smoldering bundle of sage to purify the area and promoting physical, emotional and mental health - slow motion
incense in a woman hand, incense smoke on a black background.
possessed by demon and devil incarnate woman is wriggling in darkness, flickering light
Diwali Indian Festival Decoration | Hindu Temple Bell Closeup | Brass made bell is being rang by a person | Ringing bells - Selective focus
Close up of Asian Buddhist Incense Sticks
Male fortune teller puts occult tarot cards on the table. Magical pagan destiny reading ritual.
Medieval manuscripts library. Old scrolls stacked on a pile. View from inside.
Mayan calendar rotates slowly under dramatic beams of light with floating dust particles. Ancient historic archaeology, stone carving from ancient civilisation
Aerial view of the sun pyramid of the Aztec culture in Teotihucan Mexico
Sindoor Khela or sindur play - Indian Bengali Women Dance during Vijaya Dashami in Durga Puja Festival. A ritual to bid farewell to Goddess Durga. 
Delhi - India 
10th Oct 2019
Mirror reflection young handsome smiling man touching beard, grooming in bathroom. Head shot close up happy confident shirtless european guy doing morning beauty routine, preparing for working day.
little Orthodox girl praying with a candle in her hand in a dark room
Peacock shaking its beautiful feathers and slowly turning, natural courtship ritual, fanned out plumage of bird, sunshine behind animal, slow motion
Payyanur, India - December 3, 2019: Theyyam perform during temple festival in Payyanur, Kerala, India. Theyyam is a popular ritual form of worship in Kerala, India. Slow motion
Newborn baby baptism in Holy water. Baptism in the font. Sacrament of baptism. Child and God. Christening candle Holy water font. The priest baptize. in the church
Fortune teller tarot reader placing cards in order as mystic rite.
A black magic candle on the background of the magical attributes of an open book and herbs. Halloween concept.
VODNANY/ CZECH REPUBLIC - JULY 13, 2018: Unidentified people in Horah dance. Dancing in a circle is an ancient tradition for special occasions, rituals, strengthening community and togetherness.
A Senegalese man plays a traditional djembe drum. West-african traditional music, often played in the streets and on festivals.
Seriate, Italy - March 28, 2020: coffins of deceased people are lined up inside the San Giuseppe chapel waiting to be transfered to other cities to be cremated amid Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.
A scary witch near a wooden shack with crown on her head and a devilish cane in her hands is terrifying looking at the camera.
the shaman raises his hands at the fire and throws back his head
Animated motion of a spiritual meditation in an abstracted crystal ball in a dark background glowing energy flowing in magic crystal ball. Calling spirits to talk, person's fate in sorcerer's hands.
Two cute clean dachshund dogs in bathrobes and with towels wrapped around their heads after shower sit on sofa leaning against each other, they relax in spa weekend.
Religious ritual at holiest site israel. Jew pray for Yom Kippur and Rosh Hashanah blessing holidays. Crowd of Jewish people praying at the holy western wall big rock in the old city of Jerusalem
New Delhi, India, May 16, 2021 Relatives pays last respects to those who died from the COVID-19 coronavirus disease as other funeral pyres seen during the mass cremation at Ghazipur crematorium
The priest in the church holds a cross in hands and gives a farewell to a young couple
Woman with a cup of coffee or tea goes to the balcony to admire the sunset
Pujaris or Brahmins (Hindu Priests) Performing Ganga Pooja in traditional cloths during sunrise at Varanasi ghat, India (March 2019)
A looped 3D animation of the rotation of two tetrahedrons (Merkaba) inside which is a luminous man. On a space background. The pyramids rotate in opposite directions.
Close up of fortune teller performing ritual and crystal ball foreseeing future
This video shows a row tiki torches held by tiki gods lining the hut of an outdoor Polynesian luau at night.
African women clapping hands, traditional choir sing and dance, slow motion
Scary witch does voodoo black magic ritual near the fire at night. Halloween horror
Dachshund dog in black cloak and pointed witch hat with veil barks, performs magic ritual with burning candles, sinister goblet of poison and pumpkin jack lantern during dark Halloween night.
occult science and supernatural concept - young woman or witch with smoking white sage performing magic ritual in forest
portrait of a middle-aged Muslim man in traditional Muslim Men Prayer Hats attire praying in his home
Close front view  movement shot of powdered colors blown in the air falling over a young handsome Indian male smiling and looking at the camera while celebrating Holi festival.
CIRCA 1960s - Sheikh Zayed struggles to balance the old and new ways of Arab life in 1967 Abu Dhabi.
Dog makes funny sex with a toy. A toy is a soccer ball. Legs hang hilariously. Humping dog. Humpy toy terrier.
Blue-Footed Booby Mating Dance Lifting Colorful Feet with Partner on North Seymour Island, Galapagos
This closeup video shows cute cat fortune teller paws waving over a glowing crystal ball to see the into then future.
Female Hand Lights Paraffin Candle using a Match on a Black Background. Bright flame, fire, ignition in a dark room. White candle with yellow fire. Concept of memory, ritual, celebration. Slow motion.
Still-life with wine and matzoh jewish passover bread
Woman is blowing off the candle at black background and disappears into darkness. Portrait of young caucasian lady standing in the studio with burning candle. Theme of magic and mystical rituals.
Closeup of a man's hand cutting a red ribbon with shiny scissors
Water is being poured on a clay statue of Lord Ganpati during Ganesh Visarjan. Hindu God Ganesh in a traditional Puja ceremony - Indian Hindu festival. Rituals and Prayers
Young asian woman fortuneteller performing ritual with shining crystal ball. Gypsy girl cast spell and moving hands around ball psychic for prediction. Astrology, occultism and paranormal concept.
Buddhist monk uses Tibetan tingsha cymbals during a ritual in a temple striking the edges of metal chimes to illustrate sacred Tibet rituals, prayers, meditation, sound therapy, mind healing, earthing
Adorable muslim child in prayer hat and arabic clothes with rosary beads and Koran book praying to Allah, prophet Muhammad holy spirit religion symbol concept inside eastern interior
Curly long brunette healthy hair woman shot from the back side braids lush hair in a bun. Connect with your body spa and relax ritual self and hair care. Gentle elegant woman preparing for new day
Common nightingale (Luscinia megarhynchos) singing
Closeup shot of man playing dhol.
Native American Drum and Dance Performance. Traditional ritual song of Indians of North America
PERTH - JAN 26 2021:Aboriginal Australian men preforming a traditional on Australia Day celebrations.Australian Aboriginal dance often imitated the Australian animals behaviour.
Close front view shot of a young group of male and female Indian close friends smeared or covered with colors hugging, smiling and laughing together looking at the camera during Hindu fest Holi
Galapagos Albatross aka Waved albatrosses mating dance courtship ritual on Espanola Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador. The Waved Albatross is an critically endangered species endemic to Galapagos.
Time lapse video of Muslim pilgrims circling around the holy Kaaba at night during Hajj inside al Masjid al Haram in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. Camera zooms out from the Kaaba.
Tribe of Prehistoric Hunter-Gatherers Wearing Animal Skins Dance Around Bonfire Outside of Cave at Night. Neanderthal / Homo Sapiens Family Doing Pagan Religion Dancing Near Fire Back View Slow Motion
Screaming helpless attractive woman in white dress, convicted as witch, condemned to death by burning for heresy and witchcraft, executing on stake outdoors at night during medieval witch hunt.
Praying Hands in Mosque. Close Up Shot of Muslim Person Hands.  4K Resolution.
Jewish man put on  the hand a tefillin
hamburg - germany, octobers 2016. multi ethnic group of teens celebrating holi festival color, shot in epic slow motion
the shaman drives and beats a drum over the fire
Cacao ceremony in atmospheric space with green plants and candles. Woman making ritual healthy drink from cocoa beans
 Wailing wall in Jerusalem, sunset, tilt-shift time lapse 2k
CIRCA 1922 - In this classic horror film, witches fly on their broomsticks and join a Satanic dance ritual in the forest at night.
Portrait of old gypsy fortune teller performing ritual with magical ball to foresee future and destiny. Woman seer using crystal ball divining fortune
CIRCA 1933 - Indigenous people of Oaxaca, Mexico present gifts and perform traditional dances for President Rodriguez.
A young and happy group of friends in traditional costumes playing a game together on smartphone. Good looking office colleagues using an application or shopping online on a cell phone during Diwali
Color battle at the holi festival in India, 4k aerial shot
Closeup of ancient prehistoric cave painting known as the White Lady of Brandberg dating back at least 2000 years and located at the foot of Brandberg Mountain in Damaraland, Namibia, Africa.
Ancient prehistoric cave painting known as the White Lady of Brandberg dating back at least 2000 years and located at the foot of Brandberg Mountain in Damaraland, Namibia, Africa.
Baptism Rites when a priest put his hand on the baby and make the sign of the cross
2d animation namaste hands and lotos. Seamless loop animation
close up women portrait. young brunette girl with green eyes after shower in gray towel on head, on wet hair and in pink bathrobe making home morning beauty rituals near window, 4k. girl makes herself
spirituality and supernatural concept - young woman or witch performing magic ritual in forest
A man standing in the darkness in front of a big bonfire is holding his hands up and praying on it in slow motion. Wizard is making ritual with huge campfire at night. Concept of witchcraft and voodoo
Dark Shot, portrait Muslim man in traditional clothing reads a book at home
Mexico City, Mexico - October 3, 2020. Traditional aztec man with skull makeup wearing a plume headdress, holding ancient archeologic device to burn incense
new delhi- india. people celebrating holi festival color of india
Closeup of a woman and man Mayan or Aztec dancers in costume,ing forward and back in a park in Valladolid, Mexico.
Zoom out view of wooden cross with fluttering cloth placed on rocks against blue sky on day of Jesus Christ resurrection on Golgotha in Jerusalem Easter
In a room shrouded in cobwebs, three young witches are sitting near a ritual cauldron. They brew a magical potion. Cast a spell. Halloween's horror. Scary tale. Night fairy tale.
A large crowd of people celebrate an ethnic holiday by a giant bonfire. Burning red hot sparks rise from large fire in the night sky. Belarusian Kupalle. Russian ethnic holiday Ivan Kupala in village.
Graded & ungraded: Praying hands in colorful powder paint crowd at holy Hindu Holi Festival temple celebration in India - Slow motion closeup
Dried white sage smudge stick, relaxation and aromatherapy. Smudging during psychic occult ceremony, herbal healing, yoga or aura cleaning. Essential incense for esoteric rituals and fortune telling.
Groom tying cultural sacred thread on bride’s hand at a traditional Indian wedding. Indian wedding ritual.
Playa del Carmen , Quintana Roo / Mexico - 04 13 2019: Two Maya shamans making a ritual in the jungle
Moscow, Russia - 17 June, 2019: Halloween. The Frightening Devil With Horns and Wings in the Tarot Deck. Halloween Fortune-Telling. Evil Triumph. Halloween holiday. Esoteric tarot card. Occult tarot
dubai - uae , 17 - 1 - 2020 :light on Quran Islam holy book of Muslims, the Quran, is placed on table , Holy Quran with arabic calligraphy meaning of Al Quran, islamic background
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